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Known Cures for MRSA with Alternative Therapy

16th September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Known Cures for MRSA

1. Allimed: Our story and current updates are available on our site. (from Cathy, a regular poster here) Cathy thinks that allimed is the one most worth taking for best effects.
We are not medical professionals and we are not giving medical advise. We are sharing an on going family healing experience.
Some supplements and drugs may conflict. In combining these, it is the job of pharmacist and doctors to assist others with the decision making process.

2. Ozone therapy: see oxidative therapies thread at

some oxidative therapies are safe to do at home. Go to this yahoo group for expert advice: some leading ozone experts in North America answer questions at this forum

3. Ultra Violet Ligtht Therapy:

4. Phage Therapy: forum I called this clinic and they are still doing phage therapy. The nurse could not say why it was not on the website any longer. state that there is a plan for a phage therapy clinic in Mexico, awaiting government approval.

5. Colloidal Silver: is one of the better silver products on the market.

Things You Can Do to assist your body with Supplements

First and foremost: Take lots of probiotics before, during and after all antibiotic therapy. For every week of antibiotic therapy do 3 weeks of probiotics after in high dosage, then continue with a maintenance dose. This may help prevent candida infection and will help to maintain a healthy immune system and will help prevent leaky gut syndrome.

Aloe Vera in freeze dried preparation will help to heal the gut and reverse some of the damage antibiotics cause. I like the aloe product found at

Take Vitamin C up to bowel tolerance See this site for applications:

Take and immune booster like Transfer Factor (do a search for product) or Beta – 1.3/1.6-D-Glucan from NOW products

Take a comprehensive B vitamin Supplement that delivers at least 100mg of each of the B complex. Folic acid should be 1 to 2mg a day.

Take a sublingual preparation of B12. Take 5,000 mcg a day.

Drink fresh Vegetable juice daily

Take a Greens Supplement

Disinfect your house with an Air Ozonator. Learn about medical ozone. Drink ozone water.
See the Enaly Air ozonator on this page.
The owner of this on line store is very knowledgable about ozone therapy and he can recommend the best ozonator for you for medical treatment also, if you should choose this route of treatment. Call him.

Use a strong germmaicide on doorknobs, faucet handles. Carry a sanitizer with you. You have a responsibility to protect your friends and neighbors.

Grapefruit Seed Extract GSE from Nutribiotics is a strong nontoxic to people germacide. You can make your own spray bottle.

A very few supplements may interfere with a few antibiotic therapies. Ask your doctor first if you are unsure.

A good online place to shop for supplements is at
And Don’t shop in health food stores. You will pay too much!


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2 Responses to “Known Cures for MRSA with Alternative Therapy”

  1. sudo Says:

    Have you had any problems with the ozonators ageing and cracking rubber parts in your house, though? Or any lung irritation?

    Also, does colloidal silver kill healthy flora?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have not had problems with other things aging and cracking in my house with the use of ozone. I think the contact has to be pretty direct and concentrated. Hoses have to be replaced periodically.

    There has been no indication that colloidal silver kills good flora to my knowledge. I have been watching the situation for years. But if you have concern there is nothing better for you than to eat a good yogurt product or take a supplement. Not doing this is the downfall of many a person, using silver or not, especially those who eat the SAD diet.