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Homeopathic Vaccination or Prophylaxis per Issac Golden

6th April 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I have been asked to post this protocol written by Issac Golden. I don’t think that many homeopaths do this at all. But if the disease were approaching your neighborhood and you viewed yourself or your children as vulnerable, in other words not capable on an immune level or for other reasons of coping with the disease, then you would want to follow the specifications given below regarding the disease of concern…………………… Arrow

For further info on Issac Golden and homoeoprophylaxis:

For further links on vaccination:

We will now examine the programs developed by the Issac Golden over the last ten years, who wrote the excellent and comprehensive book “Vaccination? A Review Of Risks and Alternatives.” As stressed previously, no program, orthodox or alternative, can be guaranteed 100% effective, but it is essential that we establish a reliable guide to the relative effectiveness of vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis.

It must be emphasised that the methodology of disease prevention and the remedies used in the kit are not new, having been used for nearly 200 years. However, Issac Golden, following extensive research in the Homoeopathic literature, and subsequent personal clinical experience developed the particular programs.



1 month Pertussin(200)
2 months Pertussin*
4 months Lathyrus Sativus(200)
5 months Lathyrus Sativus
6 months Haemophilis (M)
7 months Haemophilis* Sativus*
9 months Diphtherinum(200)
10 months Diptherinum*
11 months Tetanus Toxin(200)
12 months Tetanus Toxin*
13 months Pertussin*
14 months Morbillinum(200)
15 months Morbillinum*
16 months Lathyrus Sativus*
17 months Haemophilis*
19 months Parotidinum(200)
20 months Parotidinum*
22 months Diphtherinum*
24 months Tetanus Toxin*
26 months Lathyrus
28 months Haemophilis*
32 months Pertussin*
41 months Tetanus Toxin*
46 months Haemophilis*
50 months Diphtherinum*
54 months Morbillinum*
56 months Lathyrus Sativus*
60 months Tetanus Toxin*
* Triple doses to be used

Note: The disease-remedy relationship (including possible substitutions) is as follows:

Whooping Cough Pertussin Cuprum Met.
Diphtheria Diphtherinum Gelsemium
Measles Morbillinum Pulsatilla
Poliomyelitis Lathyrus Sativus Lathyrus Sativus
Tetanus Tetanus Toxin Hypericum
Mumps Parotidinum Rhus Tox Rubella(German Measles)
Rubella Pulsatilla Hib Haemophilis Arsenicum Album.

A supplementary program has also been developed, which may be used in conjunction with or instead of the basic program.

The reason for using both programs is that, although successful use of the remedies in the basic program has been established, no system of protection can be guarantied 100% effective. In the event of definite exposure to a source of infection, parents may wish to give their child additional protection at that time. These two programs comprise the third Homoeopathic Kit, which was first released in 1993.

Supplementary Program for Protection When Exposed to Infection

* Whooping Cough- Pertussin (200c) twice weekly for 3 weeks after contact with carrier.
* Tetanus- Three doses of Ledum Palustre (30c) daily for 3 days after breakage of skin.
* Diphtheria – One dose of Diphtherium (200c) weekly for 4-6 weeks during an outbreak of Diphtheria.
* Measles- Morbillinum (200c) weekly during an outbreak, for 3 weeks.
* Mumps- Parotidinum(200c) weekly during an epidemic or after contact with carrier.
* Rubella – As natural immunity is the most certain, it is better to allow (German Measles) healthy children to acquire this mild disease. If protection is required, the Rubella Nosode (200c) or Pulsatilla (30c) may be used twice weekly for two weeks.
* Haemophilia – Haemophilis (1M) every 2 weeks during an outbreak (Hib).

Most of the Homoeopathic medicines listed above are called ‘nosodes’. These are potentised preparations of diseased substances; for example, the nosode Pertussin is the potentised expectoration from a patient with Whooping Cough. However, it is not essential to use Nosodes.

As discussed previously, when a person acquires immunity through natural exposure to a virus, the actual quantity of virus is minute, yet the change is effected on a dynamic level, and subsequently on the physical level. In Homoeopathy, the effect is similar in that changes initially occur on a dynamic level. The Homoeopathic remedy, Pertussin, is the virus potentised to a purely dynamic and non-material degree. Unlike vaccines, therefore, Homoeopathic preparations copy the processes of Nature, with similar results in practice. Further, it must be stressed that vaccination is not a type of Homoeopathic (as has been suggested by some).

We are using medicines of energy, not crude substances like those used in vaccines. The remedies are selected using the Law of Similars. The ignorance of such attacks is made more obvious considering that Homoeopathic medicine is first derided because ‘nothing is there’, and then criticised as being ‘toxic’. Logical and scientific criticism indeed!

If the reader really wants to get to grips with this complex subject, I will give a few of the references that I have used for this brief newsletter. There are many further details and studies that I recommend the parent or practitioner who truly wants to get to grips with vaccine alternatives to read:

1. Issac Golden – Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives (5th edition)
2. Leon Chaitow – Vaccination and Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives

Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc (A.M).,N.D.

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8 Responses to “Homeopathic Vaccination or Prophylaxis per Issac Golden”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I am reading Take ControlOf your Health by Dr. Mercola….The reason I purchased this book was for the chapter on vaccinations, I was very excited to see that there was an alternative method to the vaccination schedule that we are supposed to follow as good law abiding citizens. I have chosen not to vaccinate my daughter against anything. She was breast fed for 6 full months and she has not recieved a single vaccination…she is now 2 1/2. I would like to look into getting the Homeopathic Immunization Program by Dr. Golden. There is supposedly a Measels strain going around my area right now and I have never been more nervous about my decision not to vaccinate…I am afraid that it wouldn’t be a “normal” strain of the measels but a bigger, worse version of them. I do not agree with the combination shots (MMR)(DPT) Although I am concerned about Whooping Cough, should my 2 1/2 year old contract that and pass it along to my newborn…Too many hard decisions to make!!!! I do not agree with the chicken pox vaccine at all. I had a “worst case scenario” of the chicken pox when I was younger and I am just fine and happy that I got them before I became preganat….I don’t want my daughter to be given the vaccination for this very reason. Any help or information, guidance…would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    In the “old” days when the measles and mumps went around it was pajama party time. It was encouraged to get these diseases at a young age. Around 6 to 7 being the best time.

    If you are worried about the measles you can get a single vaccine. You can get the measles vaccine independent of the others. Call around till you find a doctor or clinic that has it. Thimerisol has been removed from most vaccines but I don’t think that is what causes autism, IMHO. It is caused by the shock and overstimulation and actual damage to the immune system by too many vaccines at one time.

    Most measles epidemics going around now seem worse because it is happening in older kids. They get hit with it harder.

    You can call your health department to see if whooping cough is in your neighborhood. It is fairly rare these days. Physicians are suppose to report it to the health department if they see a case.

    The pertussis vaccine is fairly dangerous and is known to cause seizure disorder.

    If whooping cough (pertussis) is around I recommend that you isolate your kids for a while. This is what folks did in the old days. Day care is the harbinger of danger these days and it is the price we pay to keep 2 and 3 cars in the garage but it is not so good for our health on many levels.

    The homeopathic vaccines do not guarantee that you will be free of disease but if you do get a case it should be much milder. Then your child will have lifelong immunity. But then the allopathic vaccines guarantee nothing either.

    The 200 in the above list means 200c potency.

  3. Susan Sheldon Says:

    I used Homeopathic Immunizations on my four younger children, (sadly can not find a source for my youngest). I was amazed at the responses of their bodies and am pleased to say they are all very healthy even today. I highly recommend it as a better direction to their health then MD immunizations.

  4. Hemophilia Says:

    It is good to see posts that give truly quality information. Great post.

  5. Mary Says:

    To Rett, I would advise being very careful in using a broad brush to paint all parents who use day care. (I am no fan of day care, and therefore my husband stays home with our two kids, an arrangement that we are very happy with and that we feel fortunate to be able to implement. I earn a very modest income, but my parents gave us a mortgage-free house to live in, which allows my husband to stay home.) Sure, there are some (many?) folks who could afford for one spouse not to work. However, there are some couples for whom two jobs are necessary to keep food on the table and shelter and, perhaps, one old car in the driveway to get to work. Not to mention those individuals who find themselves single parenting (by choice or not by choice). Please think twice before judging others for their life circumstances. Thanks…

  6. Rett Says:

    Mary, I don’t have a clue what your saying about daycare andI’m not putting anyone down but you must be more aware of the consequences if you do use daycare for very young children. It is a reality for most American families, including mine. I will stand by my statement that daycare will bring untold dangers in disease to your children under the age of 5. They will likely have more sickness than if they stay at home and it can be more stressful having more sickness. Children are ment to be raised at home if possible till at least 5 when their immune systems are sufficiently developed to handle the contageous diseases that they will come into contact with.

    If you are going to use daycare be prepared for what comes. Know alternative treatments for infection and avoid the use of antibiotics lest your child beome fungal ridden and or on their way to developing antibiotic resistent infections. I have seen it many times in young children… and yes, I see it that daycare is often the culpret. Environment is very important in developing a healthy immune system and avoiding disease is essential until the child is old enough to deal with it well.

    Society keeps changing. We must change with it and when we do we need to keep awake and aware of all the risks and have a plan to manage problems when they arise lest we put ourselves into the hands of doctors that don’t really know what they are doing which may lead to long term consequences in health for our children.

  7. Crystal Says:


    Can somebody tell me how homeopathic preparations are able to prime the immune system ? I would really like to understand how its possible.

    You see I have two children, the eldest un-vaccinated, the youngest vaccinated (call it an experiment)

    So far both have enjoyed excellent health, although the un-vaxxed one seems to get a lot of head lice and threadworm, but i think thats beause he is a dirty little fucker more than anything to do with vaccines. He used to lick shop windows . can you beleive that ?

    Anyway, i am worried that the youger vaccinated one will bring home germs from school and give them to his un-vaccinated brother so he really could do with this homepathic immunisation,so i would like to understand how it works. Is it safe ? what part of the immune system does it act upon? Can it cause autism like measles ? Does it use adjunts to make it more powerfull.

    Thanks in advance


  8. Elena Cecchetto Says:

    If you have any questions or would like a Homeopath to administer the protocol as Dr. Isaac Golden has outlined in his textbook for Professional Homeopaths, let me know.