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Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

3rd May 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Georgetown Researcher Finds

A Georgetown University research professor and his team include here a comparison of oregano oil to carvacrol which is the main ingredient in oregano oil, extracted. The intact oregano oil did better as an antibacterial agent than the carvacrol by itself. (Conventional medical researchers try to extract compounds and alter them so they can patent them.)

(Washington, DC) Oil from the common herb oregano may be an effective treatment against dangerous, and sometimes drug-resistant bacteria, a Georgetown researcher has found. Two studies have shown that oregano oil and, in particular, carvacrol, one of oregano’s chemical components appear to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics. These findings were presented at the American College of Nutrition’s annual meeting October 6 and 7 in Orlando, Fla.

Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS, professor of physiology and biophysics, and his research team, tested oregano oil on staphylococcus bacteria which is responsible for a variety of severe infections and is becoming increasingly resistant to many antibiotics. They combined oregano oil with the bacteria in a test tube, and compared oregano oil’s effects to those of standard antibiotics streptomycin, penicillin and vacnomycin. The oregano oil at relatively low doses was found to inhibit the growth of staphylococcus bacteria in the test tubes as effectively as the standard antibiotics did.

Another aspect of the study examined the efficacy of oregano oil carvacrol, which is believed to be the major antibacterial component of oregano. ŠŠŠ.Preuss said. “The ability of oils from various spices to kill infectious organisms has been recognized since antiquity. Natural oils may turn out to be valuable adjuvants or even replacements for many anti-germicidals under a variety of conditions.”

Source: Georgetown University Medical Center, October 11, 2001 Georgetown University Medical Center includes the nationally ranked School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Health Studies, and a biomedical research enterprise.

Retrieved from here March 15, 2007

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3 Responses to “Oregano Oil May Protect Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria”

  1. Mary Gutreuter Says:

    Oregano Oil???

    Which one and do you drink it or apply it topically???

  2. Huiles essentielles Says:

    Excellent article, it’s very informative!

  3. Tracy Monteforte Says:

    Dr. Cass Ingram has studied the effects of Wild Oregano Oil and Viruses, Bacteria and Fungus for the past 25 years. His studies show 99% effectiveness in killing most viruses, even H1N1 and Bird Flu. He has written several books on the subject. One is The Cure is in the Cupboard. Very informative and tells you exactly how to use it for prevention and infections.

    I take it as a preventative several times a week, you can take it daily also. It is a very hot oil so I take 5 drops in a shot glass wit a strong juice like grape or orange. You could also purchase empty gel caps and mix it with olive oil and swallow the caps. It can be used topically for gum infections or sensitive teeth but you do have to be careful since it is hot. The book is a great guide. I got mine on Amazon.

    Make sure you get the WILD Oregano. I got mine at a health food store but I have seen it for sale online as well. Look for a well established company that sells wild crafted herbs.

    My family has had great results with this wonderful herb, knocking out viral attacks within 24 hours or less.

    To Your Health!