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Cancer Hospital – Oasis of Hope – Alternative Cancer Treatments

18th April 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Oasis of Hope now has a hospital in Californai for stage IV cancer.


I have been following this hospital for quite a while. I had thought that it might be a good place to go but after all the bad and unsolicited testimonials coming in (see below in the comments area) it may do you well to keep looking around. I even wrote to Oasis with these testimonials and they did not reply. Seems this blog gets read by some.

If you think you have found a good alternative cancer clinic in Mexico please post the name and a link or phone number for it.

Please do not discredit alternative therapy due to this bad reputation developing. Keep looking.
Click on the Max Factor video and the Ken Papini. These folks overcame stage 3 and 4 cancer!

Now go an look at their statistics.

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85 Responses to “Cancer Hospital – Oasis of Hope – Alternative Cancer Treatments”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have any data on their successes? I would be interested in hearinf from an ‘outsider’, like yourself!

    That is to say, someone who doesn’t have anything to gain. :-)

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I haven’t been been there but I would go if needed. This is from watching and listening about this place for about 15 years.
    If you have cancer you might want to read about MMS on this forum also.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Oh, and as far as data there is no national or international data collecting organization that I know of that monitors success in hospitals. Each facility collects their own data, which of course would be the most slanted report you could find and most hospitals will not reveal that data to anyone on the outside. None the less it is all we have to go on, what a hospital may be willing to reveal, then their reputation, word of mouth recommendation, etc.

  4. uksoccerplayer Says:

    I have been going to the Oasis of Hope Clinic for over 3.5 years now. They have helped me, but I must warn you that I have paid over 300 thousand dollars so far. The $25,000 US that was posted here is just an introductory. If you have a severe case, you will pay a lot of money. I am fortunate to have some money from my aerospace company I founded, but my honest opinion is that this hospital will help you the most and get you better if you have a lot of money. They are in a figurative sense, milking me of my money but, I really have no other choice, while it is costing me a lot of money, they are keeping me alive. So I am grateful for that. They do ozone iv, uv iv, perftec, vitamin c iv, laetrile iv, vit k iv and nurtracuticals. Also they do light chemo too. The light chemo has helped me a little too.

    So, again, I will say that in England I cannot get any treatment, even with all my money, the doctors won’t risk losing their license. At Oasis, they
    will keep me alive until I run out of money i guess. The treatment is very expenisive at Oasis. The rates for medicines, surgeries are more expensive than in England. For example, an antibiotic in England cost me about say $30 US. The same at Oasis, they charged me $250 US. To remove a cyst in England I was quoted about $500 US. I paid almost $3000 US at the Oasis of Hope Hospital. That is a much higher rate. A bone scan in England cost me about $400 US through a private company, at Oasis I paid a bloody $1000 US.

    My room was on the third floor and had a view of a newly constructed apartment building, really nothing special. There is a chapel near my room, where I like to go and pray. There is also a Chaplin there full time named Bruce. He is a shaved haired American guy, who dresses casually, with shorts and a pink polo shirt. His services were okay, but a lot of patients told me that he stared at them in the eyes too much and they got frightened by him with this rigid eye contact. He is a volunteer, and he does have a good heart though, but he has no idea about the financial side of Oasis.

    The owner is Dr. Contreras Jr,, He is a very intelligent guy,first, his intelligence is in the form of being a clever businessman first. He really presents himself as a religious man, but I will say that after 3.5 years of getting acquainted with him, the man’s first priority is money.

    He uses religion to hide his somewhat money hungry side. He lives in San Diego in a large estate , just across the border. He also has a large property with maids and expensive furniture and antiques in Tijuana and a house in Vienna, as well as many houses throughout resort cities in Mexico and Europe. Most who work with him, think he is very humble person, who lives a meager lifestyle and is deeply involved in religion. Yet, he lives the life of a wealthy aristocrat. He keeps a very low profile on monetary matters. He does very little there in terms of actual medical practice at Oasis, mainly he just checks on the business and make sure thing are in order. He comes in a few times a week to check up on things. He does meet once a week with his team of doctors and he does evaluate some patients.

    But, his role is mostly a PR role and he mostly does question and answer interviews in the Oasis cafeteria and on the third floor in their meeting room. He is very charismatic guy, dressed in expensive Armani suits with slightly grayed hair and skin that has been treated and pampered with facials.

    His nephew is named Daniel Kennedy and he is the CEO. I met him many times too. He also presents himself as a religious guy, with a degree in divinity.

    He would also tell me stories about how he was working on a doctorate in psychology and that was his passion. He by training has an MBA and is the main person that took Oasis of Hope Hospital from a more Christian based hospital that was originally the plan of the founder Ernesto Contreras Sr (father), who sought to help everyone , to a more business run place with the first priority of making money first then helping.

    Having talk to Daniel Kennedy many times, the financial side to Daniel Kennedy came out numerous times.

    Actually under the leadership of Daniel Kennedy, Oasis Hospital shifted its business plan from charging marginally fair and competitive rates to charging far more expensive rates, well more than I would pay in the UK. Daniel Kennedy changed the pricing scheme to address the psychological impression that people have on price. His idea was to charge more money, as this would be associated with having better medical care.

    Daniel Kennedy also developed a revenue sharing model that allows doctors to acquire a commission of all charges incurred. So, doctors that perform extra tests and extra scans and procedures will get a percentage of these profits. This is perhaps the worse thing that happened to Oasis of Hope Hospital.

    Daniel Kennedy’s revenue based sharing has allowed the Oasis of hope hospital to substantially increase their profits. Patients may get extra tests and procedures in the process, depending on the doctor.

    His fondness of wealth and business came out. Daniel Kennedy has expensive taste and he talked to me several times because they know I am successful , he talked to me about opening a clinic in England. He talked about the amount of money that could be made there if the proper people were involved. But, he did not mention about the people that could be helped.

    He is a business guy who since his involvement with his uncle, has turned Oasis to a money making machine. Oasis profited over $20 million dollars US after expenses in 2006. That is how they can afford to be in Playas de Tijuana, basically on the beach in Tijuana, the most affluent part of Tijuana. It is actually across the street from the beach. There is an arena on the beach where they do bull fighting and other sports.

    Considering the low gross domestic product per citizen in Mexico, $10,000 US is considered a good salary salary in Mexico. The low cost of labor, makes Dr. Contreras Jr. and Daniel Kennedy his nephew , very wealthy men.

    Oasis Hospital by the way, does not engage in revenue sharing with other employees, from the lower tier rank and file. They earn the bare minimum, which is the a livable wage, but slightly above the poverty line there. As of today, I don’t know their current financials now. But , I would assume that it is in the millions, that is profit too.

    Dr. Contreras is a very wealthy man, most do not know this because he presents himself as a devout Christian. He hides this financial side of him through religion and charisma. But, if he indeed were pious, then try walking into his clinic with a little money and sick , service will be refused.

    Hence the dominant customer base are folks like myself from the UK. I don’t want to say that Dr. Contreras Jr. is not religious, because he is, but money is his first priority above everything, then comes religion, kind of contradictory to the Christian faith. The money side to Dr. Contreras Jr. takes precedence over health care. The father Dr. Contreras Sr, was more of an altruistic person and believed that money should be secondary to helping people.

    It is possible too that because they know I am wealthy, they feel that i should and others like me in my position need to pay more. I met other wealthy people, Oasis had definitely helped them get better, but it cost them some of their hard earned money. But again, I am alive and I guess this is the price to stay alive. I would rather spend $300,000 and be alive, then not be alive. I really thank Oasis for helping me, but don’t go there thinking that you will only spend the bare minimum if you are very sick. Be prepared to pay a lot of money. There are many other clinics in Tijuana that are much cheaper if you can’t afford the large amount you may end up spending. I figure that I will need to spend a total of 700,000 , because I have the next decade for maintanence to stay alive.

  5. Jorge Says:

    Yes, I live in San Diego, and I have a cousin who worked for Oasis. She worked hard and a lot of hours, and you know, they don’t even give her free lunch and they have so much food left over in their cafe. That is not right. She quit last year because the company pays almost nothing to their employees and yet like you say, they profit so much. So, you are so right, they don’t pay the workers good salaries, I don’t know why maybe because you are right, Dr. Contreras loves money.

    There is another forum , in Spanish, and I read about many employees who work at Oasis of Hoope now and who used to work there that complain about this too. A lot of employees didn’t know that Dr. Contreras makes so much money. In that other forum, they thought that each patient paid maximum of $100 per day. I will post this link to that forum. Wait when they find out that you are paying thousands, they will get more upset.

    Dr. Contreras is a good actor too like you say, and he networks with all the Christian churches to send him business. He goes to many shows and gives many speeches. In fact, I think they are charging you so much because they can get away with it. That is the sad part of Mexico.

    But, I like your post, because you tell the truth. You are so right in everything you say and yes, they do help you and do good work and do many things the united states is not allowed to do, but I believe that the money is the most important thing for them.

    Dr. Contreras father, originally created this hospital to help everyone, including the poor Mexicans. He was loved by everyone. His son, Dr. Contreras Jr. is a business man just like his nephew Daniel Kennedy, exactly like you say. I didn’t know they actually made that much profit though. Why not share this with the employees and open the doors to help some poor Mexicans?

    I never met Daniel Kennedy, but I have heard that he is a big talker too. I would see Dr. Contreras a few times when I went to visit my cousin. He never said hi to me though. He acts like an actor giving autographs. He probably looked at me and he thought that I was a poor dark brown Mexican with no money and so he didn’t feel any reason to say hello to me. Then he goes and gives a religious presentation in the food court area. That is called a hypocrite. Then he goes home and counts all his money, while my cousin was struggling to pay all her rent and food there. Is that fair?

    I am glad they are helping you, but that is because you have money. What about me? I don’t have money, will he help me? What would he do for me if I, a Mexican by birth, came to his doors, would he help me? My cousin sad no way. They kick you out when your money runs out. So you keep that in mind.

    I don’t like this acting, that these 2 guys act so religious and secretly the money comes first.
    No, that is wrong. The Oasis of Hope Hospital should be fair. Do you know that prescription drugs are so cheap in Mexico. So, I think the prices you paid are too much. And Daniel Kennedy and Dr. Contreras can do this to someone! Very sad!
    My grandmother has diabetes and we pay like $20 dollars and in the USA it is like $100

    I will be moving back to Mexico City. My cousin found a job in a hospital and they are paying her much more money. I will go back there.

    I will let you know about the clinics there.

  6. Billy Mc Andrews Says:

    I came from Texas to get treated for my cancer, and I went to check this Oasis of Hope place out. I had prostate cancer and decided not to go to the Oasis of Hope. I found another smaller clinic, and the doctors all do the same thing at all these clinics, vitamin c and all these other injections of some apricot seeds, and something they do to your blood when they remove it and then put it back inside of you.
    Yup, I was there when Dr. Contreras and Daniel Kennedy gave a BS speech. I could see the BS out of their mouths. Who are these guys fooling, they are politicians running for some office. They act like they invented vitamin c too. They act like they have some magic secret that no one else has.
    And, Yup, I would agree, I saw a lot of dollar signs in both their eyes hidden behind their talk of religion. Reminds me of those preachers we have here in Texas that love you until your money runs out.

    But , those 2 couldn’t fool me and weren’t about take all my hard earned money. And actually, one old man there who is actually a patient there who warned me about the high costs and this BS. He said there is always a new charge, like they think you are a bank. He said every day they come to him with a clipboard to sign for a new charge. I went down to a nearby city and found a smaller clinic. The doctor there was honest and not a politician and gave me 1 on 1 care. I traveled back and forth each day from San Diego and I stayed at a motel in San Diego, there is a shuttle that took me, about 30 mins back and forth.

    I was Mexico for about 3 months and paid a good price and didn’t get ripped off. Had I stayed in here in my cowboy state of Texas, they would have done nothing for me but fry me with an xray machine. Mexico has good doctors,so just do your homework, because some places like that Oasis think that all Americans have a pile of money, and that we owe them money and have to pay them. Nope! Not me!

    Well now, I just need to change my diet and stop eating steaks and drinking beer and stop working so much. That is what got me messed up in the first place. I will be riding my horses and relaxing now and keeping the stress away. Stress causes a lot of damage too. My PSA went down to a safe level and I don’t need no surgery and I am drinking lots of vegetables juices and it is working.


  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank You Uksoccerplayer, Jorge and Bill for your testimonials on Oasis Hospital.

    These observations are important for people to read. I have suspected for a while that the money issue had moved to the forefront with Oasis but I really had no way to bring the information forward. I recommend Oasis because I am sure that they can get the job done, if it can be done at all for an individual. Dr Contreres Sr., I have come to believe was an extraordinary man and he did much to provide effective options to the seriously ill. His work has brought light and life to millions, in the cures it has provided to the sick and the training knowledge that it has brought to other health professionals around the world.

    I do think that Oasis should be challenged on this front. Health and the promise of longevity just for the rich is a class condition that does not have to exist in this world. Yet people of power are swayed repeatedly into the belief system that this must be so and If you have a gift of cure to give you must receive your just rewards. It is a fallacy and a lie that service and knowledge cannot be given generously. Of course the base expenses must be met so those giving can continue to do the work and that their families can flourish. But unbound greed should be set aside. Much greed is fostered by the incorrect thinking of the Christian movement, and other movements and other organizations that have forgotten what charity is.

    I do think that the people with financial interests in Oasis should have an opportunity to defend themselves. Perhaps they funnel much of the money into other good works? But still, paying their employes substandard paychecks is not satisfactory.

    This forum receives about 800 hits a day from searchers looking for answers to healthcare. Every day searches come to find out about Oasis hospital. This will present to them a new perspective. Yet still, If you can afford Oasis, I do think it is a place where you can get help. Its patrons, employees and patients need to tell Oasis that an attitude of greed is not in their best interest and ultimately does not provide for deep healing on a world social, political christ consciousness level.

    Since my location is in the United States I do not have the opportunity to go to Oasis myself to look around nor to look at other facilities that might be an option for people of lessor financial means.

    Jorge, please, if you can, return here and tell us the name and address of the facility that you found that helped you. Tell us the kind of therapies and advice you received. I have no problem letting people know about other options but after working on this blog and other sites for some years now, I find folks often hesitant to reveal what they have done, where they have gone.

    I want my readers to know the options that are out there. So all are invited to post here with their experience and knowledge. As you can see this blog has no monetary motivation. We receive no pay and there is no advertisement here. It provides free information to the public so hopefully people can come to see some of the multifaceted aspects of our world and the choices it presents to them.

  8. Zach Says:

    Yeah, I have also heard stories like this about this place. Word must be spreading fast and soon they will not be able to hide behind hypocrisy.

    That is too bad. Don’t forget in Mexico, $100 is like $1000 dollars. So Oasis of Hope is really making a lot of money by Mexican Standards. It is so sad to see this.

    I would commend the owner of this website for creating a forum that allows people to voice their experiences in an organized fashion. You are doing a good service and it is people like you that give others assurance that there are still good people in this world.

    It is too bad that clinics like the Oasis of Hope operate under the guise of Faith Based Religious Sanctuaries as clever means to prey on the poor and innocent desperate hopes of people and lure in Christians from Christian Churches and Hospitals. As I understand the comments, this place will implement good remedies yet stop until the money runs out. That is pathetic and I am upset to read how this slick owner and his team can do this.

    I wish you all good luck.

  9. Candace Says:

    My mom was a patient at Oasis of Hope before she died in 2005, and I went down to Tijuana from Alaska to stay with her. She had colorectal cancer that had metastasized to her liver, and she had already had about a foot of her colon surgically removed. The U.S. doctors weren’t giving her much hope, and so she made the trip to Tijuana.
    I have to admit, they almost had me going for a while. One day, though, I was listening to one of Dr. Contreras’ speeches about how much cancer incidence had risen. I raised my hand and asked if that could be partially because of better diagnosis and not completely related to diet, although diet is a factor. You see, I had been taught to question things scientifically through the college classes I had taken. I’m no genious, but I do know that there is often more than one cause for a single problem. The doctor was very short in his reply, as though I was unworthy of questioning him. That was when I began to question what they were doing, but I still wanted to hold on to some kind of hope. The day before my mom left, she talked to one of the doctors about the results of an MRI she had done on her liver. He said that my mom’s liver was filled with cancer, and I could see the pity in his eyes. He knew then that she wouldn’t live, but I’m sure he wasn’t allowed to say that.
    Atfter she returned home, her cancer came back in her colon and spread to the prefrontal lobe of her brain. She passed away April 22nd of 2005, about two months after she got home from Mexico.
    My mom and I formed a lot of friendships in Tijuana with the other patients and their families. We kept in touch for a while, but after we left the clinic it seemed like they were dropping like flies. Several people passed away before my mom did. To me, it just didn’t seem like these people got the results they were expecting. After my mom’s death, I cut off my contact with the people I had met at Oasis of Hope. The people I had really gotten to know were gone, but I still just couldn’t deal with any more at the time. My mom was only 46 years old when she died. I know it wasn’t the hospital’s fault she died, but I do think that they fed her lies and false hopes, and that the owners are dispicable.
    On the subject of the employees being paid too little, that is definitely true. The nurses said there was no way they would be able to live in the apartment complex that was being built right outside my mom’s window because they were barely making enough to get by. The place also did not seem to be all that well maintained for a hospital that profits $20 million a year. One of the knobs fell off the faucet on the bathroom sink while we were there.
    I do have to say, though, that I am a night owl, and when I would go downstairs in the middle of the night I would often see the doctors administering to patients. These people didn’t look rich, and some of them were children. I always thought that some of the extravagant fees went to paying for healthcare for the poor people in the community, but perhaps I was wrong. Overall, I don’t think this hospital is a good place to go if you need help. There are other clinics that offer the same services in Mexico, and there is the posibility of being in a clinical trial in the U.S. I’m a nursing student now, and I hope to go into oncology. I may even get some training on herbal medicine because I do believe that some alternative therapies work. If you do have cancer, keep your chin up. There are alternatives out there, but Oasis of Hope is not a good one.

  10. Dawn Says:

    My 72 year old Aunt was diagnosed with HER-2 Breast Cancer November 2008. She chose to have alternative treatment first in Rockwall, TX, it did not improve, and decided to go to Oasis of Hope. On March 8, my husband and I sent her off for 3 weeks by herself. Now let me go back a ways on the financial end of this. She was told by Daniel, CEO, that normally the cost is $50,000+ to treat her but in her case, like she was someone special, they would do it for $22,500, now we did not have that type of money but he made her feel like she was special enough to get that special sale price. We prayed, and knew that if the Lord wanted her there, He would provide, and He did. So on Sunday, March 8th we put her on a plane and she returned home on Monday, March 30th, weakened and unable to even take care of herself. She had intense treatments the entire time she was there, and tests were done, etc. She was given the words, “You are cancer free, all blood work is good.” She returned home on March 30th, and is now in Arlington Memorial Hospital with cancer throughout her entire body. She has had her first Chemo treatment, and will be doing Radiation for the next 10 days straight. She is so weak. Please tell me how could a “christian” facility tell this elder person that they are cancer free? I will be spreading the word around about what happened to her, the lies they told her, and the money they stole from her. Maybe if we’d had the entire $50,000 they wouldn’t have lied to her. The doctors here in the states have told us they do not know for sure if chemo and radiation will help but they, and my aunt have choosen to move ahead and we trust that she will be with us many more years. She is a special person to us but I guess to Oasis “special” was how much money they could swindle from her.

  11. Marcy Says:

    I don’t know about the changes that have been made since Oasis of Hope was Centro Medico Del Mar under the direction of the Sr. Dr. Contreras, but my brother is alive and cancer free more than thirty years after being treated at Centro Medico Del Mar. I can’t speak to how the hospital is run now and I don’t know how much my brother’s treatments cost back then, and I also don’t know if American insurance covers treatments in Mexico, so if they don’t, then all payments have to be out of pocket. I’m sure thirty years ago it was considerably less expensive than it is now. All I know is that when my brother was 24 years old, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and underwent chemo and radiation at a southern California hospital. A friend told my parents about laetrille and, not knowing the controversy about laetrille, they asked my brother’s doctor about it, and he threw them out of his office and would no longer treat my brother! Not knowing what else to do at that point, my parents took my brother to Centro Medico Del Mar outside of Tijuana, Mexico and found the most compassionate group of people at that hospital! Following his treatment, he returned to southern California and underwent testing and was found to be ‘in remission’ at that point. Unfortunately he did not do any maintenance therapy and after four years he had a recurrence. By then he was living in Missouri and was sent to a cancer hospital in Columbia, Missouri, where he had an exploratory laparotomy, during which his spleen was removed along with numerous lymph nodes and liver samples for biopsies. The doctors told our family following the surgery that “everything looked good”, but two days later, we received the devastating news that they had found microscopic metastasis in his liver. Therefore, he was staged as a stage IV. My brother submitted to chemo and radiation for the next several agonizing weeks, but it was literally killing him. On the four-hour drive home following each treatment, he would vomit until he was so weak he would almost pass out. At home, he laid in bed, literally dying, and one day did pass out, my mother thinking it was all over, that he was dead. When my brother became so weak he could no longer function, his hair had all fallen out, he was skeletal from not being able to keep anything on his stomach, and looked like the walking dead, he told the cancer hospital “No more.” He quit the treatments. At that point, my parents made plans for my dad to take my brother, his wife, young son and infant daughter to the Centro Medico Del Mar Hospital again and get my broher some treatments there. After three weeks of treatment, they started back to Missouri (with a supply of medication that my mother would give my brother by IV injection twice daily), but were hit by another car on the trip home and my brother, his wife and infant daughter ended up in the hospital, the baby being flown to Tucson University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. My mother immediately flew to Tucson, and I and my husband immediately headed from southern California to Tucson. When we arrived, my mother remarked that my brother was not the same guy who had left Missouri just three weeks before! He had color in his face, his hair was growing back in, he had gained weight, he LOOKED ALIVE for the first time in months!! Thank God, the baby survived, and after she was released, my parents, my brother and his family returned to Missouri where my mother began the IV injections on my brother and continued them for the next two years. He had a checkup with his local doctor in Missouri and he was shocked to see my brother looking so healthy and no longer looking like he was at Death’s door!! His blood work was all normal and all testing showed no traces of cancer. That was in 1978 and since then my brother has had numerous tests, blood work and many imaging studies and procedures, none of which had anything to do with symptoms of recurrence of Hodgkin’s disease, but in the process of all of these tests being run, no cancer has ever been detected. I don’t know how much of my brother’s recovery was due to the answer to prayer and how much was due to the treatments he received at the Centro Medico Del Mar, but all I know is that the combination of both resulted in my brother’s complete healing from Hodgkin’s disease. If the hospital that is now known as Oasis of Hope has changed since the way it was when my brother went there, then I am very saddened by that news, especially since we just received the devastating news three days ago that our now 89-year-old father has a pancreatic mass, and were considering making a trip to Tijuana to get treatment for him. Even back when my brother was at the hospital in Tijuana, there were a lot of negative reports coming out about the treatments using laetrille and that they were bogus and not effective and were actually toxic. I am a medical transcriptionist and find it laughable that there would be any remarks about toxicity with laetrille when there is nothing but toxicity with the chemotherapy regimens used routinely all over the U.S. Laetrille had no adverse side effects at all. I also know that the quality of life with conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatment is diminished significantly and my opinion after typing these reports for the past seven years is that it is more often the chemo and radiation that ultimately kills the patient than the cancer itself. Not so with laetrille and other alternative treatments. Of course not everyone is going to have success with alternative treatments, but how is that any different than conventional methods? There is such a small percentage of people who have a total cure on conventional therapies and few who lives more than a year or two. In either case, whether using alternative therapies or conventional therapies, if the patient is already in advanced stages of cancer, the chances are that nothing is going to help, other than a miracle, which is what I believe my brother received. It’s okay if no one else sees it that way, I still have my brother thirty years later, and that’s pretty miraculous to me after he was diagnosed as having stage IV Hodgkin’s disease. If there are other hospitals with alternative treatments that are more reliable than the Oasis of Hope, I hope those who are seeking alternative treatments will find a place they can have confidence in. I will keep looking for alternative treatments for my dad and his pancreatic mass and just keep praying for another miracle!!

  12. Rett Says:

    Thank you Marcy for your story. I’m sure that any facility will present a mixed bag when is comes to success, especially when the disease is so severe and emotions run so high both in patient and family members.

    You may want to look at this form for info on alternative treatments for cancer especially the posts on this thread.

  13. Marcy Says:

    You are correct, Rett, people’s emotions do run high in all of those affected by cancer, whether directly or indirectly. I wish everyone had a success story. I’m truly sorry for those who don’t. Thank you for the link for info on alternative treatments. I’ll definitely look into that.

  14. PeterB Says:

    My interest in natural medicine began many years ago when my brother took an interest in Linus Pauling and the exploding popularity of vitamin supplements. Years later, my interest in the subject faded and the supplements I had taken during my teens were discontinued. By my mid-30s, I began to suffer from several health problems, including PVCs (post-ventricular contractions), elevated blood pressure, severe sinus infections, and fatigue. After many prescription medications failed to help, it occured to me that drugs were simply the wrong approach. I revived my interest in nutrition and began to build on what I had learned when I was younger. I started by taking a vitamin and mineral supplement each day and gradually modified my diet. I was already walking quite a lot since I lived near work and had no car, so I didn’t focus additionally on exercise. After six months of taking the new supplement, I felt like a new person. My energy levels no longer made it difficult for me to rise in the morning, and I felt younger. But the PVCs and the sinus infections continued to be a problem. Though I was not particularly overweight, I was losing 25-30 hrs of sleep a week and my blood pressure was 20pts too high. I continued to modify my diet and added additional vitamin C, as I did like to eat much fruit. I eliminated trans fats, cut my sugar intake by about 75%, and started to cook with virgin coconut oil. Within a year or so, I was free of PVCs and my blood pressure was 20pts lower. That was more than a decade ago. I was quite slow to incorporate organic foods into my diet over the years, whereas my diet today (mostly free of packaged foods) is about 50% organic. Incidentally, my brother died 4yrs ago of his first heart attack — the same brother who sparked my interest in natural foods and medicine when I was a teenager. He had never devoted himself to the changes I later felt were necessary for myself. Because there was a history of heart disease on my father’s side, I decided to have a battery of heart and vascular tests. I was completely clean and there was no evidence of arterial plaque or inadequate oxygen to the heart. I believe that maintaining adequate nutrition and avoiding denatured foods is the key to a healthy vascular system and also the key to remaining cancer free. I later became familiar with Oasis of Hope as a result of my study of natural medicine, my interest in clinical data, and my own use of natural methods to treat diseases. I have also become an advocate for free market access to natural medicines under threat by the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the UN-sponsored initiative sweeping Europe and soon to impact the USA. You can learn more about this at the Alliance for Natural Health on the web. I also volunteer time addressing industry-sponsored disinformation on Usenet, where industry “astroturfing” actively promotes chemotherapy and surgery as “proven” methods for treating cancer. The media groups of industry have launched a PR campaign designed to hold the line on public opinion and sentiment (ie., mindshare) in an effort to protect the profits and reputation of institutional medicine. While I am not a cancer patient and have no personal experience with Oasis of Hope, I believe the history of the hospital lends credence to its methods and its results. I also believe that “astroturfing” has seeped into every web forum in which medicine and natural methods of treatment are discussed. I’ve learned to identify the patterns of language used by those who astroturf on behalf of industry, and based on that experience, I see evidence of these invdividuals attempting to shape public sentiment here. For the moment, let’s suppose there is some truth to the criticisms made against Oasis of Hope Hospital. Perhaps the founding doctor’s son is less altruistic than his father. Does this affect the use of natural methods against cancer at the hospital? Does it make patients less responsive to laetrile or other food-based substances? The price of treatment is only a cost factor, and competition takes care of it. None of these character assasinations bears on the credibility of what the hospital DOES for patients. Consider a review of the salaries of oncologists in the USA, or of profits enjoyed by the drug makers for the sale of chemotherapeutics, a class of drug with the highest cost and lowest benefit ratio of any medication on the planet. Read “World Without Cancer” by Ed Griffin and see if criticism of ANY hospital using natural methods is truly warranted, or even rational.

  15. Rett Says:

    Thanks Peter for your sensible perspective.

    Having worked in health facilities I know that things are said and done that are not realistic on patients parts, by the family as well as the caregivers. Every facility will have a thousand stories, some good and some bad.

    All people cannot be cured of cancer. All people cannot be pleased. Some people can never be pleased.

    I have been told that there are clinics down there that do similar work to Oasis and those reports appear in the comments throughout this website… but it seems that people are afraid to tell exactly where they go and provide contact information… which is really sad for those who are searching so hard to find a place.

  16. Mark Says:

    First, before anything else, Dr. Contreras and his nephew Daniel Kennedy, MBA, are the biggest con artists in Mexico, I want to make that clear and I agree with every other post.

    NOw, back to my post…………

    Okay, Oasis of Hope has good treatments if you are stage 1 or stage 2, maybe stage 3. If you have stage 4 and it spread to your liver, save your money and go to church and pray and make peace with everyone, and forget about chemo, just do what your heart tells you ….because THESE POSTS ARE 100% CORRECT. Dr. Contreras and his nephews like many posts say prey on your emotions and OPERATE UNDER THE GUISE OF RELIGION like MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!! SAD!!!!

    The Oasis of Hope Hospital loves you until your money runs out. You are treated like a celebrity until you have no money. It is a sad fact that I lived through with my Aunt. Really! that is the 100% fact. I went here with my dear Aunt, a 55 year old women, stage 4. When we ran out of money , we were treated like criminals and harassed and told to leave.

    WHAT HAPPENED TO DR. CONTRERAS’ BIG HEART????? all his lectures, all his religion?

    you will leave penniless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AT OASIS OF HOPE HOSPITAL, THERE ARE ALWAYS NEW FEES EVERY DAY TO THE POINT THAT IT IS A JOKE. YES, THE POSTS ARE 100% CORRECT, A PERSON COMES IN EVERY DAY WITH A CLIPBOARD FOR A NEW CHARGE!!!!!!!! these charges are on top of what you paid and what you were originally quoted. everyday there is another fee, it is to the point that they think you are an ATM.


    WHY, FOR EXAMPLE, I PAID $300 FOR IV ANTIBIOTICS FOR MY AUNT. COME ON!!!!!!!! IN FLORIDA THIS IS $75……….BUT ON THE STREETS IN MEXICO THIS IS NO MORE THAN $25 MAXMIMUM, so if the clinic is in Mexico and the prices are so low, how do they charge me $300, that is extortion!!!!

    Dr. Contreras and the Oasis of Hope Clinic and his son Daniel Kennedy have destroyed the fathers dream Ernesto and his vision and his good heart. The father was a true doctor. The son, Fransisco Contreras, he gives religious lectures every week in the cafeteria, IF YOU ARE THERE you will see him when you are eating breakfast and his stories that portray him like a saint and a missionary!. He is a snake oil salesman!!!!!!!! a I agree 100% with the post about his love for money.
    Daniel Kennedy first mission in life is to make money! think about it, the main guy has an MBA in business. Why is an MBA like Daniel Kennedy in charge??????? because they are only interested in your money!!!!

    First let me point out that they did so many useless tests for my aunt that we didn’t need, a bone scan cost me $2000 (thousand) dollars. They made us leave the hospital to another hospital for this test. I brought an MRI report from Florida to the oasis of hope and they told me a bone scan was necessary. It was not. Okay, and they charged me $2000 for a useless scan that told them nothing more that the MRI told them. come on!!!!!!!! They just gave her more radiation and caused her cancer to spread even more!!!!!!!!!

    So, in two weeks there, my aunt and I spent our life savings, about $45,000. She died a month later back home in Florida, she was very sick.
    Oasis of Hope took advantage of expensive tests and ripped me off. They sent us home when we ran out of money.

    Dr. Contreras and Daniel Kennedy are salesmen.
    How can Dr. Contreras give these religious presentations that make out to be a missionary and a Saint. This is so sad about him.

    I tell you, they promise you so much and are really only looking at dollars signs.

    Also, I need to point out that the doctors at the oasis of hope are never on schedule and have no punctuality.
    Many times my aunt was supposed to be fasting and not eat for 15 hours for blood tests and she was starving, and they were so disorganized that she had to go until later afternoon without eating because of their lack of organization. Also, I had to constantly remind them of treatments and if I weren’t there, then they would just forget. Absolutely a poor schedule by the doctors. The nurses on the other hand were the best though. Even though they got paid peanuts, they were the kindest people. As far as the employees not making any money, that is 100% correct. The nurses all complain. They get paid a few dollars a day, the food servers and the people in the kitchen are basically exploited. Imagine making 3 dollars a day. This Dr. Contreras is really a hypocrite.

  17. Posh Says:

    Anyone can tell me the relation of blood test reports to monitoring breast cancer? Reason why I ask is because 2 doctors from the hospitals here attested that blood test is in the case of breast cancer is irrelevant. However, seeking another school of thought,ie Alternative Treatment, the physician told us he can monitor the level of cancer through blood test report. My sister has been diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer. Currently taking chinese and korean herbs on a 10 day program. By this Saturday will be the 10th day. And also on this day is her appointment with the hosipital’s oncologist to prescribe her the drugs needed for her chemotherapy then surgery. I need some advise or testimony here. Time is of essence.

  18. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I do not have the information at my finger tips but do a search on AMAS blood test for cancer. It is effective but a baseline needs to be developed so it will take some time.


    they can send a kit for home use. You may need a physicians help. Read the site. Call them

  19. Davie Says:

    Use Black walnut Tincture this cures all cancers, you can this at your local farmers market or whole foods. Use the product for three mornings in a row. Drink 2 Teaspoons on an empty stomach and don’t eat or drink for one hours after. I do this every six months and it kills the parasite fluke that causes cancer. This really works and change your diet too don’t eat so much junk food. My mother had Leiomysarcoma and we found this out from a local member of our church and she guided us through this. No more cancer and my mothers turmors are still in the process of being fully dissolved.

  20. georgio Says:

    Its strange…so many people have said that there ae cheaper places in Mexico where one could go for alternative treatment BUT no one mentions a name!! PLEE someone, give me a name. I have stage 3 lung cancer and desperately need to go to a place where I can get B17 and other natural treatment. I lnow that chemo is no solution for stage 3. Please someone…?

  21. Ramona Ross Says:

    Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola in El Grullo, Jalisco, Mexico near Guadalajara, Jalisco

  22. georgio Says:

    Thanky you Ramona! Do you have a phone number and/or website? Or any other info on this hospital. Would be grateful as I am not located in the US…

  23. Paul Champoux Says:

    I was diagnosed 14 months ago with aggressive cancer already imbedded into the wall of my bladder, and in my urethra. My urologist wanted to surgically remove these before it spread. But the cancer was eliminated by the therapies at Oasis, greatly surprising my urologist.

    Oasis of Hope hospital has cure rates or survival rates from two to ten times better than conventional therapies. These statistics are published in their books which makes them open to challenge or audit, thus showing integrity. When I was at Oasis of Hope, I talked with patients who had been healed, and others who had heard others tell about their healing. These results are expecially amazing because many patients go there as a last resort, in final stage of cancer, given up with no hope by their doctors in their countries. In their books offered free on their website, you can read how their six integrative therapies work synergistically There are many clinics in Mexico using one or more therapies, but Oasis of Hope is a licensed hospital and uses all these multiple therapies proven effective there and in other countries, some therapys that we cannot get in the USA.

    I sensed the sincere faith of my doctor there, and the kind, caring, patient-attentive attitude of the doctors and employees there.
    The whole “atmosphere” there is filled with uplifting hope and love.

    My experience is that the hospital is clear about what they charge, stating the exact cost of the initial series of treatments before the patient decides to go there. I had two series, totaling 4 weeks. This recommended series was enough to cure my aggressive, advanced cancer. If I would have needed more, then it would be my decision to go for further treatments, or not. The hospital reduced my cost by advising that I get my radiological scans and blood tests done in my own city so that my insurance would pay for them, and I could send the results to Oasis. At Oasis, my doctor did not ask me to get any more tests there. There was no further expense.

    I wondered how they could even survive financially because they have a large staff compared with the small number of patients (about a dozen the two times I was there) in this small hospital. They provide nurses 24 hours, at least 4 doctors that I know about, a specialist researching new, proven, safe therapies worldwide, a patient representative, cooks, drivers and other staff. My drivers who gave free transport to and from San Diego airport, expressed good satisfaction with their job and pay. The cooks earn less, but providing jobs and income for local workers there is a service to them. They would not have to work there if there were better jobs available. Besides free transport, the supplements, medicines, room and food for both patient and accompanying companion are all included in the quoted price. In addition, they provide free semi-annual or annual overnight stays at the hospital with doctor review and consultation there for five years. And my patient rep phones me every couple months to check on my condition, and reply to any questions I have for her or for my doctor there.

    I talked with patients from various countries. Some said that they came because it costs less than would in their own countries. Some countries have government supported healthcare, but that may not offer some of these therapies, and not be available in a timely way when urgently needed. Any accusations made in blogs against the financial policy of the hospital or Dr. Contraras should be documented, with evidence that can be traced, before the charge is accepted. My experience with them has engendered my trust, and the trust of the other patients I talked with there. The hospital is not located in a wealthy section of Tijuana. The shops and businesses around it are lower to mid-class. The beach is 1/4 mile away, but being in a long, narrow peninsula, many commercial places are near the ocean. It is not in one of the dangerous ghettos, but in a safe area where the founder was able to purchase property 45 years ago.

    I continue to recommend Oasis of Hope to all who have cancer.

  24. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you for your report and I am glad that you are doing well. If you ever go down there again tell the docs about MMS. It is cheap and cures some cancers. There is a lot of info about it here on this blog.

    I think that with any large medical facility you will get a mixed bag of reports and experiences.

  25. Recent Patient of OOH Says:

    I just left Oasis of Hope this past week, after being there for 12 days. I am from Texas, have stage 4 Breast Cancer (HER/neu+) with metastisis to brain and spine. The cost for 12 days was originally $12,250 – ended up being a little less (about $400 I believe) because of scans and tests not performed – I brought them with me from MD Anderson. I felt a need to hopefully address a few comments made here with a more recent perspective.

    I’ve been a patient at MD Anderson in Houston for about a year now. There have been times there when I was made to feel like a number in a protocol. All in all, it’s been a very blessed and positive experience. The same can be said for my time at OOH. The nurses were very kind, expecially to our children that went with us. The employees ate along side us in the dining room, even the doctors. It’s a very casual atmosphere to be sure, and I highly recommend having someone with you to speak up if you’re shy or not able to speak for yourself. Mexico is very different from the US and other countries and their style is much more laid back – which I eventually found refreshing. Schedules are moved at the convenience of the doctor AND patient. If I wanted to go to the beach, I went and received my treatment later in the day. If another patient needed immedicate care, the doctor attended them first, without consulting me. I would prefer that frankly. The hospital is in a slight state of disrepair, but it’s not a spa/resort. They could stand to update and replace/repair some things without too much cost I think. Again, it didn’t bother me. I’d much prefer to see a church building falling down with a great ministry in place. It was clean and comfortable – enough.

    When I asked them about prognosis, my doctor only said, it was good. With what I’m doing at MD Anderson, and their treatments, he felt I was in a good place to see improvement. No promises, no depressing statements – this is more than I’ve received here (at MDA).

    I think wherever one goes to be treated for cancer, emotions are high. When faith is involved they go even higher. My healing comes from the Lord, not from man. If He chooses my treatment in Texas or in Mexico, I will follow, for whatever purpose. What I received at Oasis of Hope has been a tremendous blessing to my life. I will carrying it with me and appreciate it always. I’ve returned home with lots of pills and will be returning for more treatment in about a month.

  26. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you for your perspective. I hope things go well for you. Stop by update us if you care to.

    Meanwhile you may want to look at this:

  27. Taylor Mc Pharson Says:

    I just checked out of Oasis after 3 weeks. Very disappointed overall with the pricing.
    Price, quoted around $12,000, left after 2.5 weeks paying $25,000. This did not include the meds I will need too which they will allow me to pay later but gave them to me now.
    There is constantly a new charge , new tests, new procedures, etc. They called in new doctors from other hospitals for I don’t know even what they did, I just agreed and listen to all their recommendations. Because if you refuse they hint that you will just not get better. A lot of pressure to comply.
    I don’t know if I am any better or not too, still stage 3. But, I can’t afford to financially keep this up.

    When I complained about my money shortfall, one employee told me that in the US, they have someone that can mortgage my home and if I want their number and help and they have a fast turn around time, I refused. Felt like I was in a Casino with that suggestion.

    With the scheduling I agree with others here, my wife had to remind the people every day about my treatments. Their time management is poor. Very slow and don’t take their word. The doctor was late every day. Make sure you cross reference. They tried to give me ozone 2 times by accident and then tried to UV my blood 2 times too another day when 1 is the maximum.
    If they tell you to be ready in 20 minutes, it is really 1-2 hours. Just make you wait, very frustrating.

    No to sure about that Dr. Contreras, he is owner that everyone seems to be talking about. He never did stop by and say hello to me. He walked by my room many times,I saw him and even waived to him, but he never once introduced himself or said hello. I found that rude. My nurse sad that he was talking to one actor, and he liked to talk to famous people,while ignoring people like me and other folks that are not famous.
    Okay, funny about his expensive clothes and jewelry mentioned in these posts, that I did see. He didn’t look like a doctor, more like a businessman to me. A doctor has a stethoscope and a light, he had jewlery and expensive clothes.
    Not sure really what to make about him yet so I will have to be careful, but I have to agree that some of the posts about him and money might be true. Too early for me to say right now. I will update you.

    The food however was delicious. I wish I could take back that kitchen. Very tasty food which they claim was healthy. Low salt, low fat, lots of fruits, juices, rice, low fat meats, very good.

    But, overall, this hospital’s first priority appears to be money then treatment, at least that is my experience.
    I will update you on my return visit.

  28. Patient Says:

    Said comments about him are for the most part accurate.

    Father Fransisco “Sr”?, founder, was a good man, and can’t be compared to the son Fransisco Jr.

    Sr. was a noble man.

    Jr. is more a business man

    Yes, staff is paid almost nothing. Kitchen employees complain extensively.
    Nurses less than $20 per day. Patients quoted 15k for 2 weeks (agree this is what is quoted, final paid price is much higher)
    Where does all the money go to ? Goes to the pockets of Jr.

    Jr., really is somewhat of a hypocrite, Sr, was not. Most who knew both Sr and Jr agree 100% with this comment. Sr was a remarkable man and his son Jr, is the complete opposite.

    I agree with some comments that the hospital needs to make a profit, but at least pay your staff decent wages and don’t take advantage of them because there are no jobs in Tijuana.

    Jr. does like actors and famous people and wants to get his face on TV and will ignore others, rather rude and a simple hello is not that hard to do.
    Sr. was the opposite, would give you a room in his house.

    Agree that Jr. is interested in money, for this reason he has embraced chemotherapy , even though it is through IPT, he has opened a clinic in San Diego so wants big Pharmas to back him, again for the money. All of a sudden now western toxic medicine is good because of the money he can make in San Diego, Ca.

    Overall comment, good hospital , good treatments, cutting edge of protocols, but aside form JR’s hypocrisy, don’t expect to pay quoted price, said posts on pricing and punctuality are also true. Expect approx 20k t0 100k depending on condition.

  29. larissalle Says:

    A note to uksoccerplayer: even if your cancer treatments are helping you, please get your vitamin D level checked, and get your level between 80-100 ng/ml. I think that with all the recent research on vitamin D, you can at least stop the progression of the cancer. Hope you get better.

  30. sidney Says:

    Have any of you tried Bryomixol?
    It’s a cancer treatment located in El Salvador. I’ve heard some people saying really good things about them in the radio and a neighbor went there to get treated and spent around $11k (she stayed for little over a week in El Salvador and got medication for a 3 month treatment that she is doing at home).

  31. Rick Hill Says:

    My name is Rick and I was a patient in 1974 at Centro Medico Del Mar when Dr. Contreras Sr. was still alive and active in treating patients. I was at the Contreras clinic as an outpatient for 21 days and never went back for treatment. I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester with stage three embryo cell carcinoma, which at that time, was almost always terminal.
    That was 36 years ago. Recently I moved to San Diego and decided to visit the clinic. What a change! I met Daniel Kennedy, the grandson of Dr. Ernesto Contreras, and I met Dr. Ernesto Contreras’ son, Dr. Francisco Contreras as well as lots of the staff. While I was visiting the hospital, a caregiver brought a friend of hers to the clinic for treatment. To my surprise, she was a former patient who had been there in 1975! She was vibrant, and looked very healthy, which told me I was not alone in being a long term survivor. I’ve read this blog and have a couple of observations. First, in 40 years of operation, the handful of criticisms offered here is pretty amazing… not very many for that span of time! Secondly, it cost me over $10,000 for outpatient services back in 1974. Today, one gets a better treatment program, with better results, with in-patient facilities for about $25,000. Factor in inflation and it seems pretty fair to me. You should have seen my Mayo Clinic bill in 1974!
    Some talked about patients who died. They readily admit not all will be helped. I sent my sister to Oasis about five years ago with breast cancer that spread to her liver. She got better for a while, then relapsed and lost her life. But, I didn’t. Lots of us didn’t. Who can say why that is? I stayed long enough on my recent visits to attend the lectures and I’m even more encouraged.
    One last observation about the “business side” of Oasis. The Mayo Clinic sends me a follow up letter every year for the last 36 years! They seem to be able to find me and I’ve moved over 30 times. The Oasis clinic has never followed up and never asked me for money–but they should have done both. Other large alternative clinics have thrived because they were better business people. There should be an Oasis clinic in every major city in the world–but there isn’t. I wrote a book entitled, Too Young to Die, (out of print but I see them online)which is my story about my cancer experience and sold over 50,000 copies. I am sure at least a hundred people went to Contreras because of my book and not one person every contacted me and complained. The opposite is true. One thing is for sure, if I should relapse, I’m going back!

  32. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you Rick for your detailed account. I know there have been many pleased patients from Oasis and It would be where I would be inclined to go for help if I needed it. That is not to say that there are other fine clinics in Mexico and around the world.

    You will always find the disgruntled no matter what kind of care is provided. It could be the best in the world. Not everyone will live who has cancer. It is a battle and some people loose, but it is clear that many who go to Oasis live when hey surely would not have if they received their care in the US.

  33. Angry Says:

    I do not believe it to be ethical to profit from terminally ill cancer patients that will grasp at any last resort!!! My Aunty has paid over $25k at the “OASIS OF HOPE” in Tijuana. She barely made the flight back! I have nothing but contempt for these scamming bastards!! Please do not subject yourself or you loved ones to this false “Oasis of hope”. The above comments clearly contain false accounts from Oasis of hope employee’s. I wish you the worst truly!

  34. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy and being angry is part of the process of greiving.

    That being said I wish to remind you and all my readers that thousands of people return home from American hospitals every day after their cancer treatment who are actively dying either from the cancer or the treatment itself.

    There is no sacroscanct rule that alternative treatments always cure…. and that goes for chemo, radiation, surgery etc.

  35. Arrow Durfee Says:

    and added to my comment above,

    should we mention how many hundreds of thousands of dollars their hospitals and physicians collected off of their deaths?

    25 to $100,000 is a pittance for cancer care.

  36. Dianne Ricks Says:

    I am wondering if anyone has experience in the New facility in Irvine, CA.? Thank you. Dianne

  37. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Is there an Oasis Hospital in Irvine? Can you give more details, like its name or address, or phone number?

  38. Dianne Ricks Says:

    Website for California….Dianne

  39. Laura G. Says:

    I am scheduled to begin at Oasis of Hope, Irvine on July 19th for a 5 day treatment. I have gone through 2 surgeries, radiation and 3 rounds of chemo…and that has not helped.. in fact the cancer has spread right under their noses…I am now interested in strengthening my immune system and hope for the best. I, too, would like to hear from some past patients of this clinic and their thoughts.

  40. Sylvia Smith Says:

    I would be careful with Oasis. A family member was treated in Irvine and things went well there but when transferred to TJ, things were different. All about money and not enough about treatment; it is almost as if it was a hotel and not a real hospital where someone is in charge and on top of things. The facilities are not well taken care of or in any way reflect the fees patients pay for. Good food and the amazing patients. However, I would not use Oasis ever again. It is not just about the outrageous cost but also about the treatment or lack of it. Dr. Contreras has lost his way with this place which is VERY sad considering people do need a safe place when suffering with cancer and this sure is not. You will see pictures of Dr Contreras with pastor Rick Warren and other “important” people but don’t let this mislead you; this place seems to be controlled a bit better in the US but they are doing whatever they want in TJ without any shame.

  41. Laura G. Says:

    Thanks Sylvia… I appreciate your reply. Would you be willing to tell me how your relative did at Oasis in Irvine. You said things went well… but what were the major benefits they experienced from their treatment? Or were there any benefits at all?
    Thanks soo much.

  42. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Laura, I do hope things go well for you. Please come back here and tell us about your treatment at Oasis in California.

    For all those who do come here searching for answers to cancer questions I think a protocol worth trying is the Sodium Bicarbonate protocol. You can do this yourself and if you have not been too severely damaged already with chemo and radiation it may work. It has for some. Please visit this webite to read about it. All the details you need to know are found here including the protocol and you need to follow the instructions carefully, monitoring your PH daily.

    Also search this site in the toolbar above. Enter cancer fungus and start reading the links that come up.

    Best to you always

  43. Sandra A. Donaldson Says:

    Oasis of Hope first sees you as a client, then as a patient.
    I should know because I just got back after being there recently with a family member and the fees were outrageous
    average of $1500/day for 3 weeks.

    We were told that the xrays, catscans and MRI were too old from the Montana Hospital that took them. They said we needed new ones, and we easily paid over $5000. We were sent to another hospital to do these too.

    It was like these blogs here exactly, every day a new fee on top of what you were quoted. If you don’t agree, you are told you won’t get better.

    Our Doctor also was late most of the time.
    So, they have to schedule there, if they say 9:00 am then you are lucky if you go at 12:00 am.

    Very true about Dr. Contreras greed and obvious about his interest in your money.

    I didn’t meet Daniel Kennedy, like someone posted, but I am sure that he is just as greedy as his uncle.

    I also speak Spanish because I lived in Spain for 20 years and I was able to communicate easily with his staff. Most of the nurses , maids and kitchen workers only complain how they are paid nothing.

    They are afraid to complain because they have no other option.
    In fact, I was told that Dr. Contreras has so much money and most likely pays off Mexican authorities with cash since he is in a very corrupt part of town.

    They also said that he encourages his staff to visit website and post comments with CORRECT ENGLISH ONLY, (someone will check ahead of time) to post comments about how good the hospital is.

    And, one nurse told me that many people have died in his hopital and he doesn’t accurately report this in his stats and makes the data favorable by throwing out bad cases.

    I had a enough of this Dr. Contreras. I am not returning, because mostly it is too expensive.

    I would not recommend this hospital to you unless you are very rich. Rich people seem to be doing well and get better because they can afford his fees for everything.

    If you don’t have money, this is not the place for you, it will get expensive. We left paying close to $50,000, which went right into Dr. Contreras pocket

    If you do have money, Dr. Contreras will love you and really take care of you and come and visit you. If you don’t have money like my family, you will never see Dr. Contreras, he didn’t say hello to us because this is how he is.

    It is not just me, read all these postings, most people have this same opinion about Dr. Contreras.

  44. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well, yes, money does make the world go round, doesn’t it?

    My sister in law who is receiving chemo for breast cancer stage IV
    gets chemotherapy every three weeks, for many months now. Each Intravenous application of that drug costs $15,000, yes, that is 15 thousand dollars… So I would say you guys got off cheap. Her treatment with conventional medicine has cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars. What she has to show for it is a full mastectomy, being a 6 year survivor, and still advancing cancer.

    Make no mistake. Cancer is a costly disease in almost every direction you turn.

    There are many good comments here about Oasis. Mostly disgruntled people bother coming to forums to post their complaints.

    If money is a big issue for you there are other ways to try to treat cancer. I have posted on many of them here in this blog.
    The absolutely most cost effective path is with sodium bicarbonate
    read this blog:
    This offeres a no risk, essentially next to free treatment plan. Sodium Bicarb is now being used amongst a number of alternative physicians treating cancer around the world.

  45. Arrow Durfee Says:

    An I one thing I would like to mention regarding the sodium bicarb treatment is that you should know in about 1 month if it is workig for you though follow up tests that conventional medicine can provide. So you will not waste much time. And I assume that this treatment could be used with other treatments as well, like hoxey or other alternative protocols. I will not venture to say that it could be used with chemo. Those drugs mess you up so much who could predict what a reduction of internal PH would cause with chemo. It may be good, it may be bad. I would lean to the side of it being good… but how to know? I will look forward to hearing from someone who ventures into to trying these two together.

  46. Moe Says:

    Got ripped here too try 100,000 euros
    This hospital has people posting comments here,they told me to go here last month when I was there and post good comments.

    How sad that they take advantage if people.

  47. Moe Says:

    Hey good comment about the nurses, two told me too that they are so poor and live in such poverty.
    What did this fraud Dr. Contreras do with $100,000 euros?
    And good comment about that Chaplin, what a double fraud, he doesn’t like other denominations other than his and I didn’t like him

    This contreras is a fraud the way he preaches the gospel. Be got my $$$; now pay decent wages!
    I am sorry to read all the sad stories. Sorry about your pain
    and loss.

    Beware, I was given this site by the hospital staff, to write good things , I told them i would write the truth , and I am !!!

  48. Allison Says:

    My father went the Oasis of Hope Hospital in September of 2005. I was able to go with him his first 2 weeks he went. I will tell anyone that is was worth it. All other doctors were saying he would not make it do the end of the year. Although he did not survive the battle with cancer, he was given more time. His cancer was to far progressed. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and he as well. I definitely think that the treatments there are awesome. He had colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs. He made it to May of 2006. Because of Oasis I was able to have more time, which is what everyone wants. I urge anyone to at least consider it when looking into alternative treatments.

  49. Moe Says:

    These people just love money!
    Why doesn’t this Francisco contreras greet his patients?
    I am a patient and the guy never said a word to me , just walks by me 10 times. I guess I am not rich enough!
    The vast majority of postings are not doubting the treatments , they are upset at the fees and pressure to pay your life savings.
    Dr Contreras is as artificial as they come.
    Dr Contreras is a phony!

    Half of his staff hate him! What does that tell you?

  50. Gordolfo Gelatino Says:

    I Called the Oasis of Hope the other day to see how much treatments cost and they gave me a range from $24K up to $31K, but there’s also another clinic that sublends the Oasis building called Issels and they charge up to 50K, these 2 treatment options are not related in any way as I was told as each one has their own doctors.

    I wonder if all post apply to Oasis of Hope or Issels?

  51. Gordolfo Gelatino Says:

    Hey Moe,

    What was the name of your primary physician while at the Oasis, just want to check if is the same one I spoke over the phone yesterday.


  52. STAN Says:







  53. Alec Says:

    I just came from the annual Cancer Control Society in Universal City, got to see Dr. Contreras do his lecture and there was 2 cancer survivors from Oasis of Hope, and the 2 of them spoke highly about the treatment and Dr. Contreras care, of all the lectures that I heard his made the most sense.

    Alec G.

  54. Moe Says:

    My doctor is a very fat guy,Cessenna is his name, but I actually like him and no complaints. There was also a woman, I will have to look up the name if you really want it. The woman is terrible and always late, And does so many unnecesary tests , like cts, a and you need to call her cell phone always because she is always late and messes everything up.

    To the person talking about the universal city lecture, I will say it again ,and all the other postings are similar, the treatments are great ,And all these clinics post their successes but never talk about the ones who die broke there , but I am happy with the treatments, just not the lies about money! The prices will always be super high and may bankrupt you , and dr contreras is a hippocrite and only wants fame and his face on television.

  55. Moe Says:

    I have done research in Tijuana Mexico and want to share that I most liikely won’t be returning to the Oasis of Hope because I can’t afford it.

    After talking to many people in Mexico, I found a
    Dr. Munoz in Tijuana , Mexico and I will most likely be going to his clinic, heard nothing but great stories.
    He does the same stuff more or less that oasis does, but it is much cheaper and he is honest and not a fake person whose favorite colour is green.

    I will update everyone later.
    Good luck mates!

  56. John Says:

    Moe – any update about Dr.Munoz?

  57. Sri Says:

    If you have more info on the DR.Munoz can you please share that with us.My father is PC patient ,I want to try that option.I already talked to Oasis of hope and been told that it costs around $25,000 ,but after seeing all the above messages ,I want to try other clinics in mexico that do the same stuff.

  58. Moe Says:

    I just came across this authors book, killing cancer not people
    His web site is
    He lists a lot of clinics, his book also is a must read, he list everything u need to know to beat cancer.

    The doctor I am working out a payment plan is dr filberto Munoz in Tijuana, just google him,
    If I can’t get a low price, I will find another one, but he is top notch .

    Stay away from oasis unless you are wealthy !

    God bless you And your father

  59. Dr. Francisco Contreras Says:


    My father, the late Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., founded the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico with the mission to treat the whole patient—body, mind and spirit—with any and all means available that would respect two principles: 1. First-Do-No-Harm; and 2. Love-Your-Patient-As-You-Love-Yourself.
    Today, even many conventional oncologists embrace consider these ideals to be admirable and worthy of pursuing. But back in the early 60’s, my father’s “revolutionary” ideas were not only considered appalling and unscientific, but downright quackery. This in spite of the fact that my father was a qualified, licensed and respected oncologist and pathologist.

    Due to ostracism, obstructionism, lack of funds and lack of understanding of a philosophy focused on the patient rather than on the tumor, our scientific message was encumbered and open to doubt. For many years we were convinced our therapies and their results were better than those offered in the best oncological centers in the world, but our data came from retrospective studies. While respectable and believable, these types of evaluations do not stand the strict scrutiny of standard research.
    The hard work of my father and an ever growing team of committed collaborators resulted in what we now call the Oasis of Hope Hospital, but this “institution,” no question about it, was my father, The Oasis’ most valuable asset. Ironically, his persona became its biggest threat because a personality driven medical enterprise without “accepted” scientific backing had a doubtful future and would not survive my father’s passing into God’s presence.

    To continue, promote and preserve the seminal work that Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. started with so much love and sacrifice, I decided, in the mid 90’s, that the experience we gained and the results our patients were enjoying should be shared so that patients unable to come to the Oasis still could have them available. The only way this can happen is to share our knowledge with other oncologists.
    I made three important decisions; FIRST, our institution needed to switch from a personality-driven organization to a science-driven institution without losing our philosophical foundation. SECOND, each and every part of our therapies, including the emotional and spiritual aspects, must be scientifically supported. THIRD, all our information, therapies and results, should be made public. Only a commitment like this would open the door for other healthcare professionals to embrace our integrative therapeutic approach and offer it to other patients. We hold no patents, we hold no secrets; only a wealth of experience and a desire to give hope, even to the hopeless.

    As a result of that commitment, we have published 15 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and a book, Integrative Regulatory Therapy, A Multi-Focal Strategy for Cancer Control (Oasis of Hope Press) for healthcare professionals. We are getting close to finishing two prospective clinical trials which we will share soon on our website. They will most likely not be published in peer review journals because “whole system” clinical research like ours does not meet the criteria for publication because of the high number of variables. Nevertheless, our preliminary results are on our website and thus, open for scrutiny. We confidently share the fact that 18 out of 100 patients that come to us with stage IV lung cancer are alive after 4 years. Some may say that this is nothing-to-write-home-about, but patients with stage IV lung cancer know that conventional therapies have less than a 1% five year survival rate. The ones that decide to come to Oasis figure that an 18 time increment in their chances is worth a try.

    Oasis of Hope is a for profit hospital. Unfortunately, our services may be out of reach for some. But I want to acknowledge here that through the years there have been numerous institutions and individuals, including members of our staff and family, that have made generous donations to make it financially possible for many patients to receive treatment at Oasis of Hope. We strive to give our patients the best care as humanly possible and are committed and not afraid to pray for God’s help and guidance.

    Having said this, I am, ultimately, responsible for any and all administrative policies and for errors of any and all of my collaborators. I pray that through my leadership we can overcome our shortfalls. We have survived 48 years of opposition from various institutions but at the same time experienced incredible blessings and growth due to our commitment, hard work and results. We have treated over one hundred thousand patients and though we have disappointed a number of them, we keep on keeping doing the best we can so that the experience at the Oasis meets the expectations of all those that choose us as their partners in the fight against cancer.

    Francisco Contreras, MD
    President and Chairman
    Oasis of Hope

  60. Moe Says:

    Did be really write this?
    Stop hiding your lies behind religion, read what patients are saying , the truth .
    He is a liar, there are no donations that pay more than $1000 and thats after u have paid at least $30,000.
    The guy lies and lies and is nothing like the founder, yes the founder, his father or uncle was a Saint!
    His own staff complains how they can’t survive off a few dollars a day.
    Like most here say, the service is good when you have big money!

  61. Jim Says:

    My father returned last week from treatment from Oasis Of Hope.
    Two weeks and twelve thousand of treatment at Oasis Of Hope yielded a large quantity of vitamins. And some type of I V treatment that to my understanding was some type of concentrated vitamin C solution. Also the use of a drug that is not FDA approved.
    There were no X-rays done or any type of test to measure the cancer level to see how effective the treatment had been. Instead telling him how important that he return in 30 days for what equates to more vitamin consumption and an untested, possibly unsafe drug.

    I would expect that anyone with a common sense level higher than ” incompetent ” will be able to see the true motive of Oasis Of Hope is

    I love my father very much, all of his life he had pursued any ” Get rich schemes ” only to walk away less than what he started with.

    For this reason my father makes the perfect ” patient ” for Oasis Of Hope

  62. john Says:

    Every one shoul visit this web site

    open your eyes

  63. melissa Says:

    very bad

  64. Moe Says:

    I will restate my point, Oasis really takes good care of you if you have big money.
    This poor man who died in that link was probably close to death, regardless of where he went. It’s hard to put the blame 100% at Oasis, yeah, they deserve some blame, but partial at most, because they are a cancer hospital and know very little about heart ailments and he was sick and cancer is a complex disease, but treatments used like perftec and blood uv can cause tachy cardia. They are solid treatments and are safe but not done in the us and the uk and should be so no one has to go to Mexico
    I am so sorry for your loss, it hurts.
    I like the treatments oasis does, they are cutting edge.
    What everyone hates are the high costs, the laziness, the deception about money,
    How Dr contreras is a business man and the biggest hippocrite.
    So looks at the other links I have posted here, there are so many options.

  65. Lorri Kreuscher Says:

    My husband died one year ago this month (March 23, 2010) as a result of medical malpractice, corruption and greed while at Oasis of Hope in Mexico. He had the beginning phases of prostate cancer. He was not a sick man … he had just gotten back from a golf outing, playing 36 holes of golf everyday for 5 days prior to going to Oasis. I have put together a website that explains the shocking information of what went on. I’m a big proponent of natural, alternative approaches to health so that is not my issue … CORRUPTION AND GREED and EXTREME MEDICAL MALPRACTICE are an issue. My website:

  66. Art Says:

    I heard they opened a clinic in Irvine, do you think they have the same shoddy medical care?

  67. Anastasia Says:

    A friend of mine was diagnosed 1 &1/2 months ago with adenocarcinoma of the left lower lung. The CT and PET scan show no metastasis of the cancer to any other part of the body, however he does have premetastatic fluid present. SInce his diagnosis, we have done a tremendous amount of research into alternative and/or additional treatments available and how they work. This search led us to cancer clinics in Germany and in Mexico. As for the Mexico clinics, I have spoken so far with doctors from Oasis of Hope, Angeles hospital, Stella Maris and Hope 4 Cancer.
    Numerous people i spoke to from the UK recommended Oasis because of the IV vit C and B17 treatments along with the other treatments they use, however, the more i dig for information from anywhere and everywhere, i am getting the feeling that the recommendations and fame come from the father’s (Dr. Contreras sr.) years at the hospital and not so much from the current status of the facility and their services. I recently discovered that Dr. Jimenez from Hope 4 Cancer, use to work under Contreras Sr. as director of Oasis of Hope for 15 years and finally left over 10+ years ago as Oasis changed into the way it is today. Dr Jimenez offers all of the dietary benefits of Vegetarian diet, dairy free, etc , immuno support (ie: IV vit C, B17…) Sonophoto dynamic therapy, ozone, hyperthermia- whole body and local, 7 days per week treatments versus 6 days a week trtmt with Sundays off , etc.
    Its a very difficult decision to make as to what cancer clinic my friend should go to as the results of the treatment will play a vital role in whether or not my friend will or wont have a future. I have called everywhere around the world to reseach how cancer works, what therapies there are and who offers the treatments.
    DOes anyone have any experience with Stella Maris, Angeles hospital or any other clinics?? Any info on Dr Velasquez??

  68. David Says:

    IT IS A SCAM. My wife went there she is dead. All of the people she met there died!
    I caught these guys giving her veterinary drugs which they were charging $15,000 per treatment. I was warned to get out of Mexico if I wanted to stay healthy by some of the low level hospital staff, they said I would disappear if kept up the questioning. Great bunch and this Doctor supposedly had onocology degrees from the US and Switzerland. It is a scam!

  69. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Lori K,

    I have been having technical difficulties with my blog and this is why it has taken so long to find your comment and reply.

    I am so sorry for your loss. What happened at Oasis should not have happened by any means. They surely were negligent.

    Enzyme studies are always done with chest pain and should have been done for your husaband.

    That being said, I think things like this happen in many hospitals. Since I have worked in several hospitals I have seen from the inside out exactly what happens and it frequently is not pretty. Many hospitals get away with murder through neglect and it largely goes unspoken.

    The only recourse I can think of is that people need to be savoy on health. If you put your life into the hands of a physician or a hospital you may loose it. Of course these deaths are not intentional. There should be a paid position for medical consultants that will go with people to the hospital to observe and make recommendations. When my own husband went into the hospital for surgery several years ago I caught the nurses making several mistakes, and then one of his doctors making another mistake after he got home, which was hard to deal with because he was the actual doctor who saved his life.

    I was able to be proactive for him due to my long years in the medical profession. All people going into a hospital should have support from outside the hospital, independed and educated in the medical field and in the pitfalls of a hospital stay, as well as a well rounded understanding of diagnostics and lab values. Thats really a lot! It would be a great job for an expericenced nurse. As the system stand now, going in alone or uneducated can be very dangerous.

    My best regards to you and your effort to make people aware.

    Arrow Durfee
    Editor of HealthSalon

  70. Jop Says:


    I am looking for people who are based in the San Diego who have had experience of seeking alternative cancer treatment at a Tijuana clinic to contribute to a television documentary. The programme is a UK production and will be filming in San Diego on the week beginning the 5th September 2011.

    The programme will be lead by an award winning journalist /film maker who has just completed her own treatment for breast cancer. She is interesting in exploring the alternative cancer clinics in Tijuana and hearing peoples experiences.

    We are also interested in hearing from family members or carers that may have shared the experience with a loved one undergoing treatment. The treatment can have been undertaken many years ago, it doesn’t have to have been recently.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to the programme or have any questions.

    Kind regards,


  71. Sasha Says:

    My mom have stage 4 lung cancer. After realizing the doctors weren’t going to do anything for her here, mom looked into alternative treatments. She found Oasis of Hope and after much debate within her own self, decided to go into debt to try and buy herself more time. We all knew there was no guarantee and all were in agreement that she go and give it a try. She went for her first round of treatments and went downhill so fast. She was so tired. she came back for one month then I went down with her for her second set of treatments. Again, she was so exhausted and found it incredibly hard to swallow 30+ pills a day. Near the end of our time there, they did another CT scan. The doctor sat the two of us down and went over the supposed results. According to him, her tumor had shrunk considerably in the past two months. Mom felt so excited and relieved. We came back home and she never did get her strength back, her appetite was mostly gone. She’s now in the hospital dying. There they did another CT scan and it shows the cancer has spread throught her whole body. When contacting Oasis of Hope, the doctor tried to tell us that they never told her the tumor had shrunk. We found out they knew all along the cancer had spread yet they chose to look on the POSITIVE side and basically create nothing but fantasy. They outright lied. My mom could have saved a few thousand dollars on all these supplements she bought, she could have stopped feeling bad for not being able to do things. Instead, I felt resentment towards her that she wasn’t trying hard enough. I could have enjoyed more time with her rather than painting their condo. I am so badly disappointed these people couldn’t have been honest with us. Rather, they took all the money, lied to us and caused discontent within our family. I love my mom so very much, will continue to be by her side as she passes away any time now. Thanks for letting me know what you really run down there.

  72. Dean Says:

    I was treated at the “Hospital Ernesto Contreras” for non-Hodgkins type lymphoma in November, 1988. Diagnosis by City of Hope, Irvine,CA on a surgically removed lymph node in January 1988. I had a pleasant experience while at the hospital, liked the food, met Francisco Contreras, who, in jest, scolded me for not speaking Spanish, and brought a visiting group of doctors to my room where Dr. Contreras explained to them (in English)that my response was proof of the potential of the therapies used at the hospital. In retrospect, I now believe that the lymphoma had been largely arrested by self-administered diet and supplements plus hydrogen peroxide IV’s prior to my going to Mexico. Fortunately, my affliction was detected early before it had spread to other body parts. I was 61 years old in 1988 and have had no recurrence of cancer in any form to date.

    I was at Hospital Ernesto Contreras two weeks. Charges were approx. $12,000 (including laetril supplements I brought back from Mexico). While there, I met and spoke to Ernesto Contreras, Jr. and his father, Ernesto, Sr. The hospital was very clean and well maintained at that time. There was no long waiting for the daily treatments (Laetril and Vitamin C).

    While at the hospital, I met several patients who, in my opinion, would not have responded to any therapy! As is said, — “There are no incurable diseases but there are many incurable patients”. And I don’t wish to offend anyone by saying this. A major mistake made by the newly diagnosed cancer patient is submitting to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. before deciding to try alternative treatments.

    My wife succumbed to colo-rectal cancer (metastasized to the liver) in November, 2007 one year after surgery and treatments that destroyed her immune system (Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA). She was treated at Dr. Donsbach’s Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico and briefly appeared to be recovering. But, shortly after returning home, a PET scan revealed that the cancer was spreading. I contacted the Oasis of Hope and she was transported to the hospital for the “integrative therapies”. Due to her weakened condition, she could not tolerate the full-strength IV’s, etc. She was too weak to return for the second set of treatments. Of the advance payment of $27,000, Oasis refunded about $9,500.
    The hospital in September/October, 2007 was not well kept. The A/C system was malfunctioning and never corrected.

    In reviewing my wife’s case, she would have likely lived longer without the initial surgery and if I had treated her myself at home with input from good Samaritans like Webster Kehr of CancerTutor.Com and Mattias Rath, MD.

    Those who would survive cancer must educate themselves and almost literally, “be their own doctor”! About the profit driven “cancer industry”, — Dr. William Wong reports that 51% of the profits made in the health care industry comes from treating cancers!

    Before I chose the Hospital Ernesto Contreras in 1988, I had taken the tour of the Tijuana Clinics conducted by the Cancer Control Society. It was a memorable experience, good food at every stop and very educational. Jimmy Keller (St. Jude’s International Clinic) and the Manner Clinic were active back then.

    I am saddened to hear of the bad experiences endured by so many who have been at the Oasis of Hope and the awful changes that have occurred in Tijuana since 1988.

    Regards and best wishes to all.

  73. Sasha Says:

    Mom died pretty much exactly 4 months after first diagnosis. I sit here wondering what has happened to the other two couples we met there.

  74. charles Says:

    my doctor said that,my illness is now out of hand,that i should go home,and wait for my lad result states that it is an overlooked cancer,and i do not understand.
    so i came across your advert on the tele and
    said must give you a trail.
    please i am frustrated,and also pernicious,and also believe that as a christian association,i am helped and healed in Jesus name amen.
    (please all private part is decaying, please help me.thanks and god bless

  75. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am no longer recommending Oasis Hospital due to the conflicting reports.

    I am advising people to look into the Gerson Institute.
    They have an inpatient facility in Mexico near San Deigo and in Hungary.

    If you are still strong enough you can attend their seminars to learn the protocol or you can send a family member to a seminar as well as read their books.

    Seems they have done everything possible to make this therapy accessible to everyone. Their inpatient facility is not terribly expensive and I would advise that if you need physical help to get going on the program.

    You can learn about the Gerson protocol by searching Gerson Institute. Their website is easy to find.
    You can also watch a movie on netflix called “Dying to Have Known” in streaming format only and you can find a movie on youtube called “The Beautiful Truth” that is also an introduction and is accessible for free. “Dying to Have Known” gives more detailed information. I recommend both movies to start your learning process.

  76. kimula Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Try to get the ‘CANCER FREE’ e-book, read, order coaching phone call, start treatment right the way. All supplements are in the organic grocery store.

    Good luck.

  77. Dr. Antonio Rigano Says:

    Dear Charles, Arrow Durfee, and all of you who have cancer or any other disease or ailment. My name is Dr. Antonio Rigano and I have helped thousands of people cure themselves of various diseases including cancer and aids in my clinic in Mexico, a few miles from Oasis, Santa Monica, and Sandovil. Unfortunately conditions there forced me to give up my quest. I have written a book however, which clearly outlines all my alternative treatments, including step-by-step instructions on how to make your own herbal supplements. If you would like a free copy, just contact me at and I will send you a copy.

    Just remember that your body has the ability to heal itself, but you have to help it out. For example, you cut yourself, and what happens? The wound heals, break a bone, and what happens, your body mends it right, well every ailment or disease can be eliminated if you just give yourself a major overhaul, it’s as simple as that.

  78. jowama Says:

    I called Oasis the other day April 2012., send over my medical records, spoke to one of the doctors and gave me a medical plan, however the patient coordinator never got back to me, as he was supposed to why because I probably didn’t sound like I had money but was seeking help.

    They are very money minded they cant treat you without money and you should talk money as well. again i didnt sound like money and i didnt speak like money, i spoke like a patient needing medical help but got none. Money is the source of all evil and i hate the way they practice religion over there “faith” bible and God first., instead its money first and if you have more in your bank they will milk you until you run out of money then they will tell you ” we reduced your tumor”

  79. Cindy Says:

    Oasis of Hope, IRVINE, CA. I have an ongoing relationship with Dr, Connealy and the staff at Oasis of Hope. I did their 2 week treatment in March (2012)and a one day treatment in June. I have been taking the recommended supplements since then. I have STAGE IV Metastatic breast cancer and I am getting better! My life expectaton with treatmeent of Faslodex was 3 years! That’s not good enough. I am also taking GcMAF and Escozine. Please check them out. I have also considered Orasal. These three are all available through online purchase. Cancer treatment is not now nor has it ever been free, unless you are a small child through St. Judes, but there is HOPE and CURE available through alternative medecine. Oasis of Hope, CA is a good and caring alternative aas is Dr. Forsythe in Reno Nevada.

  80. Gwen Says:

    After reading all the above post I want to make sure you know about Sanoviv Medical Institute, Rosarito, MX. This is a one of a kind research hospital, founded by a world reknown American Scientist. My husband went after 15 years of fighting Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. They have a lab that is working with other top notch research centers such as Linus Pauling Institute. They created a personal vaccine from an antigen that was creted in the lab, programmed for my husbands cancer cell type that was made with a biopsy of my husbands tumor. It was 100% successful. All the things you disliked about other hospitals you will love about Sanoviv. They work to reduce your cost by removing test that you do not need once your labs return. No surprise $$ as every add on treatment is discussed and you sign agreeing to it. Can’t affrd everything, they send you home with a program to follow. You will have weekly calls with your doctor and then monthly as long as you need it. My husband has gone nearly 4 years without a doctors appt, he went 18 with a standing appt. He could call Sanoviv today and set up a call with his doctor at NO CHARGE!! I am passionate about sharing, make a call and get a FREE consultation with a Doctor. They will tell you if they even have a plan for you, sometimes they do not! Honest and upfront, they don’t want your money, they want your life to be enriched with better health. Tell them Gwen sent you!

  81. Theresa Says:

    My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 6 years ago, and has used a combination of mainstream and alternative treatments. She has had so many courses of radiation I’ve lost count. She has been on constant chemo and stearoids during this time, with the exception of a precious 3 month period years ago. Her immune system has been battered by the chemo, and over the past 6 weeks she has been on a steep decline. She just started the recently FDA approved chemo Kripolis a few weeks ago. I’m desperately seeking options for her.

    I came across a hospital called New Hope Unlimited. The organization seems to be based in Scottsdale, AZ, with the actual treatment facility at a hospital in Mexico called Centro Medico del Noroeste. It’s founded by Fredda Branyon, M.D. I’ve been trying to find info about Dr. Branyon, the Centro Medico, and New Hope…but other than their websites, there is nothing popping up on the internet. So far I’m fairly impressed by them, having spent over an hour on the phone with their Program Director Larry O’Toole who patiently answered lots of questions and provided lots of info. They claim to charge a flat fee of $25,000 for their initial evaluation, 12 day in-hospital treatment, 4 month at-home treatment program, and weekly phone follow-ups with one of their RN’s.

    After reading all the comments here I’m sufficiently worried about sending my mother to Mexico for treatment. Has anyone had first hand experience with Dr Branyon, Centrol Medico del Noroeste hospital, or New Hope Unlimited? Please respond asap, mom is running out of time.

    thanks and blessings to you all,

  82. Gwen Burnell Says:

    We have had tremendous success at Sanoviv Medical Institute in Baja California, MX. Have actually been 6 times and have not come close to the cost of other hospitals. Feel free to call me personally and I will give you our experience and a great contact person.
    Gwen 830-832-9448

  83. Marcia Says:

    Don’t go here it is a SCAM. Those that use Christianty as a basis for Greed will one day reap what they soe. My husband went here in April of 2012 for stage IV Pancreatic Cancer and got sick from cancer complications. He never so much as received a follow up call when we returned home as we were promised as part of the pricing, No exrays, no blood test. If they had tested his blood they would have been aware his AST and ALT were sky high due to a blocked stent which we ended up in emergancy for. All the while when my husband was still in their group are of the facility they never showed any concern for him. Finally one admistrator asked if I would like an ambulance called. There are many other things and I could write a book. Shame on them $15,000 later……I repeat DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

  84. Marcia Says:

    This was the Irvine facility we received treatment at for 2 weeks.

  85. Gwen Says:

    My son is going through cancer treatment for his dog and I am amazed at the care and communication that is being done. They have an organic food plan that they were advised to make for his diet during the treatments and can’t even tell you how many follow up calls just to check on him. It is thrilling to the pet owner to have such love and care. Now how in the world can you neglect to give that type of care to a person who has come with trust that you will provide good medical care. Your story is heart breaking and it saddens me that you had to experience such night mare. I hope things are better for you now.