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PDF file Book on Ozone Therapy

28th November 2006 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Here is a pdf book about the oxadative therapies with extensive references.
If you had any doubt this should erase it. Every family should have an ozone gernerator to prevent chronic disease.

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3 Responses to “PDF file Book on Ozone Therapy”

  1. Ivor Says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I want to say thanks for your most supportive posts in the Wizard of Id thread .. it is my intention to expand the theme .. and of course as you said .. you have tried it before and got jumped upon .. I also .. and Iknow that you are right on when you talk of Politics.

    Kia Kaha!

  2. Pragnesh Mehta Says:


    Thanks for provide Informative & Helpful Article.

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    Best Regards,
    Pragnesh Mehta

  3. Iara Says:

    Quero aprender tudo sobre Ozonioterapia, pois sinto muitas dores de coluna e musculares e os médico teimam em operar-me outra vez e ouvi falar dessa técnica. Grata se puderem enviar-me todos os estudos sobre o assunto q vcs tiverem. Adorei o site de vcs.