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Alternative Asthma Treatments

3rd March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Occasionally I will be sharing stories about my own adventures in maintaining stability and health in our toxic world. This one is about asthma.

About 2 years ago I developed asthma while working in a hospice facility. Like most healthcare facilities people are working hard to try to keep things clean. With all the dangerous microbes brought into the facility daily lots of chemicals are used to try to kill them. Air sprays, carpet cleaners, table and counter cleaners, chemicals for the wash etc. With time and exposure my respiratory system started to react to these, and worst of all were the air sprays like Lysol and one other we were using called Linen Fresh to take odors out of the air.

All I had to do was walk into the building and I would start to cough. On bad days I would wheeze. A couple of times by the time I got home I feared my bronchials were about to shut down. I used an inhaler a few time, Combivent, to get me through. Meanwhile I was searching for the homeopathic remedy to get me out of this mess.

As time went by I started becoming sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, even essential oils most anywhere I would encounter them.

I tried a number of things without much success. Then I tried a combination remedy called Tartophedreel from Heel Homeopathics and what a Godsend it became. A few drops of this in the mouth eliminated the asthmatic reaction quickly. Faster than the Combivent. I still continue to carry the Combivent just incase I get into big trouble. I knew the Tartophedreel was not curing my condition, only managing it. I was concerned that if a chemical came my way that Tartophedreel could not manage the reaction to I could be in big trouble. I have seen people die or be severely damaged from just one severe asthmatic episode and I intended not to be one of them.

So I had been using Tartephedreel for about a year and a half. Finally I decided it was time to go see my homeopath for a good work up and perhaps he could help me find the remedy that would not just manage my condition but cure it.

My homeopath did select a remedy for me and I’m not ready to talk about that because I’m still in the middle of treatment. He did insist that I not use the Tartephedreel anymore, thinking that its multiple homeopathic remedies it contained might antidote or interfere in some way with the remedy he had selected for me.

He advised me to get a product called Sterol 117. These are oral capsules of plant derived sterol compounds. He told me that one of his patients with severe asthma has used it with good control.

So what choice did I have? I got the product and have been pleasantly surprised. When I feel the asthma coming on just one pill takes the symptoms away very quickly. I would say just about as fast as the Tartephedreel. I have found that only one pill a day did it for me, where with the Tartephedreel, sometimes I would have to dose 3 to 6 times over the course of the day, especially on days when I worked and couldn’t get away from the toxins.

The downside to Sterol 117 is that you might need a doctor or some kind of medically licensed person to get it for you. It also costs about $60. It isn’t really prescription, just a control issue this company has on its products. But I would look around and try a few different places.

Get it from Biogenesis Nutraceuticals (Canadian Company)

You might try here:
This is the home site:

If you want to try Tartephedreel it is made by Heel Homeopathics. You can not purchase it directly from the company unless you are a licensed healthcare provider or a store who wants to sell it retail. Most natural healthfood stores do business with Heel already. They make Traumeel Ointment, a popular product. Go to the store and ask them to special order it for you. You should not have any problem. Also, you can make the bottle last much longer by taking 5 drops instead of the recommended 10. Experiment with it your self and see what works for you.

Important Note:
If you have asthma please continue to carry your prescribed inhaler with you at all times as a safety precaution. With asthma you should have a back up treatment at all times. Although it is good to get away from the hardcore drugs for treatment if you can, always be prepared for the worst attack. Keep your inhaler, or whatever your doctor has prescribed, with you at all times.

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6 Responses to “Alternative Asthma Treatments”

  1. Alternative Asthma Treatments Says:

    I found this website to be incredibly helpful!

    I was wheezing really badly and don’t have an inhaler, so i needed a way to cure it! Thanks for the tips. it’s gradually easing off.

    Thanks again! :)

  2. melatoninsublingual Says:

    my girlfriend has Asthma and this disease really annoys her. Her asthma is usually triggered by pollens or dust mite.

  3. janet Says:

    my sister is also suffering from Asthma and she is using Inhaled glucocorticoids to relieve the symptoms.

  4. Michael Says:

    Great info, thanks for posting this! It was very informative :)

  5. Susan Smith Says:

    People need to know that Candida and Asthma are related.

    Please google: Candida and Asthma and follow their diet and watch the Asthma die off. One can control their Asthma and other symptoms through the canadia diet

  6. Arrowwind Says:

    Although some asthma may be related to candida, certainly not all is.