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Don’t be Fooled by a Whole-Wheat Doughnut

18th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Well, as a nurse I can tell you first hand that doctors and nurses eat the worst crap while on the job. First co-works think I’m a snob and then they think I’m a nut when I refuse to eat the food that is brought to the unit to “help us make it through the day” Some of it comes as a “thank you” from docs who want to say “good job” to the nursing staff, some of it comes from pharmaceutical companies, but most of it comes from one the hospital administrators or from the nurses themselves. I do often think that medical care will not improve in our country until the providers of such care wake up and start learning to take care of themselves through proper nutrition.

I expect these Krispy Kremes will be showing up on many a hospital unit in the very near future.

Don’t be Fooled by a Whole-Wheat Doughnut

Krispy Kreme has introduced a whole wheat, caramel-flavored glaze doughnut, containing 180 calories. In comparison, a Tim Hortons honey-dipped yeast doughnut has 210 calories, and a Krispy Kreme “cookies and kreme” doughnut has 400 calories.
However, health experts have pointed out that the new doughnut is not `healthier’ so much as it is ‘less unhealthy.’

Krispy Kreme has been experiencing slipping sales since the advent of the low-carbohydrate diet movement. It has also faced an accounting scandal. Its stock price, which once reached a high of over $50, fell to only $4 in 2006.

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