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Homeopathy the Miracle Medicine

5th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Well, miracle is a subjective term I guess. When I see a disease cured by a nontoxic remedy that is so small no one can find it, and when the selection of that remedy comes through a tested and systematic approach to selection, and when that same disease is typically treated by toxic doses of drugs with known side effects, then yes, that experience goes into my miracles file.

I would also put it this way. When I see a disease cured by a homeopathic remedy that typically would require toxic investigational diagnostic evaluations, expensive medicines that are known to be toxic, invasive procedures that are known to be dangerous, physician bills that would bankrupt most American families, then that too goes into my miracles file.

Please bear with my rather long story.

My first experience with homeopathy came about 30 years ago. I had a friend who had a strange disease that he picked up when he visited Israel. When he was there he got very sick. Symptoms were similar to malaria, but not as severe. He was in high school at the time. When he returned home American doctors failed to diagnose and cure it. Then of course American doctors are notoriously bad for diagnosing parasitic disease. They threw several drugs at it to no avail. The disease caused periodic bouts of sweating, usually at night and diarrhea during the day. Sometimes he would sweat so bad his mattress would soak to the bottom. It would come around every 6 to 8 weeks. When I met this friend he had been putting up with this for some years. Finally at the age of 23 he visited a homeopath and with just one dose of remedy he was cured. He went through a healing crisis of sweating for a few days. He said that it was the worst it had ever been, or more like his original attack in Israel. Then it passed off and never returned. Many years now he has been well.

What sent him to the homeopath originally was another friend of ours. She had been dealing with adult acne for a long time. Many visits to the dermatologist to take their toxic medicines with little help. She was one of those people who were hard to look at the acne was so bad. One day she came to my house. I opened the door and was stunned. Her face was clear. She told me that she had been going to a homeopath the last few months. It was very exciting for her and us, as we both had health issues.

My health issue at the time, at the young age of 21 was a bowel that just refused to work for the last 9 months. I tried all the herbs, and other potions. I was already into raw foods, I even tried allopathic medicine and could not get well. I was in fact quite scared by the day I learned about homeopathy. I was considering going to some big fancy internist to try to figure it out. I was at the point where I was hardly eating. After I heard her story about homeopathy I decided to try her doctor first. With one dose of medicine I was perfectly well in just a few days.

It took me a long time to understand and fully accept homeopathy even with the witnessed and experienced successes I had had. I still kept reverting to drugs. Especially during those times when I didn’t live near a homeopath.

When my children were small I lived in Dallas, Texas. I didn’t know a homeopath at that time. I was isolated in a neighborhood and a lifestyle that was not very forward thinking. There was little alternative anything around.

The boys, when they got to the ages of 2 and 4 were suddenly plagued by green snotty nose, mild fevers. The youngest, Travis had also become a head banger. He would lie on the floor and bang his head when he was angry or frustrated. Very scary for a parent. You get accused of abuse and being a terrible parent when your kids do stuff like that. I took them to a medical doctor, and ear, nose and throat specialist as their symptoms encompassed all these parts. From there they went onto antibiotics, SIX times in one year to try to control this out of control disease. It was awful. The kids were unhappy. They never felt well and then the baby sitter condemned me for being a bad mother and not getting them well and giving her kids the green snotty disease, too.

In the first week of April the kids were taken to get their vaccinations, which I had put off as long as I could but since we were planning a trip to Mexico I thought that perhaps they should start. They received their MMR and polio vaccine.

Then one day a few weeks after the vaccinations, the eldest, Jake, had a seizure while at daycare. They rushed him to the hospital. By the time I got there the doctors were starting a spinal tap to see if he had meningitis. No. not meningitis but they started Rocephin, a big guns antibiotic anyway. The next day Jake had a major yeast infection on his bottom and about 10 blisters on his chest and stomach. Odd-looking blisters. They looked like little blisters that had blisters on top of the blisters. One nurse came in and said, “Oh he’s got the chicken pox.” The pediatrician came in and said he had an unusual viral infection. One he had only seen in textbooks. Turns out the seizure was a simple febrile seizure.

Then the ear, nose and throat specialist came by that we had been seeing over the past year. He recommended that we have a cat scan to look at those sinuses that were still a problem. He came back to tell us that the scan showed the worst sinuses he had ever seen in a 4 year old boy and that he would be on antibiotics and steroids for a long time.

Well, I freaked. I took my spinal tapped, cat scanned, drug poisoned, Candida laden, blistery babe home and vowed I would find another way.

But I didn’t know where to turn. So I got on the phone and called all the health food stores and talked to everyone that would talk to me. Finally after about a week of phone calls I was given the name of Dr. Joseph Goldstritch MD. He had at one time been a cardiologist at Texas Southwestern Medical School but now he only did homeopathy. I had an appointment within a week.

Dr. Goldstritch was kind of cranky with the kids. He didn’t like misbehaving children and he was upset when I dragged Travis along, (who just loved to misbehave) with Jake to the appointment and the doctor had his way of letting me know of his disapproval. After a rather lengthy interview he gave Jake the remedy tuberculinium and he said that he would treat Travis for free. Travis received chamomilla, the homeopathic form of chamomile. Travis also went on to have a normal case of chicken pox at some point in the midst of all of this that lasted about 4 days.

With in a week Jake was fully well. Travis was much better too, not banging his head so much and more pleasant to be around. When I made my follow up appointment Dr Goldstritch wanted to make sure I brought Travis along. Travis was then treated with tuberculinium also as his green snotty nose had returned. Both boys received tuberculinium, made from the pus, in homeopathic potency of course, of the tuberculosis toxin. (this kind of remedy is called a nosode) Within a week or two from that second visit the boys were fully well and never took another antibiotic for green snotty nose again ever. Travis never banged his head again and all tantrums stopped.

I asked Dr Goldstritch why he thought Jake had a seizure. He said that he thought it was likely that the vaccine he had had two weeks before compromised his immune system so that it could not normally adjust to deal with the chicken pox. That is why his fever raged and caused a seizure and why the pox looked so unusual. He said that a healthy response to the pox would have had more blisters, less fever.

I don’t know if this counts as a miracle in your book but it certainly did in mine. The disease my boys had was a major stress on home life. No one was happy and I was worried all the time about their health. All that dissipated after treatment from the homeopath.

A year later Dr Goldstritch moved to San Diego and I was left again without help. This is when I started to study on my own. I already had some remedies given to me by my first homeopath, about 40 remedies, that he called his emergency kit. I started to teach myself and to treat all the various things that come up in a family. Since then I have taken more advanced training and now have over 300 remedies in several potencies.

Today the boys are 19 and 21. Not a green snotty nose problem since.

I do have many homeopathic stories of cure but this is how it came to me and convinced me that homeopathy is true medicine that leads to true cure.

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One Response to “Homeopathy the Miracle Medicine”

  1. K.Arumugam Says:

    It is extremely interesting & useful. In India also, there are many miraculos cures reported for Cancer,
    Cysts in Spinal cord root S2 . Asthma, Gallstones, Kidney stones etc. Pl keepme posted with latest
    cures reported.