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CDC report on aspartame complaints

25th November 2006 by Janner Posted in Uncategorized

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The CDC report on aspartame complaints

Preparatory comments: The following CDC report was obtained by Mrs. Betty Martini via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Mr. Martini commented that when you request this report the CDC only sends the summary. When she filed the FOIA she was first told that they couldn’t find it. When she stated that she had already seen the report, they finally sent it to her. On 2-18-1998 I visited the CDC WEB site at: <> and did a search for “aspartame” with NO hits (out of almost 20 thousand documents) so for the world the CDC has nothing “official” to say or present concerning aspartame. The aspartame industry has showcased this CDC “summary” (of their 146 page report) which covers only 231 of around 500 complaints on hand. Over the years the FDA has received thousands of complaints (but not all of them seem to be accounted for) and as of 1996 the FDA admitted to something over 10,000 “official” complaints. The FDA has stated that aspartame is the most complained about substance in their history. Dr. Kessler has been credited with saying that fewer than 1 percent of victims actually file a complaint. This balloons those over 10,000 “formal” complaints to over a MILLION victims… who should have filed. Most doctors and victims of aspartame poisoning don’t have a clue to the cause of those many painful and expensive problems. What is not known cannot be reported. More to the point, the majority of aspartame caused problems are usually misdiagnosed as arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, and/or a whole rage of other diseases. During l996, prior to granting blanket approval to use aspartame in everything, the FDA had to show a decrease in complaints. Their l996 report of complaints actually mentions that they had to change their bookkeeping system so as to enable them to purge hundreds of complaints from their files. (During Congressional Hearings it was even admitted they had referred aspartame complaints to the AIDS Hotline). Many victims have complained to Mission Possible that when they called the FDA to file a complaint they were told that the FDA no longer accepted such complaints. (WEBmasters note: Neither of my 1996 certified letters of complaint to FDA -and- DHHS were ever acknowledged or responded to). The CDC report was done at a time when very there were relatively FEW people using aspartame, when it was only in a few hundred products and from only a short period of time. It is estimated that over 9000 products now incorporate aspartame as a sweetening agent. This CDC report does NOT cover the majority of over 200 million users around the world, many of whom have been using aspartame-laced products for over 17 years. This means they could NOT foresee, nor report upon, the long- term problems caused by constant micro-doses of methanol, formaldehyde, and formic acid, along with a continual bombardment of aspartic acid, phenylalanine, that converts to diketopiperazine (DKP, a tumor agent), reduced levels of serotonin, and the many other changes that may take place in a given victim. The CDC and the FDA are under the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA ignored the Delaney amendment, ignored a “don’t approve” recommendation from its own Public Board of Inquiry, ignored a thwarted attempt to indict Searle for fraud (the statute of limitations expired after two key Department of Justice lawyers went to work for Searle’s law firm), ignored the Dr. Gross testimony and the Bressler report, along with common sense and the FDA charter to protect the public… in order to approve aspartame for limited use during July of 1981. Since then the FDA has blocked all attempts at further testing. To cap their achievement the CDC did a “once over lightly” evaluation of very few short-term cases, and then appears to have whitewashed the summary. Aspartame was never and cannot be proven to be safe. It is not and cannot be a diet aid, because the formaldehyde (from the breakdown of the 10% methanol) gets stored in the fat cells. The National Soft Drink Association did a 30-page protest in the ’80s that mentioned aspartame was unstable, and that it depleted serotonin (a substance that gives one that “full” feeling) which often induces a craving for carbohydrates. If you want to get fat… aspartame is where its at. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported 2/13/98 “Obesity called ‘a national epidemic’”. A fitting description is that “ASPARTAME is a Pandora’s box of chameleon-like toxins and tumor agents that have 92 FDA acknowledged ways to ruin your life, DEATH being one of them!” For FDA toxicologist Dr. Gross’s sworn testimony to Senator Metzenbaum, that proved the brain tumor issue, see: (around 55kb) For the complete text of the FDA’s 76 page “Bressler” report (less FDA deleted information) that verifies the brain tumor findings of Dr. Gross, and adds mammary, ovarian and uterine tumors to the list see: (around 162kb) For a more IN-DEPTH review of this CDC report in an article entitled “Sweet Delusion – How Safe is Your Artificial Sweetener?” by Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, see (60kb) For a rundown of breakdown/conversion products of aspartame see: and for a copy of the standard Email reply for those seeking additional information on aspartame see: which includes the complete diet coke report, text for a very informative pamphlet that includes most of the FDA’s 92 acknowledged symptoms of aspartame poisoning, and many links that serve as a good menu of URL’s to visit. — The OFFICIAL CDC summary on the 146 page CDC report on aspartame: Frederick L. Trowbridge’ executive summary where he states….

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