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Cucurmin and Fennel for Parasite Infection, Cancer, Lugols Enemas

4th April 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This article was brought to my attention today and I thought I would put it here for a number of reasons. First of all there is the great debate going on about whether or not cucurmin is valuable as an anticancer therapy. Studies indicate that large amounts of the herb must be consumed several times a day to keep blood levels high enough to be effective. Yet another study shows that much lower dosages three times a day can reverse severe polyps disease in about 6 months of therapy. I take cucurmin daily and not intending to get too graphic I do feel it is important to note that when you take cucurmin you stool changes color, more similar to that of cucurmin. So I am wondering why is it that low dosage of cucurmin, not enough to keep blood levels high is effective in reversing polyps….Well, the answer is obvious to me. It is in the direct contact of the cucurmin in the stool and on the intestinal wall that brings the theraputic effect.

Secondly, lugols iodine has more uses that I could have imagined. I just recently learned that lugols has been used for enemas for a long time amongst experienced and knowlegeable alternative health practitoners.

DR Clark is a research scientist who resides in Mexico (or she did last time I checked) and runs a clinic to treat advanced cancer. She has fair success considering how god awful sick her clients are. She has documented that bacteria are closely involved in the cancer diagnosis. She also states that these disease bacteria harbor virus and upon their destruction these virus wreak havoc. She has developed a unique application of tumeric/cucurmin as well as some other common supplements to treat bowel conditions, and specifically to target these deadly virus. Here’s the article and well worth the read. I also strongly recommed Dr Clarks book “The Cure For All Advanced Cancers”

See the article here:



Bacteria ” … are full of oncoviruses that change their properties, so they do not give the correct indications that they are present.”

Wellness would be the absence of bacteria, also. I have a set of bowel bacteria: E-coli, Salmonellas, and some Streps. The reason that these haven’t been discovered before – in other words, all the sick people that are coming in have tremendous infections without showing it, without giving you the correct culture responses.

The reason is that they are full of oncoviruses which change their properties, so they do not give the correct indications that they are present. And the cancer patients’ bodies are swarming with them.

I have brought a set of ten oncoviruses that we use, and one of them I call the cancer virus which could very well be the BK virus (more commonly known now as Rife’s BX virus) that was discussed. It’s SV 40 ( Simian virus). SV 40 has the peculiar property of dragging other oncoviruses in with it.

I came here with the intention of giving away some secrets, if my attorney will let me, and I think that the best kept secret aside from that healing item – I have told you about iridum – meaning maybe that iridium is sifting down on us all of the time and we never knew it because we hid in our caves called houses, the other best kept secret is that we are full of bacteria that are essentially killing us including Salmonellas, Salmonella typhimurium and Salmonella paratyphi, mostly; E-coli, most of all; and a couple of Streps, Strep G and Strep pneumoniae.

It’s always Strep pneumoniae if you are in pain. But why doesn’t a person’s immune system kill them?

If a person has a disease: Let’s say you have kidney disease. If a person has kidney disease, and children are very prone to kidney disease from this water and that’s why there is a whole lot of kidney disease in children now, why can’t their immune systems catch these bacteria? It’s because the bacteria are disguised.

That is my interpretation. The observation by the Syncrometer is simply that the white blood cells do not eat the bacteria that are full of oncoviruses. Maybe they never saw them before. That is kind of hard to believe. Certainly evolution should have brought that along with it.

SV 40 Disguises Bacteria In Cancer Patients “It hitches up the other oncoviruses that would normally go to the nucleus.”

In cancer, and in cancer only, you have the SV 40 virus. The SV 40 virus goes straight to the nucleus and has the peculiarity, which might be what made it visible to Rife so long ago, that it hitches up the other viruses, the other oncoviruses that would normally go to the nucleus.

It’s as if they are holding hands. In other words, they are in series by this device (Syncrometer). They are attached to each other. They are touching each other, and are either fused, or hooked, or some how attached to each other; you know, the way a skater can pull on a string of skaters and kind of flip them around.

They have an organization. They can only pick up certain ones in certain order. In a cancer patient, you can see inside the tissue SV 40 virus attached to E-coli; SV 40 virus attached to those oncoviruses that have three letter names called RAS, called SRC, and so on.

There are a bunch of them, but they are not a very large number. There are maybe a half dozen more common ones, and some less common ones. I brought ten, which is all I test.

The amazing thing is that the oncoviruses come from parasites. We don’t take them in from the air. And the oncoviruses infect the bacteria in us at the same time.

So in a chronic disease, like kidney disease, the bacteria that are found to be chronic in an illness have these oncoviruses in them. That is why it is chronic.

That’s why no amount of antibiotics, and no amount of immune boosters ever have any permanent results. Until you kill the parasites bringing the oncoviruses, it will always come back.

But we do have a new way of getting oncoviruses out of the system. And it is –. What is a nice name for enema? (Banter about a nice name for an enema)

A version of a colonic – with certain herbs – can get the oncoviruses out of the bacteria and out of the tumor cells, and then the immune system can handle it. So, that marks the turning point from sick to well in our patients now.

In other words, a patient arrives looking very terminal and feeling that way, and when the day comes, maybe five or ten days later, the person comes in and says, “I feel different. Something happened. What ever you gave me last did something…” It always turns out that the oncoviruses are out of their tumor cells and bacteria.

What was making them feel so bad was the simple bacteria and not tumor cells. It is the fact that they are full of bacteria. They are full of bacteria that is making them sick, feel sick, lose their morale. So if we can get that level of illness gone, you have a very big hurdle removed.

A COLON LAVAGE RIDS ONCOVIRUSES FROM INTESTINAL TRACT “And that is about the biggest turnaround effect that you get.”

You use, first of all, the little Fleet bottles that you can get in the pharmacy. Two little Fleet bottles called F-L-E-E-T. Dump out everything in there, and then wash them out with hot water. You are not going to use that. It’s not that you are emptying the tract, you are medicating with it, and that is the purpose of this.

And, first of all, you need to empty the tract sufficiently to hold the medical solution permanently and not lose it.

So you do two pre-enemas in order to give your intestinal tract the capability of holding the medicinal ones. And it only takes about two or three of these medicinal ones – with a lot of herbs in it – to give you results. It is very quick.

The reason is that most of these viruses live in the intestinal tract. Something that we knew, but always overlooked. Even for HIV patients, if they simply empty the tract several times before they do their blood test, they will get a much lower viral count, because about 70% of the virus lives in the intestinal tract.

Just washing them out isn’t going to remove the source. It is going to come back. But washing them out is part of the way you kill them for cancer. So you want to get the medicine into the body. That is what is going to kill them in the rest of the body.


Doing a plain enema is just going to empty the tract. So, you do two pre-enemas, each with six drops of Lugol’s iodine. (Warning: Do not use Lugol’s if you are allergic to iodine.)

You have to test the Lugol’s iodine to make sure that it does not have PCBs and the other four things that come with the wrong chlorination of bleach. Lugol’s iodine solution – the old-fashioned iodine.

It takes six drops or more, but six drops does it.

So you do one pre-enema. Hold that for five minutes, and by then you can’t hold it anymore, so out it goes.

Immediately, you give the second one, because you are trying to clear a piece of your tract for absorption, and that takes another five-ten minutes.

And now you are ready for the real enemas.


Now comes the real herbs. The secret is not to mix these herbs, and yet also mix them in order to have two medications going on. In other words, if you have turmeric as one, and fennel as one, then turmeric and fennel mixed is a third.

All of this was done by using the modulation effects of the Syncrometer, which is a part of the advanced use of the Syncrometer.

So the first thing you put in this “intestinal wash” (laughter) is six capsules of turmeric. It is hard to believe that that little bit would be so effective. You empty them into your empty Fleet bottle.

Fill it up with water, shake it, and make sure you use soap on the important end (laughter) – both important ends, because soap is the natural pH for that end and helps prevent hemorrhoids from troubling you or from developing.

Make sure that you use soap without the wrong chlorinated bleach in it. Everything is contaminated with the wrong chlorinated bleach. In our environment, you can’t tell one from another.

That is our dilemma. … So I like to take the gasket out of the bottle so it goes a little faster. But the idea is not to give yourself so much water that you have to expel it. So one little Fleet bottle is enough.

Wait until you are comfortable with that. Sit down, lie down, read, or what ever, since you are going to retain this turmeric for good.

After a half hour, you use six fennel capsules.

After a half hour, you can give something else: You can give yourself five Co-Enzyme Q 10 capsules (presumably, 400 mg each).

They don’t dissolve very well, so you can put them in hot water first, so they will dissolve a little better and not stick to the sides. That is already about the most powerful one. That will kill E-coli with the oncoviruses in it. And that is about the biggest turnaround effect that you get.

These are about 00 or 000 size capsules. Not very big, but the bigger the better. A little more is always better. (Audience inaudible query – probably how many milligrams per capsule or milliliters for the enema) Around 500 total. 400-500.

But it will not be permanent unless you kill the parasite that brings that oncovirus. (According to Dr. Clark, Eurytrema pancreaticum brings SV 40.)

And we have now about four or five extra parasites to consider. Of course, this parasitism is heightened now because of our loss of immunity from our badly chlorinated water. That is why parasitism is so high in patients.

And with this new “colon lavage” (laughter), you might even see a parasite or two. Most patients get to see something at our Clinic, because we are pretty intensive about taking stuff out.

I have pictures drawn in our books of how they look in the toilet bowl, and how you can preserve them.

And then you can test for it to see if the parasite really is what you think it is with the Syncrometer. Or just preserve it. It is quite easy to do. It’s nice if you are talking about these parasites that you have actually seen one. It is nice to have seen what you are talking about or believe in.


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