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Vitamin K2 Shown to Reverse Arterial Calcifications

19th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Vitamin K2 Shown to Reverse Arterial Calcifications 
2006-12-07 – PL Thomas

PL Thomas & Company (PLT) of Morristown, NJ and Natto Pharma, Norway today announced new findings for Vitamin K2 with significant potential benefits for cardiovascular health. In the study, scientists at the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CARIM) and VitaK, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, demonstrated a reversal of induced arterial calcification in an animal model. The study is available on the website of the high ranked journal Blood click here under the First Edition Papers section. The study will be published in the regular print and online issues of Blood in early 2007.

Arterial calcification is an important independent risk factor for the development of health concerns including atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, and renal disease. It is well established that individuals with marked arterial calcification have an unfavorable prognosis compared to those with no or mild calcification. Therefore, the prevention or reversal of arterial calcification is what researchers and doctors aim for because it may lead to improved outcomes.

“The medical community used to believe that calcification passively occurred in the end stages of cardiovascular disease,” said lead researcher Leon Schurgers. “However, in the last 10 years we have learned that Vitamin K-dependent proteins are directly involved in the inhibition of vascular calcification, and that Vitamin K2 is necessary to activate these proteins. This study demonstrates a significant potential role for Vitamin K2 in cardiovascular health.”

It has been previously shown in the Journal of Nutrition click here that high Vitamin K2 consumption was linked to lower coronary heart disease, less aortic calcification and lower all cause mortality. In this study, 4,800 elderly subjects with no history of heart disease were followed for 10 years, and it was found that 45 micrograms/day of natural vitamin K2 resulted in 50% decreased arterial calcification and a similarly decreased cardiovascular mortality risk.

Induced arterial calcification has been shown to be inhibited completely by vitamin K2 in vivo. In the new study, the researchers looked at the potential to regress calcification. Arterial calcification was induced in rats by interfering in the vitamin K-metabolism, by adding the vitamin K-antagonist warfarin to their diets. Vitamin K acts directly on matrix Gla-protein which is the strongest inhibitor of arterial calcification presently known. The rats were divided into two groups, a control group with vitamin K added to the diet, and a warfarin treated group to induced calcifications. After six weeks of treatment with warfarin, the rats had developed significant calcifications. At this point, the warfarin treated rats were divided into four groups and fed a standard diet plus 1/ Warfarin, 2/ vitamin K1 at normal dose, 3/ Vitamin K1 at high dose, and 4/ vitamin K2 at high dose.

During the second six week period, the calcifications in the warfarin treated group continued linearly, and remarkably, in the group receiving a normal dose of K1 continued comparably, demonstrating that the normal amount of vitamin K in the diet had no benefit.

In contrast, high vitamin K intake (both K1 and K2) not only blocked the progress of further calcium accumulation, but led to an over 37 % reduction of previously accumulated arterial calcium precipitates within 6 weeks. It is interesting to note that in the high K1 group, the vitamin K1 converted into vitamin K2 to such an extent that tissue concentrations were similar to the K2 supplemented group.

Additionally, the regression of arterial calcification was accompanied by restoration of arterial distensibility, or elasticity, in the high vitamin K groups to a similar level as in the control rats.

According to Schurgers, “The effect of K1 and the conversion rate of K1 to K2 was due to the extremely high dose of K vitamins used in this model. This would be probably less in a normal diet, even with supplemental K1. In contrast, the Rotterdam study showed a significant protective benefit with Natural Vitamin K2 at just 45mcg per day, whereas K1 had no correlation at all.”

“Warfarin also inhibits conversion of K1 to K2, ” continued Schurgers. “This is of significance as we and others have reported that the use of coumarin-type anticoagulants is associated with increased cardiac valve calcification.”

PLT offers a natural vitamin K2 under the tradename MenaQ7 in alliance with Natto Pharma, Norway.

About MenaQ7
MenaQ7 provides Natural Vitamin K2 as an extract of natto, a fermented soy food from Japan. Natto is particularly rich in the highly bio-available form of vitamin K2 called menaquinone-7 (MK-7).

About PL Thomas
PL Thomas, a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, offers fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries. PLT is a one-stop resource for application solutions, current industry information and technical service, and specializes in water-soluble gums and clinically-supported botanical extracts.

About Natto Pharma
NattoPharma, Norway is the exclusive international supplier of MenaQ7 natural Vitamin K2. NattoPharma has entered into a multi-year Research and Development program to substantiate and discover the health benefits of natural vitamin K2 for applications in the exciting marketplace for functional food and health food supplements.

For more information, contact Eric Anderson at 973-984-0900, x215 or email
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16 Responses to “Vitamin K2 Shown to Reverse Arterial Calcifications”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I purchase my MK-7 from It is a Jarrow product. I take 2 90 mcg pills two times a day. My husband uses it for arterial plaque and I use it to maintain bone density, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Mostly red meat, eggs and dairy but look at the comment just above yours.

  3. star Says:

    //there are three firms out there to combat arthery plaque calcification ,one is the vit c foundation that pushes for that porpose a high vit c plus lysine formula ,then is the hearth scan blug that is a fan of vit k2 ,to do just that ,than we got dr hans nieper who used serrazyme and this is what you adopted apparantly ,but Im eager to find out still how serrazyme compares to vit k2 in results!!!

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could do studies to compare natural remedies, right now all focus is just trying to prove that they are better than drugs.

  5. Paul Says:

    So assuming that the animal model results extended to humans, how much K2 would one have to take to achieve a similar arterial calification reversal?

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    90 mcg has been found to be effective but If it were me I would double that, one in the am and one in the pm is what I would do.

  7. Chuck Says:

    I’m only 37, in pretty good health, but have been taking 10 mgs of Simvastatin for about 6 years to combat high cholesterol. A recent Echo showed a small amount of mitral calcification. Will a K2 supplement (50 mcg per day) help reverse this? Should I increase the amount I take? I’ve been taking the K2 now for three days.

  8. Arrow Says:

    Hi Chuck,
    First of using a statin drug can be very dangerous. It will deplete CoEnzyme Q10… most of them do anyway so you need to look into that for your variety of statin that you are taking and supplement. This is a very serious concern that you should address.

    Calcification of the arteries is not caused by cholesterol in my opinon. Is your cholesterol under control by current medical standards? If it is just why is this happening? Many people who take these drugs die anyway from cardiac issues. Also, it is a proven fact that only a low percentage of people who have vascular disease have elevated cholesterol.. So whats the deal with that?

    They really don’t have it figured out and they never will because you are getting information from your doctor who gets his information from drug companies who’s main interest is to sell you drugs, not cure your disease.

    I would take vitamin K2 and usually it is provided in 90mcg doses which is what I would do. Look at Jarrow products. Aside from this you should investigate Serrapeptase. go to and to learn. I recommend the brand Doctors Best from perhaps enter coupon code BAR967 for $5 off first purchase.

    You will also be needing ascorbic acid form of vitamin C in at least 4 grams a day. If your situation is severe up it to 4 grams 2 x day. Niacin, the type that causes a flush is also required. take it at night with yor vitamin c. It opens the ciruclation and gets stuff to where it needs to go. It also will help to decalcify the vessels. It is one of the most critical supplements.

    Thats what comes off of the top of my head to day. The articles I have posted in the cardio vascualr section are very good. Study them well and do what you think applies to your stuation.

  9. Jack Avery Says:

    Help me understand if there is a possible conflict between natto and K-2 MK7, if in fact there is one?

    Is there a counter affect established when taking a commercial Nattokinase product and K2 in combination to reverse calcification? Is it productive or counter productive. Whereas Warfrin has the clotting antagonist removed, does natto counter or negate any positive effects of K2 mk7 when taken in combination?

    Thank you for responding to my question.

    Jack Avery

  10. Jane Perry Says:

    I am a person with lifelong Crohns disease and an Ileostomy who has just been mis-diagnosed with kidney stones. Cat scan revealed arterial calcification in kidney.Can vitamin K1 and K2 help with this condition?

  11. ArrowDurfee Says:

    For any kind of calcifications I recommed high dosages of vitamin C. Go to and learn about how to take vitamin c to bowel tolerance there. Do this along with vitamin K2.

    also regarding crohn’s visit my other website and go into the archives on this page a read all the articles I have on crohns disease. Look for the archive link on this page. start here:

  12. moonglow Says:

    has anyones’ calcifications been reversed taking the supplements
    suggested by Arrow Durfee in the above articles?
    Please respond, as I have just been dx with a large mitral annular
    calcification, and DO NOT want to undergo surgery….if I can reverse this naturally….
    Also, I take many herbs and supplements, and I am wondering if any
    of the supplements I take have caused this…..
    I also take calcium for bone health, but take it with vit d3 and magnesium, to prevent hypercalcemia….
    any help is appreciated….thank you

  13. gretchen Says:

    My mom was recently diagnosed with a large calcification in her aeorta. She started taking the k2 supplements and they are watching her monthly to monitor it.She is looking at a risky major surgery and we want to do anything we can to try to avoid that. I, like the person above, would appreciate any and all information on reversing calcification naturally. Thank you-

  14. Arrow Durfee Says:


    becasue your moms situation is so severe I strongly recommed that she get some nutrient IV work done through a naturopath. K2 can help, as well as IV vitamin C, niacin (the flush type, not the non flush type) and enzyme therapy with serrapeptase and possibly nattokinase. She also needs an improved diet with lots of veggies and grass fed beef if possible. Lots of omega 3 fats and you could investiage MMS. I would go the route of visiting a natuorpath. I do think it is possible to avoid surgery but it takes work and focus.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Since no one is speaking up I will.

    Yes, supplements can reverse this condition along with right diet. It has been proven many times over. Do a blog search here on healthsalon. Enter Ultimate Cure in the search too.

    If I had such a serious condition I would seek the assistence of a naturopathic doctor that does IV nutrient work. Dont try to do this on your own. You want success and should have support it getting it. IV vitamin C, niacin, vitamin K2,enzyme therapy with serrapeptase or manybe nattokinase are all called for. Chelation therapy in extreme cases, but the nutrients are proving to be just as effective in many cases.

  16. gretchen Says:

    Thanks so much for you answers and for giving some hope that it’s worth a try. Will follow up on all of your suggestions. – Sincerely, Gretchen