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Euphorbia Herb (Pretty Spurge) Used in Curing Skin and other Cancers

28th May 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Petty Spurge –

Clinical Trials are in progress on the use of this plant – lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, leukemia and cervical cancer.

The scientific name is euphorbia peplus.

Euphorbia has been used for many years as a homeopathic remedy and has been reported to treat successfully some cancers. In homeopathy many varieties of the herb are made into homeopathic preparation and each one has a specific action. Many of them have specific action on the skin. Euphorbium is mentioned in Ramankrishnan’s Homeopathic Approach to Cancer as being a leading remedy for skin cancer.

Antedotal Case: My father had a basal cell carcinoma removed surgically from his nose, but it recurred several years later. After a biopsy to show what sort of cancer it was he was booked in for surgery.

As he was very concerned about the amount of scarring this would leave on the bridge of his nose, he actually listened to me when I told him to use milkweed sap. (the common name in some countires. But it is not the common milkweed plant in the USA) I gathered some from my garden and applied it twice in 24 hours, which caused a bit of burning. As he had another one coming up on his cheek we did that one too.

The one on the cheek scabbed up, scab dropped off a week later, leaving pink skin. The much deeper one on his nose had a yellow exudate for over a week that would not clear up, so he put some black salve on it. The usual eschar appeared and dropped off, leaving him with a tiny hole in some scar tissue. His dermatologist was NOT pleased! But no cancer.

The milkweed was free, the black salve less than $50. The surgery would have cost a damn sight more, even with his top level insurance. ….from Morgan

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6 Responses to “Euphorbia Herb (Pretty Spurge) Used in Curing Skin and other Cancers”

  1. Ed Bratt Says:

    The name of the plant is “petty spurge”, NOT “PRETTY spurge”.

  2. sejour thalasso Says:

    I really liked this post, it’s a good article!

  3. Shirley Chamberlain Says:

    It’s so good to know others have used the milk weed with success.
    I also have used this amazing plant milk on my sun spots. The ones on my hands reacted immediately to the milk and produced a scabby sore, then healed up and left the skin pink. The ones on my face reacted much worse. My nose was swollen and sore and the redness spread under the skin to my eyes! The sores wept and I looked terrible for a few days. In time the scabs fell off and again left the skin pink. After a few weeks I noticed my nose was not completely healed so I have reapplied the milk weed. Again my nose is a mess. I can only hope it will draw out what remains inside and heal completely this time.
    I told a friend about it and he has a similar story.

  4. Kay Says:

    Hi Shirley,

    I was about to try petty spurge on my nose when I read your comment. I would be interested in the outcome of your second application.

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    If you want to know more about the use of pretty spurge I suggest that you look around this forum and ask questions there.

  6. Lisa Quain Says:

    Petty spurge – Euphorbia peplus
    Excellent article, [other than calling it "pretty" spurge, but it is a pretty plant]

    I know for a fact that this FREE and very SIMPLE cure actually does work. I have very fair skin and prone to skin cancers and had very sucessfully treated mine and also on quite a few other people, who were amazed at how well and easy it does work.
    Please remember it is toxic if taken internally.