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Alzheimer’s Disease – Early Detection Now Available

25th May 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

The test that can save your memory before you lose it

Many Americans are so scared of Alzheimer’s they don’t want to even think about it. I don’t blame them. The disease is scary. Who wants to live for years with no memory? But this is one time you need to keep reading. If you don’t know the following information, and you find out you have Alzheimer’s disease, it will likely be too late to do anything about it.

We know that if you develop Alzheimer’s disease, it’s far better to find out early. Catch it early enough, and you have a better chance of stopping the memory loss. In its earliest stage, there are many alternative treatments that can greatly slow the progression.

Unfortunately, current diagnostic technology can’t find the disease until it’s progressed too far to fight it effectively. But in some exciting news, a new study says that has now changed.

Researchers have developed a test that can detect the dreaded condition in its early stages. This is a welcome breakthrough since the neurons are still alive. And better yet, the test is readily available.

Researchers developed a molecule that plaques and neuron tangles can absorb. The molecule emits a subatomic particle so the researchers can track it. If you have Alzheimer’s, the lesions caused by the disease will grab hold of the molecule. As the lesions accumulate the molecules, your doctor can detect them easily with a PET scan. Doctors typically use PET scans to detect cancer metastases.

This test also can help differentiate between Alzheimer’s-type illnesses and another causes of memory loss. And it can do so even when the memory loss is mild. Diagnosing Alzheimer’s earlier could result in more aggressive intervention. This could save many neurons before they die.

It’s true that this may not completely reverse the disease. Alzheimer’s is very difficult to reverse. But I firmly believe we can greatly slow the progression. All we have to do is address all the possible causes of Alzheimer’s, from Lyme infection to aluminum or other toxins.

Principle investigator, Dr. Jorge Barrio agrees. “Currently, by the time a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is made, it’s far too late in the course of the disease to influence outcome. If we’re going to be successful, it’s time to change our approach to Alzheimer’s and start to adopt the same approach we use in cancer and cardiovascular disease – that is, effective prevention strategies, early screening, and early intervention.”

Dr. Barrio also believes that with earlier diagnosis we might be able to change the outcome of the disease. The test promises the ability to monitor the progression of Alzheimer’s as well. Dr. Barrio plans to study such interventional treatments. One is my favorite spice, curcumin, the yellow pigment of curry. Dr. Barrio’s colleagues have shown that it can dissolve Alzheimer’s-like plaques in the brains of lab mice.

If you or a loved one’s memory has slipped, check with your local radiology center to find out if they are able to do PET scans for Alzheimer’s. This is your best bet for a proper early diagnosis.

Afterward, see your integrative physician. There are plenty of causes and remedies for non-Alzheimer’s dementia. A lack of oxygen to your brain and heavy metals are just two causes. If the PET scan is positive, don’t let it destroy your life. Take action to stop it from progressing. Your integrative physician might help you there, too. Definitely consider curcumin (500 mg, two to three times daily) along with Seanol (two tablets, three times daily). Both are powerful brain protectors. And check my website for a lot more treatment options.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Ref: N Engl J Med. 2006;355:2652-2663.

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