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Phage Therapy – MRSA Wound Treatment Without Dangerous Drugs

2nd March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

It’s time to get excited!

This is really the leading cutting edge treatment for MRSA wounds. Now available in Texas. Can’t tell you how many people I have seen die from MRSA/VRSA wounds or loose limbs from it. Its the epidemic that is not being talked about enough in the news. MRSA is now being found in the community and is no longer solely a hospital borne infection.

If I had a MSRA/VRSA wound this is where I would likely be heading. They can keep the deadly vancomycin for themselves. If the MRSA doen’t get you the vanco might.

I will be posting on other treatments before too long.

An interesting video on the development of phage therapy in the Soviet Union.

This is about the only place in the USA that does phage therapy, located in Lubbock, Texas.

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One Response to “Phage Therapy – MRSA Wound Treatment Without Dangerous Drugs”

  1. Areta Edling Says:

    I heard about this from a friend who heard your broadcast on NPR. What is being done about Pseudomonas? Thanks.

    Areta Edling