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Thoughts on Cancer Treatments

19th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I was once asked to talk about what does NOT work in natural methods of cancer treatment as opposed to what most people want to know, that being, exactly what does work. I think it is importand to consider both sides of the coin. This is what I came up with…………………….

I find it difficult to talk about what does not work in natural cures because it has become obvious to me that what works for one person may not work for another and visa versa. Because this is so I hesitate to condemn a product or methodology. I cannot withhold a hope or an opportunity if an individual feels that this is a path that they should take. After all, most paths when it comes to cancer lead to a dead end for the vast majority.

What needs to be done is to develop an understanding as to why one thing works for one person and not for another. And why one thing works for a certain cancer and not another and why some people survive and others do not.

I think the answer is there hiding in deep biological science in the metabolic realm and in the understanding of plant and energetic medicine in general. We do not understand how these things work very well. Neither metabolic biology or exactly how medicines effect biology.

So, for instance, lets say Arteminsinin is announced to have cured cancer in someone we say great, this is wonderful. Arteminsinin can cure cancer. So many people jump on the Arteminsinin band wagon but we find out that it cures very few cancers. Yet it did cure a couple of cancers. We do not understand exactly why it cured cancer in these individuals. It is because we do not understand cancer, specific cancers and how Arteminsinin interacts with that cancer or that particular individual or that cancer in that particular individual. I do think it gets very specific. I think medicines need to match up to individuals in a very specific way, in ways we do not understand nor that we can diagnose nor predict very well.

If a medicine or an herb or what have you cures a cancer then it is true that it can cure cancer. But we don’t know why. We cannot see the whole picture. We do not know why it cures in one person and not another. There is much necessary research to do that is yet to be done. I think that as a scientific community we are still not sure what questions to ask, never mind knowing how to research the question itself.

We do know that chemo and radiation sometimes cures cancer and here too we do not always know why it works in one person and not another. One thing we do know for sure about these modalities is that sometimes the cancer is eradicated but the patient dies anyway so this makes it a very dangerous medicine. It is dangerous because it is so toxic in so many known ways to the vast majority of people.

All this is very experimental. I am concerned about the forces that be that would silence any inkling of truth out there. We as a society are only just beginning to even think about what questions should be asked and then only just beginning to develop the technology necessary, the tools necessary to answer such questions. We are a long way off to understanding many things about disease, medicine, drugs, herbs or any modality that has created healing for anyone. We are still infants in science and technology. Our egos like to think we know all, or that we should know all right away, but in the sum total of human existence we are just beginning.

I do not worry or fret about our lack of knowledge. In my faith all things will be known in due time. The great wonder is in the exploration and the opening of horizons of possibility to be explored. That some suffer and die is a terrible thing but it is the nature of human existence and therefore I must accept our frailty and failures as well as our success and continue to endeavor for the truth where ever it is hidden or repressed. The only evil I see is where freedom is repressed and experience is negated and when institutions and forces impose lies to control, manipulate and suppress for the sake of greed.

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4 Responses to “Thoughts on Cancer Treatments”

  1. Ajlouny Says:

    My uncle has cancer in his prostate and decided against medicine intervention and took the holistic health path. He has been with the disease for 10 years now and has had no life threatening incidences. It is purely diet. The meds that they use now to “kill” cancer, can harm you as well as help you.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This is very good for your uncle, but for prostate cancer in general this individual case does not prove much. Some prostate cancers are much more aggressive than others and some types permit reasonably good health for many many years. So it would only mean anything if he had the aggressive type.

  3. Dr. Jim Roberts Says:

    Great article! I am a believer of alternative cancer treatments and I encourage patients to give these treatments a try.

  4. C J Hewish Says:

    Thoughtful and thought-provoking article. If I have to criticize it, I’d say, in my opinion, the writer is “too Buddhist” regarding the state of knowledge around individual differences. I would like to see 10% of the resources poured into genomic and pharmaceutical research devoted to holistic approaches to cancer.