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Morgellon’s Disease – Fiber Disease

25th March 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

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Morgellons is a disease that has recently come to surface, not just in the USA but around the world. Because the CDC has refused to investigate, theories abound about its cause and treatment potentials. Aside from the pain and emotional torment the disease brings, thousands suffer the indignity of being accused of mental disorder or other misdiagnosis. Those who are treated are saturated with antibiotics and antifungals that do little to contain the condition and cause other drug side effect diseases.

It is imperitave that the nation wake up to this disease and start to do comprehensive research and to support emotionally and economically those patients who have it and who can no longer work. This is proving to be a contageous disease, spread from one family member to another or through close contact. There are reports of animals carrying it. There are reports of people contracting the disease in hotels. And most sadly reports of very young children having it and even eports of miscarriage.

Now, after years of letter writting and pleading with government officials the CDC has said that they will look into it. Lets hope its not too little too late.
Interesting comments from a physician who uses NutriSilver
This is an eerie video of microscopic views of the disease
Some disturbing research. Could it be related?
Must see photos of before and after treatment with NutraSilver
not a colloidial silver. Defined as a clustered silver product

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