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MMS Testimonial No. 3 – HQ’s experience (updated 03/31/08)

16th September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

HQ: Fri, sept 14th 8:36AM
I started MMS 8 days ago. Starting with 2 drops and 2 additional drops each day. Got to clear up this lifelong sinus and lifelong constipation problem. I think it is fungi.

I’m doing this with apple cider vinegar and water. When I get to the grocery store, I use the little plastic lemon things and water. I only use a cup of water. I only do it on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. I do this first thing in the morning.

Day 6 was the day I took 12 drops. It was vomit after 2 hours of consumption. I only had water in my stomach; so no acid. After 2 more hours, I had cold dripping sweats. Literally dripping. I hope I’m not being too grossly graphic for you.

Day 7 I decided to stay with 12 drops, just in case. Today my purge was liquid doo-doo. Almost all morning. All day I felt bloated, like there is more to come.

Day 8 I’ll stick with 12 drops. I’ll do that every day until I’ve stopped purging. Then I’ll move on. One more drop each day, instead of 2. I’ve got to go to the grocery store; so, I wait until I get back home for my daily dose. I don’t want to be embarrassed in the grocery store.

HQ: 14th 1:19PM
Here I am on day 8 and 12 drops.

I am nauseated. Bowels are producing liquid again. Intestines hurt a little. Inflamed? Bloated. Sinuses draining. I’m afraid to eat lunch. It might not stay down. I’m considering backing off to 10 drops tomorrow; so I can get my life back.

HQ: fri, sept 14th 9:26PM
Thanks for your advice l & l. I accept it. Especially after today. My sinuses are clearing too. Today my intestines feel like they are stretched full of water. I normally do drink a lot of water. I did evacuate a lot; but it sure feels like there is a lot more. I’ll drop back to 8 drops and stay there for a while. I have too many things to do next week to be under such handicap.

And I am using lemon now. I’m using the 100% juice from those plastic things. I don’t know if I really have Candida, or Leaky Gut. I guess it does not matter as long as this stuff will kill fungi or bacteria.

HQ: sat, sept 15th 4:47PM
It does sound like parasites, not mucous. It’s seems quite common for us to have these things. That’s the good thing about MMS. It will help us get rid of such. I’ve already done a parasite purge a few months ago and 6 months before that. If we continue to take a daily dose of MMS, we should not be bothered by such things again.

Even though I’ve dropped back some, I’m still having problems. I must have bad things going on in me that I wasn’t previously aware.

HQ: Re: sat, sept 15th 4:49PM
Day 8 was miserable at 12 drops still. Mostly nausea and diarrhea. All day. I wonder why so many can take so much MMS; but I have such horrid problems. I could not eat very much. That’s not good for me. I’m already underweight.

HQ: Day 9 sat, sept 15th 4:54PM
Well day 9 and I am at 10 drops. I take mine in the morning. All morning I’ve been nauseous and still diarrhea. I don’t know how I can have much more. I’ve not been eating much. I’ve been able to breathe much better. That’s one of my major goals. For about an hour, today, my sinuses swelled and closed off air in my nose. Then it went away and absolutely no problem now.

I’m better by afternoon; so I’ll get to eat a hearty supper.

HQ: personal exp. Day 10 sun, sept 16th 4:56PM
I had to back down to 8 drops. A little queezy for a little bit. Some minor diarrhea, then solid BM. I’ll move up 1 drop at a time this time; and I’ll stay at each dosage; until I’m comfortable to move ahead.

I’m now using 1/2 cup of distilled water and RealLemon as the activator. No juice. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I don’t eat until an hour later.

HQ: Day 11 mon, sept 17th 4:12PM
I’m still at 9 drops once a day. I only want to feel that way once a day. My BMs are back to normal; which is not great but at least happening. Just a little nervous stomach about a half hour after dose. Unfortunately, sinuses are back to normal too. Maybe a little better than normal. I’m still not going to rush this.

HQ: Re: 15 drops. tues, sept 18th 7:10PM
I just wonder how you are able to get away with this much (15 DROPS). I’m still at 9 drops. I’m using RealLemon with 1/2 cup distilled water on an empty stomach. I must have so much stuff wrong with me. You must be fairly clean. Did you remember to keep it away from vitamin C?

HQ’s experience: – day 13 wed, sept 19th 2:24PM
I made it to 10 drops. Absolutely no problem reaction. I’m sure I can move ahead one more drop tomorrow.
I sinuses are improved; but still need work. My BMs are very much improved. Yesterday, I had 3. That’s very unsual. I usually have 1 each day. It is very seldom that I miss one in a day.
Now, I just wish this would not give me gas that I can’t seem to release easily.

HQ’s personal esp – Day 15 fri, sept 21st 9:02PM
I am unable to get beyond 11 drops. No nausea; but diarrhea. That’s not so bad; as long as I drink plenty of water and take some form of minerals. At least I’m going to the toilet. My normal is once a day and only with the help of some casgara sagrada product. Now, I’m having BMs, although mostly liquid, 2 to 3 times a day. Since that is happening my sinuses are mostly cleared too. My sinuses must be attached to my bowels. That’s my best guess. 
My goal is still 15 drops for 30 days with no incident.


The weekend made me cut all the way back to 6 drops from 11. Not because of health issues; but because I was going to be in public all weekend. I did not want to be embarrassed, if anything happened to me.

I took 11 drops, all at once, today. I always take the dose all at once. Absolutely no problems with this; so, I’m moving to 12 tomorrow. I wish I could post health progress; but I guess my body is just not ready. My sinus are still stuffed most of the time. My BMs are somewhat better. I know it is going to take, at least 15 drops or even more, to fix this.

The only problem, I have with MMS, is a sensation of gas on my bowels. I’ve described this as bloating before. Maybe it is; because I’m certainly not passing the gas. Anyone else with this sensation? This occurs, even with 6 drops; and mostly takes a day for it to happen. It is aggravating and painful.

I am using RealLemon as the activator; just because I don’t like the taste of lime. I’m using distilled water to drink it. 1/2 cup of distilled water. One half cup makes it easy to swallow it in about two gulps. Then, I’m waiting for 45 minutes until I eat anything. I would not dare snuff it into my nose. My sinuses are very sensitive from over 50 years of sinus problems. I decided not to try the citric acid. Jim did say that it is the best though. I don’t really want to mix one more thing. I’ve heard that you do have to mix the citric acid. I’d alway wonder if I really did it right. BTW: I must have something like Candida; because apple cider vinegar always made me feel worse in my sinuses.



Hq: I too believe that MMS is a fantastic cure for many pathogenic problems. It certainly has nearly cured me of at least 4 health problems. I have not been able to post at your health salon forum. I put in comments; but nothing happens, even though it says it is accepted. My remaining problem is causing sinus congestion for life. I think it is a Candida fungi. No matter. MMS has cleared it so much that I only have to use OTC nasal spray once a day. Not even much rebound from the spray. It may also be due to the use of paradophilus too; so my testimonial may be distorted.


HQ will now post his comments in the comment section below. If you have a question maybe he will answer it.

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12 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 3 – HQ’s experience (updated 03/31/08)”

  1. hq Says:

    I’m on my 18th day and 12 drops. I have to progress slowly in dosage. I have only very mild nausea today. I think that is due to staying at 11 drops for several days. Each day I would get nauseated. Then I would think I could not get beyond 11. MMS has done as much as it can at 11; so, I moved to 12. My sinuses are better, in that I don’t have stuffy congested nose so much during the day now. Better bowel movements too. On my first day of 12 drops, I have a little diarrhea. Not as much problem as the last time I was on 12 and had to back off. That time, about 6 days ago, I actually vomited and had diarrhea as well. From the theory, I must be cleaning out something.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hq asked me to post this for him as he is having some technical difficulties posting…..

    “I’m still at the “yet to be seen” mode too. I am finally at 15 drops for 2 days now. I worked up to it by adding 1 drop per day after starting with 1 drop, then had a set back. My goal is 15 drops for 15 days without incident. If I have an incident, I start the 15 day count all over again; but I’m staying at 15 drops. This is my second day of 15 drops; and I have an incident. Diarrhea, mild, has hit this morning; also heavy sinus drainage.

    At least I am having better BMs than ever. Diarrhea does not count. My sinuses still need some help. I should not be surprised that I’m having this trouble. If had it for a lifetime.”

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Per Hq.

    My bowels are so much better. My sinuses have not been helped. I believe that will take some time. Also, I could have seasonal allergies right now. I’m not sure MMS can manage that. One thing that I very much appreciate, beyond the intestinal support, is that I no longer have any solar keratosis. That is amazing to me. My abdomen and a small part of my forehead, temple area, are now clear. Little red spots are fading away after the keratosis disappeared. I’m sticking with daily maintenance of 6 drops and will increase that if I see that I may be overwhelmed with something else. I think I still have some form of fungus infection, maybe Candida. I believe that will take some time as well. That is almost as bad as Lyme to get rid of; almost.

    Here is my testimonial or daily diary. I have not been able to add to it due to technical difficulties. It may help you or others to deal with it better than me.
    Like you, I feel that I’ve tried everything else. I am very satisfied that it has helped me better than anything that I have tried. I still have hope for my sinuses.

    Oh. I only take one dose in the evening now.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Per Hq:

    I did try the little “s” and submitted. No luck. Sorry. This is what I tried to post.

    For information on paradophillus, read answer number 13 from Humble’s Q&A here.

    This really gave me my boost with the MMS. I’ve just started with it. I am at 18 sprays, working my way to 45 as recommended in the instructions. This is 3 times per day. I am very pleased with the progress.

    MMS has resolved my solar keratosis, sensitive tooth, and constipation. It was helping my sinuses; but slowly. That’s when I started the paradophillus. What a boost. I believe that someday soon I will be able to say that I no longer have sinus problems. That will be a good day.

  5. Anthony Says:

    I found this site which has been great, I been really wanting to find more information on MMS since I read earlier today on about it, I want to cross link the article which further confirms MMS is indeed a force to be noticed!


  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This is an update from Hq as of February 17, 2008.

    I believe the source of my major symptoms is an overgrowth of fungus as confirmed by an ND who would not commit to a diagnosis of Candida. I also believe that this fungus has caused Leaky Gut. My symptoms have been lifelong sinus and constipation problems.

    I have been taking MMS for 6 months. I ramped up to 15×2 then backed off to 10×2 for a while then ramped back up to 15×3. I am now taking 6×1.

    I think I am winning this war with the help of MMS and two other supplements. I’m sure that MMS has been able to clear my bloodstream; because I have been cured of external fungus problems with only internal MMS. MMS has also remarkably helped with constipation problems. However, my sinuses are still swollen most of the time; until recently. They were normally especially swollen about an hour after eating. Eating anything. This is why I think I have Leaky Gut. Also, it was normal for me to wake after 3 hours sleep due to sinus pressure. Once cleared, I could go back to finish my sleep; but only breathe through my mouth for a couple more hours sleep – sometimes. 3 hours is not decent sleep.

    My sinuses seem far better now. They are not bad after eating anymore. I can now get about 5 hours sleep. It seems to be getting better every night. I now have to wean myself from the OTC nasal spray and the awful rebounds. Then I will know for sure.

    The two supplements, that I started, are Cat’s Claw and Kolorex ( I get them from Swanson’s because they are good quality and inexpensive there. I haven’t tried iHerb yet.

    I had tried Cat’s Claw a couple of years ago while I was doing iodine therapy. It did not help. I had occasionally taken oil of oregano and olive leaf extract. Gosh, I’ve tried so many supplements, diets, and health protocols over the years. I’m convinced that I needed MMS to pave the way by destroying bad pathogens and strengthing my immune system. For 6 months, MMS would aggravate my sinuses by making my nose constantly run, swell and close tightly. Then when I lie down, they would back up and be extremely difficult to clear. It was like a war going on between MMS and the enemy; and I was the collateral damage. I think Cat’s Claw was able to get in between those two enemies. I specifically got Cat’s Claw to try to fix my intestinal lining.

    I was not aware of Kolorex until recently; and only added it about a week ago.

    I hope that making this public will not be bad luck.

    For those fighting Candida or fungus, it might be worth your effort to try other things as well as MMS.

    I still intend to keep with a daily maintenance of MMS – 6 to 10 drops. I think MMS can take care of anything new and even the possibility of new fungus spores.

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Post by HQ on 3/28/08

    I have used MMS every day since September 2007. I am thrilled to report that I can now breath like a normal person. For nearly 60 years, I have not been able to do so. Fungus overload. I’m convinced that the fungus is not obliterated; so I will continue a daily dose of 6 or more drops. I never thought I would get this far. 7 months is worth it.

    First thing it did was to clear up external fungus problems; even though I was only using it internally. Toenail fungus was the first to go. Then jock itch. Also, solar keratosis, not a fungus, cleared. It just dried up and flaked off and did not return.

    Next, it wiped out the fungi in the bloodstream, where MMS does most of its work. And why not? Chlorine dioxide is used in municipal water systems to destroy pathogens. It should have not problem in my blood system.

    It continue to fine tune my intestines, where the fungus starts.

    So, my point is that the very minor risk, if any at all, is worth the reward.

    The amount of chlorine dioxide, in the MMS protocol is way minor in contrast to the laboratory studies. It is sodium chlorite in its beginning. This is diluted to 28% in distilled water; which is diluted further by adding a half cup of water or juice. By the time it is ingested, the chlorine dioxide is less that 1 ppm. Many hundreds of people have been using sodium chlorite, which is converted to chlorine dioxide, for many years with no problem. They have been using it in a product, called Stabilized Oxygen.

    I will always want chlorine dioxide on my side at any outbreak of flu or pandemic.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    On 3/29/08 HQ wrote in reply to this question:

    are you going to quit MMS for a while to see if the problem has been taken care of? or continue taking it?

    That’s a question I ask myself each time I mix the solution. I’m afraid to quit abruptly. I’ve dealt with my sinus and constipation problems for as long as I can remember; and I remember back to the 50s. Even on MMS, I occasionally revert back to the problem. Every time I have sinus congestion, it is shortly (same day) followed by constipation, however mild. And thanks for the stoneroot suggestion. It does make the sinus congestion milder, less painful.

    I am taking a daily dose of 6 drops. However, I have taken time off recently. I stopped it for 2 days. It thankfully stopped the detox symptoms; but I just wonder if the fungus continues to build in the absence of the chlorine dioxide. That is the purpose of the maintenance dose. I wonder if anyone ever really gets rid of fungus completely.

    I’m not worried about chemical dependency on MMS. It is not cumulative. It lasts no longer than 12 hours. I just worry that anything that has retreated will take advantage of the situation.

    BTW. Some of my food allergies have diminished too. I can now eat eggs and pineapple. Still have problems with milk; but not cheese. I’m convinced that the fungus caused Leaky Gut Syndrome for years and years. I think that must be clearing now. I’ve used l-glutamine, Kolorex, zinc, aloe vera and a few other herbs for LGS. I also recently added FibroBoost (Ecklonia cava brown algae) recently discussed on this forum. I think that has helped my digestive system greatly. I can’t take the blood thinning herbs or aspirin; so the FibroBoost is a reasonable substitute in some ways.

  9. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here is an interesting link on a product similar to MMS.

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Update from HQ 8/10/08

    After 9 months of MMS, I was only able to get rid of my nail fungus and solar keratosis. That’s remarkable enough. My sinuses and constipation seem unending and definitely not relieved by MMS. I’m working with an herbalist on this; and we think these symptoms are due to sluggish liver from childhood. Maybe due to the activity of an overwhelming amount of fungus. Which came first, the liver problem or the fungus problem? We feel that a weakened liver, that does not produce enough or good quality bile, is what allowed the fungus to take over. Bile is an antiseptic as is MMS. So, MMS may have been able to kill all of the fungus. I have not been tested to see whether it is gone; but my sinuses seem to indicate that it is not. MMS would not be able to help the liver though; so that is why I’ve now taken the herbal route. I will always reach for MMS in case of infection.

    A new note from HQ 12/30/08

    When I was using the MMS protocol, I finally reached a plateau. I suppose that happens with most protocols. It was a point when I felt that my fungus was winning; and I was not going to continue with 15 drops of MMS twice daily. I felt as if I was in a “forever detox”.

    Then I discovered that the protocol could be enhanced with the use of an antifungal. There are several that I tried. Oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver. With Candida we know that we have to rotate antifungals; because the fungi adapts.

    I found horopito to finally give me some success. At least the fungus was not returning to the skin and nails of my body. I also felt some internal symptoms being relieved. Horopito is the ingredient of Kolorex and can be found at Swanson’s for very inexpensive.

    Horopito is found in New Zealand. Studies conducted by the Cawthron Institute in Nelson, New Zealand, show that dried, milled horopito leaf is effective at killing Candida albicans in an in vitro environment. When compared to other natural antifungal compounds, such as sodium caprylate, pau d’arco or grape seed extract, milled horopito leaf produces a far lower minimum inhibitory concentration.

    “Polygodial exhibits fungicidal activity against yeast-like fungi. This is in comparison to the actions of some of the fungistatic triazoles, such as fluconazole. It has been reported in literature that the antifungal activity of polygodial is the result of structural disruption of cell membranes, leading to cell leakage and, ultimately, cell death. Radioactive monomer incorporation studies have shown no selective inhibition of uptake in polymers of DNA, RNA, protein or polysaccharide, as all uptake tapered off after 60 minutes. Polygodial produces amounts of potassium leakage from yeast cells, similar to those produced by amphotericin B and miconazole.”

    So now I feel that the fungus is under control. What’s left? What is causing me to suffer chronic sinusitis and constipation? Leaky Gut Syndrome, I think. It seems that I am allergic to all foods. My sinuses even swell whenever I take probiotics of all things. The friendly bacteria do not seem to stay in the gut.

    “If the friendly bacteria are disrupted by such things as antibiotic abuse, Candida can increase it’s numbers drastically and become a more dominant member of the “intestinal zoo”. When this happens it spells trouble for the human host. As Candida is a yeast, it produces alcohol (ethanol) and acetaldehyde (this is the chemical responsible for the main symptoms of a hangover) as the major products of its metabolism. In healthy individuals alcohol can be detected in the blood from exactly this source but it is at a level that doesn’t cause any problems as the bodies detoxification systems can cope with it. If however you have an overgrowth of intestinal Candida, the levels of alcohol entering the bloodstream are going to be greatly increased. In a study conducted by doctors at Biolab in London, UK, a number of chronically unwell patients were tested for blood ethanol levels an hour after ingesting a sugar solution. The study found the patients consistently had high blood levels of ethanol which the researchers concluded came from small intestinal yeast overgrowth. To make this situation worse, when Candida has a foothold it is free to transform into the fungal form and its branching hyphae can penetrate the intestinal wall. This makes the intestine more permeable (Leaky Gut Syndrome) so more of the toxic alcohol and acetaldehyde are absorbed into the body. Also with a highly permeable intestine, the Candida themselves may actually be able to slip through and gain access to the rest of the body causing chronic immune reactions like allergies and autoimmune diseases.” -Intestinal Dysbiosis and the Causes of Disease – Dr. Leo Galland

    Would that be like having a hang-over all the time?

    MMS cannot cure all things; but it can sure make it easier to get rid of pathogens and allow the immune system to work more efficiently. I’m sure it helps to assist the MMS protocol.

  11. Ginny Says:

    Candida thrives on sugar.

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Candida is a natural and normal flora in the gut. Kids that eat only sugar do not get “candida” problems. When the gut is damaged and when the candida mutates from the use of drugs, thats when it is a problem.