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North American Union, EU, New World Order, Codex, Trilateral Commission

8th April 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Some of you may have found your way to this site to try to understand complicated world issues and what you are seeing is talk about vitamins and supplements. I implore you to stop and read and start to learn why the control of supplements is of critical issue to citizens rights, freedom in the US and national soverignity. Once you unterstand the power of pharmaceutical companies and their desire to drug and control everyone and their incessant greed for power and money you will have a new world view and be aware of what is coming down the political pike unles people rise up to stop this takeover of the United States by the WTO and ideologies that desire to form a New World Order where you no longer have jurisdiction in your own back yard.

This link will take you to a wealth of websites both governmental and media and private that will show you the total picture. I hope you can take some time to sit down and read this stuff. This is really happening without our voice or our vote. Your senators and congressment are in on it. The only person in the media really talking about it is Lou Dobbs. Watch him on CNN. He is trying to educate you so that you do not loose your rights nor your national borders. If people do not rise up and say no IT WLL HAPPEN.

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