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Cannabis Tutorial Guide

12th August 2013 by Arrow Durfee

The following are all the links that I have on using Cannabis to cure cancer. Currently the best states for medicinal marijuana are Washington and Colorado for these states have ruled that cannabis is legal, even outside of medical use. Look into each state’s law to be sure it will be suitable for your needs. Still some medical marijuana dispensaries are not aware of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) that can cure cancer. RSO can be difficult to get in some states that permit medical marijuana and in my search in Oregon last year I found that many medical marijuana dispensaries were unfamiliar with RSO. If you have cancer RSO is what you want. Nothing else will do.
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? – a documentary that outlines the science behind cannabis. Read more…

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Essiac Product Review Though the Eyes of Mali Klein

31st October 2012 by Arrow Durfee

Essiac Product Review though the Eyes of Mali Klein
By Arrow Durfee c 2012

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop lead by the Essiac expert, Mali Klein in Missoula, Montana this past October, 2012. Mali has stood in the direct line of receivership to Rene Caisse’s papers as given to her via Sheila Snow, who worked with Rene for three years as a biographical researcher to Rene Cassie’s life history as a healer with Essiac Tea for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.
Read more…

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Thank You Monsanto For Making The World Better

5th October 2012 by Arrow Durfee

With permission from the author Ben, I have posted this letter. He says take it and run! That means you too!

Dear Monsanto,

I wanted to write you this letter thanking you for all of your hard work leading the food industry towards the future. I have seen some incredible things as of late and I believe that your efforts have been the main reason I and others have been so fortunate. I have always cared about healthy food just as many of my friends and associates do. Your recent push as the number one financial backer of the anti-prop 37 movement has produced such amazing results that I barely have words to express my gratitude. Below I have outlined some of those incredible things. I thought you deserved to hear from a consumer, an American, a Californian just what you have done for us.
Read more…

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Julian Assange and the Ecuador Connection

30th September 2012 by Arrow Durfee

I am providing to you today a link to an article that I feel is extremely important for all peoples in Europe, the USA and South America to read. It is in regard to Wikileak’s Julian Assange. It will tell you about things going on within the secret war being held by the elites of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and between the nations of the world. It will also explain to you why Ecuador is willing to take on Assage and protect him within their embassy… things I doubt you knew about.
It will also show to you how nations in South America are solidifying in intent to promote freedom in economy outside of the control of the IMF or the World Bank.
Read more…

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Is Nuclear Radiation Really Dangerous? Galen Winsor Tells Us.

11th July 2012 by Arrow Durfee

This is a really tough one for me to think about. You go through your life thinking that you have good information, you have the information common to all people gleaned from a lifetime of information coming your way via the media of news and magazines and world events. You listen to your governement on serious issues. You act based on instinct and your gut and the info you think is right and good and protective for yourself and humanity at large. Read more…

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The World According To Monsanto – Your World!

11th July 2012 by Arrow Durfee

I bring this video forward because it is the most complete expose on the crime and evil intent of the monsanto corporation. Monsanto has worked in league with Dow, Searle, Cargill and other mega agricultural and chemical industires.

Monsanto continues to take control of seed and is pushing the monsanto agenda on the USA and other Nations with little limit. Understand why they get away with what they do, how they control the congress and the FDA. This movie tells all.
Read more…

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Fukashima Remains A Dire Situation in 2012

10th May 2012 by Arrow Durfee

Please watch this video, which is a personal estimate of the situation at the wrecked Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant from Major General Bert Stubblebine (ret’d), now working closely with Health Freedom USA / the Natural Solutions Foundation.
Read more…

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Acid Reflux Drugs and Heartburn – why not to take them

6th January 2012 by Arrow Durfee

So who doesn’t get heartburn once in a while? Even little kids can get it. The problem lies in what we choose to do about it.

There are a number of causes to heartburn and the cause should always be considered when the treatment is selected. It’s pretty clear that the cure for occasional heartburn related to overeating is to just take a few tums and don’t over eat again. But when heartburn becomes chronic and debilitating more understanding is needed.
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Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer – Now Proven

24th December 2011 by Arrow Durfee

In my early alternative health experiences when I worked as a colonic therapist the clinic I worked in provided to our clients the Gerson therapy. We believed it and knew it worked but cancer patients willing to take the risk of trying it were few. Many more people who were interested in general detox or cures for lesser diseases found great success.
Read more…

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Live Blood Analysis by Dark Field Microscope

28th November 2011 by Arrow Durfee

The key to cure for the disease is all in the correct diagnosis.

We need to explore the possibility of dark field live blood analysis (DFLBA) to obtain a comprehensive view of our situation and to understand what we are up against in our health challenges. This diagnostic tool gives us the opportunity to see first hand those things that we are told do not exist by conventional medicine.

Most often when you go to an alternative practitioner they will be talking to you about microbes and parasites. You may walk out the door thinking this guy is nuts! My doctor never talks about such things and everyone knows that people in the USA don’t get parasites unless they travel abroad.DFLBA tells uhe truth and we all know that a picture says a thousand words which is what I really need here. Down to the nitty grit. Most people who have chronic health have parasites or other microbes affecting their health.
Read more…

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