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Learn About Ozone Therapy

21st August 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

New Updated Page

Educational Material On Ozone, Equipment, Doctor Access, Doing Therapy at Home.

I have two ozonators from Enaly. ($50 each) One is for room air, ozonating water, cleaning veggies and I had been using this one for medical purposes. Someone just contacted me who said that he knew someone who tested the ozone output on the enaly and found that they were only a fraction of what they claimed to be so there you have it. But this ozonator has been used successfully for ozonating water and treating H-pylori infections. If it smells and tastes like ozone I think ozone is there…. you know, that old saying, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.  The medical grade ozonator from Enlay requires a tank of oxygen to hook up to. These ozonators are very inexpensive and I can not verify the quality of ozone they produce. The Enlay I had been using puts out way more ozone that the one I purchased for $400 about 5 or 6 years ago that was junk and ended up in the trash. I would not count on and Enaly for most medical use but I have talked with others who have used them, in their opinion, successfully.

Currently I use a Longevity ozonator. These are excellent and are used by medical professionals. It’s the middle one in the case shown on this page: h.
This generator is great but is too expensive for most. Keep reading and I will tell you about another more affordable Longevity.

Dr Donsbach ( ) has all his very ill patients in Mexico use ozone and he sells an ozonator for home use but it is not medical grade!! It is a large part of his program! Many of the alternative practitioners and fabricators insist that you must use medical grade but obviously Dr Donsbach thinks not. I do trust this man. What the truth is I do not know. If I were going to inject ozone directly into the blood stream it is necessary to have medical grade. Donsbach and most other practitioners promote insuffalation which is considered as effective or nearly as effective as IV application.

At this point in my quest for ozone  what I recommend most is medical grade because this what most practitioners recommend. I do think that there is a political issue regarding medical verses nonmedical grade that I have not sorted out yet. I have used non medical grade to no ill effect  that I can determine (but I don’t do injection work) but now I have switched over. You can use the non medical grade to ozonate water and wash veggies, ozonate your home. /when I started ear insufflation for tinnitis this is what I used and it was effective in treating the problem but can not say if I suffered any unnoticed ill effect.

This site will answer many questions. Saul Pressman has been into the ozone thing for a long time and a lot of his advice is found here. His ozonators are about $1800!! :
Go search groups in Yahoo for ozonetherapy. No- here it is:

This is Dr Saul Pressman’s other group. No chit chat here. Just direct answers to your questions. He sometimes takes a few days to respond so be patient.

Plasamfire is his webpage where he sells ozone equipment.
Here you will find the company phone number.
He sells the correct regulator for a large mouth (opening) 02 tank that you can purchase at a welding shop. It costs $150.

But now I have found a new on line shop to recommend for equipment that is less expensive than plasmafire or the Longevity home page.
Go here:
Look 4 rows down at Dual Dialectric Personal Ozone Generator for $595. (be careful, he moves the merchandise around on the page now and then) This machine is made by Longevity in Canada. It is capable of doing injection work and I now own one of their more expensive models but this will do what you need it to do. And next to it is a pediatric oxygen regulator for about $100, designed to be placed on a welding oxygen tank with the large mouth opening.
This site also sells excellent ozonated oil products.

At this site you can also purchase the silicone hose you will need as well as adapters for insuffalation as well as a very nice ozone sauna tent for about $250.

The tanks cost between $75 and $170 depending on the size you purchase. They are refillable and you purchase them in a welding shop.

There is controversy about inhaling ozone. I have communicated with people who do it all the time and others who say you must not. I have inhaled ozone quite a bit and recently have been using non medical grade to flow through my sinuses. Again I think there is a political issue here. But do this at your own risk.

Inhaling ozone should be done in the correct manner or it may be dangerous. Dr Pressman at (you have to call him) sells an asthma kit for inhalation. Follow this protocol. the kit is $35. The ozone is bubbled through olive oil. Generally, the ozone that escapes during treatments into the room will not be dangerous. Direct inhalation of strong concentrations is what is risky.

Please be advised that ozone interacts with many different plastics so equipment, adapters, etc are made out of resistant plastic or silicone.

If you have cancer I do not recommend that you try to treat it yourself with ozone or any modality. You need professional help. You may find that help at or at and this is where I would go if I had a very complex case. There are some clinics in the USA that are also doing an excellent job.

Here is a nice article about the director of Oasis Hospital. Tells about the kind of treatments they do there:

Now: Learn about Ozone
Note the box to click on to find a ozone practitioner on this site

you may also find someone specifically for Texas here.

shows photos of recirculatory hemoprofusion in progress receive by author at same hospital
Peter Jovan set up the above two sites. He in the past he has been willing to teach people about how to do some of the advanced applications of ozone. He has a forum that is not very active but it is a way to contact him. You will have to join the forum to make contact.

these are articles on the treatment of MRSA infection
This is a great European site. Be sure to click on areas in the gray toolbar at the bottom of the page.
this is a site with all the important accumulated information from Dr Saul Pressmans forum, Excellent site for a novice.
a description of Major Autohemotherapy by Oasis Hospital. They also state that they now do recirculatory hemoprofusion.

Longevity Resources
This is the ozone machine I have. It is excellent.
This is the same video as the link posted at the beginning of this thread. Don’t buy it. Its now free.

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  1. John Says:

    Wingstar ozone generator ozonated water WM series, is a good one.