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MMS De-Mystified – sodium chlorite, stabilized oxygen, chlorine dioxide, detox

15th September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

MMS De-Mystified -be sure to go to the MMS Thread for additional information on MMS.

NEW! An extensive interview with Jim Humble by Project Camelot. This is a very important one to watch.

This forum has a thread dedicated to discussing issues on the use of MMS. If you use MMS you should join to get practical advice.

There are new protocols out for using MMS and some are much easier on the stomach. You can read them at natmed forum. Even one for using MMS and DMSO together for cancer. I have no clue if it works..

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been learning about, and experiencing something wonderful; that has implications for every one of us. It is a procedure that involves precipitating a chemical solvent, chlorine dioxide, in quantities small enough to be safely ingested, and large enough to kill pathogens that are presently living in our body, robbing it of energy, and poisoning it with waste material, and making it more vulnerable to disease. If this is not your situation, it is certainly the situation of someone you know and love.

The product is called, “MMS,” which stands for miracle mineral supplement. Caution flags rise immediately when the term “miracle” is used to describe anything that amazes us, or when we don’t understand how it does what it does. In this case, it is indeed amazing. However, an explanation of why MMS is so effective as a pathogen destroyer is possible. It’s not the MMS that destroys pathogens; the chlorine dioxide does that. But when you understand the chemistry, you’ll see that it’s not a miracle… it just seems like one.

Humble Origins
The MMS protocol was developed by Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. It was a response to a need to help a member of his expedition who came down with malaria, more than two days away, through heavy jungle, from the next mine. After many years of experience, Humble always carried stabilized oxygen with him on such expeditions, to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken man. To everyone’s amazement, he was well within a few hours. That sure seemed like a miracle, but Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened.

Over the course of several years, Jim Humble figured out that what made stabilized oxygen so effective in some malaria cases, was not the oxygen at all, but the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. Further research led him to come up with a way to produce hundreds, if not thousands more units of chlorine dioxide than what is found in stabilized oxygen. This is through using a higher concentrate of sodium chlorite (28% vs. 3% for stabilized oxygen), in conjunction with the activator. The proof of the efficacy of this simple protocol was in successfully helping over 75,000 people in several African nations – including Uganda and Malawi – rid themselves, primarily of malaria, but also hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS.

Jim Humble chronicled his experiences in two downloadable ebooks that are available at his web site: The book is titled, Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Part one, which is a free download, tells how it began. Part two, which costs $9.95, continues the story, discusses the chemistry involved, and gives clear instructions on how to prepare MMS yourself. (A hard copy edition is also available.) This is important, because once you understand the chemistry, and the absolute absence of downside effects, outside of feeling nauseous and “expelling” when toxins and pathogens are dislodged, it becomes an option that anyone who may be on toxin overload must try out for one’s self.

Anyone can be on toxin overload. Some are but won’t admit it. Others would prefer to think they’re not. If your health is not perfect… you’re habitually low on energy, have trouble keeping your weight down, or blood pressure in the normal range, or constantly dealing with inflammation or pain, then there’s likely a toxin, heavy metal, virus, bacteria, or parasite issue in play. Traditional medicine will typically respond by loading you up with additional pollutants, many of which indiscriminately kill healthy tissue while going after “the bad guys.” Not so with chlorine dioxide. It only acts on harmful presences. Miracle or not, the effects are wonderful. I’d vote for Wonderful Mineral Supplement in a heartbeat!

Over the next few pages, I’m going to describe the MMS protocol. When followed, it will produce and distribute chlorine dioxide to your red blood cells, which is the most effective and intelligent pathogen killer known to Nature.

But first, a little background on the chemistry.

Chlorine dioxide and chlorine are not the same. Chlorine is a chemical element. In ion form, chlorine is part of common salt and other compounds, and necessary to most forms of life, including human. A powerful oxidizing agent, it is the most abundant dissolved ion in ocean water, and readily combines with nearly every other element, including sodium to form salt crystals, and magnesium, as magnesium chloride.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that consists of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen.

Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens are electron donors.

Chlorine dioxide is extremely volatile. You might call it “hot tempered,” but in a very beneficial way. This volatility is a key factor in chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness as a pathogen destroyer.

The compound is literally explosive; so explosive, it’s not safe to transport in any quantity. Therefore, it is common practice to generate chlorine dioxide “on site” at the point of use. Most chlorine dioxide production is done on a scale that would prove deadly for individuals, for example, in municipal water treatment systems, where it is beginning to replace chlorine because it produces no carcinogenic byproducts. Chlorine dioxide is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in safely removing pathogens and contaminates like anthrax. So you know it must be effective. However, the concentrations used in such applications can vary from 500 to over 6,000 parts per million (ppm), which would clearly be deadly to an individual. Using the MMS protocol you will produce chlorine dioxide in the range of 1 ppm.

You will use the MMS solution, which is safe to transport, to make nature’s harmless pathogen remover.

The MMS solution is 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. You can produce chlorine dioxide with a single drop, when an “activator” of vinegar, lemon juice, or a 10% solution of citric acid is added. The latter two activators are recommended for people with Lyme disease.

“Applications” of chlorine dioxide range from 1 drop to a maximum of 15, except in life critical situations, where the maximum may be doubled. A “maintenance application” is six drops, with ¼ teaspoon of activator added. After adding the activator, the chemical reaction that turns sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide takes only about three minutes.

The activating ingredient in vinegar that makes the change possible is acetic acid. It also sets the stage for what happens when the chlorine dioxide ions enter the bloodstream. This weak acid acts like a blasting cap by lowering the pH of the chlorine dioxide, without setting it off.

The natural pH of sodium chlorite is 13. Adding vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid) creates about 3 mg of unstable but still harmless chlorine dioxide.

The Process
Let’s talk a bit more about how and why chlorine dioxide works for giving the immune system a new lease on life.

Volatility is what makes chlorine dioxide so effective when it contacts pathogens. As we’ve mentioned, chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective disinfectant in many municipal water delivery systems, hospitals, and even in bioterrorism response. It stands to reason that chlorine dioxide would be just as effective working in the waters of the human body.

Chlorine dioxide’s extreme volatility prevents pathogens from developing a resistance. Mainly because when they “clash,” the pathogens no longer exist. Yet, healthy cells and beneficial bacteria are unaffected.

While normal levels of oxygen in the blood cannot destroy all of the pathogens present under disease conditions, delivery of chlorine dioxide changes everything.

“Halt! Surrender Your Electrons, Now!”
When a chlorine dioxide ion contacts a harmful pathogen, it instantly rips up to five electrons from the pathogen, in what can be likened to a microscopic explosion… harmless to us, but terminal for pathogens.

The pathogen – an electron donor – is rendered harmless due to the involuntary surrendering of its electrons to the chlorine dioxide – an electron acceptor – and the resulting release of energy. Oxidized by the chlorine ion, the former pathogen becomes a harmless salt.

This process benefits a body that has become toxic.

Throughout the body, anywhere chlorine dioxide ions – transported via red blood cells – come in contact with pathogens, the pathogens give up their electrons and cease to exist. The chlorine dioxide armed cells only “detonate” on contact with pathogens, which include harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. All of these will have pH values that are out of the body’s range of good health. They will also have a positive ionic charge. The chlorine dioxide equipped cells do not oxidize beneficial bacteria, or healthy cells, as their pH levels are 7 or above, and hold a negative ion charge.

Chlorine dioxide ions will oxidize – meaning vaporize – diseased cells… anything that is acidic, with a positive ion charge.

If the chlorine dioxide ions encounter no pathogens or other poisons, it deteriorates into table salt and in some instances, hypochlorous acid, which the body can also use.

A Pathogen Terminator
Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water. Furthermore, it does not create harmful compounds from other constituents in the water as chlorine does.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that chlorine – part of the halogen family of elements – creates as least three carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, principally trihalomethanes (THMs). There has been no such evidence of harmful compounds being produced from chlorine dioxide.

This is why, in 1999, the American Society of Analytical Chemists proclaimed chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. It has even been used to clean up after anthrax attacks.

A Journey into Chemical Alchemy
Once it is introduced into the bloodstream, chlorine dioxide performs a highly energetic acceptance of four electrons when it comes across any cell that is below a pH value of 7. This means that diseased cells are essentially vaporized (i.e., “oxidized”) while healthy cells are unaffected.

Here is how it happens.

Red blood cells that are normal carriers of oxygen throughout the body do not differentiate between chlorine dioxide and oxygen. Therefore, after ingesting the MMS/chlorine dioxide-rich solution, red blood cells pick up chlorine dioxide ions that are deposited on the stomach wall where it normally gathers nutrients of various kinds before journeying through the body.

Then, when the red blood cells armed with chlorine dioxide encounter parasites, fungi, or diseased cells that all have low pH and a positive ionic charge, the “aliens” are destroyed along with the chlorine dioxide ion. If no such encounters occur, the chlorine dioxide will be carried to a point in the body where oxygen normally oxidizes poisons and other harmful agents.

If the chlorine dioxide doesn’t hit anything that can set it off, it will deteriorate, and thus lose an electron or two. This may allow it to combine with a very important substance that the immune system uses to make hypochlorous acid. This compound kills pathogens, killer cells, and even cancerous cells. Hypochlorous acid is so important, its diminished presence in the body is described medically by the term myeloperoxidase deficiency.

Many people are afflicted by this condition. The immune system needs a great deal more hypochlorous acid when disease is present. Facilitated by the MMS solution, chlorine dioxide delivers it in spades, as does magnesium chloride, but that’s another part of the health discussion.

The most salient point to know, is that chlorine dioxide has 100 times more energy to do what oxygen normally does, and yet, will not harm healthy cells.

By the way, if you are totally healthy, and have nothing in your body that is at an acidic level below 7, there are no ill-effects from taking chlorine dioxide. However, your stores of hypochlorous acid will be increased.

MMS works best to destroy pathogens that may be present in the body, when 2 or 3 mg of free chlorine dioxide are in the solution at the time it is swallowed. However, the body is supplied with chlorine dioxide in a “timed release” manner lasting about 12 hours. Be aware, that before you feel better, it is likely you will feel ill.

“Why Must I Feel Sick?”
The nauseous feeling that you may experience would be the result of chlorine dioxide encountering, dislodging – hence the “sick” feeling – and then destroying pathogens encountered.

We are generally oblivious of the pathogens that are introduced to our body, especially after they have been stored in the tissue of various organs. Since they build up over time, they generally affect our health slowly, and cumulatively.

However, chlorine dioxide takes them out suddenly, which may result in a dramatic reaction. However, it passes in much less time than it took for the toxins and pathogens to accumulate.

When the chlorine dioxide “goes off,” the electron stripped pathogens cease to exist.

As an example, one will almost always feel ill in hepatitis cases because the liver is induced to expel stored poisons, which are then destroyed by an army of red blood cells containing chlorine dioxide. It’s really no contest. But it doesn’t have to be something as acute as hepatitis.

Years of “leeching” of from dental amalgams can “innocently” deposit enough mercury to one’s system to steal innocence, rob vitality, and erase precious memories. Dislodging and vaporizing it will feel uncomfortable for a very short time compared to the time it took to accumulate.

If you feel sick when you take this protocol, know that your health and vitality awaits to rejoin you on “the other side” of the ill feeling.

If it has no “close encounters” with pathogens, chlorine dioxide deteriorates into constituents that are totally non-toxic. Nothing poisonous is left behind to build up, as is the case with many medical protocols. Medical treatments currently provide you NO way of removing the poisons when said poisons don’t work. You are left on your own in a strange land and diseased state, without a roadmap back to health.

Nature’s chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, lasts long enough to do its job, then that which does not furnish the immune system with needed ions becomes nothing more than micro amounts of salt and water.

The chlorine dioxide has just a few minutes to do its thing, and then it no longer exists, leaving nothing behind that can build up, or do additional harm.

The Procedure
So the procedure is simple. All you need is your bottle of MMS, a clean, empty, dry glass, an eyedropper, and the activator (vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid).

Add your drops of MMS – sodium chlorite – to a clean, empty dry glass. If this is not a critical, life threatening situation, start with one drop. If it is an acute disease situation, you should still limit your starting application to 15 drops of MMS. It has been brought to my attention that the current rule of thumb is 3 drops of sodium chlorite per 25 lbs. of body weight. This would put anyone who is 125 lbs at the 15 drop limit. A reader notes that Mr. Humble suggested that she (at 275 lbs) need to get up to 33 drops, and at 10 drop maintenance dose, rather than the “normal” 6-drops. (Thanks D.A.)
For 1-6 drops of sodium chlorite add ¼ teaspoon of activator. If you’re using vinegar, any kind is okay, including apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, as long as it has roughly 5% acetic acid. For 7-15 drops, add ½ teaspoon of activator — if using vinegar or lemon juice.

CITRIC ACID ACTIVATOR: To make a 10% solution of citric acid: Put one level tablespoon full of crystals in a clean glass or jar. Then add 9 level tablespoons full of purified water into the same jar. When the crystals have dissolved, this is a 10% solution. In all cases when using the citric acid as an activator, use 5 drops for each 1 drop of MMS. Do everything else the same. Wait 3 minutes after mixing, add juice and drink.

When using the citric acid as an activator, be sure to keep in mind all of the other instructions concerning taking the MMS. Start with taking 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid and then work up to greater amounts.

Since droppers come in various sizes, you may want to use the same size dropper for the MMS and the citric acid so you know you are getting enough for good activation.
If you’re going into the rarefied territory beyond 15 drops, use the same ratios; i.e., another ¼ teaspoon (total of ¾ tsp.) for up to 21 drops, 1 tblsp. for up to 30, etc for vinegar and lemon juice activators, and 5 drops of 10% solution of citric acid for each drop of MMS.
WAIT THREE MINUTES, then add ½ glass of apple juice, grape juice, cranberry or pineapple juice, or water. This further stabilizes the compound, and brings the concentration of chloride dioxide that you will ingest to 1 part per million (ppm).

Drink IMMEDIATELY. The “chlorine-like” taste will be negligible.

Allowing the drink to sit for any significant time allows chlorine gas to build up above the drink, which lessens the amount of chlorine dioxide in the drink.

The ‘Healtholution’ Will Not Be Televised!

Start modestly with as little as 1 drop of MMS on your first day, and then increase the number on each following day, up to the maximum of 15. ONLY THE MOST ACUTE TOXIC OVERLOAD SITUATIONS WILL WARRANT THIS AMOUNT OF APPLICATION. Your body WILL tell you when you’ve reached the optimum dosage for you.

Clearing will not be comfortable, but it need not be intolerable. You may feel like you’ve been through a battle, and in a sense, you have. It’s a battle for domain over your health, and hence, your life. Before you can be healthy again, you need to destroy toxins, pathogens, and parasites. In order to do so, they have to be uprooted and released from their “strongholds” in your body tissue. You will feel the effects, but is a good thing. You will also feel health, again.

The sick feeling will be TEMPORARY, a small price to pay for the longer term possibility of lasting restored health, no matter what stage of life you happen to be currently experiencing.

When the clearing is done, you won’t need to take the maximum dosages. You can go on a maintenance application (six (6) drops of MMS) to keep your insides pathogen free and immune system strong.

A few more words about fruit juices. They can be substituted for water as long as they are freshly made. Do not buy them off the shelf and use them, and DO NOT use orange juice. Orange juice prevents the production of chlorine dioxide, as well as anything that has vitamin C added as a preservative.

I hope you have found this information helpful. The product known as MMS is not really chlorine dioxide, it’s not even a miracle. However, it is a safe and effective way to create one, by introducing a sure fire way to bolster the immune system and eliminate a full range of harmful pathogens, by delivering Nature’s pathogen destroyer, chlorine dioxide, into your body.

When combined with the rapid toxin removal power of chlorine dioxide, mineral replenishment with magnesium chloride and detoxified iodine for the thyroid, can point those with even the most acute conditions in the direction of some seriously wonderful well being.

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194 Responses to “MMS De-Mystified – sodium chlorite, stabilized oxygen, chlorine dioxide, detox”

  1. BradleySB Says:

    I hope you are right about the realities of the MMS protocol. I was feeling great before taking it and am now sick, sick, sick — when I did more research about Chlorine Dioxide — I found websites that said it was extremely toxic for human consumption. So as I sit here with severe diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats I am worried that I have done damage to my system. I hope all that you say in your posting is correct and that on the other side of this discomfort is wellness. Also, after my last round of the protocol — when I got blood tests from my doctor — my immune system had been pretty compromised instead of improving as I was hoping.

    I you have anything else of comfort to say — PLEASE DO!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well Bradley, I do not know what to say. I have been waiting for negative testimonials to show up and there have been very few. I am glad to post them.

    Actually I have said very little about MMS. I am posting what other people say and what studies I can find. I am feeling very optimistic about it but I am watching as many others are and my own self experiments have been slow and gradual.

    I went through the nausea and diarrhea thing myself and it did pass. I reduced my dosage and it did not happen again. According to Jim Humble the degree of nausea and diarrhea you have reflects the degree of poor health you have. Not to put words in Jim’s mouth but I think he might say that you might have some pretty toxic conditions that the MMS hit upon. Jim says that truly healthy people can take 15 drops and have no nausea or diarrhea. I know a young man who is in his twenties and pretty healthy who took 21 drops and only had a little queasiness that passed after an hour.

    Before anyone ventures into the MMS experiment I suggest that they understand what a detox is and how to manage it.

    Could you explain what tests your doctor did to you monitor your immune system? and the results you got? and what disease you might be trying to address?

    If MMS is so terribly harsh for you you might want to look at other ways to detox.

  3. Sherrie Says:

    I have been on it for almost 3 months now being careful to follow the directions exactly as told in the protocol. I have Lyme Disease, and I was infected in April 06 and have been virtually bed ridden since. I was treated early when the rash was first found and I never recovered, which they now suspect I got more than one tick infection. I now have been diagnosed with Neurological Late Stage Lyme Disease with nerve and muscle damage in all of my extremities. Within 2 days of taking MMS I had some energy, the first I have had since I was infected. I have continued with the protocol and am up to 15 drops per day. I did experience some nausea and diarrhea at about 6 drops and no it isn’t pleasant but the feeling after the toxins passed was like a cleansing. I almost felt like my old self once the toxins left me. I also took the MMS while on mega doses of antibiotics for a while and also experienced 3 terrible herx reactions, and honestly I felt like I was going to die, my husband was wanting to take me to the hospital. But after a couple of days, it finally passed, and I could tell I was better after each herx reaction. It sounds like the poster above is experiencing a herx reaction, and you have to get through them and continue, your body has to expel the toxins and it’s painful and that’s really an understatement on how bad the toxins leaving your body feel. But for the first time since I was infected I have energy, and I’ll take whatever energy I can get and I’ll put up with the herx’s from the toxins leaving to get that little bit of energy each day!

    My mom has diabetes, and I got her to try it. Day one was 2 drops, day two was 3 drops, when she awoke the third day she said she hadn’t felt that good in years. Needless to say she had us online ordering her a bottle of her own. I’m anxious to see what it does by the way of healing her pancreas and improving her diabetes that she has been dealing with for 15 years. We also activated a small amount of the MMS and I applied it to her scraps on her head that haven’t healed in months, and within 3 days they were almost healed completely.

    MMS works, and you will get sicker before you get better, but that’s true of any prescription or protocol that clears toxins from your body. Just bear through it, it’s worth the reward of some of your health back.

  4. Taylore Vance Says:

    Dear Bradley,
    I’m sorry you had such a bad time taking MMS. In my studies and from talking to my friends who can “SEE” parasites in the body… I would say your immune system was already compromised by an overload of bacteria, virus, worms, etc., and the MMS drops was doing it job of killing these critters. (You feel bad when the bugs are killed.)

    My good friend DJ who has MS can take only 1 drop every day or so because he gets sooo sick. Shaman Wayne said that if he did not get rid of the critters, he would have cancer. Cancer is a condition put on in the body, by the body. Cancer happens when the immune system is too overloaded. DJ is a stay home dad of two teenager. What else would work better? Nothing that I know of.

    In my opinion — the MMS drops takes a load off the immune system by killing bacteria, micro-organisms, virus, etc.

    To buy the drops visit: where all the proceeds go back into energy healing clinics and scholarships for students in the healing arts.

    Good Luck,
    Taylore Vance
    Reiki Master
    Reiki Healing–Remote Distance Healing

  5. Rensina Says:

    I have been taking mms for 4 days and am only up to 5 drops. One noticeable change is that I have lots more energy and I don’t feel as hungry as usual.

  6. James Says:

    I starting taking MMS for a about 5 days now and I am up to 6 drops. the only side effects I’ve noticed so far is extreme fatigue soon after taking it. I currently suffer from chronic fatigue and candidas.

    My question is should I go up to 15 drops and if I do how long do I need to stay there? I know the maintenance level is 6 drops but do I need to penetrate the 15 drop area before going back to 6?



  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have read some things that make me concerned that candida and fungal infections in general by build a tolerance to MMS. I don’t know if this is true and I am trying to find where I read it.

    Go up to 15 drops but don’t stress yourself out over it. Consider your fatigue a herx reaction. You might try staying at 6 drops until you no longer have that reaction. Jim says 15 drops 2 x day for 1 to 2 weeks. But people are doing other things and getting good results.

    With candida you need also to be doing good probiotics. You may also want to search leaky gut on this blog and incorporate that protocol.

    You might consider 6 drops 2 times a day then increase to 3 times a day.

  8. Chemist Research ClO2 for Drinking Water Says:

    This is the biggest bullshit ever

  9. Rose-marie Sinclair Says:

    Hope this helps everyone!
    I have been with the MMS protocol for three months now [it having only been available here in Aust.three months ago!] Never have I had such a successful result, so quickly for my immune system & general well-being & energy levels.
    I read both Jim Humbles books & other info before I had access to the remedy, so as a Natural Health Practitioner & Energy Healer [for 20 years!] I followed the protocol given. To my surprise I got up to the max dosage of 15 drops twice a day [one hour apart am] before I had a ‘reaction’, which I prefer to call a response! In fact I went to 17 drops twice for this happen — nausea, so I took 1/2 teasp Vit C in water, then again one hour later, after which I went to the ‘loo’—a ‘bomb-blast’ let go,[not actually diarrhea] & was completely relieved of whatever needed to ‘get out’!! I then had the best nights sleep — had two more ‘clean-outs’ next morn [most unlike me] and reduced the dosage to 6 drops maintanance.[once a day]for a week.
    Hadn’t felt so good for ages, however I have had aneorbic bacteria locked-up in my ankle since an operation [16 years ago] which is my ‘barometer’ for health at present! It breaks out reguarly, having recovered from gangrene in my leg 18 months ago [I do not take medications, only supplements].I was taking a very effective antioxidant – Glisodin & Transfer Factors for my immune system, which I believe had me in a stable condition [probably why I had to get to 17 drops initially & I always take VitC] Increasing by 2 drops a day again I went up to 14 drops [with citric acid solution this time] when my ankle ‘blew-out’ again. –no nausea or diarrhea, but lots else happening– my body ‘processing’–along comes the full moon to excelerate the process!Back to 6 drops again. To ‘test’ the MMS I did not take the supplements this time and was amazed that my immune system was up to ‘par’ & more.
    I have repeated this pattern several times now with good results — have found that 8-10 drops [once a day] is the best ‘maintanance’ dose for me. I take my Vit C am & midday & MMS pm before bed.
    I have ‘recovered’ from the cancer diagnosis six times since 1983 — never gone the medical way except for intrav. Vit C, — success with colour therapy, B17 [apricot kernals]Reiki & other modalities. Immune system disfunction always been a problem — now with MMS never felt better & stronger!What a wonderful miracle Jim Humble has given us.
    Have 10 friends [some are health pract's]& a very sick client all on the product & monitored. The client is off all medication she has been on for years,including oxygen support!
    For those who are not used to detoxing and understanding the processes of the body MMS will be an uncomfortable proceedure initially, but hopefully you will glean confidence from those of us who have the experience to guide you. We are in very powerful times of energy ‘shifts’ on this planet– the choice is to detox on all levels & balance ourselves — or die the ‘old ways’!Be aware of the Full Moons for deeper cellular levels of cleansing the ‘old’ & heart palpitations due to heart chakra expansion —-LOVE! Breathe thr it all!
    Blessings & Laughter Rose-marie

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks Rose-Marie for your story. I hope things continue to move along in improved health for you.

    I encourage everyone to post their experiences here and please come back after a time to let us know if they were lasting.

    In response to To Chemist Research for CL02 for drinking water: Thanks for your profound insight. We learned a lot from it! ; ))

  11. Chemist PhD Says:

    I agree with Chemist Research. Another snake oil scam. Vinegar and NaClo2? It’s not going to cure aids. Add lime juice and you might just get an explosive. At least then you will never have to worry about cancer. CONCLUSIONS: BULLSHIT!

  12. Chemist PhD Says:

    In fact, check out ‘sodium chlorite’ and ‘chlorine dioxide’ on the FDA website. Approved as a food preservative. Miracle BUllSHIT.

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    ChemistPhD apparently has not looked into MMS nor does he understand exactly what it is doing for people. Most people have already checked out what the FDA has to say about it so nothing new there. As long as you post swear words I will remove your posts. Don’t do it again. If you have a valid argument post it. If you don’t then I will simply delete you and your foul language and you will disappear.

  14. Chemist PhD Says:

    Excuse the foul language. Its less profane than the snake oil and false hope you are peddling here.

    NaClO2 plus any aqueous acetic acid will give you…
    table salt, water and chlorine dioxide. I would not allow chlorine dioxide to touch my skin, much less think about putting it into my body.

    You people are mountebanks and charlatans and should be sued for every unjust penny you raise from defrauding people in this scam.

  15. sam Says:

    I have been considering using mms. I read the books and have been weighing the information. The results for malaria and other diseases seem great. I just am unsure about the long term effects of this. I hear good things. I have a friend whose girlfriend was in stage 4 cancer. After the doctors giving up on her she tried mms and is now cancer free. I am not in that situation and am dissappointed that there is only antidoctal evidence and no true double blind studies. I would like to see more evidence that this won’t hurt me in the long run.

  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well, Sam, I would like to see that evidence, too. But who Is going to do the study? Which pharmaceutical company? Which University? You have a couple of million for the project? It would be great. I will volunteer to be a guinea pig.

    Meanwhile people are curing killer diseases far as I can tell.

    So you can think of it this way. Pick your poison. HIV or MMS. Crohns or MMS. Lyme or MMS.
    I would choose MMS if it were me. Fortunately I don’t have these diseases and I still choose MMS.

    If it is a fact that antibiotics kill people everyday why would you choose one when you had an alternative? MRSA is adding to the death list. 100,000 people die from MRSA every year. MRSA is caused by the use of antibiotics and many cases are incurable. How come I don’t hear people screaming charlatan about that? MRSA is causing a nationwide epidemic and it is attacking now people who are generally healthy. Yet folks are pretty quiet. And let me tell you MRSA is not the only monster being created by the use of antibiotics. There are things that they are not talking of yet publically much at all. Like C-diff, which actually takes more lives than MRSA but the media is silent.

    Of course MMS is not the only alternative available to cure MRSA and I have posted many articles here on good antibiotic alternatives. Its just that MMS is so dam inexpensive compared even to most of the alternatives. $12 bucks for a years supply! MY MY. Somebody must be getting rich quick, I just haven’t been able to figure out who.

    People should have the right to educate themselves and make the decisions for their health that is according to their own determination.

    Jim Humble has been using MMS for 10 years. Recently he has been experimenting on himself using it by IV. So far he is alive and well. Dr. Klinghart, I have been told, knows Jim Humble, and he started using MMS about 2 years ago in his protocols according to a report I received from someone who attended a recent seminar of his. I will be posting that protocol soon.

    Of course sodium chlorite has been on sale for health purposes for about 30 years in the more dilute products called stabilized oxygen. These companies didn’t really understand what they had and how it works. I have an article about that on here somewhere. 5% sodium chlorite – you can search to find it.

    mountebank – thats a new word to me.. Sounds impressive.

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Sam, there are NO double blind studies for chemo therapy and radiation treatment either. Absolutely none!
    Your friend’s girlfriend obviously made the right decision because stage 4 cancer is incurable according to conventional medicine. I would like to hear her story. Ask her to drop by HealthSalon and tell it! We all need to know.

  18. Niki Says:

    Question to the “PhD Chemist”

    Can you please explain how it can be that people are surviving taking MMS orally and not only that some are injecting it and surviving? You say you wouldn’t even put it on your skin let alone ingest it – but already your prediction about it being seriously poisonous must be profoundly wrong as people all over the world are now taking this orally? Obviously you have missed something already here? There is something you don’t yet understand about how the human body functions and how this supplement behaves in the body?

    I have not started taking MMS yet I am just investigating it. I will look into this despite what the medical establishment says or so called “experts” like you. When you consider that doctors are currently the 3rd leading cause of death in the US at the moment – the biggest reason being due adverse reactions to DRUGS according to that unknown scientific journal called The Journal of the American Medical Association (reference for article is July 26, 2000;284(4):483-5) then I really wonder just exactly who is meant to be defrauding who!

    Niki from the UK

  19. Alex Says:

    I’d also be very curious to hear PhD Chemists response to Niki’s question, as well as his thoughts about doctors being the third leading cause of death in the US? Maybe the energy being spent on this “war or terror” might be better spent looking at corruption closer to home, such as the US health system?

  20. leonie paranthoiene Says:

    I am about to start MMS but had begun chemotherapy before I was told about it. I am concerned that the MMS will destroy the chemicals as they are toxins. I am wondering about stopping the MMS when the chemicals are in my system then resuming it till the next chemotherapy session. Has any other reader any experience with this situation?

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Leonie,

    I had wondered about this also and there is no answer for you.

    If I had cancer I would not count on MMS nor chemotherapy. Take a look in the Cancer Category found in the column on the left.
    There I have listed the best cancer clinics in the world that are located in Mexico. Take a look at Issels and at Oasis of Hope.

    More times than not chemo destroys the body and does nothing to strengthen it. The cancer usually returns and unless your doctor can show you that this treatment provides over a 20 percent total remission for 5 years or greater you should look elsewhere, because first they will rob you then they will kill you. Anything under 20 percent is statistically inconsequential.

    Sorry to be so direct but it is the truth as I see it.

  22. Not a fan of bad science Says:

    Several problems with this article, directly contradicting reproducible scientific processes:

    Electrons are stripped from atoms, not from cells. Cells are several structural orders above the atomic level.

    Good and bad bacteria are not split down the middle by ion charges. Some bacteria, such as E. coli, can have good or bad effects depending on where they are in the body, so if this truly destroyed them, it would have an overall deleterious effect on digestive health.

    ClO2 typically has a negative charge, meaning that it has more valence electrons than protons. This means it readily gives up electrons, not that it strips electrons from other things. In order to strip electrons, it would have to be a positively charged ion.

    Deficiency of hypochlorous acid does not cause MPO deficiency. MPO deficiency is caused by a a defect in gene 17q23, which in turn results in decreased production (or complete inability to produce) hypochlorous acid.

    Asserting that juices containing vitamin C inhibit the formation of ClO2 from sodium chlorite shows a fundamental lack of chemistry knowledge. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, and like any weak acid it will react with sodium chlorite to produce chlorine dioxide.

    Lastly, as far as the miraculous curing of thousands of Africans, where can one find independant verification? As far as I can tell, the only people who have witnessed this “miracle” are proponents of MMS. Why hasn’t a single reputable scientist (who can actually write intelligently and factually about the subject, instead of someone who obviously isn’t well-versed in scientific methods) picked up the subject for analysis?

    Re: Rett Anderson

    I am currently cancer-free after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Stage 4 cancer. There goes your idea that Stage 4 cancer is considered uncurable through conventional medicine. There is nothing statistically significant about the small percentage of patients from the small percentage of spontaneous remissions who try alternative therapies. A much higher percentage of those who reject all conventional treatment die than those who undergo conventional therapy or a combination of conventional and alternative therapy. If MMS was truly a miracle cure, there would be people of repute who could easily test it efficacy and publish the results. There are not enough people interested in suppressing such a cure to control the number of people who have the appropriate background to test, publish, and be taken seriously by the scientific community at large.

  23. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Those in the MMS community of support for the product would love to see it tested by someone who can do a fair analysis, without bias. People are struggling to understand why it works so well for many and has alleviated or cured chronic and acute disease.

    The concept of MMS has been around for quite a while and there are similar products out there. Some doctors have been using such products for a long time due to the great results that they get.

    It should be tested and the most simple test would be on malaria. The University of Utah has been doing studies on Malaria. They certainly could figure it out in a couple of weeks.

  24. Mel Says:

    I guess I’m gullible for trying MMS. At least no ill-effects so far. A very sceptical friend was not impressed by the university test showing MMS killed HIV in a test tube. Apparently it can be killed by just about any chemical out of the human body. My sceptic friend says: “… once a person is infected the virus multiplies, spreads to every cell and weakens the immune system. While alcohol will quickly kill HIV in the test tube, infected people cannot destroy the virus in their cells by drinking alcohol. In the same way, chlorine dioxide may kill HIV in vitro but drinking it will not cure an infected person. The study you quote does not point to any actual human trials of the chemical’s effectiveness on curing infected people. But it does acknowledge that sodium chlorite (the precursor to chlorine dioxide) is a common food preservative– so people are already ingesting it. And obviously they are still dying from all manner of diseases. This is very basic high school science … I’m surprised you can’t seem to grasp the simple chemistry and biology involved. But even more it’s just a simple matter of logic…” Over to you Rhett …

  25. Jay Says:

    As someone who has been HIV+ for over twenty years (since I was 18) and someone with an advanced chemistry degree, I find myself yearning for a cure or at least a less potent medicine than the triple cocktail I have been taking for years. With that said, chlorine dioxide production and ingestion is probably not the answer. None of us who have chronic diseases that require taking drugs that can be just as fatal as the diseases themselves want to continue putting poisons into our bodies. We all would prefer something else. I have to come to the conclusion, however, that chlorine dioxide is as toxic if not more toxic than anything I am currently taking. Don’t forget that any oxidation process, especially one as strong as chlorine dioxide, causes aging!

  26. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Jim, as someone who has been HIV positive for 20 years you may be interested to know that there is a young man in my corner of the world who is also HIV positive and was taking the standard protocol for HIV until last summer. He stopped the pills because he said that thay made him feel too sick. In early November he became aware of alternative treatments for HIV including ozone therapy and MMS. He chose to try MMS first because Ozone was harder to do and required a lot more money.

    Since MMS his virus load has gone down to 120 on his last blood work and his doctors told him that his blood work looks almost normal. They were astounded and wanted to know what he had been doing. This is the part of the story that I previously got wrong. I had reported that he didn’t tell them but in actuality he did tell them about MMS. They are now aware of the MMS protocol at our local HIV clinic in a large metropolitan hospital.

    He has been taking 6 drops twice a day. At first his T cells dropped. But we knew from learning from ozone therapy that this is to be expected. All the damaged and sick T cells quickly were destroyed with MMS. On his next test the T cells were looking very good. I don’t have the number. It was at this time that his viral load was down to 120. I am expecting that he will get tested again soon and I will report what I learn.

    He is doing very well. He is now working and getting his life together and feeling very optimistic for the future.

  27. Betty Says:

    My daughter who is 17 yeras old had a small outbreak of acne on her face. We prepared the MMS as stated for mosquito bites etc, which involved 10 drops MMS and 1 tsp citric acid, wait 3 minutes and apply (no need to dilute it said). We applied the solution to her face. The next morning her face showed severe reddening and along the jaw line, there is a very noticeable red lin. It almost looks like a red makeup line. Clearly, the solution burned her face to some degree. My question is, what did we do wrong and what is the best thing to do now to treat the sensitive area and help heal the skin.

  28. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have used MMS on my skin also and had the same result. It was like a red ring formed on the edge of the spot that I applied it. It did clear the infection that I had. The red line went away after a while. I had been treating psoriasis on my had which I had been told was fungal in nature with iodine. The iodine resolved all but one small spot that was persistent. The mms got rid of it in about a week of treatment. The red line was inconsequential to me considering how hard psoriasis can be to get rid of and it went away in a few days. I finished up with a good hand mositurizer when the infection was gone. But I can understand the concern on the face. I think MMS does burn some but I doubt she will have a scar. I doubt you did anything wrong. You might want to try a weaker solution next time if you decide to try again, maybe 6 drops instead of 10.

    MMS internally might be more effective for acne because acne usually is more than skin deep.

  29. Jared Says:

    Wow, there really needs to a serious study done on this stuff. We need a fair and honest organization to thoroughly research the amazing possibilities of MMS. Anyway, my buddy takes it and says that it makes him think more clearly. He did get sick from taking too much one time though. I’m hopefully going to get my friend with herpes to try it out, and see if it works.

  30. joanne Says:

    I recently started taking mms because years ago i was diagnosed with hpv and hsv2, 2 of the most common std’s that women can get. In the first week I had an immediate flare up of both hsv and hpv and actually applied some to the genital area. It burned the skin but it wasn’t too painful and although i don’t know if it killed the virus in the area, it sure felt good imagining it did. Of course i would like to see a study done with MMS as i feel that there is a lot of guess work involved. At 11 drops I started experiencing severe tiredness but that is the herxheimer reaction. I plan to take mms for 3 months and then get a blood test. I plan to do a blood test now as well since it is the first week to have something to compare it to later.
    I haven’t heard anybody say that MMS cures herpes and there is no one who has shared a story like that. It’s amazing that with how many people have herpes, there are not more testimonials
    about it or the progress of mms on it. I will keep people posted with the progress I am making. I eat mostly alkaline foods, berries, greens, fresh coconut juice and take superfoods like maca on a daily basis.

  31. Arrow Durfee Says:

    If you really want to know what your blood is doing before and after MMS you should have live blood analysis done or another name – dark field microscopy. Look at the blood of this person who did Dr Robert Young’s protocol, which includes a product similar, but not as strong as MMS along with many other things. Take a look at the live blood analysis on this blog:

  32. rajagopalan Says:

    Hi all… I dont understand one thing…
    This product MMS is being discussed so much passionately with all the postive and negative ( mostly positive) comments.
    What exactly is the problem for the governments,universities,corporate research centres or even BILL GATEs like philanthropists or CLINTON like leaders to appoint a committe ask them to submit a report of merits and demerits of MMS. It is not going to be expensive for these people.
    Is it not worthwhile particularly considering the potential benefit for the human kind.
    Leave FDA rules in US, is not possible to try on war footing in INDIA or CHINA or AFRICA with the cooperation of respective governments and non governmental organisations like LIONS/ROTARY clubs.
    If MMS is so good is it really difficult to convince the authorities.

  33. George D. Says:

    Dear Mr. Anderson,
    I liked your article, as it complemented the other articles I read about MMS. But my comment here today is only an academic one about the chemistry, and is the result of what I think is a oversight or unintentional mistake in your description of the ionic attributes of the pathogens. In one sentence above you state the following: ‘Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens are electron donors.’ Later in the article you write that ‘Chlorine dioxide ions will oxidize – meaning vaporize – diseased cells… anything that is acidic, with a positive ion charge.’ And, from there on you refer to pathogens as being positively charged. Unless I’m missing something, any positively charged matter is NOT an electron donor by definition. It already has a deficit of electrons, so how can it be an electron donor? I think you meant to say that pathogens are negatively charged, didn’t you? I was hung up on this issue for a while and would like to hear your response now that I brought the subject up.
    Thank you…

  34. Chester Says:

    I have been reading about MMS as I am a hsv2 suffered – have been for 27 years now. I have tried various things over the years, the last was DMSO was has increased my outbreaks to weekly – so as you can guess I am pretty desperate. I plan to post here very regularly so that you can share my experience. It can’t get any worse can it?

  35. Chester Says:

    OK, it is now the morning after my first dose. So how did it go? Well, on a scale of 1 to 100 I probably felt 1% nauseous – so basically nothing there. I did not sleep that well – felt sort of jangly and a a little buzzy. My joints are very sore at the moment – pretty much always are as a result of the hsv2, but I also went for a big walk on Sunday over some rocks and boulders, and this might just be the aftermath of that. I have not been exercising as had a toe operation 10 weeks ago, so this was first time out. But I understand that the MMS can cause joint pain, so the slightly elevated levels could have been from that. This morning I have just taken 3 drops of MMS with 15 of lemon juice, and then diluted this with tap water (have bot got any distilled water yet, but will try to do so today). Also am told I should get some coral calcium, so will search some of that out too! Oh yes, Outbreakwise my skin was on fire yesterday and I was feeling pretty depressed, a sure sign that an outbreak is about 2 days away. The last one I had manifested in a very small outbreak in the small of my back which popped out on Saturday, but that would have been as a result of the Golf I played last Thursday. So let’s see whether the MMS can stop the outbreak I am probably due to get late Wed/early Thurs!! That will be a sign that it is beginning to work.

    Will report again this evening.

  36. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have read reports that MMS helps herpes virus outbreaks. Some people have applied it topically also but only leave it on for a couple of minutes so just before a shower is a good time. I would test in just on area first.

    Have you tried Lysine? Sometimes 6 to 12 grams a day is required but many people say it will stop an outbreak dead in its tracks.

  37. Chester Says:

    I am not so worried about treating the outbreaks themselves as these are generally not too painful, and I have an excellent cream called Virobis which rapidly aids healing. It depends where it pops out – at the moment it is near the anus, which may sound bad but actually for me means a much less severe outbreak. If I get stressed or sunburnt, or drive the car too long, or strain a hamstring, or pull my back, then this moves to the small of my back. Here the outbreaks tend to be much more severe and can take a ten days to a fortnight to completely heal. Agony. Maybe if I get another one there I will try the topical treatment – but hopefully by taking MMS orally I can stop this in its tracks.
    Re the Lysine, I think I tried this about 6 or 7 years ago and noticed no change whatsoever. Maybe I did not take enough, but I do not remember it being encouraging.
    As for today, I woke up and felt much better than yesterday. My joints generally hurt less, and I was also in good spirits. For those of you who do not know, one of the pre-cursors of an outbreak is a often a slight high or euphoric feeling, then intense irritability and then depression. A sure sign something is on the way. So my good spirits might have been some general euphoria ahead of an attack, but I think that (optimistically) I actually felt just good rather than euphoric.
    However, as the day progressed I would say that my spirits also started to flag, and also my joints began to ache again – from about 3.00pm onwards, the latter getting systematically worse since then. This could have been the effects of the Cataflam (Voltaren) I took this morning to help with the joints – so I have decided to try and avoid this for a while so that I can really see whether the MMS is working.

    I was really looking forward to taking my dose this evening in the hope that the reason I had felt better was the MMS beginning to work, but as I had some meat for supper I knew I had to wait the recommended 3 hrs before taking my 4 drops (I am going up a drop morning and evening as I am in a hurry to get to the 15 drops twice a day as long as I don’t feel too sick). It is now 11.15pm and I took my dose about 30 mins ago. Feel absolutely fine.
    Let’s see what the morning brings…

  38. Chester Says:

    Slept well. Took 5 drops this am. Felt nausea after 45 mins as did not eat, but then had a handful of nuts and it passed. Have now had a muffin and feel fine. Knees sore today, and also back – but some stretching helped. Skin on my right side on fire (sure sign of what is to come), but fingers crossed the MMS can win the internal battle. Mood reasonable. Am going to take evening dose before supper to even out the gaps between doses. Also, if have meat for supper don’t want to have to wait 4 hours.

  39. Chester Says:

    Got up to 8 drops by yesterday, Thurs eve, and must say felt absolutely rotten. Nausea, fever, headache, fatigue. My skin is still slightly on fire, but still no outbreak. Mood level, and knees not hurting too much at all. Have taken the advice on most sites and reduced drops to level where I didn’t feel nausea – so back to six drops this morning (Friday 13th – I started on Monday 9th in the evening) and will see how sick I feel throughout the day. If feel OK then back to 7 this evening and onwards again.

  40. Lisa Says:

    Hey Chester!? Where are you up to with this? I’m in a similar situation and have been taking MMS for just over a month. I’ve been at home a lot lately so have been taking 5 drops about 6 times a day with larger doses just before bed. I’m still having the outbreaks every few days but they’re so mild and the tingling that goes with them has faded a lot. I didnt have an outbreak for 2 weeks after I first started MMS. I’m interested to hear from others who are in the same boat. I’m willing to keep going for at least 3 months.

  41. Chester Says:

    Hey Lisa, got up to 9 drops by Sunday but felt terrible and basically spent the day in bed, so back to 7 drops on Monday (the 16th) and haven’t felt ill since. Been gradually increasing by one drop a day and today, Friday 20th am on 10 drops and feel fine. My joints are now hurting much much less – best in years. Felt like I was coming down with an outbreak on Wed eve, but nothing has manifested itself. I am really encouraged. Mood good, knees good, skin not tingling, no outbreak, sleeping well. And this is just day 12! Interested to hear how you go as well.

  42. Lisa Says:

    I must admit, I’ve written myself off with the MMS a few times and had to stay very close to the toilet for the rest of the day. This has usually been by taking large doses in the morning without food. The smaller doses more regularly are much easier to handle. I read recently that eating apples afterwards absorbs the stuff that your stomach can’t handle. I tried it out and it seemed to help more than just plain apple juice (I have a juicer). The issue I have at the moment is that MMS is not very portable given that you have to mix it up each time and drink it within a 10 minute period. How can I keep up the doses when I’m not close to home all the time? Ideas anybody?

  43. Chester Says:

    Yes, mix up a solution of Citric Acid and put this in one of the empty MMS bottles or similar. Then mix the MMS and Citric acid in a glass, and just add tap water after 3 mins. Doesn’t taste as nice as with the apple, but works fine. Just a thought if you are taking the MMS so regularly throughout the day – and therefore closer to meals, you must make sure that you avoid meat 3-4 hours before taking it, as well as any antioxidants (which includes certain fresh fruits), as well as of course orange juice and also vitamin C. It seems quite easy to negate the full effects of the MMS by just eating the wrong stuff too close to the dosage. No point doing all this unless we are doing it right, right?

  44. Lisa Says:

    Hey thanks Chester. I haven’t read anything about avoiding meat before taking MMS. Where did this come from and do you understand what the thinking is? Would the same apply to eggs then?

  45. Chester Says:

    If you look at the website for MMS for the UK distributor you will see they are quite firm on this. If you cannot find it, I guess you should just Google MMS and Meat and it should point you in the right direction. I think it is quite a new finding, so not in Jim Humble’s book. I will try and find the exact link and add it to my next post.

  46. Chester Says:

    Lisa, have a look at this.

  47. Lisa Says:

    I just don’t get it. Can’t find anything about meat and MMS. So that means, no meat, no milk, no vitamin C or oranges and who knows what else? I’m not sure what’s right and what’s just heresay.

  48. Chester Says:

    Hi Lisa I sent you the link but I see that my comment is still awaiting moderation!! presumably this blog does not like links being sent in the text. The text read…

    “I am following up with all my customers that have bought MMS from me in the past few months to see what results you have gotten. I have received a lot of good reports from many people about MMS when I call them but few have taken the time to write them down and send them to me. For the few people that feel they have received little to no benefit, I have found most of them have been taking anti-oxidants close to the time they take their MMS. MMS, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen all create an oxidative internal environment that all forms of harmful pathogens cannot tolerate. Vitamin C and other forms of anti-oxidants negate the MMS benefit.

    Just in the past week I have had two MDs using MMS tell me meat protein will also reduce the benefit of MMS. I have been recommending to everyone to take MMS after a meal to reduce possible nausea not knowing about the effect of meat protein. Do your best to maintain a 4 hour separation between all powerful anti-oxidants and meat protein and taking MMS.”

    This is from the mmsdr dot com forward slash blog website.

    Therefore, as far as I have read, it is only meat protein, vitamin C, and Oranges.

    Otherwise, thought I was coming down with another outbreak, but then nothing. It seems as though I am getting the very early symptoms like sore joints, irritability, but then not an outbreak! Well that has to be progress!! The MMS must be killing the virus as it leaves the nerve ganglia and heads along the nerves towards the skin. Now to get it actually inside the ganglia….Let’s see.

    By the way, have been emailing Jim Humble, and he suggests taking a silver solution with the MMS for better results. I am going to investigate this and see why before proceeding. He has sent me a web site of a friend of his who is a supplier, but I would like to understand the science first. More later..

  49. Cee Says:

    Hi! I have hsv2 with very mild and infrequent outbreaks. I am going to give this stuff a try. It sat in my mailbox this afternoon in the hot sun. It was not exposed to sunlight but it did heat up. I hope the product was not damaged. I will begin taking it this weekend. I’ll be following Chester and Lisa to see what they experience.

    As for the rude and whiny critics of this product, they’re probably drug reps who see their jobs disappearing if this gets out. The medical establishment has never done anything for me except take my money. I have stories that would blow your mind. My former doctor rolled his eyes when I mentioned taking fish oils for heart health. These are the kind of idiots we have to deal with. In their minds heart disease is caused by a deficiency of Lipitor.

  50. charlie b Says:

    I’ve suffered from genital herpes the last few years and when I found out about mms was glad to try it out. Drinking it didn’t seem to be doing anything so I stupidy decided to externaly apply it on the out break. I did this twice in one day with an undiluted solution. I didn’t know that I should wash it off after. I woke up this morning to find that I have very swollen and irritated skin on my genitals and some skin seems to be burned off.
    What should I do???

  51. Lisa Says:

    Great research Chester. I’m studying to be a nutritionist at the moment so I’m still trying to figure this out. The next highest quality source of protein is eggs although the chemical structure of the protein changes during cooking and becomes less effective. The alternative is to combine lower quality proteins such as grains and legumes to make sure that you are still getting enough protein. Protein is important for immune function and plays a key role in the production of antibodies. The other thing that I find confusing is the part about antioxidents. B group vitamins and vitamin E are also antioxidents along with a lot of other stuff. I found that my concentration levels were significantly reduced when I started taking MMS and I had to take some vitamin B for a few days to clear the fog.

    The immune system really is the key here. I have taken silver in the past but it seems that unless your lymphatic system is in tip top condition, the body has trouble expelling the virus. If our lymphatic systems were in good shape then we probably wouldn’t be having a problem with the frequency of OBs. I’m interstate at the moment but I have a homeopathic remedy at home that assists with drainage that I will be using when I get back. I also do regular cycle classes at the gym, bearing in mind the need to stay within the aerobic zone and not go to an anaerobic state where there is an oxygen deficiency. Whenever I have combined this with the homeopathic remedy, I sweat more so must be throwing off more toxins than I would normally. If I had a trampoline in the backyard I’d be on it every day. It’s the best thing for your lymphatic system! :-)

  52. Arrow Durfee Says:


    Do not be concerned about it getting warm in the mail box. Part of the preparation process of the solution is to make the water hot, not boiling, before dissolving the sodium chlorite flakes in it.

    There is a Heel USA homeopathic product for lymph drainage called Lymphomyosot that is just excellent. Take it 3 times a day for a while.

    I will look for your comment in moderation. There are just days when I don’t have time to check in here.

    Best to you all and keep us posted with your results.

  53. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Rett

    Very interested in the antioxident effect. I love fresh berries and green tea. Not sure if I can have them.

    Also, I seem to be bloated. Any reports of anybody else experiencing bloating?

    And Charlie, have you recovered? How long were you taking MMS for?

  54. Lisa Says:

    News anybody? Chester? Charlie?
    I’m seeing improvements all the time. Keeping on keeping on. Stay posted.

  55. Ruth Davis Says:

    I have been using MMS for 7 days and now at 8 drops twice a day. My blood pressure is going up. Do you see and connection with the MMS?

  56. Derek Ellis Says:

    Due to the recent government notice served on myself for helping and donating my time, MMS will no longer be available from this site!

    If you wish to obtain the MMS then it will now be supplied from a new supplier, the number you have is still live and you can contact me on that number.

    A new web site will be up and running ASAP. I cannot supply the MMS to you, but you can make a donation any donations received from this site will be sent to a undisclosed party that will then send you a gift equal to that value.

    Over the time i have been helping to support the MMS i have always mentioned to people to ensure that they take the time to learn and make this product themselves.

    Has humble states, ANYTHING that interferes with the revenue of the traditional system will be removed, there is no money to be made from healthy people and from people that live longer.

    Please be assured that i will continue to give my knowledge of this product and support to the people i have helped get it.

    Please also be assured, people that choose to use this product will always be able to obtain it in the future.

    Please NOTE: i will no longer take calls at this moment from people I do not know. If you wish your friends to obtain this product then please obtain it for them, or direct them to the blogspot web site and explain, if they donate then someone will send them a healthy gift.

    i will in the next weeks be changing the blog site so if you visit and it is not there, please return , it only means i am working on it. Once the new site becomes available then i will email it out.

    If you wish to contact me please email Please try and be brief because my time is very limited to send long replies.

    please also note: all orders will continue to be full filled, just not from me. please note that people who wish to donate by cheque can still do so.

    Again i stress to individuals that know the benefits of MMS, it’s like making packet soup, EASY EASY. very soon a kit will be available so you can make up to 1Ltr that will last years. If you want to know the cost and when it is available then email me. These kits will contain everything including the 3rd addition BOOK that gives complete and full instructions.

    Again thank you for your support.

    Derek Ellis

    P.S people that understand the long term value of this product and the benefits it brings do not fear about it not being available in the future.

    Excuse any errors in the above, my time is limited.

  57. judy suberi Says:

    i am using mms after a friend of mine rid himself of shingles by using 15 drops 2x/day for a week. he is now on a maintenance dose.

  58. Herpes Cure Says:


    For all of the snake oils related to Herpes (HSV2), please see my blog

    I will say that after being on MMS for only a few weeks it is doing wonders. To date it is the absolute MOST effective thing I have ever used for genital herpes.

    I am that person that gets an outbreak if I even think about not taking a Valtrex.

    This stuff is awesome and you should try it if you have herpes. BTW, I don’t sell it and I don’t know anybody who does. I do not benefit at all from the sale of MMS.

    One person does note that any oxidizer will cause aging, well so will the constant worrying about spreading herpes.

  59. V Tee Says:

    What’s the difference between the drops and the clorine dioxide tablets for water purification…and I’ve noticed that there’s toothpaste and mouthwash made with clorine dioxide ingredients, is this the same thing as the drops too?

  60. Bill Magnum Says:

    After looking into MMS, I feel that the risk outweighs
    the potential benefit. It is not a natural, time-tested
    therapy such as traditional herbal or homeopathic medicine.
    Further, as admited by its developers and promoters,
    it has not seen the benefit of extensive independent research.

    Unlike herbal poisons, which have been known to have a medical
    benefit in very small quantities for a long time, these Chlorine
    compounds are known to be poisonous and their usage should face a
    higher burden of proof that they are effective (and an
    what dosage for which ailment?) and safe, both in the short
    term and the long term. It is clear from the articles
    promoting MMS that there was never any long term followup
    done of patients treated with it.

    Unfortunately, there have been no clinical reports or studies,
    as admited by the promotional material. Thus we are unable
    to assess Dr. Humble’s claims regarding the safety, utility,
    and proper dosage of MMS. Although the e-book refers to many
    cases in many clinics, it admits that the supposed formula used
    in those cases was similar to, not identical to, the formula
    being sold. We are not told in what way the “tested” formula
    differs from the sold formula. Such information could be very

    Given Dr. Humble’s lack of a medical background and the
    lack of testing, I have no confidence in his theory about
    how MMS interacts with human tissues and parasites.

    In fact, I’ve found other articles that indicate that
    the Chlorine Dioxode produced by MMS does indeed ineract
    with humand tissue, including hormonal interractions.
    For this reason alone, I can see no justification in giving
    this stuff to a child except in extreme cases.

  61. Bill Magnum Says:

    I’ll leave it to the reader to lookup the MSDS’s on
    Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide.

    NOTE: The industrial applications are external, not internal.
    They can be used for disinfecting water at a very low concentration
    (parts per million).

    Contrary to the claims of the MMS promoters, Chlorine
    Dioxide appears to interract with normal human tissue
    and chemical processes in unwanted ways. Here are
    a couple of articles:

    Let’s look at some of the claims.

    Here’s an example of one of Dr. Humble’s inferences from
    his website (
    When treating cancer, according to the author, one
    could use MMS by increasing the number of drops to the point of
    nausea. “What is happening is that when nausea hits, some of the
    cancer has been destroyed and it is now a poison that the body can
    clear out.” This is a HUGE claim and is not supported by any
    evidence that I could find. The article continues with more stories
    and claims that are unverified. (What other treatments were used
    in conjunction with MMS?) Given Dr. Humbles lack of a background
    in Medicine or Biochemistry, I can’t just take his work for
    it that he understands what’s going on in the body.
    Detoxification is an unsupported assumption.

    Dr. Humble’s e-book mentions that there have been
    “160 scientific papers describing more than 100,000 scientific tests
    using essentially the same formula”. Why not “exactly the same
    formula”? The difference could be very important.

    Looking at Walter Last’s article,,
    we find some statements
    that cast further doubt on the MMS.

    A. “Chlorine dioxide was used to kill Anthrax during the
    2001 Anthrax attack.”

    This claim is blatantly disingenuous. As far as I’ve been
    able to determine, all such disinfectants were used topically
    or environmentally, not internally. Here is some more

    In fact, people infected with anthrax were treated with ciprofloxacin,
    doxycycline, and other substances, not with Sodium Chlorite or
    Chlorine Dioxode.

    B. “While it destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites,
    it does not damage the beneficial lactobacteria of out
    intestinal flora.”

    No convincing evidence is given for this claim.
    In fact, other articles lead me to the opposite conclution.
    I have no confidence in MMS’s promoter’s understanding
    of the chemical action of Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine
    Dioxide in the body. This is not homeopathy, and we should
    not be mislead into judging this product under homeopathic

    C. This is the kicker!
    “It should be stressed that MMS is not used to treat
    people but rather to purify water. We can then drink the
    purified water and receive a boost to our immune system as a

    Then why not just drink tap water or even really pure water
    that has been distilled and filtered? However, you are
    not drinking pure water when using MMS. You are drinking
    water with some quantity of Sodium Chlorite.

    I read that sentence as a ploy to inoculate the promoters
    of MMS from lawsuits,

    D. “If this treatment option would become widely known and used
    by the general population that would be devastating for the
    medical-pharmaceutical complex”

    This is the standard canard designed to hook the independent
    minded or anyone with something against the system. It’s as
    if to say that by using this product you are sticking it to the
    system — or you are acting on secret knowledge unavailable to
    the so called experts. Hurry up! Get in on the ground floor now!

    E. “Commonly nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea will occur sooner or
    later and are beneficial for cleaning out.”

    It’s pretty standard to say that unpleasant side effects
    are simply a cleansing or de-toxing process. To me this
    sounds more like symptoms of sodium chlorite or chlorine
    dioxide poinsoning. How are we to know? The promoters
    have no evidence to back up their claims. I’m not even
    convinced of their diagnoses in the cases they write about.

    If you have a debilitating condition and are willing
    to try anything, then good luck and I hope you do
    see results. Otherwise, I would suggest complete
    avoidance of this product except for mundane water
    purification in concentrations smaller than those recommended
    by the MMS promoters.

  62. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Most people who use MMS are in debilitating condition. I just met someone about 2 weeks ago who is using for lyme with good results. He’s been dealing with lyme for at least 20 years.

    People should read this report:

  63. Lisa Says:

    Given that you haven’t used MMS and that you yourself have not drawn on any medical or biochemical facts, your opinion is hardly useful. Why don’t you just leave it to those who are willing to try it or have some in depth knowledge of its use. Nobody is claiming that MMS is the answer to all diseases but this site has kindly made itself available to those who wish to share their experience. Long term use at large doses is not recommended anywhere and I have not heard of any seriously implications from short term use. From my own experience it has only proved to be beneficial. Please stop taking up useful space on this webpage. If people want to read the information you have referred to, then I’m sure we are all intelligent enough to do our own research and make our own judgement without having to rely on your interpretation.

  64. Tommie Says:

    I have appreciated reading all the comments. My chiropractor gave the the MMS to try and I thought I would learn more about it before I tried it. Is there a way to make the solution stable for use on kitchen counters and to disinfect my house? If so, would you give the directions. I am still pondering the internal application but am not opposed to it. Just need more info. Thanks for all the input. This is helpful.

  65. Zamir Says:

    suggest taking Monsanto Roundup, this kills everything it even gives plants Cancer by poisoning them, the FDA approves it and even the Illuminati wants you to take it along with Aspartame and Mercury amalgams and Sodium Flouride (rat poison) …ALL produced by Phd Chemists in the pay of Big Pharrma…did you know that Joseph Mengler and his assistant Merrck (that’s right Merrck the drugs company we all know today founded with Nazi Gold) both had a Phd for his work in pioneering Zyklon B and the work he did by injecting gasoline into children while he froze them to death….he produced Methadone thanks to the Child “Volunteers” it was called Adolphin but the Illuminati changed the name after their NWO Nazi machine stalled, they played around with words and the Phd Chemists called it MethADOne the ADO being the first three letter of ADOlph Hitler’s name…how is that for Nazi Drugs companies continuing their part in the FINAL SOLUTION, using Cheimicals instead of Concentration Camps……I hate it when arrogant nasty people talk about qualifications gained working on phoney research paid for by Nazi owned drug companies who reward them for body count.

  66. Steve Says:

    I don’t buy the notion that there is no research being done because pharmaceutical companies are evil and are keeping it suppressed because they will loose too much money.

    There are many university and non profit research programs that study and develop medical treatments independent of any pharmaceutical company funding or agendas. There are are even quite a few non profits that pickup “dead” research on what they call orphaned drugs which drug companies have abandoned because it was found to cost ineffective to develop. These non profits are mostly funded by private donations.

    If MMS was this powerful, someone would be at least doing basic, valid research and publishing results. The fact that you only seem to find anecdotal “evidence” from annonymous blogs and comments (mostly on sites selling MMS) seems to indicate that it’s not legitimate.

    Even if big pharmacutical companies were suppressing research in all the major drug developing countries, there are many poor and developing countries that do would have no issues mass perscribing something like MMS if it worked. Countries like India and Thailand are regularly giving the finger to big pharma companies by mass producing generic versions of patented drugs so their people can have access to much needed medications that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

    Don’t you think these countries with their proven record of favoring the health of their people over the profit margins of foreign owned drug companies would jump all over something like MMS if it worked?

    I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just asking if there is any real evidence in the form of actual, scientific research? And if not, don’t you think that’s strange for something with so much supposed potential?

  67. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Wether you buy the notion that pharmaceutical companies are evil or not is really irrelevant.

    MMS has been studied and is available in an IV product but I cannot provide the information at this time as I am away from my desk.

    In time MMS will get further study and accepted use, is my opinion.

    Many people that participate in this blog do not put much credence in “actual scientific research”

    To accept that MMS can do and does do what these testimonials state would require a whole rethinking and resultant paradigm shift in medical premises to disease, their cause and treatment. A very scary notion to those financially, intellectually and scientifically invested.

    Universities rely on heavy funding from pharmaceutical companies to support research.

  68. Rochester Says:

    Hi all,
    I just found out and have been reading up on MMS since yesterday.I would also like to try out the product but chemically, when you add 9NaClO2(Sodium Chlorite)+ 2C6H8O7(Citric acid)=9NaCl(table salt)+ 8H2O(water)+ 12CO2(carbon dioxide). You do not get Chlorine Dioxide(ClO2)-as someone earlier had chemically tried to balance the chemical reaction in a different way.It’s more like you have to add chlorine(Cl2)+ sodium chlorite(2NaClO2) to get chlorine dioxide(2ClO2)+ table salt(2NaCl).May be there are chemists on line who are more qualified to comment on what chemical reaction is going on,ie. how do you get chlorine dioxide by adding citric acid to sodium chlorite?
    Yet so many people are reporting positive results. I am at a loss.I will check back later to see if there is any feed back.Thanks.

  69. prioris Says:

    Very few people talk about the dark agendas to intentionally genocide and disable people via vaccinations.

    The hepatitis vacinations was the primary cause of AIDS deaths in the US. The smallpox vacinations was the primary cause of AIDS deaths in Africa. Behind the 430,000 plus gulf war syndrome was the anthrax vaccinations.The Secondary cause of AIDS deaths was toxic treatment combined with a questionable AIDS test which caused people to seek treatment. Also fraudulent AIDS statistics and intentionally misdiagnoing people with other conditions. Not to mention the medical establishments, gay activist groups and famous enterteiners who help cover up of this crimes against humanity and fund phoney research.

    The medical research establishment can’t be blindly trusted since they also serve hidden agendas and get nearly all their research funding, licensing, salaries and career advancement from the perpetrators who created the AIDS problem. NIH has defunded any researcher who goes against the government line on the cause of AIDS. There are also phoney advocate charity and gay groups that helpe

    The thing that impresses me about Jim Humbolt is that he actually tells people how to make it themselves. One can buy the chemical on line and make it themselves on the cheap.

    The situation is this. You can’t blindly trust anyone. You must strive to always do better to discern where the truth lies. The great thing about MMS is that it doesn’t cost much to do youir own personal research.

  70. Winteroses Says:

    I have just started taking MMS, but I can only seem to tolerate 3 drop doses and I take them at night about every other night but I get these crazy dizzy headaches the next day, that remind me of ‘toxicity’ headaches, I’m nauseous too, and in general before taking MMS I have ‘off’ days but they’re feeling waaaay off, and I’m guessing it’s detox symptoms as I know I’ve had Candida for 20 years and have postponed doing something about it permanently… I have done short boughts of a strict Candida diet and have experienced the die off symptoms and felt great afterward only to slip back into my usual diet which is organic and healthy (except when my husband goes on chocolate binges and I participate ) ( : So I will just keep at my low dose every other night until I feel I can tolerate more!

  71. Chaz Says:

    Whether intentionally or from blind profiteering, we are all being loaded with toxins CONSTANTLY. If MMS can help with this HUGE problem, why not try it -gently?
    Please look into bioelectrification as another method to the same end, using a “zapper” to eliminate parasites safely and help alkalinize. Don Croft and Huldah Clark provide a wealth of info on this cutting edge tech. And there are no side effects!!

  72. Richard Says:

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Putting chlorine dioxide into your body, especially your blood, is very dangerous. Much like hydrogen peroxide or ozone, it is highly reactive and theoretically should form free radicals, which are, wait for it…a known cause of DNA damage (cancerous cells) not to mention an agent that will rapidly destroy cells. There is no way this can distinguish between human cells, or bacterial cells, it isn’t a specific agent designed to destroy disease. Whoever is promoting this is truly fraudulent in my opinion. Read the toxicity of sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide for yourself!


  73. Richard Says:

    I am willing to bet a lot of people who are wanting to try this ‘alternative therapy’ are also greenies who believe that plastics etc like PVC are bad for the environment. If you put this stuff in your body, it will form similar organochlorine compounds in your body that environmentalists have been complaining about for decades.

  74. Arrow Durfee Says:

    HO HUM…and blah blah blah.

  75. John Says:

    Hi All,

    I have had email conversations with Jim Humble and find him to be an honest and very caring person. I think if he did this much research on the subject and stands by it in a public forum that it must be a great product. I have used it for colds and flu as the protocol recommends and have had great results.

    See Jim in his Project Camelot interview:

  76. Tom Says:

    Hello Rett,

    Interesting discussion…

    I don’t believe the issues of safety should be taken lightly, but there have been a lot of studies showing that the amounts of sodium chlorite involved in the MMS protocol, while above defined Minimum Risk Levels, are not high enough to cause death when taken for the short term. If you review the toxicology reports on chlorine dioxide and chlorite, the MMS protocol seems to have people at the Adverse Effect Level, since many who take the MMS protocol observe adverse effects.

    Many choose to call these adverse effects a “detox” or “herx” reaction, and that may be true in the strictest sense. You have ingested a high concentration of a toxic material and your body is trying to get rid of it…

    A justification of using the MMS protocol that is often brought up is that it is used to disinfect water. When I research the concentrations used for water treatment, and interview the engineers associated with the installation and operation of water treatment plants, I find that the concentration of free ClO2 used is in the 1 – 4 PPM range. You can purchase ClO2 tablets for disinfecting water while you are in the wilderness. These tablets produce 4 PPM free ClO2, and take about 4 hours to completely disinfect the water.

    Often, in water treatment, the water is taken through several steps of filtering before it is disinfected. This removes debris and the larger pathogens. Then the water is disinfected. The concentration of ClO2 is monitored and when the concentration needed is higher, additional water treatment is needed to remove the chlorite ion residual that is formed as ClO2 breaks down. This chlorite ion is toxic and is regulated by the federal government.

    Samples of the water are checked, frequently, and the effectiveness of the treatment is monitored very closely. Clinical trials were done first with animals to try and determine some limits, and then with humans at levels below where they observed adverse effects, but above the minimum risk levels.

    In contrast, the MMS protocol involves concentrations that are much higher, there is no monitoring of effects or formal study of what these higher concentrations are doing inside the body. We do have a lot of people reporting that when they start (the key point here is that most are starting at very low doses) they notice an improvement, then they continue to increase the concentration of the dose until they reach “bowel tolerance.”

    Since no one knows how ClO2 reacts inside the body, information has been presented in how ClO2 has been used externally to give credibility to this treatment. The “selectivity” of chlorine dioxide comes from its use in water treatment. Chlorine disinfects by attaching a chlorine molecule to everything in the water. Chlorine dioxide oxidizes bacteria, virus, and cysts in the water, but does not “chlorinate” the other materials in the water. In this sense, chlorine dioxide is selective and does not produce the same disinfection by products that chlorine does. The disinfection by product produced by chlorine dioxide is the chlorite ion. When conditions are correct, this will further reduce to chloride, which is salt.

    Jim Humble is of the impression that this process happens quickly, but scientific studies suggest that the chlorite ion has a half life of around 35 hours inside the body of animals. The test methods and materials used in the scientific studies are published and are open for review. Jim Humbles test methods and materials used, and the results from his testing are closely guarded. When I have asked him to publicize his testing and test methods, he has referred me to his various web sites and his book. I am left with the impression that he thinks that just because he made a statement about something, we should just take it at face value and there is no need to review the data behind the statement.

    As far as credibility goes, I score this round for science.

    The current MMS protocol is flawed.

    Jim Humble started out working with people with malaria. Early in his book he states that he was using 12 drops of the 28% sodium chlorite and activating it with 60 drops of apple cider vinegar. He then diluted this with around a glass of water and people drank this down and reported being relieved of the malaria symptoms in a matter of hours.

    Jim Humble stated that this solution had a concentration of free ClO2 of around 1 PPM. I picked up some test strips from a chemical testing supply house and decided to check this out. I took 12 drops of MMS and added 3 ml (60 drops) of apple cider vinegar. After the activation time I added 250 ml of water. I measured a concentration of around 3 PPM free ClO2.

    While my results did not come out exactly as Jim Humbles results, they were very close. The difference may have been due to a different brand of apple cider vinegar being used.

    Jim Humble reported 100% success with this protocol.

    Jim Humble also reported that people taking this dose with the 1 PPM free ClO2 concentration experience no adverse effects. He went on to clarify that a couple of people experience a light nausea, but it quickly went away after a few minutes.

    After reading this, I find myself very interested in this protocol. I read further in the book and find that around 75000 people were treated for malaria. I happen to know doctors and church missionary workers that work in various areas of Africa and strike up conversations with them about this “miracle” cure for malaria. They tell me that they have never heard of Jim Humble, but have also never heard of any miracle cure for malaria.

    Looking further into the book I found that Jim Humble worked through some clinics in Africa. I was surprised to find out that when the clinics were contacted, they knew nothing of Jim Humble, MMS, or any miracle cure for malaria.

    Pausing a moment, and refusing the lack of verification to dampen my building enthusiasm for MMS, I approached some medical professionals about the plausibility of a dilute amount of ClO2 being beneficial. In concept, they informed me that it was plausable, but to get it right a lot of testing and studies would be needed.

    I then took the time to finish the book. Imagine my surprise when I read that Jim Humble changed the protocol and was now suggesting using a stronger acid for activation. I would think that 100% success, using a dose with a low free ClO2 concentration, would be worth building on, but it appears that Jim Humble believes that if a little is good, a whole lot more should be better.

    It has been pointed out over and over again that there is a history of 30 + years of people taking “stabilized oxygen” and seeing beneficial results. Stabilized oxygen involves trace amounts of ClO2, and then Jim Humble improved upon this by activationg the sodium chlorite and bringing the concentration up to around 1 PPM, and reported 100% success using this concentration.

    Now let’s look at the concentration of free ClO2 in the current MMS protocol. Using test strips to measure the free ClO2 concentration, I am finding that a 15 drop dose of MMS in a glass of water has around a 50 PPM concentration of free ClO2.

    Where are the studies and test results showing that a solution that is 50 times stronger than what was used with 100% success is necessary?

    Indeed, there is some anecdotal evidence that acidified sodium chlorite solutions have some benefit. Jim Humble may have been onto something with his original protocol with a concentration of around 1 PPM free ClO2. However, it is apparent that MMS is not a “cure all,” and even when people are able to endure the high concentration doses, this “overnight” cure does not perform well.

    Now we are moving from a single dose, or two, to long term use of sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide. While I can “stomach” the idea of taking a dose or two of a somewhat toxic material, the idea of long term treatment using it requires a little closer look at what it does inside the body.

    To get an idea of how strong the current MMS protocol is, pick up some test strips that measure free ClO2. Then mix up a 15 drop MMS dose and add it to 250 ml of water. I am getting a concentration of around 50 PPM free ClO2. In 1 liter of water the concentration is reduced to around 12.5 PPM free ClO2. In 2 liters of water the concentration would drop to 6.25 PPM, and in 4 liters we would have a concentration of a little over 3 PPM free ClO2. In 8 liters of water you would be a little over the concentration of free ClO2 that Jim Humble reported that he had 100% success with in helping people with malaria.

    As I mentioned earlier, the MMS protocol is flawed. It should first determine what is responsible for the improvement in people. Is it free ClO2, or is it the residual chlorous acid?

    Once this information is in hand, then the protocol should give a specific target range of the amount of the substance you need to take, based upon your body weight. All of this would be determined through tests and clinical trials.

    The next step is to determine what illnesses this would be effective with. And then you can provide the activation method that is most effective.

    Going back to the current MMS protocol, the same 15 drops activated with 5% citric acid (instead of 10%) will give you 1 liter of water with a 5 PPM concentration of free ClO2. If you use a 5% sodium chlorite solution and activate it 1:1 with 10% citric acid (1 ml of 5% NaClO2 would be activated with 1 ml of 10% citric acid) you end up with a solution that is about 30% more effective as far a pathogen killing power goes based on tests outside of the body.

    I have for years believed in the benefit of antioxidants. I try to eat food rich in antioxidants, take some vitamins and minerals, and drink green tea for its antioxidant properties. As I understand it, the purpose of antioxidants is to minimize the amount of oxidative stress that goes on inside the body. Oxidation can damage cells and lead to premature aging and a variety of illnesses, including cancer.

    Now we have another theory… When damage has occurred and you find yourself ill, you should embrace oxidation therapy. Chlorine dioxide, chlorous acid, hydrogen peroxide, and hyperbolic oxygen therapy are all oxidation therapies. Somehow, with the lack of knowledge of how MMS works inside the body, I feel much more comfortable working in the antioxidant side of things. There may be special circumstances where oxidation therapy makes sense, but I don’t believe it is a good way to go for long term treatment.

    Here is another test you can check out. Mix up a 15 drop dose of MMS and add it to a glass of water. Now add 350 mg of vitamin C to the mixture. The yellow green color of the solution will instantly become crystal clear. If you have some test strips you will find that the concentration of ClO2 has dropped to 0 PPM. It’s all used up.

    Out of this comes an interesting question…

    If I daily take 2000 mg of vitamin C, how much MMS would I have to take to “use up” all of the vitamin C and have some left over to kill off pathogens inside the body?

    When you do the math you find that 6 doses of 15 drops would be needed to neutralize the 2000 mg of vitamin C with a little left over to try to disinfect the body. This just covers that additional vitamin C that I take. What about the other antioxidants and the amounts that I receive through my dietary intake?

    Jim Humble tends to gloss over this interaction and simply states that you should separate the MMS dose from your antioxidant supplements by a couple of hours. Where are the test results that indicate that a couple of hours is all that is needed to kill off the pathogens inside the body? Where are the notes on how to adjust your antioxidant regime to compensate for the additional oxidation going on inside your body?

    Sadly, we have been left having to figure this out on our own. Fortunately, those where are extremely ill and view MMS as their last hope for better health, are also able to figure out the chemistry, do the research on the safe limits of these chemicals, are willing to run a battery of tests to become comfortable with these chemicals, and have a medical team in place to monitor progress in their treatment…

    Unfortunately, in most cases this is not possible.

    At the very least, people should have a series of blood tests done before they start on the protocol. That way they have a base line to compare results to, and also have a baseline to measure any indication of oxidative stress against.

    I encourage people to run some tests on this. The test strips are not expensive, and the few drops of MMS that are used for testing are also not that expensive. The knowledge that you will get from conducting the tests will be priceless.

    I mentioned that Jim Humble may have been onto something with his initial work with his 1 PPM concentration of ClO2 dose. In order to come up with something similar using 10% citric acid, you need to do the following:

    Put 15 drops MMS into a glass. Add to that 3 and 1/2 ml of water (about 70 drops). Now add 1/2 ml (about 10 drops) of 10% citric acid. Swirl and let activate for 5 – 10 minutes. Add 250 ml of water and you will have a solution that has 3 – 4 PPM free ClO2, and is just a little stronger than what Jim Humble reported 100% success with when working with people with malaria.

    You will also notice that when you drink this down there are no adverse effects. If you have malaria, and if Jim Humble was actually in Africa (unverified), and if he was actually successful in treating 75000 people with malaria (also unverified), you should be better in a couple of hours.


  77. Arrow Durfee Says:


    You make very good observations and certainly they are thoughts that most of us have had after reading the available material and using the product.

    Doubts tend to get put aside when you start using it after feeling like crap for a long time, then suddenly you are better! and this is why many people do not press on with their questions. Its like, I was sick, I used it, I got better, now on to the next life experience.

    I would add that a concentration that is required to kill Malaria might be different than a concentration required to kill other pathogens in different locations of the body.

    I do not recommend the daily regimen that Humble states people should do, that being 6 drops daily just to stay healthy.

    I do know that there has been a product around for quite a while that is similar to MMS and it is give by IV for serious disease.

    All in all I still say that that it should be in everyone’s home arsenal. I do also think that it is not near as effective on cancer as people might like to think and hope.

    Recently someone I know used it for epstein barr, essentially a protracted case of MONO that went on for several years. It cleared it up in just a couple of weeks with improvement noted in just a couple of days.

    My son used it to clear a sebacious cyst on his neck, that took about 2 weeks or so. After seeing this cyst visibly reduce and disappear I wondered about what other nasty things in the body it might be dissolving.

    People need to keep asking questions and reporting results. I doubt serious testing will ever happen, we can only but hope.

  78. Ron Says:


    Having read the posts and concerns of those looking to use MMS to reverse serious degenerative diseases, I suggest you link your site and refer your readers to the comprehensive article by Walter Last about the proper and safe use of MMS which is found at

    Walter is based in Australia and is a highly respected and long experienced naturopath and widely published author on matters of health who formerly was both a pathologist and then a research chemist. His comments should give direction and reassurance how to best to prepare for and use MMS.

    Best regards,


  79. Arrow Durfee Says:


    This link you provided does not work. Can you provide another?

  80. Marc Says:

    He forgot the “m”:

  81. Marc Says:

    And sorry, my link was also incorrect :-D . Hope this one works.

  82. Jacques Says:

    To All – I read with interest – but have a few questions.

    I have been involved with Malaria control for many years in Africa. Yes indeed, there is a huge field of interest between water borne deseases and Africa`s health problems, (with water purification chlorine dioxide is indeed effective, but exspensive for Africa)however, I doubt that THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE ANSWER FOR MALARIA – for more than 100 years – many professionals with funds from Bill Gates , WHO, etc. can`t find a cost effective solution or vaccine – what is the cost of chlorine dioxide? – Kindly refer to a single study that provide prove that it cures Malaria.(RMBC) REDUCE MALARIA BURDEN CONSORTIUM – South Africa

  83. Ian Says:

    To All;

    Cancer recommends transdermally, read on;

    However, the quotes above also indicate that diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. are part of this treatment. This is true only if you take this treatment orally. It is the stomach which is causing these side-effects. If you take this treatment transdermally, meaning through the skin; the stomach, and the side-effects, can be totally avoided. However, there may be some diarrhea, which is a very minor problem compared to the nausea and vomiting.

    While most websites on chlorine dioxide suggest taking it orally, this website strongly suggests you take it transdermally. The only side-effect of taking this treatment transdermally, if you do it right, are possible slight burnings on the skin. This can be controlled by rotating where you rub it on your skin, spreading it very thin over a wide area of skin and by using skin creams to stop the burning, as long as the skin creams do NOT contain any antioxidants.

  84. Jules Says:

    For those who want to buy sodium chlorite to make their own, Lisa at has the best prices I’ve found: $30/1 lb., $100/5 lbs., $180/10 lbs., also bulk quantities if you ask her. She only accepts postal money orders. When emailing, make sure you put “sodium chlorite” in the subject line or you may not get a reply. I just bought a large quantity and am a very happy customer. Of course, she does not make claims of anything.

  85. Frank Says:

    I hope you understand that these things can be working here..

    #1 placebo effect.
    #2 faith ( yes that works as #1)
    #3 works for real ( hmm i don’t trust anyone who can’t PROVE theyr facts.. ) see post 76.. mr humble doesnt post is sources.. or contact numbers we can call..

    #4 total bs..

    while #1,2,3 actually do the same, #4 is actually what i would assume..

    I have read the little pamphlets etc.. but anyone who CLAIMS to cure AIDS, HERPES, and CANCER, and hasnt got any further even with PRIVATE founding is a total hmm hypocrit.. can you imagine giving this to all that need it ? for this low cost ? Im up for it..

    Gimme the proof.. 3 independent labs.. 3 workers each with one control panel and you got proof.

    Remember the movie “THE SAINT” val kilmer with cold fusion doing free energy ? well thats the happy ending we would all want.. then again before injecting or drinking lethal products i would have studies made.

    post 76 says he contacted branches or clinics in Africa? which ones ? I have a friend working at the red cross in those areas (logistics) .. Let me ask him to contact them and corroborate your investigation.

    BTW you see in the newspapers “Thanks to ST. put a saint name here for granting my wishes.” You believe in that ? personally i don’t .. doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.. but it’s not the saint.. its something more powerful then that.. probably something you would learn in the movie the SECRET… then again based on faith, faith in thyself , in what one can do.. a mother lifting a car to save her child.. someone coming back from cancer to finish xyz…

    You could have a lab test and have these same people drink pure water and the effects would be same.. maybe that is.

    PS you know that the easiest way to get guinea pigs is post some crap on the net and wait for a group to start this trend ? wow.. no more FDA approval or tests.. just get people post results in a non scientific , blitzkrieg way that no one can follow .. At least have the decency to make a site where you can all post your dosages/effects/and how long you took , and desirable effects..

    For god sakes.. is it normal that only 95% of these posts are positives ?
    You will say it’s because it works ? yes , maybe.. it works for 100% of the board posters ( those 95%) .. i bet the rest just don’t take the time to post.. another BIAS ? well one could think that it’s all good right..

    So here is the deal… I will make the web site.. host it.. design it.. and programm it.. for FREE…

    We want to have STABLE/STEADY and CONFIRMED results ? REPEATABLE ones ?

    drop me a mail at with subject MMS
    Ill start this week and let you know how this goes.. basically you will have a few fields to fill and you will have a nice timetable of your results…and compare to others.. grouped by illness or effects.. (anonymous of course)

    This would need at least 10-20 users to have anything concrete.. but hey.. we can start with that.

    So drop me a line and ill get onto it if theres a desire for it.

  86. Frank Says:

    Should we also be worried of this ?

    Later studies have proved that the thyroid inhibitory
    effects of C102 are not limited to nonhuman primates.
    C102 exposure elicited thyroid inhibition in neonatal
    rats, both by direct gavage of the pups and by exposing
    lactating dams to aqueous C102 (9). Ongoing research
    in our laboratory has also demonstrated that the rate
    of decrease in serum thyroxine of rats, related to aging,
    was accelerated when the animals were exposed to
    C102-treated water. In these studies we have also
    shown that the in vivo radioactive iodide uptake (RAIU)
    in monkeys doubles


    Apart from the biological activity of thyromimetic and
    inhibitory analogs of thyroxine, or the metabolic fate
    and renal toxicity of radiocontrast preparations, virtually
    nothing is known about the toxicity of iodinated
    natural products. Feeding iodinated casein to test animals
    has been shown to accelerate the development of
    Vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency;
    however, no explanation
    for this effect was offered (13).
    Currently, we hypothesize that some as-yet unknown
    iodinated molecule forming in trace quantities in the
    alimentary tract is responsible for the thyroid inhibition
    seen during C102 exposure. It is anticipated that such
    compounds form in vivo in very small amounts even at
    100 ppm C102 concentration


  87. Lisa Says:

    Frank! What are you on about? Your message doesn’t make sense. Can’t work out what your purpose is. Why are you posting here? To make your own website? To slam MMS? Are you a researcher or a cynic?

  88. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well, people do post here to slam MMS. As long as they are not nasty, foul or insulting in their presentations their posts remain. I have had to remove a number due to stated reasons.

    I think we should look at all reports and take them into consideration, maintaining an open mind. So far, the evidence suggests that mms is relatively harmless when used as directed.

    The evidence is overwhelming on the benefits of Lugols iodine. I can not speak for iodianated casein fed to test animals. It surely is not the lugols iodine which has been used in veteninary medicine for many more years than antibiotics have. I have seen quite a number of people not only use mms but lugols iodine concurrently. Some have reduced need for thyroid medication.

    All in all only a theory was stated above. Nothing that means very much to me so far.

    Again I will restate my position. I do not recommend MMS to be taken on a routine basis. I think it should be saved for those disease process that has been shown to respond to it, that being primarily parasitic or microbial in origin. The key to use and understanding is it that many many disease are caused by parasites, microbes, that the current medical intelligentsia is not willing or equipped to recognize or address.

    “Medical experts” do not want to progress and firmly shut their eyes to the truth. If it were not so you would find dark field microscopy in all physicians offices and hospitals across the nation. But you do not. This technology is effectively banned by the FDA and is not recognized by the AMA and in many states, doctors found using it will be shut down and arrested. Dark Field Microscopy attests to the fact, proves the fact, that many of our most common diseases are in fact caused by microbial invasion. MMS can eliminate much of it.

  89. Charles Says:

    Hi Tom, I really like your comment on MMS, I would love to talk to you( via emails) and ask you more about your study(ies) on this subject! I would like to try this product(MMS) personally, but I would like to know more about it before I try it, and you seems like a VERY smart man and has gone thru all those experiments yourself. so perhaps you could help me or advice me what is the dose that would be good to take , if I just want to make sure that I don’t have anything bad inside my body, I do have a blood pressure problem and currently taking my medication for it and is now under control.Thanks Tom!

  90. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I suggest to enter this forum to communicate with people who are using MMS.

  91. Doodle Says:

    I wanted to post and let everyone know that MMS works great on my acne. I do not use it full strength, as full strength burned my skin. I put 10 drops of acid solution, and 2 drops of MMS in a little shot glass, cover the top of the glass, wait 3 minutes, pour an ounce of distilled water in the shot glass, and pour that into a 2 oz spray bottle I have. I keep the solution in the fridge when I’m not using it, and when I need some, I just bring a cotton ball with me to the kitchen and spray it until it’s soaked. I also use the spray bottle to spray affected areas of my body. The solution keeps fairly well in the fridge, I make a new batch every other day. I will probably continue to increase the strength of the solution as my skin adjusts. So far, I love what it’s done for my face.

    I would also like to address the herpes sufferers who’s posts I’ve read. I know this is a blog about MMS, but anyone who suffers mouth ulcers, canker sores, fever blisters or herpes (whatever you call what you have) should try L-Lysine. A friend at work told me about it. I used to just take it once a month just before my period, like my co-worker…and I’ve not gotten a mouth ulcer since. This fall I started taking it daily, and while people all around me were catching colds and flu, I seemed to be immune. L-Lysine seems to be a powerful anti-viral…at least it works that way for me.

    Also people suffering from candida, yeast, or fungal infections (again, whatever you call what you have), should cut sugar and carbs, and take a strong probotic formula, I take acidophilus and bifidus.

    I haven’t started taking MMS internally yet, I’m still experimenting with using it topically, but I will post any good or bad findings when I do.

  92. Gazelle Says:


    A number of people have commented about their experiences with herpes.
    I have a successful and surprising story using MSM, not MMS.

    3-4 years ago I began taking 2-5 grams of MSM for pain associated with a lower back injury (ruptured discs). The pain was completely alleviated. In addition, I smelled like a walking yeast factory for quite a while. I continued with this protocol for at least 3 -5 months. I have not had a herpes outbreak on my lips since and, I have had all the triggers. For the past 20+ years I would have at least 2 outbreaks/year.

    At the time, I could not figure out why I did not break out with the typical large cold sore in response to the usual triggers (flu, cold, sun, biting lip, sugar, etc…). During a Google session with “MSM” I found several Vet studies where they used MSM to “cure” horses of herpes. MSM has actually been used for this condition for quite a long time.

    Interestingly, when I recently try to google “MSM and herpes” o,r “MSM, herpes, and horses” these sites do not come up anymore, In fact, the opposite comes up – sites claiming that MSM used to treat herpes is quackery and that MSM has not been used with horses afflicted wiith herpes.

    Also, since then, I have found it very difficult to find a quality MSM product that had the same results. The product I used was from India and I can not locate it. Now, most of the products are petroleum based and do not have the same pain relieving effects.

  93. mua Says:

    hey Gazelle,
    just dealing with the MSM topic…

    what do you mean with: most of the products are petroleum based?

    i thought MSM is a very cheap and easy produceable product…

    arent there lots of websites out there where one can buy MSM?

    I see a lot of them…

  94. Mark Says:

    Hi, i was introduced to MMS by a good friend whose step mom had overcome an agressive stage 4 stomach cancer. After reading the following link to MEDICAL EVIDENCE (recommend everyone should read this) i decided to order MMS an start taking it. While waiting for my MMS to arrive i mentioned about it to my mom who was having treatment for MELANOMA. Mom is in her 80′s, an since started taking MMS twice daily (ratio 6:30) reports she is feeling fine and my brother has applied a topical MMS treatment to the MELANOMAS an these have cleared up.

    HERE’s the LINK:

    There are several pages associated with this doctors information about MMS, be sure to read each of them an you will have best chance to gain understanding of how it works.

    My own conclusion: MMS is completely SAFE provided you follow the DIRECTIONS.
    This is typical of most things that in otherwise overdose quantities would also be harmful to the human body – it is possible to overdose on coffee but few would know it can be lethal.
    Forget about those who stand to protect the pharma industry in it’s attempt to prevent you from taking a good product an following your own educated choice.
    FACT: Many human deaths are attributable to adverse reactions to prescribed medical drugs but the pharma industry will defend drugs as being safe.

    It is most unfortunate that some people who promote the use of MMS are not conversant with how it works an in their effort to inform others have given an incorrect description.

    For myself, MMS has helped me feel better through it’s DETOX, and i have more energy.

    And remember, when taking MMS follow the DIRECTIONS.

  95. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So your saying she overcame the stomach cancer with MMS?

    Good testimonial on the melanoma. I think that melanoma can at times go quite deep and probably if one chooses to do this treatment they should take it orally as well as topically. Leave no stone unturned.

  96. Mark Says:

    Hi Rett,
    that’s correct..
    my friends step-mom has no more sign of stomach cancer!
    news just in from my mom of 80 + years..
    mom takes MMS orally as well as topical applications..
    “Amazing that MMS has cleared the cancer on my back–no inflamation and the itch has stopped. Still have the scar from biopsy so will keep applying H/L Gel….. Still waiting for the big mole to come off–getting very dry to touch and small bit came off”
    this in less than 2 weeks!
    this is wonderful news!
    i hope more people will take MMS and save themselves a lot of anxiety & worry and money!!

  97. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Very nice. May I put your post up in our header under testimonials? You still stand by it?

  98. Rodger Says:

    I’ve gone thru the informative details re MMS and have tried to understand the chemistry of the product from other sources also. It shall be of great importance to me if some one can really comment on ‘MMS vs Heart condition’. I have four stents in my right arti. and am on regular medicationfor the last 4 years and now I feel on decline. I’m in 50′s. Thanks

  99. Kristine Says:

    Herxheimer reactions and Lymph drainage may be assisted with massage therapy. Massage releases the toxins and water allows safe, comfortable and natural elimination. The most significant part of this therapy is that the client drinks plenty of water or the newly released toxins will settle in the nerves, which results the next day in a sensation not dissimilar to having been driven over by a Mack truck. Please, drink plenty of water.
    Herxheimer reactions may be further relieved by including extra virgin olive oil AND Himalayan salt (learn about it, but there are many sources from which you may purchase) in your diet. Combined, they properly process food while providing a plethora of benefits.
    Having only just learned of MSS less than a day ago, I am looking forward to personal assessment. The essential documentation will be prepared and submitted for your review.
    Warm regards and pure love to you all.

  100. C. Sue Says:

    If placebo effects were as effective as MMS, doctors and drugs would be curing people left and right as there are still a whole lot of folks out there who have complete and utter faith in them. They have a medicine cabinet full of prescription medicine because they’re sick while the most medicine-like stuff I have in my whole house (aside from hair conditioner) is some generic magnesium tablets and I’m fine. I’m not a health nut, I don’t have time for it. I’ve smoked for almost 40 years, drink coffee and my eating habits are atrocious but I know what chemo so-called therapy does to the human body and anyone who would condone doing that to another human being while criticizing things they know nothing about is absolutely NOT the type of person I’d go to for ANY type of information. Everything they say about anything has to be treated as suspect. I’m not a research scientist but I am a researcher and the first thing I do is validate the source of information. Jim Humble passed, so-called “health practitioners” do not. It’s as if college science and medical degrees require a class that reduces the IQ by half. They can’t seem to think themselves from A to B to C for some reason. It’s kinda creepy and it makes research difficult when “experts” are so intellectually impaired and so revered at the same time. Anyone who does pure research can tell you that you often find yourself trying to navigate through what appears to be a Salvador Dali painting. It is truly surreal sometimes.

  101. OceanDeep Says:

    I have been taking MMS for a about a week + for HSV2. I have also used it topically as instructed by Jim Humble you prepare it like normal @ somewhere like 6-10 drops THEN DILUTE WITH PURE H2O LIKE USUALLY. I am alarmed at the people who are NOT DILUTING IT and burning off their skin, I have not read anywhere any safe use for MMS in undiluted form. Please add pure water 3 mins afterward. Jim also says that if you make a strong solution (as above) you can put it in a spray bottle and spray the skin, you do not have to rinse.

    My MMS took too long to get here cause the shipper took 10 days to put it in the mail. I started out with a small 2 blister OB (my first ever, I just got this) Anyways I took it upon my self to change my diet IMMEDIATELY to a RAW FOODS & Vegan Diet (yes I have slipped up a few times but I am still a beginner) anyways the veggies really detoxed me which resulted in the OB returning after the first two sores were gone, this time it was a whole blistery crotch. MMS arrived….

    …I started @ 1 drop because I am a punk. Then up to 2 4 hours later (I was taking a dose every 4 hours). I got up to 3 drops within two days & I had applied the solution topically as described above DILUTED DUH!. On day 3 my labia shedded huge thin sheets of skin and under it was HEALED SKIN WITH ALL THE BLISTERS GONE!!. I kept up my doses because I want to kill all the bad stuff in my body especially the HSV2. I continued to have nerve tingly for a few more days (about 2-3) then finally they were completely gone. I did have very mild nausea once or twice until I got to 10 drops yesterday (this is about 6 or so days after the OB was gone for good) I slipped up on my diet and had a bag of cheetos with I barfed up after spewing out a tone of odd looking things on the toilet from the other end. I was all tired and watery eyed, back and forth from the bathroom….about 30-45 mins later IT WAS OVER & I felt VERY VERY GOOD AND CLEAN (not sure how people are thinking this is Clorine Dioxide poisoning since I felt really good after, and odd things were in my poo—-DETOX not POISONING I think I can tell the diff. I have lost about 6-8LBS since this whole HSV2+MMS+RawFood deal. I have resumed my normal sex life as well (I am happily married & my husband and I both suspect that he was an asymptomatic shedder (or near asymptomatic shedder) Who had the virus for God knows how long, and I just happened to catch it this time making up both aware of all of this. I was prescribed valtrex I didnt even fill it–300$ for something that isnt going to cure me? Yeah right. There are other ways besides MMS that I would try before ever putting drugs in my body (try Dherbs.Com ‘s anit-viral herbs people have claimed to test neg for herpes after completing it & I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE POST THAT THEY TESTED NEG FOR HERPES AFTER MMS but they prob got back to their normal lives rather than trying to make every fool on earth believe them (for free at that, no one is rich from MMS its readily available in too many sources and is dirt cheap)

    About MMS doubters. There are WAY WAY WAY too many people getting better by using MMS for me to have doubted it. Even if Jim Humble is not correct on all of his science that does not mean that MMS does not work. If you tell me that you can flip a switch and make light appear in a dark room but you fail to explain exactly how it happened THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT DIDNT OR CANT HAPPEN. And even if you happen to be an electrician and light bulb manufacturer that doesnt mean you know every possible use and effect for the resulting light that exists.

    ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE IS NOT GOING TO DO CLINICAL TRIALS OF MMS & unless you have a very open minded and non corrupt doc I would not go blabbing about how you got better from using it because I am sure an unwarranted ban is not to far off, they have done it in AU, UK and Canada. We are in the Matrix folks, if you havent realized that fine time you did and stop expecting help from those dudes in the black suits and shades that kept talking Neo. There are FDA approved meds that kill people there are meds that have been hardly tested that are approved for things they havent proven work….So I really cant be hearing all that BS about MMS not being this or that, cause everything that has been tested and approved aint all that great or is out right poisonous. If people are saying they this and this and this whole list of things got better after taking MMS as directed (and yes when yall write down what you did I can tell if you followed it correctly or not) thats enough info for me to try it.

    If you dont try it and stay sick thats on you. If you do use it FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS that come from Jim Humble first above anything else. If you dont know how to be sure you are reading info fron Jim Humble MMS prob aint right for you cause you have to be able to read, follow directions and take responsibility for your own health.

  102. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well, its been 2 years how since MMS hit the public scene. So far so good. Many many cures reported.
    Thanks Jim Humble for your courageous work!

  103. Ross Says:

    I am 29 and considder myself to be in good health. I recently tried MMS and thought I would share my experience.

    I used the standard 1:5 ratio, mixed with store bought apple juice. I started at one drop and worked up to 6 over the course of 2-3 of days, taking it about 20 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach. Experienced mild nausea up to 6 drops, and then an afternoon of diarrhea after taking 6 drops for the first time. This did not feel unpleasant and I did not feel ‘unwell’, it actually felt quite good in a way.

    I then took 6 drops once a day for the following 3 days, with no diarrhea or nausea. It would seem to me that it the nausea and diarrhea were as a result of some sort of poisoning from the
    MMS then I would experience the same symptoms when taking the same dosage for the next few days. I did not. I also felt fantastic once my body had finished expelling whatever didn’t belong there.

    My girlfriend has just started using MMS this week (she has proctitis), and I will let you know how she gets on.

    Drug companies are corporations. They have a financial interest in keeping you ill and therefore selling you more of their products. There is no financial benefit to them in making you better. Also, MMS is a chemical solution and therefore cannot be patented and monopolised like the rest of their drugs.

  104. Arrow Durfee Says:

    There are new protocols out for using MMS and some are much easier on the stomach. You can read them at natmed forum. Even one for using MMS and DMSO together for cancer. I have no clue if it works..

  105. Ross Says:

    Great, thanks.

    The great news regarding my girlfriend is that the MMS appears to have completely cured her (apparently incurable) Proctitis. After about 2-3 days her symptoms completely disappeared with no sickness and only mild nausea (she worked up to only 6 drops) . Her movements have also returned to normal for the first time since she contracted the disease over a year ago.

    Just to make clear; the only conventional medication she was subscribed was an anti-imflammitory, which did nothing to aleviate the other symptoms or cure the disease (as it is not even known what causes it).

    Its been a week and a half now and no relapses.

  106. Sandie Says:

    Hi, Ross’s girlfriend here, (see above post). I’d just like to add a little to what Ross has posted. I have suffered with Proctitis for nearly two years. During this time the symptoms went into remission just twice, for just two short periods of time; two to three weeks at the most. A evening out with friends/the wrong food/drink or stressful day at work would be all it took to aggrivate the problem causing different degrees of discomfort, pain and very unpleasant symptoms (IBS/very bloody stools,swelling,cramps, etc).

    I visited my GP as soon as I started with symptoms and I’ve followed their advice to this day. This included in this order, a perscription of asacol 400mg tablets, a proctoscope and sigmoidoscope and a biopsy. This concluded that it was indeed Proctitis and a stronger dosage of Asacol was perscribed (500mg). I am now just waiting to get a date for a follow up hospital appointment, letter due with a date any time now.

    Ross introduced me to MMS when he first started taking it, which to be honest, I wasn’t confident about enough to buy some myself. Then recently, after the worst episode to date and a more detailed look at what MMS is, I took my first dose; 5 drops, just over a week ago. After a couple of hours I felt a bit nauseaus and had a very loud and rumbly tummy and the usual IBS-like symptoms. Amazingly, the very next day I had none of my usual morning symptoms, and the rest of the week has been completely clear too. It appears to have gone into remission, or touch wood, it has gone for good! I will drop a post if it ever comes back.

    I am continuing to take MMS, 5 drops a day for the rest of this week and then I will stop for now. I’m over the moon to have had such a good first experience using MMS. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from Proctitis alongside the doctors recommended course of action. I now believe in MMS and will be making sure I always have some in the cupboard.

    Sandie :-)

  107. Alan Woodley Says:

    Sirs,I am desperately researching for a cure for for a friend that has been diagnosed recently with an aggressive form of leukaemia and given around 6 months to live.I cannot find any reference as to whether or not MMS could be used to treat this form of cancer.Any helpwould be greatly appreciated .

  108. Ross Says:

    Dear Alan,

    The above link is to Jim Humble’s MMS Advisor website, specifically his responses to questions from people using MMS for Leukaemia. This might be a good place to start.

    Best wishes to your friend.


  109. Claude Says:

    Hi all!
    I have been thru a lot of posts, swinging from one side to the other. I am a sceptical guy in general and was impressed by Tom’s anlysis (76).
    I think I might use MMS for a short period on very specific disease e.g. flu.
    Now I have been diagnosed with collagenous colitis and living well with it, BUT I have to take Budesonid– for life (I’m 65)says my Doc–
    And that does not suit me. I am otherwise living extremely healthy (organic food and lot of sport)
    Does any one know if MMS could be a CC cure?
    Thanks for your advices.

  110. Arrow Durfee Says:

    It has been quite helpful for crohns and irritable bowel.
    I would join and seek further discussion there.
    They have an active mms thread sub-forum under alternative therapies

  111. Nasr Ahmar Says:


    I am really interested in this MMS solution. I am suffering of many chronic infections for 10 years now. Recently i feel that I am dying of it. I used to take antibiotics for long time and then i felt much better. I had to stop due to side effects. I wonder if MMS would do the trick. Concerned about side effects though. Vry much. I hear both good and bad. I hope it doesnt have many. and I relly hope that it would kill chronic parasites in body.

  112. Simple Answer Says:

    Some people keep asking/saying that more reputable science needs to test this stuff.

    I think you have a lack of understanding of how our medical system works. Although there are exceptions, for the most part, the medical establishment isn’t interested in cures. They’re interested in treating symptoms. They are quick to find and label new diseases, especially if they can patent a drug and make a lot of money on it.

    MMS (Sodium Chlorite/CO2) is not a substance that can be patented. It is cheap to make and is sold by DuPont and other companies for various applications in various solution strengths for a long time. The chemical is cheap to make and is already made in large quantities.

    You cannot patent it. Therefore drug companies are not interested in doing research on it, trying to market it, etc. It takes money to do experiments and market miracle cures, and without a patented substance that can return this investment, it’s simply not done.

    The person/company who throws the most money at something usually wins. Or they buy off their competitors who have competing applications, or even buy off the FDA to ban things like Laetrile, that was shown effective in treating cancer.

    You guys need to wake up. The medical industry sometimes helps for sure, but as a whole, they’re really not that interested in keeping you healthy or preventive medicine. They’re interested in your money.

    The cancer industry is a sham. Watch videos on google about “Hoxsey” and “World Without Cancer” and “Edward G Griffin Cancer”. You’ll learn something. Might even take a look at “Murder By Injection”, although this one throws in an anti-semitic twist that’s not relevant or fair.

    Even watch a video on Aspartame (NutraSweet) on google video called “Sweet Misery”, approved by Donald Rumsfeld, a true humanitarian. Some of you people just need to wake up and take off your rose-colored glasses.

    Hope this helps.

  113. Science in KS Says:

    The antibiotic nature of chlorine compounds is well known. What needs to be understood is that the chemistry being discussed here is the same chemistry that is used in water-treatment plants, swimming pools, etc. That is what you are drinking, injecting, etc. with MMS. By adding vinegar or vitamin C to the MMS (which is simply a sodium chlorite solution) a series of reactions occur, ultimately producing chlorine dioxide and the other compounds described by the chemist above. The chemist is right, these are industrial strength cleaning agents that you might use for cleaning a public restroom. Most health-conscious people are leery of chlorinated compounds, but that is what MMS supplies to you.

    In the article above some the chemistry is misleading. Chloride ions, like in table salt, are not oxidizing agents, they’ve already done their oxidiziing to become ions and are very stable. That is why table salt is safe in this regard. The materials you are giving yourself with MMS are very reactive compounds, and that is what makes them far more dangerous. Anybody who knows the difference between sodium metal (explosive in water) and sodium ion (the other component of table salt) knows what I am talking about. If not, search YouTube for sodium and water and see the fireworks.

    Even if this is a wonder cure, what is being charged for this product is way out of line with the cost of making and bottling the solution. You could do the same with pool shock from Walmart for a fraction of the price. And that is why the alarms should go off – the makers of this have put no effort into coming up with this mixture, the chemistry is well known, and the raw materials for making the material are cheap. So why the high price? You commit the very same sin you accuse the pharmaceutical companies of.

  114. Simple Answer Says:

    High price? $20/year for over a 1 year supply is a high price? You’re talking nonsense. It’s manufactured by anyone who wants to freely. The inventor, Jim Humble, gave away the formula and asked people not to charge more than $20 to $30 for it so everyone could get their hands on it.

    MMS is 28% Sodium Chlorite (NACL2) solution in distilled water. According to the directions, you add an acid (lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) and mix it with water or non-acidice juic and drink. This is basically what MMS is.

    Chlorine for pools is a different chlorine compound, Cl2. Another different chlorine compound is NaCl or table salt.

    These are all very different chlorine compounds.

    Google Sodium Chlorite (NaCl2) and you’ll see that it’s commonly sold as a cleaning solution. Dupont sells it. Here’s a video on it. They used Cl02 to decontaminate Katrina homes infested with mold. Same thing MMS does in your body.

    Here’s what wikipedia says about it.

    “Sodium chlorite, NaClO2 also finds application as a component in therapeutic rinses, mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays, chewing gums and lozenges, and also in contact lens cleaning solution under the trade name purite. Under the brand name Oxine it is used for sanitizing air ducts and HVAC/R systems and animal containment areas (walls, floors, and other surfaces).”

    $20/year for this stuff is not a lot of money. You’re talking nonsense.

  115. Goodman Says:

    I was wondering if this MMS also cleared out any of the heavy metals or soft metals that are rampant throughout an industrialized society? i have heard through a bit of research that it has the POTENTIAL to help with alzheimers. i’d like to buy a package of the stuff, but does it come with the actual instructions???:)

  116. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS has been said to clear out toxic metals but I cannot site a study for you. MMS should come with instructions. You can get further assit at this forum that has a number of experienced mms users. There is also detailed info on the MMS subforum found in alternative therapies that has details on different types of applications or dosing portocol.

  117. jc Says:

    have been using mms topically for genital herpes. after a strong solution, placing it on the skin for up to 30 min, my skin fell off in layers, bleeding, pretty bad. then swelling of my labia. now new skin is coming back, but i have unbelievable itching.

    has anyone here had the same experience? just wanting to know why the unrelenting itching doesn’t stop. going crazy! not sure if it’s bec. new skin is growing or if it’s bec. of the herpes.


  118. Kit Says:

    I have been doing research on trying to increase the oxygen available to my body to improve my health and thinking. I purchased a negative ion generator about three months ago and I feel it helps me feel generally better. Placebo or not I’m keeping it. It helps me feel more alert. Ions are powerful. I just rediscovered MMS this week. I have found over the last twenty years of researching “fringe” medical topics that the FDA and others in financial and medical power don’t want competition to rock their boat. I have found story after story after story of a person who finds a cure for cancer, or name your disease, and then the Dr. or person is destroyed one way or another. About a year ago I saw a long (1hr 40min+)Internet video of Jim Humble by Project Camelot. I thought “this is too easy, too simple”. I got distracted and didn’t research it further. But since that time I found there was an MD in the Midwest who was also a Chemist who had a simple solution with similar responses to cancer and disease like MMS. The FDA and AMA helped to destroy him because too many people with cancer were getting well under his care.

    All this to say I have been experimenting with Ozone water etc. and then saw this Jim Humble’s video again. That evening I went to REI a local outdoor camping supply outlet in Seattle and purchased some “potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide water purification tablets” to try on myself. I have been suffering with a cold for a week and a half and wanted to experiment. The tablets contain a 6.4% sodium clorite and other ingredients+ 93.6%. I mixed the tablet with apple cider vinegar for three minutes and then added a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water and drank it. My first dose of one tablet I felt just a little different like getting up too quickly for just a second or two. My drippy clogged up nose opened up a little. The cold symptoms soon came back, so in an hour or two I did another dose. Just a little change but not like before. I did about 5 doses like this and the cold wasn’t being effected. That was yesterday.
    This evening I doubled the amount and processed two tablets in apple cider vinegar. Within minutes my clogged up runny nose was open. And an hour later I took another two tablet dose. My head is clear and I don’t feel tired. This stuff works. I found a supplier of MMS and acid activator and I have product on its way.
    May you be well.

  119. Arrow Durfee Says:

    JC, topical applications of mms are wrought with difficulty and I certainly would not have recommended topical application in such sensitive areas.

    What I would recommend is the following
    8 to 10 grams of Lysine a day
    change your mms to oral intake.
    Get the instructions and do carefully,
    upping dosage over many days.

    you may find further help at this forum

    There are people there who think they cured their herpes
    with mms.

  120. zahra Says:

    Hey guys!

    I know this is not a herpes discussion panel but rather a forum where we dan share our ideas on mms but…can anyone give me an update on mms and herpes cure?

    I have followed this blog intensely and I see that people with the herp. virus have tried mms but honestly I’m looking to see what they experienced as far as results! It seems as if people start blogging about their experience but I’m curious to see if after the mms protocol, do they get tested for the anti-bodies again? What do they find? I read somewhere that a low count of herpes anti-bodies will in fact not show up on the test because it is too low. However,(for the lack of better phrasing), the body still maintains a pattern of the anti-body and that is in fact what is left remaining, not the anti-bodies itself. That is why it shows up negative on a test after taking mms.

    Can someone out there share with me their personal wins in curing this virus based on a negative test result upon completing the mms protocol.

    I’m not interested in alleviating OB’s as I don’t get them often. My concern is eliminating the parasite from the body so that it is not given to someone I love and who would be as possible lifemate.

    So if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it tremendously.

  121. marilyn Says:

    Has anyone used MMS to treat/cure Hepatitis C? Any feedback would be appreciated. I am especially interested in your doseage. I am willing to try MMS and share my blood work but need a bit more direction.

  122. RJ Says:

    I’ve never been symptomatic of any major disease or illness, but here is what MMS has done for me:

    1. No more dandruff.
    2. No more bad breath
    3. No more acne.
    4. No more foot odor.
    5. No more bouts with the flu or cold.

  123. rettanderson Says:

    I have not found many hepatitic c testimonials. Some have been good and some bad so I have not been able to draw any conclusions. I wish people would post their stories here… thier dosage, their changing labs etc.

  124. kiramatali shah Says:

    Everyone has their favorite way of using the internet. Many of us search to find what we want, click in to a specific website, read what’s available and click out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s efficient. We learn to tune out things we don’t need and go straight for what’s essential.

  125. Billboo Says:

    Seems there are alot of whingers, sceptics in here.
    I had my attention drawn to MMS through facebook in regard to a cure for breast cancer, I decided to have a look at the link and became very interested.
    I’ve been to hundreds of websites in the last week looking at what others had to say (more positive than negative).
    I thought what the hell, this sounds like a good detox without distrupting my life/lifestyle that much … I’m a drinker and smoker (I’m sure some of you negative people will want to crucify me for that alone).

    WEll up yours…. started on 2 drops, first dose plaque came off my teeth, same day second dose plaque came off my teeth.
    Have now decided o brush my teeth with a little MMS, spit that mouthful out, then swish with some more then swallow, I don’t consider it as a medicine and sip and drink over a perios of about 5 mins.

    2nd day, I woke up with sand in my eyes and since my eyes have never felt better.
    Next day on 3 drops my ears cleared (I felt wax in them during the day), but after work when I got home to clean them, there was nothing there …….. nothing.

    My mouth feels super clean and since taking MMS (3 days now), 2 nights, I have not needed to take my usual sleeping tablet and have had very peaceful sleep.

    Stepped up to 5 drops today, just for fun (empty stomach using lime juice), after lunch thought “what the hell”? Took another 5 drops in the afternoon.

    I’ve come home to phone concerned friends (aware of my MMS experiment)…… I feel fan-bloody-tastic, full of life.

    Sleep well, wake feeling alive.

    The tatse is ok ( I think it’s the lime juice and the fact I don’t see it as taking medicine) …. it’s just a drink/pick me up, or tonic.

    I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Of course the medics will hate MMS, it will prevent them from making money.

    I fear for tests in regard to the postive ….. they won’t happen. FOR FEAR OF SUCCESS
    I fear for the tests in regard to the negative …… they wont happen either. FOR FEAR OF SUCCESS ALSO

    Either way, the drug companies are on the run.

    The medics will ignore MMS and hope it will go away because nobody can make money from it ….WELL IT WON’T GO AWAY.

    The results are outweighing the negative crap, doctors and pharmaceuticals will start to look like the financial rapists they are (one backed by the other).

  126. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS now on the market for over 2 years continues to amaze me. The stories of cure come from real people.

    Recently my neighbor applied it topically to a small skin cancer on her lip. The mms ate a small crater then it healed up. She is very pleased. It has also gotten rid on chronic nonspecific stomach discomfort.

    As far as skeptics go… just leave them to themselves. They will kill themselves eventually with their ignorance and negative thinking and inability to really think something through and to appreciate results when they see them.

    I do think that MMS will eventually be challenged by the government through the workings of pharmaceutical lobby. Did you read in the paper a few days ago that the supereme court has ruled that no limits on political campagne donations are now acceptable by corporations? This means that corporations are now free to dump untold millions into policical warfare chests, feeding the politicians that will support corporate agenda which usually includes the elimination of your right to choose what you do with your health and your body.

    They will go after mms. Just wait and see.

    BTW, they have taken collodial silver off the market in Europe as a supplement. Right now the manufacturers of colloidal silver must repackage their products and only promote it as a water purficiation product. No mention on how it can take care of your microbial illnesses. It is coming this way though codex.

    I do recommend that people stock up on their favorite antimicrobials including mms and colloidal silver. The shelf life on these is indefinate if stored properly.

    MMS can be purchased on ebay and I recommend for colloidial silver this product

    I am repeating this post from above.
    “For those who want to buy sodium chlorite to make their own, Lisa at has the best prices I’ve found: $30/1 lb., $100/5 lbs., $180/10 lbs., also bulk quantities if you ask her. She only accepts postal money orders. When emailing, make sure you put “sodium chlorite” in the subject line or you may not get a reply. I just bought a large quantity and am a very happy customer. Of course, she does not make claims of anything. ”

    This is a good deal on sodium chlorite. Store it dry. Only mix it when your are close to ready to use it. For $30 you can have enough mms stored to supply your neighborhood or small town.

  127. Todd Says:

    Please check this patent out from 1997 if you want to see clinical studies

  128. Doug Says:

    I began using Dioxychlor in 1984, the Bradford Research Institute in Mexico had been using it successfully for years already. It is 3% Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide. It is available in health food stores for around $30 an ounce. MMS is more economical, but DC does not have to be activated so a bit more convenient for some. Point: I and thousands of others have used this long before Humble. JIm put it on the map. It is safe, it is effective, it oxidizes acidic molecules in the body, which all non friendly bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals etc are! The longer you take it the deeper it pulls from within the genetically weaker parts of the body that can’t throw off garbage easily. Unlike food, herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, etc. it has no agenda! It simply helps the body do what it wants to do, but for a myriad of reasons can not as well as it could. It is neutral! It is brilliant in it’s simplicity. It is the magic bullet if there can be any such thing. It is an oxidizer, not a chlorinator, is very little CL in it actually. It is simply a massive threat to allopathic medicine, all of us MUST join the fight against those who would take away your rights and free access to natural products. McCain is sponsoring one such bill RIGHT now. Contact for details on how to get involved. Ron Paul is the only politician who even talks about freedom of choice in Medicine, rather than getting toxic, lethal treatments for free paid for by the Gov/you! Get educated and act. Health is not MMS, it begins with the health of your parents, their habits before and during pregnancy, your food, water, air, attitude, proximity to electrosmog, EVERYTHING has its impact and place. Use MMS to get the ball moving NOW, but be smart and learn how to live better too and you will free yourself from the genetic genocide being thrust on humanity in the name of health! With apologies to Rett, MMS also helps pull out the toxic residue of colloidal silver in the liver/lymph/organs/cells over time. 30 years ago I was educated about it, today Jonathan sums it up pretty well: Thanks for this great forum.

  129. Doug Says:

    Apologies for website error:

    Note: CDioxide, ProBiotics, Fish, Flax, Coconut, Olive oils, a more alkaline PH diet, good water, some regular exercise and a decent food based multi vitamin, and DMSO would solve a huge number of health issues. It is not that difficult folks! Start there and see!

  130. Ross Says:

    I am rtying to contact Jim Humble to ask a very important question regarding MMS but there is no way to email him or contact him.

  131. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Did you try at ?

    You can take your question to there are many mms users there and they might have an answer for you

  132. Alibaba Says:

    @ Rett…Your neighbor applied it topically to a small skin cancer on her lip…..did she apply it full strength or polluted??

  133. Alibaba Says:

    @ Rett…Your neighbor applied it topically to a small skin cancer on her lip…..did she apply it full strength or dilluted??

  134. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I think she applied it full strength, activated, then rinsed it off after a few minutes.

  135. Ussamah Says:

    Hi..People having blockages in their heart should not jump to MMS..rather they should clean their arteries with Vitamin c and then start with the MMS..MMS will do its job..It will blast the harmful organisms residing on the plague but the removal of the plague will expose the weak spot..Jim advises to use vit c before MMS in his book

    Another source:Why animals dont get heart attack but people do!

  136. Kevin Says:

    Hi everyone. What a great forum! I have been doing much research into cancer as of late, and really into disease in general. Does anyone like to venture a reason why the USA & UK have the highest rates of breast cancer in the world? We are “developed” right?
    While an African country like Angols, in which I recently spent much time in has almost NO recorded cancer deaths of ANY kind?
    Look no further than your water system. Look no further than Chlorine. NO not the Dioxide version as in MMS, but rather the kind made by Clorox. Yes, and go further and find out how floride and chlorine “interact” with each other. Wow. Nice.
    Bottled water is a prime suspect for causing lung and breast cancer today.

    Shall I go on?
    Chlorine, the type used in water systems breaks down into “Dioxines” Yes, that’s right. Dioxine resides in the bodies “fat” stores. Breast are what? mostly fat.
    Great right. Also the lung cancer is the leading killer of women in the USA.
    More women are dying than men in the USA according to the CDC. 201,000 men compared to 241,000 women.

    Next the real facts:
    Women drink 2-3 times MORE bottled water than men. (bottled water contains up to 7 times more chlorine than tap water to prolong it’s shelf life) check the “smart water” website they tout about how superior their smart, vitamin, energy water purification is and then what do they do?they “ADD” Calcium Chloride” at bottling stage! Great! more Dioxins to accumulate into breast and prostate tissues!)(folks google MSDS sheets for calcium chloride)It not only is a known carcinigan, but even better it is a genetic “Mutigen” Sweet. It affects spermatoza, and Zygote chromosomes! Stated plainly even for Mr. Chemist Phd to read.By the way you are not a REAL chemist at all, you can not be, because if you were real you would already have known that the dioxide version as MMS is actually Loved by the EPA! dork!

    Next Fact: Women take longer showers and baths than men. Hot showers and baths! Yes, when chlorinated water is heated, you guessed it! the chlorine is released as chlorine gas!, and as you stand there under the shower head you are breathing in highly toxic chlorine gas into your lungs, so go ahead enjoy that shower for a few extra 10 minutes! (lung cancer)
    Remember during WW1 chlorine gas was introduced as a “WEAPON”, and killed and mamied thousands of people, even killing in minutes! by melting the lungs, and killing by chlorine burns. Nice. Right and we drink this stuff, and shower in it.
    Our skin is our largest organ, and just as you “wipe on” that analgesic cream to relieve joint and mussel pain, so does your skin absorb that chlorine in your shower water.

    Next Fact: chlorine is used to produce…..womens makeup! yea, great right?

    Next fact household bleach is mostely used by who? Yea thats right women! what is bleach? yes again…chlorine. Think of this the next time you pour in bleach to get those whiter whites and brighter colors from yopur clothes. Do you realize what you are doing? No You do not.

    NOW, is there any small wonder where Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer comes from? How about this. What about all the Throat Cancers? yes, there is direct correlation between chlorine and throat cancer. Of course how do you drink water?, in your ear?
    Urinary tract, and respiratory diseases in general come from Chlorine, and Chlorine gas being “offgassed” from water.

    So ladies go ahead grab another bottled water, and spend an extra 15 minutes in the shower, and hey go grab more bleach to clean the toilets.

    Hey I am sorry to sound this way, but really you ALL better really find out what THM’s are, and Dioxines, and learn more about chlorine. Check the web for MSDS sheets on all these chemicals. You will be “SHOCKED”
    Wonder why there are no more frogs—-Chlorine.
    Oh here is a great one! Guess who made Agent Orange? DOW Chemicals!
    Guess what it was made from? Chlorine! Nice

    Last Fact: Skin cancer is not really caused from the SUN!!!! No, it is a reaction from the stored Dioxines (chlorine) in the fatty layers of your skin with sun light!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful, is it not? Yea, go ahead jump in the pool, jump in the spa, oh and by the way Bromide is just as bad or WORSE! do a MSDS on it!
    All white flours, white rice, white paper, cotton, table salt, yes table salt is bleached, natural salt is not white! are bleached…with what? you ask….Yes You Guessed it. hey you are getting good at this! :)

    The answers ARE OUT THERE, you just need to ask the right questions!

    Getting back to ANGOLA. Why no cancers? they do not have a developed SANITARY system there that uses….Chlorine! Yes, they do die from HIV, which is man made, and distentary, but NO CANCERS.

    For more discussion please feel free to contact me:
    Mr. Moderator thank you, keep up the good fight!
    MSM is AWESOME!!!!

    Do Yourself A favor, shorten the showers, throw out all chlorine based cleaning products, and put that bottled water down, or better give to an **shole you do not like, or maybe ship it all to the Chemist Phd guy, he’ll drink it, he drinks all the propaganda.

  137. kevin Says:

    Here we go:
    I could not go to sleep. I have not advised you all of the REAL piece to the puzzle, and I do not believe that even Mr. Jim realizes this ether.
    So I will share it with everyone. Even you Mr. Chemistry Phd. Mr. smarty pants.

    Why do people get sick from taking MSM? It is NOT the detoxing!! Thats right! that is not it!

    It Is Ammonia. Yes, What happens when you add Chlorine to Ammonia? An EXTREMELY TOXIC GAS IS PRODUCED!

    If you are getting sick from even ONE drop of MSM, Stop Taking MSM Immediately and go get your blood serum levels of Ammonia checked!

    If your blood levels of Ammonia are to high, and you add Chlorine to your blood…BOOM! You are instantly sick beyond belief.

    Why would your blood levels of Ammonia be High you ask? From The effects of sanitizing water with chlorine. Yes, your tap water and bottled water has Ammonia in it from the action of chlorine on organic materials in the water. Of course there are many other sources of Ammonia, but you must get the Ammonia levels down.

    Go and “gurgle” for Ammonia related ailments:
    You will begin to see the light.
    Also, have your blood levels of chlorine checked. You will see that this is the reason that you are all sick and polluted and cancerous.
    Dioxines are produced from…….Chlorine. Dioxins are stored in body fat. Chlorine makes you fat! and bloated, Cool right? Chlorine produces Dioxins, and also the fat that is required to store it in. AWESOME!

    Before starting MSM, you need to first find a way to get the ammonia under control, and also flush the bad chlorine from your bodies, and THEN you can use MSM as a “Shock treatment” to the cancer, or disease. With less ammonia in the blood there will be less sick reaction to the MSM doing it’s job. Do Not Use Ascorbic acid EVER! eating a real organic orange once in a while is GREAT for you, but the Abscorbic acid you can buy at the health food store is synthetically made, and is highly toxic, check the msds sheets on it! Do not take it and do not purchase foods “fortified” with it.

    Again write me if you would like to talk more.

  138. Hopeful Skeptic Says:

    I read the original article in full and would like to hear from the author on these contradicting statements, taken directly from it:

    “MMS works best to destroy pathogens that may be present in the body, when 2 or 3 mg of free chlorine dioxide are in the solution at the time it is swallowed. However, the body is supplied with chlorine dioxide in a “timed release” manner lasting about 12 hours.”

    “The chlorine dioxide has just a few minutes to do its thing, and then it no longer exists, leaving nothing behind that can build up, or do additional harm.”

  139. Patrick Says:

    Bill of Project Camelot has his own website now where he has a new interview up with Jim Humble, released in the last few days Jim is reporting extreme success vs HIV and cancer with “MMS2″

  140. Sharon Says:

    1. I am really interested in hearing much more about diabetics’ experiences.
    2. Anyone have experience using MMS for hair loss (women)?
    3. Interested in more experiences with topical applications for skin cancers.

    It’s a terrible thing wanting so much to believe in this enough to try – and its safety – but so difficult when there is so much negativity and warnings about the safety of it. Who to believe?

  141. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have not heard of mms for hair loss but if the hair loss is due to a pathogen, say a fungus, it may be helpful.

    Jim swears that mms can help many cases of diabetes, likely
    type 2. I have seen few reports but I have seen a couple. I think that diabetics in general are so edgy about their treatments that they are not inclined to try new things. Personally I don’t see a big issue with it as long as you continue to monitor your blood sugar and medicate as appropriate each day.

    I have seen a few positive testimonials on skin cancer but I do not post them on healthsalon unless I can contact the person. But my neighbor swears up and down it got rid of a small skin cancer on her face in just a couple of weeks. It was not a diagnosed skin cancer and it certainly was not melanoma, so I have not reported it as a cure. What ever it was, something most positive happened on her face.

    MMS is not for everyone. You have to have some courage and a level of self responsibility for your own healthcare.

    I am personally very confident in it after watching reports for almost 3 years now. A couple of weeks ago my son was bit by a tick and we have lyme and colorado tick fever in our parts. He got mms every two hours to try to prevent disease. So far so good. What I am really saying is that I will gladly give it to my children if needed. But you have to make up your own mind for your own self and take responsibility for yourself.

  142. Paul Says:

    Hi there. It’s gone very quiet on this site since the last post in May. What’s happened?
    I’m new to taking MMS and this is day 4 for me. I’m only up to 4 drops so far, but can’t say I feel any real benefit from it yet.
    But, I’ll keep going.
    I do have a question which I can’t find any answer to on any site. I like to go out for a drink with a few mates once a week. What effect does alcohol have on MMS?

  143. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have not heard any reports on the effects of mms combined with alcohol. You could take your question to this forum and see what opinions might be there. There is an MMS subforum under the Alternative Therapies forum.

    My first impression would be to separate them by 2 hours if there is any concern. MMS is most active for 2 hours from ingestion.

  144. Catherine Kenward Says:

    I am online exploring the available info on MMS because a friend (not hearsay but someone I know)completely cured herself of terminal Hep C that had developed into cirrohsis of the liver with a 3 month course of MMS. She was dying, waiting for a liver transplant and now shows no trace of Hep C. Pretty impressive.

  145. fievel Says:

    re: the discussions on chlorine in drinking water.

    i live in an area with extremely clean (city) drinking water. how do i know? i teach environmental science/env.chemistry and i take my students to the clean water drinking purification facilities in town every semester, and have extensive talks with good friends at the plant re: chlorine/fluorine in drinking water.

    if you want to decrease your Cl in your drinking water, but you drink from the tap (like i do) just fill your pitcher from the tap and put it into the fridge with no top on it. the Cl will dissipate from the H2O overnight and you will lose most, if not all, from the process overnight.

    Cl in drinking water is essential to kill so much shit that is in the pipes. i would never advocate it, but it does us much good in water purification. that being said, once it gets to your faucet, you dont need it anymore, so just let it disperse in an open container overnight in your fridge.

  146. fievel Says:

    what i am curious about is if anyone uses MMS topically for warts. i have done so, w/o diluting it. i do so after a shower, when the pores of the skin are open. i apply it after shaving, so the area is irritated (as the warts hit the blades…which never hurts till the MMS gets to it). but, it’s an uncomfortableness i dont mind, given that i want the warts gone. (plus, it’s easier to see the warts with the hair gone).

    i have noticed that if you use too much, you’ll burn your soft skin (especially if it isn’t diluted).

    after about 1 week of 2x daily application (w/ q-tip), the warts disappear, and the red skin takes another week to go away leaving slight discoloration (healed skin) for about a month. however, when i stop the procedure after the warts appear to disappear, they eventually come back (same spots, same numbers).

    this time, i’m going to topically and internally take it. topically until they’re ‘burned’ off, then internally for a few months to see if they return. i’ll keep you posted.

    can someone please remind me how long after taking it internally i should wait before drinking orange juice, or taking vitamin C tablets or what not? thanks.

  147. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Catherine, it is pretty impressive. I know of several other hep c cases that are doing well. I can’t not say cured yet, but doing very well. Even if cure does not come, prolongation of life and improvement of quality is everything. Avoiding a transplant is super!

  148. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks for the tip. If your water has fluroide you have to go to more extreme measures using an alumina water filter.

  149. Newbie to MMS Says:

    Hi all, I’m new to taking MMS, and made a huge mistake. I have the “new” citric acid solution, and only need to use 1 drop to 1 drop of MMS. I misread some info, and did the 5 drops of CA to the 1 of MMS. I did this 4 times this evening, then realized what I did and stopped.

    I’ve contacted the folks at Project Green Life, but they are closed for the day.

    I know this was waaaaay too much, and don’t plan on doing it again, but was wondering just how bad a thing did I do to my body.

    Please be kind…I know I screwed up!!

  150. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Newbie,

    I sincerly doubt you did anything that has damaged you. Just proceed with the correct forumula now and do not worry.

    You may be interested in joining this forum for guidance on the use of mms.

  151. Scott Says:

    As some of you know, the FDA has recalled MMS because of FDA “safety concerns”.

    That really translates to drug company “PROFIT CONCERNS”.

    See the links here:

    In my mind, this lends even more credence to MMS.

    The fact that the FDA jumped on top of this so fast to suppress it, indicates to me that this compound does what Jim claims – cures 98% of all disease (including Cancer, Malaria and AIDS) by elimination of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

    Additionally, thousands of consumers have testified to its efficacy.

    Corruption reigns supreme.

    Anyone have any good sources of sodium chlorite in bulk?

  152. Lori Says:


    In case you haven’t already heard this, you can still buy sodium chlorite at Keavy’s Corner I just bought some in both powder and liquid form.

  153. Al Says:

    When bodies like the FDA ban something there are a lot a people quick to claim its “all a conspiracy of the drug companies” etc. But I’m sure you’d be first in the queue to complain if the FDA let someone get away with selling you a mouthwash “guaranteed to kill all your mouth’s germs”, which turned out to be rebottled bleach!

  154. Smorger Says:

    Well this is interesting … might be important even! Looks like the government cited or did a study or two on sodium chlorite.

    Here is the link…

    There is a very comprehenisve article that is about chlorine dioxide that can be found here…

    That’s all on one line so you will have to cut and paste it.

    If you read between the lines, the government has done or seen studies and really can’t find any reason to ban the use of sodium chlorite. I read they stated someone died from breathing it but I think they really died of clorine gas not ClO2.

    There are plenty of other links of some other studies – better download them all before they disapear! And all of them seem to be before Jim Humble came on the scene!

    I take MMS so I found these reports to be very intersting. Nothing in the reports would lead me to stop using MMS. I do 6 to 10 drops daily with no ill effects.


  155. Smorger Says:

    Hey look at this …
    Back in July 2010…
    “The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible and to discard the product. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at

    Why are they not asking for reports where there are no adverse events but cures or recoveries? I think anyone with a good event should be reported as well! Yes report the good stuff whether they like it or not!

    Hey did you know if you take more acetaminophen than recomended in a 24 hr period you can die of liver failure! Why is that product not recalled? Go figure!


  156. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes. That is a great idea. We need to collectively flood the FDA with our good effects of MMS. Lets start promoting this concept right away. Take it to all blogs and forums. I suggest that it be done online and by phone, but likely by phone they will not accept it.

    I will do a post on it.
    “The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible and to discard the product. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at”

    Many people die from overuse of tylenol on a long term basis. You cannot keep putting poison in your liver and expect your health to stay well. It is a favored suicide path for some people. A fist full of 500mg tablets and a little ativan with it and you are gonner.

  157. i Says:

    I had skin cancer and after three weeks of mms it disappeared. FYI The FDA still thinks mercury fillings are safe. They are the last people I would put my trust in.

  158. Carol Says:

    And following on from this a regular drug which can be bought over the counter has fda approval but is a known killer parecetemol, how many people have overdosed on this not realising the fatal affects but somehow it gets approval and continues to be sold by the bucket load.

    Botox really is it safe to inject a toxin in you? go figure. I’ve just started on mms, bought it for my mum as she has lymphoma but is having a rough time with chemo. She has had an awful cough when she drinks water and in just two days her voice is returning and the cough is 85% better than before.

    I’m using it to help with psoriasis, so far results are good, itching is down by about 70% and flaking is about 70% improved so although i’m a newbie to this i’m quickly becoming a convert.

    The other effect we have on it is boundless energy after just a few days pretty amazing. We are just on two drops twice a day but it seems to be working great so thanks to everyone for bringing this to the world.



  159. Tony Says:

    Read more before trying MMS. Seriously, ask any real doctor and they will tell you not to use it. At least there are BETTER alternatives.

  160. Martyn Says:

    I have been using MMS for about a year and a half. Its has helped with severe sinus infection, TD (travellers Diarrhea. This solution is a god send.

    Here is a wed link to a company that sells Chlorine Dioxide for commercial purposes and it should answer a few questions

    Cheers Martyn

  161. Sarah Says:

    Hi Arrow Durfee…
    It seems like you are the only person who has written about the benefits of using MMS to treat Psoriasis. I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 3 years and I hate it. What do you think is the best way to take MMS to cure it? By mouth and to use as a topical source? I would love it if you could recommend to me the dosages and times per day I should be taking it. I have already ordered it and am ready to get started. Thanks for all of the information you can provide to me. And… if anyone else has any key insights they would also be greatly appreciated.

  162. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    MMS does help some people with psorisis and Adam Abraham, in his DVD documentary on MMS, when he first went to Mexico filmed a boy who cured his pretty severe case with it.

    and above in the comments someone said they were having success.. I also have had psorisis but I did not have success with MMS for it. I cured mine with mega dosing with vitamin D and topical Lugol’s applications for part of it. Find Dr Simoncini’s website and he gives instructions for applying Lugol’s iodine.

    I would certainly try the mms though. Follow the instructions for dosage at jims website. You can also apply mms topically. I found it to be very drying but it got better in about a week or so..

  163. Leana Says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I’m very glad I found the way to order MMS.

    I started to take it yesterday.

    I had a chronic sinusitis, and today (after ONLY 1 day taking the protocol!), I got rid of tons of yellow mucus and secretions.

    The pain and the inflammation is gone and I can breath like I never did.

    I started with 5 drops twice a day and I havenn’t had any nausea or diarrhea.

    I’m very happy OMG!!!!

    A friend of mine recommended mms to me 1 month ago and he told me not to pay attention to the negative comments that the FDA and the government say about mms.
    They know that mms works and they don’t want people to take it..take a guess why.

    If you think you need MMS, try it, it worths it!.

    And don’t forget to take vitamin c 4 hours after taking mms.
    mms neutralizes the vitamin c in your you need to replenish. That I read too.

    God bless you all!.

  164. Leana Says:

    Btw I also love the way it tastes and smells with just plain water!

  165. Augustus Atta Sam Says:

    Dear Mr Humble,
    I will like to have a personal contact with you on the MMS for other West African countries. Hope to hear from you soon,
    Atta Sam

  166. Happy Aussie Says:

    I first got onto MMS through watching a video of Jim Humble on Project Camelot. I was intrigued because he was so adamant that his aim was to help people. Anyhow I did a lot more research which made it obvious that the information he gives on his web site is sufficient to enable the reader to go out and source their own MMS at no profit to him.

    I ordered some from an Australian supplier and at the same time as I bought his book.

    I have upped a twice daily dose from 6 to 12 drops. I took it too fast initially and was hit by a really bad nausea attack which I slept off pretty rapidly. I found that the toilet was out of bounds for a while after I used it and had diarrhea for two days, but no stomach cramps.

    It makes you thirsty and I find I drink more water and pee more often. The urine is virtually odour free..

    I am 56 next month but keep pretty fit and am an avid kite boarder. I am also doing hot power yoga four times a week and walk barefoot when there is no wind.

    There are no medicines in my cabinet and I enjoy rude good health. I had aches and pains in my knees which I took to be football soreness from years ago. My last trip to a quack was to get some solar keratosis removed by effudex seven months ago.

    The most astonishing thing is that within six hours, an hour after my second six drop dose, the pain I used to experience when climbing stairs just dissipated. It was with me for so long that I had put it down to wear and tear and it was this was last thing that I expected.

    I was doing the washing which entails a few stairs and I could not believe it. The automatic expectation of having to brace for the pain is still there but no pains!!!!

    The second thing I noticed and it is something I pay attention to and that is that my mouth feels clean all the time. The usual build up that tells you it is time to clean has taken a major backward step and my tongue is bright pink right to the back.

    Doing the hot power yoga you very quickly build up a torrential sweat. This is now virtually odorless. Important in a room full of attractive women!

    Our days have been reaching 30C plus and when I remove my socks after work, not only do they not pong but are dry. I am on the beach a fair bit and barefoot. My feet have pretty thick pads that now feel dry and rubbery and are somehow more comfortable and resilient. The cracks on my heels have disappeared.

    I had what I described as a mild for of sciatica which caused deadness and tingling in my right thigh and hand. That has all but dissipated but I think that may be partially due to the yoga.

    My daughters friend who has not seen me for two months remarked on how good my skin looked.

    One of the solar keratosis that I missed with effudex on my shoulder has started to reduce in size.

    I had two opportunities to use MMS as a sunburn remedy over Xmas – it is quite remarkable how quickly the pain disappears and how quickly it heals without peeling.

    So all in all I reckon I am onto a winner. I bought two bottles from the Aussie supplier but I will make my own batch up By my reckoning a hundred bucks will give me a life time supply!

    Oh and one final comment. My six year old 50kg German shepherd cross, who has visited the vet once in his six years (for tick fever), developed a foul breath which turned out to be caused by an open infection between his molars.

    I dosed him with four capsules every time I took a dose. The wound is still there after five days but is clean of infection and swelling. His breath is completely clear which is a blessing, although it certainly does not cure flatulence as a four hour trip with him in the car proved!

    And people,if you decide to use it do so responsibly. If you do find that it works, whatever your ailments, spare a thought toward donating toward Jim Humble or buying his book.

    I reckon he is fair dinkum and some of the stuff in his final chapters are a must read. It tastes bloody awful but I am convinced. This has been a really good year for me, health wise MMS is the icing on the cake.

    All the best for the New Year.

  167. Happy Aussie Says:

    I have to post an update after a revelation two nights ago.

    I happened to look into my dogs mouth to see what sort of development there was with his tooth infection.

    When I initially noticed it I was in the car with my glasses on. He had the sun full on him and his mouth was wide open. The actual infection went deep between two molars and was rotten dark brown covering the area of a ten cent piece. His teeth are very worn from chewing sandy sticks on the beach but I was shocked at the general state of them. His gums were pale and the teeth all had brown rings around them.

    I mentally went through the agony it would take to clean them with a tooth brush.

    Well two nights ago I was absolutely gob smacked at the change. I was giving him four drops twice a day in capsules which was a bit of a hassle. I stopped for two days when he vomited one morning.

    His mouth had changed colour and his teeth are gleaming white. There is still some discoloration in the crowns of his teeth but it seriously looks as though he had had some meticulous attention by a dentist.

    I have continued dosing him but am using a syringe which is far more practical. He has had no more adverse reactions although he is extremely fit. He has no hassle having it squirted down his throat either.

    He is having trouble adapting to my constantly looking in his gob. I wish I had taken some before and after shots! It is truly amazing.

  168. Bill Says:

    I have been using MMS1 for a while even though I am not ill.
    I would like to see some type of open tests or even to see the chemical formulas for the reaction which produces ClO2.

    I have read some good arguements and I have read about some good results as well.

    If we are going to take this to the next level we need concrete proof of how CIO2 reacts in the human body.

    I have hope in CIO2 — BIG HOPE! Instead of just waiting for the negative powers to shut this movement down lets be proactive and prove us right in what we believe and hope to be a gift.

  169. Jean Says:

    Some of the comments on this site just make me laugh, but it’s sad. Try breaking down the substances in chemotherapy and it’s “success” rate and tell people to stay away from THAT! Too much of a money loss, so you’ll NEVER see that published. Don’t ask an allopathic doctor about MMS because he/she, first, will no nothing about it, and secondly, will lose money and time trying to learn about it. It comes down to a non-political, non-institutional decision. In my case, after studying, MMS makes me feel and look better and problems clear. I don’t really care about all the other nonsense and naysayers. They haven’t seen the results firsthand. But, it’s ok to continue poisoning ourselves with things that don’t work. I’d rather “poison” myself with something that does work. Continue with your drugs that just cover up symptoms and ultimately harm.

  170. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Jean, your logic is near impeccable.

  171. Vadar Says:


    Has anyone treated dandruff successfully?

    I want to try this, but would like some confirmation that at least someone has seen results with this. Also what sort of dosage would I take? As I would expect dandruff not to be a serious infection, therefore not require a serious dosage.


  172. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Vist for dosage instructions. It you treat it orally a minimal dose frequently during the day will probably due it.. Keep dosing until the condition is gone.. Most people respond to such things in 1 to 2 weeks.

  173. BoneCracker Says:

    Hello All,

    For as long as I can remember I have had a bed wetting problem. I have been “living” with Lupus since I was 13 years old. Diagnosed shortly after me hitting puberty and a truck hitting me. I have always had sleep problems (probably stemming from being afraid that I would wet the bed) However I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. I am now at the ripe age of 40. For 27 years I have been poked and prodded. Medications administered, taken then changed. At 35 years of age I had a heart attack due to a blockage in and artery near my heart, I now have a stent. I was also told that my blood has an issue with excessively clotting so I am on blood thinners as well as cholesterol lowering drugs. (Forgive the lack of terminology. I have multiple health issues but tend to block out everything that I am told) I have been skeptical of the medical establishment since college. I have rarely seen anything resembling relief for any of my conditions. My entire life has been nothing but pain and heartache at what I could have been had I not been afflicted with the health problems that I have. Within the past year I pretty much self diagnosed myself as having Candida overgrowth. I began to take measures to treat this and have had some wins and some losses. I still suffer. When I found out about MMS I was skeptical as anyone with a brain would be at the claims being presented. This site is wonderful. I have ordered my first bottle with activator and I am almost giddy with anticipation of its arrival. Thank you all for posting and even though I hate to read bad press about something I am pinning my hopes on, all of the haters thank you too. You are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with this society. Kill, Hate, Put Down. This is your mantra. To hell with all of you. But with Yin there has to be Yang. I have hope now. Hope that I am not paying through the nose for as I have for other “cures”. I don’t expect a miracle (though it would be nice) but some relief would be grand. I plan on returning to this blog leaving detailed info on my progress. I know that the info is not really all about me, that is not my purpose. I would like to have a soup to nuts version for someone like me out there looking for answers. My guess why people do not post back here is that they had a positive experience and forgot all about the nasty business of looking for cures for the moment. People come to this site to find answers. Once they get the answers they move on. If the answer that they received was not to their liking they would be back here spewing hate because of their anger. I hope to receive my shipment this week. No matter how mundane the outcome, I will post every day. My plan is to start with 1 drop 3x per day, adding a drop each day after. I have done many detoxes and or cleanses in the past. I am no stranger to the effects. I am constantly fatigued and still have issues with frequent and uncontrolled urination so I will know if something positive happens pretty quickly. Stay Tuned…

  174. Arrow Says:

    Hello Bonecracker.. please do keep us updated.

    I would also suggest to you to put “the ultimate cure” in the search bar above and read that 7 part article in regards to your cardiovascular system.

    You would do well to also search on nattokinase and possibly pycogenol for you also.. Natto is a natural blood thinner, and unless you have afib you might be able to dump the drugs.

    Many people have improved urination after mms. Good luck


  175. BoneCracker Says:


    Thank you for the post and the excellent (I’m sure) suggestions. I am going to research them all thoroughly. I have great hopes for my urination problems as I believe the problems I experience all stem from chronic UTI’s. I have been using a few various natural treatments just as of late. They include but are not limited to: Garlic juice/Olive Oil, Cranberry/Vit C, Alka seltzer, Oil of Oregano, and Hulda Clark’s Zapper. Last but not least diet changes. One or all of these treatments has given me some relief but I know if I stop one or all the problem will return. Thanks to I have discovered new treatments to apply towards the symptoms I have always had and western medicine has never been able to help me with. Deep down I have something seriously flawed in my body. I hope that MMS can get to the root of it. The urination problems that I have been plagued with my entire life are most likely a chronic UTI that has never been treated properly. Combo that with Lupus (auto immune dysfunction) and possible Candida overgrowth, my immune system just isn’t there to take care of the issue. Every day since I ordered my MMS I have been checking my porch for delivery. I am very hopeful. Thanks again to all who help keep this site going and others like it. Mod, keep posting the haters crap, it helps to reinforce thoughts of how closed minded they are and who knows maybe they will learn something when they come back to see responses to their clever little quips.

  176. CandidaLupusSufr Says:

    Very excited. Just received my shipment of MMS and citric acid activator solution. I followed the instructions that came with the citric acid. It instructed to fill the bottle of crystals with water and shake up, which I did. This created the citric acid solution in liquid form. Here is where I get confused a bit. The instructions also said it is a 1:1 ratio (meaning 1 drop of MMS to 1 drop of Citric Acid solution) this conflicts with other instructions I have seen where it is listed to mix a 1:5 ratio (1 drop MMS to 5 drops CAS) I followed the 1:1 ratio this time. Should I switch? Noticing slight head dizziness, VERY slight. Other than that, nothing to note so far. I am going to try 2 drops MMS in two hours. Any suggestions welcome…

  177. Jayne Says:

    Great reading all the positive posts. I am taking MMS as a preventative – I am off to do 6-weeks charity work in Dominican Rep/Haiti and want to be in tip top health. I certainly feel great after 2 weeks!
    I want to take my drops with me for myself/others and for water purification. Does anyone know if MMS and activator are ok/safe to carry in checked luggage?
    Thanks for any response.

  178. Jayne Says:

    Sorry, I should add that I am not asking about taking great quantities – I only have one 5.5oz bottle!

  179. Chris Johnson Says:

    It amazes me that you can walk past comment 76 without wondering if Jim Humble just made it all up.

  180. Seinfeld Says:

    Yes point 76 admits some things…

    >nobody knows how chlorine bleach works

    Contradicted by the next sentence.

    >Chlorine disinfects by attaching a chlorine molecule to everything in the water

    Correct. When used in drinking water it can be anti-bacterial, because available organic targets are very very low PPM.

    When used with food (or drink, or on your skin, or mouth, throat, stomach lining ), which has many PPM of organics, many dead cells leaking cell contents (proteins and so on) ..or in the stomach, the available Cl is consumed almost INSTANTLY and COMPLETELY on the organic molecules… thus leaving NO Cl to do any magic anywhere in your body.. not that it would work magic elsewhere if it did survive ,(it would cause blood disorder by attacking red blood cells.. It would easily make iron Chloride ? )

    But it certainly cannot do anything like attack cancer, unless that cancer was floating in your stomach when you drink the chlorine.

  181. Alan Murrie Says:

    My name is Alan Murrie and I have experienced and researched MMS and hope to clear up some incorrect ideas.
    MMS (NaCl2) is not chlorine bleach! MMS acts completely differently. In the presence of an acid the ClO2 is produced. In the presence of acid ClO2 then releases free radicles, which inside the human body cascade through a sick cell destroying it. ie one free radicle produces many more, that is why they cause so much damage. The human body has the ONLY cellular level free radicle scavenger – glutathione – that really works. Forget vitamin C and E, they work around the cells. Blood carries ClO2 exactly the same as O2. If a parasite has caused acid byproducts, ClO2 will release free radicles that will destroy the parasite. Healthy human cells will be protected by glutathione. Non-healthy cells will be destroyed and the kidneys will have to clean up the mess. You might feel sick when this happens, and if you have kidney disease you will need to go very slowly in the dose increase.
    The lower part of the gut is alkaline, or should be, from bile. Any organisms here producing acid are not needed so the ClO2 pounces. It leaves alkaline loving bacteria alone. You will generally get the runs when a lot of bacteria are killed, at higher doses eg 15 drops. A good probiotic taken orally will regenerate a healthy population quickly.
    ClO2 at 50 ppm in the glass from 15 drops generally relates to about 2 ppm in the blood, which is enough to work without any stress to the body. But huge stress to pathogens!
    The latest theories about antioxidants is that they simply induce the human cells to make make more glutathione. Oxidants like ClO2 are no problem AT THESE LOW DOSAGE LEVELS. If you drink concentrated bleach you will die, same for concentrated MMS. Be sensible. Always dilute MMS or flush well with water after 30 seconds of contact, or you will get blisters or alkaline burns.
    From this you will deduce that alkaline bacteria are not effected, so if there are bad alkaline bacteria then another path is needed. MMS does not cure all. Again be sensible.

    If you use NaCl2 to purify water and then expose the CLO2 gas produced to sunlight, it will break down in a few hours and have nothing but a slightly salty taste. Keep it away from sunlight to make it last longer.

    If it makes you feel sick because the dose is too high and you simply can’t afford to be ill, swallow some Vit C and this free radicle scavenger will mop up the excess ClO2 and help you feel better. Otherwise go through the process and you will come out much more healthy – but be prepared to vomit and so on for at least a day.

  182. Alan Murrie Says:

    Sodium Chlorite is NaClO2. Please excuse the typo

  183. Keyann S. Says:

    Hey there. I’m new here, but am pretty interested in this MMS stuff. I have HSV2, and have been doing a lot of research on this. Also been tossing around doing a Stabilized Liquid Oxygen treatment.
    I’m just curious if anyone knows if MMS can get into the Sacral Ganglia where the HSV2 virus lies dormant?
    Also, how do I make this stuff???
    I really want to try it out.
    Thanks for any advice :)


  184. Helena Says:

    Hi all, I’ve been using MMS fo about 3 years on and off.
    I posted here somewhere-can’t find it, how it cured my sinus infections in 3 days, took a tooth pain away-now for the second time! And I am not getting sick. Every time I feel like I might be catching something, I take 4-5 drops, next day I’m fine. I only take it as needed,no more than 2 days in the row. I never got over 6 drops yet, just don’t have the need for it.
    In the begining it cured my gastritis and my friends gastritis too in just 3 days!!!!!
    Hell, I’ll be keeping MMS around fo life!
    I hope the big pharma keeps their grubby paws away from it.

  185. Marvin Says:

    Repeated small doses are more effective then large morning and evening doses. It has been demonstrated more than 1000 times that small doses administered often, up to once each hour, are more effective than large doses administered once or twice a day. We now know that the chlorine dioxide chemical generated by MMS does not remain in the body more than one or two hours at most. The size of the dose does not seem to make a great deal of difference to the amount of time that MMS remains active in the body. That basically is because it doesn’t matter if it is a large amount or small amount it still deteriorates into mostly just table salt in an hour or two.

    Put as much MMS into the body as you can without causing an increase in sickness, nausea, or diarrhea. Always start out with a one drop dose at first and increase the drops every time you feel you can. That means, of course, that you activate each MMS drop with 5 drop of citric acid or vinegar and wait the three minutes and add juice or water as always. So, on the second dose you could increase to two drops if the first drop didn’t seem to increase sickness (in most cases it wont). Generally, that would be in two hours after taking the first dose. Then keep increasing each one or two hours or until you feel that you have reached maximum or until you notice a slight nausea. Generally two or three or four drops each time is all that is needed. Do this for eight hours a day and after you are cleaned out a maintenance dose is still the same as always, six drops a day of MMS along with the citric or other acids required for activation. people under 60 can get by with twice a week. (Do not use orange juice because it will block the MMS.)

  186. Jan du Plessis Says:

    To Mr. Arrow Drufee
    Good day Sir,
    I’m well aquanted with pharmasuetics, physiology, biochemistry, chemistry and microbiology, and have been instrumental in developing some other radicle medicine that works.
    I have started to conducting formal scintific testing on ClO2 in capsule form, with amazing results.
    To the critiques out there; note that the LD50 (2) value is 50mg/kg as compared to 292mg/kg oral. If you dont know what it imlies please shut up.

    Olease sir if you could contact me or give me your contact details I would like to have a word with you.
    Jan du Plessis

  187. Jan du Plessis Says:

    Hi all siek there is some profesional advice:
    1. All sikness = sin; God (Jesus) is the healer and the healing is already inside your body. (not for debate)
    2. ClO2 is produced in your own body but because your head is confused, you are limiting your owen health. So God meet you where you are Gen 28. I forgive you your sin John 20. Now that is settled.
    3. Serology testing for HIV is testing your immune responce and not for the virus. HIV- indicats that you have no immunity against the virus just as HIV+ is not conclusive that you have any virus living in your body.
    4. Theoreticaly every situation is unique but your body will only absorbs what is needed. Over dosing is not the answer it just creates problems. The rule is; treet symtomaticaly and not chronicaly.
    Please document your condition if you can and the progression I would be glad to receive it as I’m busy doing formal resurge on this.
    Jan du Plessis

  188. Tina Says:

    Dear Mr. Humble
    I Thank-You for the wonderful work that You have done with this Gift of Healing.. Can only have come from the One and Only God Himself, to You.. All things were made for God and by God…….For His GLORY..Physian of all Physians..
    In the Name of HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. So To Him We Owe Our Thanks..
    I thank-you for Sharing this with so many,around the world..
    I pray for your saftety,and your family’s,and good health as you have helped so many.
    I say that as We help others,,it always comes back to us somehow,
    so as we forgive others God also Forgives Us.
    I agree that the solution that you have created,will help people get well,,as it already has..Thank-You
    And some times ti takes Special People like You to show the WORLD that We do not always need DRUGS.. That it can be very Natural things mixed together,,just needed a VERY SMART HEAD, like yours..Thanks be To God for giving you that..
    I will also be trying it out,,as I have just heard about it yesterday,,and I’m all for Natural Remedies..
    Your Truly Christian Friend—Tina

  189. Ali Says:

    To Bonecracker….

    Hi. I’m sorry you’ve had such a long haul. Wow. We’ve had stuff going on too. I just wanted to share about your heart and circulation…. check out nattokinase and serrapeptase to clear your arteries. Also pure pomegranate juice did a fab job in a med. study in clearing arteries approx. 35% after one glass a day for a year. That’s way better than meds do. Also IV chelation is good for clearing arteries and good ol’ vitamin C is good for maintenance.
    My daughters friend has lupus. The docs have really messed with her. I’ve looked around some for natural helps for Lupus. If you have any good ones please let me know. goodplans4you@yahoo dot com. It’s autoimmune right? Do you take alot of anti-inflammatories? Do you have a good practitioner? We live in Northern IL and found this ND – http://www.drjuliasinn dot net. She’s really good. Cured herself of cancer.
    I hope all goes well with your fight against candida. I have that too. I really CRAVE carbs. The doc said that her cravings died down alot if she took alot of probiotics.
    Blessings!! Ali :)

  190. Lisa S Says:

    Hi guys…

    I’ve been using mms for 3 days now, 8 drops of mms and 8 of citric acid. I’ll be doing this for one week and then I’ll start adding one drop every day. My question is how do I apply this on the skin of my face without having a spray bottle. Maybe with cotton? And how many doses of mms and activator for this? And if anyone has had an experience with this, how was it? how long before your face cleared up with whatever you had? Thank youuuu. Goodluck for those who are new in trying MMS! :)

  191. Arrowwind Says:

    Activate the mms just like you would for oral applications. Only leave it on your skin for 3 minutes then wash off. It can irritate delicate skin.. I must wash it off if I put it on my face but it doesn’t bother my feet… go figure.

  192. patrick Says:

    Anyone have any information on MMS and its use with HIV?

  193. fatcha Says:

    i know nothing about the subject of which you speak but i do know about viral affect and what i call cure in ones body. Ionly know this by my trial of BHT. I have had hep-c i am guessing for twenty years and i have also had venerial warts for over fourty years, the warts were so bad it was disgusting, i had them frozen, burned and used a 17% solution of podplophlyn for 20 years.
    I went to a Doctor and found out i had hep c, a friend told me about BHT, so i took it for the hep-c not even thinking of the warts. The warts numbered around –80 to 100 thats my guess?. Within two months of taking the BHT the warts were GONE!!
    The warts being gone told me the heo-c would be helped also and after several months i had m viral load checked for a second time. the results the very forst time were 2110000 the second time i was tested the count went to 837000 .
    I will not tell you how it works for a distain of sitting here typing so i will just say google hep-c BHT. Any sceptics ?? try it it only costs about $9.99 a month .I don’t sell it or have anything to do with it, except take it.

  194. fatcha Says:

    one thing i will add there is verification from users that this bht works for new castel disease, herpes, ebola,all virus that has the lipid evenlope of protection that keeps the white blood cells from destroting the virus.even though the BHt does not kill virus in your liver it does kill all the virus in your blood and being your liver regenerated every cell within two years perhaps one year a cure is possible and chance of a rejuvinated virus free liver.
    I know this is a bit off topic however it is to important while talking with people who have these debilitating dieseases not to tell them of this BHT.
    Hundreds of years before doctors and medicine, the american indian and others knew of a cure for many things one was the creasote bush in the az desert, the bush was made into a tea and drank and said yo cure many things there wern’t even names for yet. the creasote bush has BHT which is a preseritive today, in the time the bush was used the whiteman of the southwest used it to soak railroad ties in to protect them from infestation of termites, and a hundred or more years later termites will have none of the railroad ties that lie out in the south west desert .
    All i say is if you have any of the terrible viruses check into what i said, no pharmacuticle house will research this because they can not make money on it . it is sold as a presertive to be added to food to keep them from spoiling.
    forgive my spelling..i don’t proof read