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Compounded Medicines in Jeopardy – Act Now!

19th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Please be aware that this action is promoted by pharmaceutical companies so that people will be forced to purchase medications from them only which can not be designed specifically to individual needs. Hence the compounding pharmacies are forced out of buisness and people have no option but to purchase an inferior product, increasing pharmceutical company profit and jeopardizing their optimum health……….Arrow

Action Alert! – Don’t Lose Your Access to Compounded Medicines – US

Tell Congress: Don’t Take Away Our Access to Compounded Medicines!

If you or a loved one relies on compounded medicines – e.g., bioidentical hormones, pediatric medicines, hospice treatments – or if you prescribe compounded medicines to your patients, please read on.

Take Action 1

A small but powerful group of senators is about to introduce legislation that would severely restrict and possibly deny your access to critical medications and create new onerous regulations for prescribers. Act today to protect access to compounded medicines!

If this legislation passes, federal regulators, not your doctor, will decide what medicines you can take. Do you really want to leave your customized medicine needs in the hands of bureaucrats in the government?

The so-called Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007 would, among other things:

* Broadly eliminate the availability of many critical, commonly compounded medications that many patients rely on, such as bioidentical hormones for women, hospice care treatments for the terminally ill and customized medicines for children.
* Allow the federal government to determine when compounded medicines are needed – a decision that has always been and should always be made by doctors.
* Restrict the compounded medications your doctor can prescribe even if he or she determines you need them.

If you or someone you know depends on compounded medications, act now to stop this dangerous legislation!

What can you do?

1. Write your elected representatives in Congress. Use P2C2′s easy to use tool to write your members of Congress.

For Physicians, patients, caregivers and health advocates go to:

2. Also, please keep this in mind: It’s critical that you personalize your letter. Tell your own story. Tell them how you or your patients rely on compounded medicines and what your life or your patients’ lives would be like without them.

3. Tell a friend. Even if your friends and relatives don’t rely on compounded medicines themselves, they still have a loved one – you – who does. That’s their story to tell. Please encourage them to tell their representatives in Congress.

4. Tell more friends, patients and colleagues. The best weapon we have in this fight is you. You are the patients and physicians. Yours is the story that your representative in Congress cannot ignore. The more people we can get to unite in support of compounded medicines, the better our chances of winning will be.

Click on the “Compounding in Crisis” icon at today to learn more about the issues, take action, tell-a-friend and save patient access to compounded medicines. Thanks for taking action to defend your access to compounded medicines!

Take Action Now

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15 Responses to “Compounded Medicines in Jeopardy – Act Now!”

  1. Beverly Hankins Says:

    The natural compounding estrogen and progestrone have saved my life. My natural throid and hormones have given me back my life from legs so swollen that I couldn’t stand on them and blood plessure so high that it was at stroke level. I had already beeen to several doctors and much medication but with no success. I was a single mother with two children, what would have happened to them?

    PLease don’t let this happen to all of us.

  2. Marsha L. Greer Says:

    Before I was prescibed compounded bio-identical progesterone, I had trouble sleeping, weight gain, anxiety, night mares, hot flashes, and I was tired all the time. Bio-identical hormones have been a life saver for me, and the last thing I need is the government, or some big drug company, taking them away from me. Why should they have the right to get between my doctor and myself when it comes to decisions taht effect my health?

  3. Lisa Says:

    I was told in the beginning by a GYN Physician that the pill or hormone medication should take care of any depleted hormones that I might have. Well, I searched for another MD and took the saliva test and found out just how depleted I really was. Since I have been on bio-identical hormones made specifically for my needs, I am no longer tired/exhausted. I feel great. My mind is clearer. I’m not lashing out at everyone. I’m sleeping through the night and when I wake up, I can get up and feel like I’ve had a great nights sleep. If Wyeth pushes this through, I will protest their product and find another means of getting what I need. As a nurse in the healthcare field, I am sick of Pharmaceutical Companies and Insurance Agencies trying to prescribe just how to treat patients. Their only design is to make money….it’s never about the patient.

  4. lois Says:

    my dog takes a compounded medication to control her seizures. it has made a world of difference in her life. no more seizures! she takes potassium bromide.

  5. Teri Styles Pederson Says:

    I was near a stress overload, when I discovered Bio-Identicals. I am my old self only better. I am 60 years old, self employed real estate broker, who had a complete hysterectomy at 41. I no longer have panic attacks, night sweats,dry skin and restless nights. Men (yes men) and Women should be given a choice on how we want to manage our health care not the Big Drug Companies and their lobbyists.

  6. Bill Lyman, DVM Says:

    Veterinarians need an unimpeded access to compounding pharmacies to aid our patients special needs, so please do not do anything which will jeopardize this service to our profession.
    Bill Lyman, DVM, owner of Durham Veterinary Clinics

  7. Oona Noon Says:

    I have been using BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE therapy for five years. My life changed completely. I can sleep better. My memory has improved, my weight improved also. Everything about my health changed thanks to Bio-Identical Hormone therapy. It will be an absolute crime to remove this therapy from being available to us. Why change or remove something that WE KNOW FOR SURE IS WORKING AND HELPING PEOPLE? Please stop the threats of wanting to remove this amazing therapy from us. Let support and encourage those who are suffering daily with symptoms that are devastating to families and affects our society also and let them know this therapy is A GOD-SENT THERAPY. Thank you so much for listening and NOT taking away from us.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please go to this site to voice your protests:

  9. Carol Foster Says:

    I am 64 years old and been trying to find a solution to my unbalanced hormones for 15 years. The natural hormone creams have been the solution. Prem-pro caused fibro-cystic problems in my breasts and I reacted to Fosomax. Please do not allow passage of a bill which will limit or take away another freedom of choice, particular for our health. We should be able to choose the best method of treatment for ourselves. Thank you.

  10. Yasue Kidd Says:

    After the synthetic estrogen/progestin therapy scare, I switched to the bioidentical therapy. I sleep better knowing that I am taking the hormone that is identical to my own hormone. I feel well, and think clearly. I agree that some kind of regulation is necessary for the compounding pharmacy industry, such as quality control, but denying the compounding medicine altogether to the patients who desperately need them is wrong.
    The verdict for the synthetic hormones were in already. The only thing left for us is the bioidentical hormones that give such relief to so many women (or men, for that matter.).
    Please don’t take the compounding medicines away from us.

  11. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So far the compounded medicines are still with us. But some of them are no longer paid for by insurance, including ones with estriadol.

  12. deborah schweikardt Says:

    i have had a hystorectomy several years ago, never bought into the fact that everyone should take or needed the same hormones. I have been on bioidenticle hormone replacement therapy since my surgery. THE WORLD AND EVERONE IN IT IS HAPPIER THAT I AM ON THESE HORMONES! You would be doing a diservice to all by taking these away from us. LEAVE IT ALONE!

  13. judy duren Says:

    Please keep compounded medicine, it has more than helped my personal health and gave me a better quality of life. I have had no help from other medications in the past. I am now on this hormone and it makes a difference in my well being. Surely you got more to do than take away our way of a better quality of life.

  14. Jeanne Weber Says:

    Please keep ‘BIG drug companies’ OUT of lobbying federal regulators to restrict- and possibly delay – access to compounded medicines. A pet pharmacy dealing with compounded medicines has helped us keep our precious 18 year old cat in our family healthier. She loves the medicine. I could not get her to take it before without the compounded ‘tuna flavor’ added. We are so happy, and in many ways very relieved. Stop the big pharmacy companies from deciding about our pets, too.

  15. Frances Holdorf Says:

    I had never heard of compounded medicines until my doctor suggested trying it to save on a prescription I have to take. I am so pleased with the service and personal care of this customized pharmacy. I am very pleased with the product, too. I hope this service continues and is not stopped. I hope to get some of my other medications switched to this compounding medicine pharmacy. Thank you!!!