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The Flouride Issue Won’t Go Away

13th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I am providing several studies and sources for further information regarding flouride. Since flouradation has started in my fair city about one and a half years ago I have had to step up proceedures to remove it from my drinking water. This is done with a special alumina filter that costs about $40 and has to be replaced yearly. Unfortunatly, flouride still enters the body during hot showers so where I live there is no escaping it.

Aside from the issue that flouride is highly toxic and self appointed do gooders determine just what your water should be there is a health freedom issue here that I am surprised many people just overlook. Answer just this one question. Who has given the state or the city the right to mass medicate its population? Why do they get to determine what medicine I and my children must take? The intent of flouradation of public water systems is intended as medicaiton to prevent dental caries, even though to date no study has been produced that it in fact does so safely. On the contrary, most studies indicate that flordation is disruptive to bones and the calcification process throughout the body.

A few facts most people don’t know…….
Antidepressants like prozac, Lexapro and others are forumlated around a flouride molecule.
Hitlers team used flouride to suppress rebellion and to mentally control the Jews while in concentration camps. See

Read the whole report.
Fluoride & Bone Cancer

by Dr. Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University.

(The following is an excerpt from Connett’s essay “Fluoride: A Statement of Concern” – January 2000)

Another set of findings which has been outrageously downplayed in my view is a possible association between water fluoridation (or fluoride exposure) and osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in young males. Of particular interest in this matter is a little known comment which was made by an early reviewer of the medical examinations of the children studied during the Newburgh-Kingston fluoridation trial (36). This comment was picked up by the authors of a National Academy of Sciences report in 1977, and further amplified:

Read the whole report.
Interview with Dr. J. William Hirzy, Senior Vice President, EPA Headquarters Union, July 2000.

The following is an excerpt of Michael Connett’s interview with Dr. J. William Hirzy, Senior Vice President of EPA’s Headquarters Union in Washington DC. The interview took place on July 3, 2000, a couple days after Hirzy testified before the US Senate calling for an independent review of the tumor slides from the National Toxicology Program’s bioassay for fluoride. It is Hirzy’s and the Union’s belief that the downgradings of the tumors was politically motivated and not scientifically defensible.

Q: How was the study conducted? What did they do?

other must read sites on flourdation: here in Sagit Co, Washington, flouride was voted out! This link provides lots of links on flouride at the bottom of the page.

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2 Responses to “The Flouride Issue Won’t Go Away”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Water Fluoridation Causes Cancer & Increases Tumor Growth Rate By 25%

    “Taylor Study, University of Austin: fluoride concentration of 1PPM (parts per million) increases tumor growth rate by 25%”

    Not only should we be concerned about drinking fluoridated water but those who have cancer are not likely to contain their cancers over the long term regardless of treatment should they not stop ingesting fluoride particularly form fluoridated water. We all need to get active in removing this toxin from all water!…..Chris Gupta

    Listen to Dentist David Kennedy:

  2. Amanda Waters Says:

    I had no idea that flouride might be so toxic. Isn’t there anyone who can help you deal with this problem?