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Oncologists tell Patients Not to Take Supplements!!???

3rd March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Recently when talking to some clients they told me about the delema a family member was having regarding their cancer treatment. The oncologist had forbidden them to take any kid of nutritional supplement at all. The rationalization was that they needed to know if the chemo was working on its own. They said they could resume supplements as soon as the chemo was over. Well, tool little too late IMHO. The supplements are suppose to protect you during chemo. Instead these oncologists send their patients on a course of no return. Supplements just barely protect people as it is during chemo. Once the damage is fully done it is hard for anything to repair the damage. Here is what Dr Rowen has to say about it and the results of a study on the use of Vitamin E is included.

also, this article from Townsend Letter is informative.


Another supplement cancer patients must take

If you’ve got cancer and are using chemotherapy to treat it, you’re at the center of a very hot controversy. Conventional doctors insist you shouldn’t take antioxidants while on chemo. But many trailblazing alternative doctors, including yours truly, believe just the opposite. And with good reason.

In Anchorage, I was ostracized for giving my chemo patients antioxidants. It was clear that my patients were benefiting from them. The local medical mob even brought up paid “assassins” to rile the local doctors in hospital speeches against cancer nutritional therapy. Fortunately, we already had a medical freedom law in place protecting me. And my patients had a huge advantage over other patients who stuck with the conventional treatment alone.

In the past, I’ve told you about some of the supplements I used. CoQ10 is important for protecting you from toxicity. And vitamin C actually makes the chemo even more effective. But now there’s evidence that vitamin E is vital for cancer patients on chemo.

According to a new study, vitamin E can reduce the damage to nerves caused by the chemo drug cisplatin by a stunning two-thirds. The researchers gave vitamin E to one group of patients on cisplatin, but not to a control group. The group not receiving vitamin E had a whopping 68.5% risk of nerve damage. Just 600 mg daily of vitamin E reduced that risk to only 21.4%. Further, those taking vitamin E that did get toxicity had significantly less damage.

Action to take: I do believe chemotherapy has its place in cancer treatment. In fact, if you came to see me to treat your cancer, I would not try to talk you into or out of any therapy. I would just lay out all the possibilities. You make the decision. It’s your body. If you decide on conventional chemo, bless you.

However, you can be protected from the terrible toxicity and have a better result with cheap nutrition! Please don’t let your oncologist mislead you about supplements while on chemo. This truth has been out for years. The best cancer management combines the best of both worlds!

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Ref: Support Care Cancer, 2006; 14(11): 1134-40.

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