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Leaky Gut Syndrome – a Homeopathic Treatment (updated 5/06/08)

18th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Part of the causes of leaky gut is from the use of antibiotics and steriods. These medications devastate the gut bacteria and cause larger than normal wholes in the wall of the intestines in which bacteria and undigested particles, and antigens can migrate into the body and bloodstream. The most common outcome is allergies, inflamation, malnutrition and bacterial dysbiosis, hepatic stress. Candida is a normal flora in the gut but after too much antibiotic it can mutate to a dangerous form that damages t he gut wall and can invade other body systems via the blood stream.

There is a test that can be done for leaky gut if you can find a doctor willing to do it. The patient takes 5grams of lactulose and 5grams of mannitol. Theses sugars are normally not absorbed into the body or absorbed in very low levels. It the gut is leaky a large amt of these sugars can be found in the urine about 6 hours later.

If leaky gut is found then a program to heal the lining of the gut needs to be initiated. Diseases that this can lead to are irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, pancreatic insfficiency, hepatic dysfunction, exezema, psoriasis, uticaria, acne dermatitis herpeitiformis, infectous enterocolitis, RA, spodylarthropathies,
chronic fatique, food and chemical sensitivities, cancer, autism, CF, hyperactivity. (and in my opinion, much more than they list)

This information came from Dr Szallasi MD from his article posted in the International Journal of Integrated Medicine. It seems that this issue is well recognized and studied in Europe. I have had opportunity to ask several GI doctors here in the states over the past 10 years and none have heard of leaky gut syndrome!

Leaky Gut Treatment

taken from International Journal of Integrated Medicine
Alta Smit MD, MBBCH, MSHom

Most treatments take 3 to 4 months

detection: the test describes on the previous post with the 2 sugars or
a detailed questionaire if the test is not avaiable, detection of food intolerance,detection of bacterial growth from stool sample or vaginal swap that reveals bacterial or fungal overgroth

Treatment: remove, replace, reinoculate, repair.

REMOVE: Citricidal start with 2 drops 2xday. work up to 6 drops 2xday and Caprilic acid, (Ca prilex) 6 tabs a day.

all yeast and fermented foods eliminated for 3 months.

Severe cases may require a broad spectrum anti fungal like nysatin for 5 days or more. Also treat for parasites and other enteropathogens.

Avoid all foods that cause intolerance for 12 weeks. This will help calm down the senitized immune system. If tests for food tolerance are not available avoid the most common allergy producing foods, wheat, soy, dairy, refined sugar, additives, etc

alcohol, cafffeine and NSAIDS need to be avoided. Indomethacin is concentrated in the bile and creates a toxic bile that damages the mucosa of the bowel. Nabumetone is a safer chice and will not increase intestinal permeablity.

Hydrochloric acid in pill form, or
L-histidine, an essental fatty acid of 500 mg bid.

enzymatic enzyme replacement with pancreatic enzymes orpland derived proteases, amylases, lipases, and cellulases ( especially if there is malabsorption). Enzyme deficiency include prolonged feeling of bloating after meals, belching, undigested food particles in stool, diarrhea or loose stools

friendly bacteria or probiotics. Do this after remove and replace.
add FOS to the probiotics

Rice protien is least allergic and can provide a basis to diet.

L-glutamine 3,600mg per day during the initial phase
vits b5, C, E
Zinc, for tissue repair
Gamma Linoleic acid (GLA) this will helpdecrease permeability. 6 caps a day
Fiber, hypoallergenic insolubile fiber is best
Glutathione and N-acetyl cystine – because glutathione is poorly absorbed in the gut it should be given with with two of its building blocks, custeine andlysine.
Inulin – found from Jerusalem artichoke
Rice Bran Oil –
Mucosa Compositum from Heel Homeopathics will stimulate the healing of the gut lining. oral vials given 3 times a week on an empty stomach for two weeks.

NOW: a product called Ultra Clear developed by Heathcomm International Inc. combines all of the above except the Mucosa Compositum from Heel.

Homeopathy, acupuncture and ozone therapy can provide powerful adjuncts.

Other homeopathics from Heel that may assist:
Liver overload:
Nux vomica Homaccord

Gut repair:
Mucosa compostum

Pancreatic Support:
Leptandra compositum


BHI Body Pure

Many health food stores sell at least a couple of the Heel products. If they don’t have the one that you need you can have them special order them. If you have a lisence such as a nurse or doctor you can order them wholesale.

This site sells Heel products and you will find what you need here:

For the Ultra clear I found a regional distributor: Metagenics 1-800-869-8100 that is for a Texas when I lived there. They could help you find someone in your area

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11 Responses to “Leaky Gut Syndrome – a Homeopathic Treatment (updated 5/06/08)”

  1. pantha Says:

    please tell me where to get this

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well, which part of this?

    Heel homeopathics can be obtained from any health food store that sells Heel products and both Wild Oats and Whole Foods does, as well as many others. They generally do not carry every product Heel makes. They will have to special order them for you.

  3. Mike Olson Says:

    Hi Rett,

    Your information was very, very helpful on leaky gut syndrome. I’d like to look at a structured routine, utilizing the various items you’ve listed (how and when to use these items).

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you.



  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I recently came upon this site that sells all the Heel products so they should be easy for you to get without going through a healthfood store.

    People I have known who have done this protocol had fairly strong detox symptoms ate different points in the process so be prepared to slow down for a while.

  5. Jille Dandruff Says:

    What mix of antibiotics and steroids might cause such a problem? Or if they are standalone, would normal use of antibiotics in the treatment of common conditions carry a risk of leading to a leaky gut?

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Absolutely! Yes. Antibiotics for any condition at any time can lead to fungal infection. You don’t have to use them in association with steroids. Steroids compromise the immune system and hence are a risk factor for fungal infection. And when they are used together its a double whammy!

  7. Ahmad Zaruq Summers Says:

    Wao this is amazing, after 15 years of symptoms and aged 30, that is half my life, I came to the conclusion about 5 or 6 years ago that I must be a celiac since it was after eating anything to do with gluten that I felt most irritated. The feeling of something uncontrolably getting into your bloodstream which shouldn`t be there and the subsequent cleansing labours made by my urinary system,sometimes going into what i call `resonance` and needing to evacuate every 20 minutes, as well as tangent inflammations in the most ridiculous places (those where blood vessels are too small to cope with any extra baggage or bacteria, ie.. try to guess, very close to the gut end). Very strange but now it comes to mind that the first thing my doctor told me years back was that it was strange that it was my gut that seemed to be damaged, through an iridology diagnosis that is, then he concentrated on taking care of my liver which seemed to be overloaded at age 15!!.. so anyway I´m very happy to have found this page since it seems like there may be a cure for a condition which I believed may be lifelong. Four months, that´s nothing!! now all I have to do is save up, i guess what i save on food i can spend on the extra medications which is cool.. one comment, I don´t think in my case it was due to antibiotics since i´ve never taken them as a child, although maybe at some point i did i´m not sure but i have read that vaccinations can result in strange results such as a leaky gut also.. any comments on this?
    Thank you for your site, it has proven most useful and interesting. I´ll try to write back in 6 months time.. :) God bless.ameen.

  8. Devin Lyttle Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to document this. So far it’s been the most comprehensive guide to LGS treatment I’ve found and will likely be starting with this regimen shortly. A couple of quick questions before I do.

    - I’m having a hard time finding the UltraClear product that contains the full list of ingredients that you had listed under ‘Repair’. At most, I was able to find all except: B5, GLA, Glutathione and N-acetyl cystine, Inulin, and Rice Bran Oil. I’m not sure if I’m overlooking something or if perhaps they changed the formula after merging with Metagenics. I’ve also emailed the company but thought you might be able to offer some assistance.

    - After reading through some of the feedback on here I’m concerned that detoxing might be more taxing than I was expecting. I’m about mid-way through a 22-wk bodybuilding program and don’t want to risk interfering with my progress. Should I expect a significant loss of energy during this detox or do you think it’ll be okay to start it while training?

  9. Devin Lyttle Says:

    Also, could I please get some clarification on how long, or under what conditions, you are supposed to continue each step before moving onto the next. For instance, how it is determined when you move from Removing to Replacing and/or can these be done in unison?

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am surprised to hear the forumula is changed. Co Enzyme Q10. 50mg 2xday might be about right unless you have severe cardiac disease or cancer, then a lot more… this romotes gluthione production. So does Jarrow brand whey. The other supplements you should be able to find.

    here is another site:

    Since the whole protocol takes 3 to 4 months I would do the first remove phase for about 3 weeks then the others simultaneously. Since this protocol has been written a new product is on the market called MMS. I would seriously consider looking into this at Really read the site. Use it instead of grapefruit seed extract and nystatin in the remove cycle, for about 3 weeks. There is a learning curve on its use so read carefully.
    You can purchase it on ebay. Testimonials can be found here on the toolbar at the top of the page.

    If you are on a body building program you seriously need to ask yourself why the outside of your body is more important than the inside? A detox may or may not be difficult for you to go through but ultimately a stronger gut will make for a stronger everything else. I think you have it backwards. Do the detox first then body build. Some people really have a strong reaction to the remedies. It will be determined by how toxic you are and how well your organs of elimination are working.

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