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Ozone and Stem Cell Hospital Now Open In Mexico / Plus List of Mexican Clinics

28th November 2006 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

If it were me I would look into this place first because they are the only clinic that does Recirculatory Hemoprofusion, the most powerful and effective form of ozone application. In the comments section is a list of other Mexican clinics that do oxidative therapies. Another choice I might make is Oasis of Hope. They have done good work for many years.

November 22nd 2006

International Ozone News:

Grand Opening New IV Ozone Hospital Special
Announcing the opening of a new ozone hospital. Specializing in treating cancer (and other things) integrating IV and other ozone with cutting edge stem cell technology – a new ozone hospital has opened up over the border from Laredo in a nice part of Mexico.
The doctor is a recognized top Mexican surgeon and is trusted and backed by the government there, and best of all he is a friend of Ed’s, and he has been getting excellent results using many ozone techniques under Ed’s advice. He is presently offering one of the most advanced set of medical therapies currently available. We know of no place else where one can get ozone and stem cell therapy.
The best part: as the “opening special” so to speak, to get rolling and fill the beds, he reports asking only $10,000 each for treatment. He can do this because of the favorable exchange rate.

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15 Responses to “Ozone and Stem Cell Hospital Now Open In Mexico / Plus List of Mexican Clinics”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Mexico doctors and clinics
    Natural Life Therapy
    Dr. Gerd Wasser
    Hospital de la Mujer
    Circuito Brazil # 82
    Mexicali, BC, Mexico
    USA Phone: (866) 261-7353


    Ozone Therapy (German Protocol Major Autohemotherapy)
    German Ozonized Ointment
    and much more…


    From San Diego: Take I-8 east bound to Highway 111 South, follow straight until Highway 98 East. Follow until you see the International Border crossing signs, turn right, follow the road until you cross the border. Once you cross the border you will come to a stop sign, turn right and 50 meters ahead you will see Hospital de La Mujer on you right side.
    Check out Dr. Gerd Wasser’s personal web site at
    Oasis Hospital
    Paseo Playas No.19
    Playas de Tijuana.
    Tijuana, B.C. Mexico
    USA Phone: 1-888-500-HOPE or (619) 690-8400
    Local Phone: 631-61-00
    Fax: (619) 690-8410


    Ozone Therapy
    Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
    LAETRILE (Vitamin B17)
    and much more…

    Center for Integrative Medicine
    Nubes #670, Esq. Creston, Seccion Jardines del Sol
    Playas de Tijuana, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico 22700
    1-877-424-4772 or (1-877-4-CHIPSA)
    Phone: +52 66 80-2903
    Fax: +52 66 80-29-08


    Ozone therapy
    Chelation therapy
    and much more…
    Hospital Santa Monica – Donsbach Clinic
    Dr. Kurt Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D.
    3441 Main Street, Ste. 104
    Chula Vista, CA 91911
    Phone: 619-427-3007
    Toll Free: 800-359-6547


    Ozone therapy
    Ultraviolet blood purification
    Hydrogen peroxide therapy
    and much more…


    Don’t treat HIV/AIDS patients. Therapy conducted in Rosarita Beach, Mexico
    Check out Dr. Kurt Donsbach’s personal web site at
    Genesis West Research Institute for Biological Medicine
    Jacob Swilling, PhD.
    14252 Culver Drive, #913 Irvine CA 92604-0317 Phone: 831-309-7988


    Ozone therapy
    Chelation therapy
    Oxygen therapy
    and much more…
    Hope4Cancer Institute
    Antonio (Tony) Jimenez, M.D.
    482 W. San Ysidro Blvd. #1589
    San Ysidro, California 92173
    Mexico phone: 011 526 680-6654 or Fax: 011 526 680-6654
    U.S. Toll free: 800 670-9124 or Phone: 619 572-5119 or Fax: 501 631-4636


    Ozone therapy
    Chelation therapy
    Oxygen therapy
    and much more…


    Therapy conducted in Tijuana, Mexico
    Institute of Chronic Disease
    Dr. Andrade
    Mailing Address: 416 W. San Ysidro Blvd. Suite L-677
    San Ysidro, CA 92173
    Paseo Playas de Tijuana #2076-4 Sección Jardines del Sol Playas de Tijuana, B.C. Mexico 22240
    Phone: 011-52-66-30-0816 (Tijuana, Mexico) FAX: 011-52-66-80-9292 (Tijuana, Mexico)
    Numeric Pager: (619) 975-02166 USA


    Ozone therapy
    Oxygen therapy
    and much more…


    Therapy conducted in Tijuana, Mexico

    International Medical Center
    Juarez Mexico
    Phone: (800) 621-8924


    Ozone therapy
    Chelation therapy
    Hyperbaric oxygen
    and much more…


    They treat cancers, heart disease, circulatory problems, arthritis, diabetes, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr virus, candidiasis, hypoglycemia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and most chronic degenerative diseases.

    Don Salvador
    Antonio Gomez M.D. & Imelda Martinez M.D.
    Carretera Jalapa/Veracruz Km 6
    Jalapa, Veracruz 91634
    Phone: 52-228-8135677


    Ozone rectal insuflation
    Ozone topical applications

    Clinic Hours:

    8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.

    Hospital del Carmen
    Guillermo Navarro, M.D.
    Tarascos 3469-213
    Guadalajara, Jalisco 44670
    Phone: 3124 3528
    Fax: 3343 7421


    Ozone therapy
    and much more…

    Clinic Hours:

    10:00- 14:00 & 16:00 – 20:00 hrs

    Mariposa Medispa
    Dr. Abel Jiménez
    Basilio Badillo No. 229-B
    Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
    Phone: 01152-329-49707


    Intravenous ozone
    Ozone insufflations
    Ozone sauna
    Ozonated pool
    Chelation therapy


    New facility in Sayulita Nayarit about 20 minutes from P.V. airport. Our facility has 20 bedrooms and baths, 2 pools, and is only 1 block from the ocean. We have American Doctors on staff that are based out of Scottsdale, Az. We offer rooms, meals, and medical care. We also offer yoga daily and a quiet ambiance on the ocean.

    Providence Pacific Hospital
    Playas de Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
    Phone: 011-52-66-300-700
    Fax: 011-52-66-300-319


    Ozone therapy
    UVBI – Ultraviolet blood Irradiation

    Clinic Hours:

    7 days a week – 24 hours per day – 365 days per year
    New Hope Clinic
    Dr. Stephen Linsteadt, N.D., Dr. Jorge Llamas, M.D.
    Tijuana, Mexico
    Toll Free 1-888-532-0897
    Phone: 619-778-4454


    and much more…


    They are best known for their use of BioElectric Cancer Therapy and BioResonance protocols from Germany. They are an integrative medical facility utilizing the latest techniques in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and most chronic degenerative diseases.

    Sana Fe Clinic
    Dr. Oscar Leyva, M.D.
    Saratoga Avenue & I Internacional
    Los Algodones, Baja Mexico


    Ozone autohemotherapy
    Ozone insuflations
    Ozone bagging
    Hydrogen peroxide therapy
    Chelation therapy

    Clinic Hours:

    8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


    South west style orange color building with a logo displaying an apple with a human shade included. Our town is 5 miles west of Yuma Az, as you croos the border into Mexico, make a left turn east, follow the street that runs alongside the US border line, 2 blocks down you will see the clinic.

    William Hitt Center
    Dr. William Hitt
    Ave. Paseo Tijuana, 405, Suite 403
    Tijuana, Mexico 22310
    Phone: 888-671-9849
    Fax: 888-671-9849

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 434357,
    San Diego, CA


    Ozone Therapy
    and much more…

    Clinic Hours:

    Monday through Fridays, 9 AM – 5 PM; Saturdays, 9 AM – 1 PM


    Specializing in treatment of immune system disorders with ozone therapy and idiopathic vaccines.
    Also in the treatment of chemical dependency with intravenous amino acids.

    Clinic Tours:

    If you would like to tour some of the clinics in Mexico, there are several organizations that provide tours, including:

    CCS Cancer Clinic Tours in Modesto – 209-529-4697
    Private Cancer Tours aka Alternative Health Tours
    P. O. Box 530218 San Diego, CA 92153-0218
    Phone: (619) 475-3834 Fax: (619) 475-0753
    However, we understand they often only tour American Biologics and Hospital Meridian.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please be sure to read this page from Oasis of Hope

  3. Michelle Smith Says:

    Mexico is an affordable, convenient & quality option for Americans wanting overseas medical treatment. Especially for people who are un-insured or want elective medical treatments. Refer

  4. Elliot Shaikin Says:

    have questions…I am 83 and not to quick on a PC, could someone call me about stem cell treatment in mexico for my wife ?

  5. Alfonso Garcia MD Says:

    Gobernador Lugo 9531-11
    Col. Cacho.
    Tijuana, B. C.

    Herniated disk disease treatment with ozone
    Spanish Protocol
    98% success rate

  6. Elias Says:

    ProgenCell offers Bone Marrow stem cell infusion. 20 min from the San Diego,CA Airport. Services include complete service: transportation, Medical fees, medical supplies, etc. No hidden fees. Excelent results and minimal side effects. Safe, honest and affordable.
    from usa 1(888)443-6235 from Mexico 01(800)044-6235 Open forum testimonials at

  7. Virginia Says:

    Buscando tratamento por XMRV virus en Mexico….Ozone? I am looking for a clinic near Guadalajara, if possible, that treats ME/CFS (XMRV Virus) with Ozone therapy. Please have case studies

  8. Alfonso Garcia, MD Says:

    Updated information:
    General Ferreira #2224
    Colonia Cacho
    Tijuana, Baja California.

    (01152) 664 684 8192

    Ozone therapy for herniated disc disease.

  9. american biologics Says:

    Ozone and Stem Cell Hospital open in Mexico? Sweet.

    Personally, I would have to say that any new Stem Cell facility, whether it might be a hospital, or a research lab, is always a good thing.

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    1. Alivizatos Program at IBC, Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1994,

    2. Alpha Medical Clinic, Humerto Barbosa, MD, 1983,

    3. American Metabolic Institute, Geronimo Rubio, MD, 1987, No Web site. Not clear if they are still in business.

    4. Baja NutriCare, Luz Bravo, MD, 2002 No Web site, but see:

    5. Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey), Liz Jonas, 1963 No Web site

    6. Center for Holistic Life Extension, Dr. Luis Velazquez, 1989

    7. CHIPSA Immunological Med Ctr., Ron Carreño, MD, 1990

    8. CIPAG (ex-IMAQ) Isai Castillo, MD, 1984

    9. Hope4Cancer (Rapha) Clinic Antonio Martinez, MD, 1998

    10. Ingles Hospital Sonia Rodriquez, MD, 2002

    12. IPT clinic Donato P. Garcia, III, MD, 1988,

    13. International BioCare Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1975,

    14. Issels Vaccine Program Dr. Mejia, Christian Issels, 1996

    14. Mission Medical Clinic James Gunier, HMD, 1984

    16. Providence Pacifica Hospital Gary Tarasov, MD, Web site unknown

    17. San Diego Clinic Filiberto Muñoz, MD 1998 (But is out of commission)

    18. Sanoviv Hospital M. Wentz PhD, 1998,

    19. Scientific Regeneration Inst. Neil C. Norton, MD 1968 No Web site. But see:

    20. Stella Maris, Clinic Gilberto Alvarez, MD, 1990,

  11. Prof. Moshe Sternfeld Says:

    I was Dr. Gerd Wasser student in ozone therapy. Since than I’m working with it in a great success. I’m doing Chinese Medicine too and produce a special formula which rejuvenate cells. My next subjects include, Recirculate Hemoperfusion with a device like you have. Therefore I would like to work with Stem-Cells. I’ll appreciate if you can tell me where and how I can buy the device for the RH and those of the stem-cells. If you can deliver my best and my love to Gerd I’ll thank you again. You may give him my address if he would like. Thank you for all, Prof. Moshe Sternfeld.

  12. Life Choice Therapy Says:

    Life Choice Integrative Therapy, at IBC hospital, Rodrigo Rodriguez M.D:

    (619) 488-3999 & (619) 209-8095


    Immunotherapy for Cancer and HIV with a immune booster suplement:

  13. atlanta dentist Says:

    I hardly leave remarks, however i did some searching and
    wound up here Ozone and Stem Cell Hospital Now Open In Mexico / Plus List of Mexican Clinics. And I actually do have a
    couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it seem like some of these comments look as if they are coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing on other social sites, I would like to follow everything fresh you have to post. Could you make a list of the complete urls of all your social sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  14. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have two sites that I post on. One is an informal forum called
    where I post as Arrowwind09.
    The other is a BellaOnLine website that is mostly about stomach issues.
    My facebook account is for personal use
    twitter is a joke
    and I dont use Linkedin.

  15. LS Says:

    Call me stupid, but I can’t identify from your long list of clinics which was the new one also doing stem cell therapy established in 2006 in Mexico. Is it the first one listed?

    Is there updated information since then?