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Hepatitis C research in Egypt

20th March 2007 by GSunnen1 Posted in Uncategorized

For important information about hepatitis C research in Egypt, please see this site:

Sincerely yours,

Gerard Sunnen, MD
President, Ozonics International, LLC
200 East 33 Street, #26J
New York, NY 10016
Tel. 212-6790679

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2 Responses to “Hepatitis C research in Egypt”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank You, Dr Sunnen, for visiting Health Salon. Please post regularly! We are anxious for more studies on ozone and antidotal testimonials as well. Any insights you have will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Oh, Dr Sunnen, I just read your report about what happened on the Hep C research. So sad.
    I am sorry. Dark forces are working hard to keep the truth hidden.

    Although I sense that you may disagree with me due to other articles that you have written, I feel that it is imperative that individuals learn ozone administration in their own homes. Although I am sure that such research is necessary and that actual clinical treatments designed specifically for patients could have better outcome, too many people are in dire need now to wait for the policial environment to change.

    If it is put into the hands of the people and enough education is spread across the net eventually there will be a big change. Either the FDA will start raiding our homes or they will step up to the plate under the pressure of countless physicians, nurses and lay practitioners who have successfully used ozone for devastating chronic disease. They will be forced to provide guidelines for ozone therapy in all hospitals and clinics across the nation.

    Since good, skilled, educated and prolific people like you have not been able to make the paradigm shift I’m talking about a revolution here in thought and action, grass roots, from the people.

    As you may sense, I am angry. I have seen too many people die due to lies, greed, political ambition, drug toxicity and medical mismanagement, pharmaceitucal lobby and FDA fraud.

    I have my own medical grade ozonator. I spent a lot of money for it and I consider it to be the family heirloom. A surival necessity for us and coming generations. With it we will handle whatever life throws at us.

    It’s time for people to demand health freedom now. Its time for people to create their own health accountablility and free themselves from a system that views their every ailment as a profit to be milked for its worth until banckruptcy or death.