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The Story of Robert Atkins, MD and Ozone Therapy

18th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

The Story of Robert Atkins, MD and Ozone Therapy

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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 15:31:28 EDT
Subject: Robert Atkins, MD

Most people remember Dr. Atkins because of his well known diet formulas. However, here is some further information about him.

Many years ago, one of his patients entered a NYC hospital and was examined by an intern who noticed a pronounced scar on one breast. He inquired about its origination. He was horrified when the patient explained that it was a result of Dr. Atkins having injected ozone into a tumor and curing it. He immediately filed charges of ‘Quackery’ against Dr. Atkins with the State Medical Board. Subsequently, the Board withdrew Dr. Atkins’ license to practice medicine.

However, the Board had overlooked the fact that Dr. Atkins had conducted a weekly radio program on medicine for many years. So, the following Saturday, Dr. Atkins explained to his listening audience, on station WOR, that he was being punished for curing a woman of breast cancer by injecting ozone into the tumor via a hypodermic needle. (This procedure, of course, was not sanctioned by the FDA.) The following week, the Medical Board, in Albany, was flooded with so many telephone calls, telegrams, and letters that they quickly reversed their decision and restored Dr. Atlins’ license, along with an admonition not to publicly promote his use of ozone therapies.

It was not long after that when the New York State Legislature passed the Enabling Act that permits physicians to utilize whatever new, experimental therapies that they deem best for their patients, regardless of the edicts of the FDA. Today, some fourteen (14) States have enacted similar legislation. More are sure to follow.

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