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Ozone Pasteurisation Technique for Dairy Products – Food Sanatation Processing

19th September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This could return superior raw dairy products to our shelves!

Breaking News on Food Processing & Packaging – Europe

Previous page : Dairy company tests ozone pasteurisation technique

Dairy company tests ozone pasteurisation technique

By Ahmed ElAmin
18/09/2007- A cold pasteurisation technique that uses ozone gas allows processors to create food without damaging healthy components, according to its developer.

Pastair, a Sweden-based company, said the newly developed process would cut also down on energy costs compared to other sterilisation methods.

“The great advantage with the new technique is that it opens up possibilities to create food without damaging important active biological and healthy components, in other words, the consumer will get a healthier milk or juice,” the company stated in a press release.

The Pastair technique begins with the extraction ozone from air. The gas kills pathogens but does not impact the active and healthy components, the company claimed.

“The process is also more environmentally friendly than regular pasteurizing techniques,” Pastair stated. “The exclusion of heat treatment lowers the energy cost a great deal.”

In two weeks Skane Dairy will start a full scale testing of the Pastair technique, according to the company.

As quoted by Pastair, Ola Erici, Skane Dairy’s chief executive officer, said the company has always considered using cold pasteurising for its operations, but until now the process has been too expensive or too difficult to put into production.

The Pastair process doesn’t cost more than any pasteurising technique and it is also more environmentally friendly, Pastair stated.

Oatly is another company that has shown interest in using the process, according to Pastair.
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3 Responses to “Ozone Pasteurisation Technique for Dairy Products – Food Sanatation Processing”

  1. FAKAMBI Bankolé Says:

    Dear sirs
    We are a company located in Benin (Africa). The company name:
    01 BP 7520 COTONOU
    We plan to produce coconut water(juice) without heat pasteurization. We currently need a cold pasterization system to pasteurize coconut water. we need olso tetra pack conditionning system. Can you provide this equipment?
    Kind regards.

    - Production capacity: 2000 units/h
    - Volume: 33 cl
    - the product will be distributed at ambient temperature (the coconut water is supposed sterile without bacteria with a lifespan of 1 year)

    King regards

  2. gholami Says:

    Dear Director
    Information about your approach to equipment nuts pasteurization process can send it.
    Thanks to your help
    Managing Director

  3. phillip Leach Says:

    Hello was there any answers to the coconut water sterilization question?