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MMS – Sodium Chlorite – a cure for Malaria, Many Cancers, Bacterial Infections, HIV and Viral Infections.

21st September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Start here for information on MMS. MMS, sodium chlorite is a new development for the treatment of serious infection.
This site will start you on your journey into the use of MMS. You must read it.

This website presents some of the most interesting information that I have come across in alterntive medicine in a long time. If you are plagued by Lyme, Cancer, Malaria, West Nile Virus, HIV, bacterias, virus, skin diseases, pneumonias, chronic fatigue, fibermyalgia or any kind of infection you need to take a look at this part 1 (which is a free download) and then purchase part 2, only $10 for full instructions on how to make and use it. If you can not afford part 2 the author will provide it to you free of charge. Just contact him in the e-mail address provided in the first few pages of part 1.

This is not your typical sodium chlorite (stabilized oxygen) Most stabilized oxygen are micky mouse products designed to rob your wallet and keep your disease at a low level, never fully curing you.

This is the therapy we have been waiting for! As time goes by I will be posting whatever testimonials I can find on its use. Look in the Categories section to the left of the page and click on the MMS testimonials Since MMS has only been out for a couple of weeks it will take some time to collect antidotal evidence.

This may be a cure for malaria and mulitude of infectious diseases, it is cheap and you can make it at home. Don’t let this information slip past you. It is maybe the most important read of your life.

Be sure to go to the Categories column on the left hand side of this page and click on MMS Testimonials. You will find further information there.

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90 Responses to “MMS – Sodium Chlorite – a cure for Malaria, Many Cancers, Bacterial Infections, HIV and Viral Infections.”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    1: Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 1993 Sep;14(9):527-9. PUBMED
    Related Articles, LinkOut

    Inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus by a medical waste disposal process using chlorine dioxide.

    Farr RW, Walton C.

    Department of Medicine, West Virginia University, Morgantown 26506-9163.

    OBJECTIVE: To study the ability of a medical waste disposal process using chlorine dioxide to inactivate human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1). DESIGN: Stock HIV-1 (HTLV-IIIB strain) was treated with chlorine dioxide under the following settings: cell culture medium alone, culture medium with 25% blood, culture medium with medical supplies treated by the Condor machine (Winfield Environmental Corp., Escondido, CA). MT-2 cells in 96-well tissue culture plates were inoculated with serial tenfold dilutions of treated and untreated HIV-1. Cytopathic effect was read on day five, and the TCID50 (50% tissue culture infectious dose) was calculated. RESULTS: Treatment of HIV-1 with chlorine dioxide in culture medium alone resulted in a 5.25 log10 reduction in TCID50. Treatment of HIV-1 with chlorine dioxide in the presence of 25% blood caused a 6.25 log10 reduction in HIV-1 infectivity. Treatment of HIV-1 with chlorine dioxide in the presence of medical supplies treated in the Condor machine resulted in a 4.75 log10 reduction in HIV infectivity. CONCLUSIONS: Chlorine dioxide inactivated HIV-1 in vitro. Chlorine dioxide inactivated HIV-1 in the presence of blood and in the presence of medical supplies under conditions that simulated the conditions existing in the Condor machine.

    Publication Types:
    0. Comparative Study
    0. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t

    PMID: 8228160 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Arrow posted this at

    Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using MMS. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks almost normal. They are astounded! Asked him what he has been doing and he has not told them as of yet.

    He has been doing 6 drops 2 and sometimes 3 times a day over the past 7 weeks. He feels great and has gained weight. We are all very excited here!

    Will post more when I have further information.

  3. Chemist PhD Says:

    What a load of absolute bullshit.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you Chemist PHD for your profound insight. We have learned a lot from you, possibly all that you are capable of teaching so don’t post here again.

  5. Chemist PhD Says:

    You learnt more from me than this nonsense. Take some chloride dioxide and put it on your skin. Sure, it will kill cancer, as well as every other living cell in your body. Absolute nonsense.

  6. W Longacre Says:

    Chemist has a good point. Read on.
    What effect might chlorine dioxide have on my health?
    Acute health effects : The following acute (short-term) health effects may occur immediately or shortly after exposure to chlorine dioxide: irritate the nose and throat, causing coughing and chest pain; eye irritation with watery eyes and seeing halos around lights; breathing chlorine dioxide can irritate the lungs causing coughing and/or shortness of breath. Higher exposures can cause a build-up of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary oedema), a medical emergency but which might not occur for 24 hours, with severe shortness of breath and possibly death.

    I would urge caution!

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I put it on my skin repeatedly for about a week. Still living and well.

    I have yet to hear any reports of the above symptoms from people who have been using MMS.

    Of course chlorine dioxide can be misused. So can any pharmaceutical drug. It should be used strictly as Jim Humble advises. I have been told that about 10,000 bottles have been sold of this MMS. Although there are people who do not like using it and who have decided not to use it, when used as advised no one has reported the symptoms as mentioned above.

  8. Mel Says:

    I would like to know the purpose of the above cited study (Farr RW, Walton C. Department of Medicine, West Virginia University, Morgantown 26506-9163) that showed MMS killed HIV in vitro.

    My sceptical friend tells me that HIV can be killed by any common household disinfectant, even soap and water. Why do such a study when this is already known? Fair comment?

  9. Arrow Durfee Says:

    In vitro studies are common first steps in investigating a drugs potential. Thats all I can say about it.

  10. Nuts Says:


    A poor argument for the question asked. Its 100% true that HIV can be killed with any household disinfectant. We have known this since the 80′s…and? Why would you use this to support your claim here?

    “Inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus by a medical waste disposal process using chlorine dioxide.”

    Bring something tangible to the plate.

  11. Chem Engineer Says:

    Chlorine dioxide when dissolved in water disassociates into negative chlorine ions and oxygen essentially chlorinating the water. It is a highly reactive compound with strong electro negativity that will break up and bond with fragments of any organic molecule you throw at it. This makes it an extremely effective chemical to treat municipal water systems with because it kills bacteria, viruses, algae, the works! It also very commonly used in pools. There is no difference between magical Mr Jim Humble’s sodium chlorite solution and pool chlorine. Why not save yourself the money and drink dilute bleach. You ingest enough of it and you’ll more than likely kill yourself. The argument that in small doses it is effective is just ridiculas! I bet if you got HIV or malaria and put it in a test tube along with sulphuric acid it will also completely destroy the virus, doesn’t mean you should go out and start drinking battery acid.

  12. John Greer Says:

    Unfortunately none of the chemists or engineers seem to have read his book. You can download MMS Part 2 at People should read the book first before leaving negative comments. For example, he explains the difference between chorine and chorine dioxide (it kills pathogens by oxidation unlike chorine). I don’t know the effectiveness of using the product but in terms of dose the are small doses. Too much chorine or even water can kill you. If chorine dioxide is much benefit as Humble says then the FDA and big pharma would probably want to keep it’s effectiveness quiet. For what its worth Robert Young, PHD and author of The pH Miracle, says chorine dioxide is safe on page 160 of his book. Either Humble is a master deceptionist or has come up with something that is of tremendous benefit to mankind. He claims to use it to treat malaria in Africe. Even if you’re skeptical is it not worth finding out more about it given the potential benefit? It would be great to have some who is qualified read his book (better yet do some tests) and then comment!!!!!!!!!

  13. Chris Paris Says:

    I have just come across this thread. It is now January 09, which is FOUR MONTHS since the last comment. Funny how all those scientists seem to have gone quiet since being challenged with actually reading up on the subject first. What can be deduced from this?


  14. Arrow Durfee Says:

    What I would deduct is thaty they are closed minded and really have no intention at all of opening up.
    What else can you say?
    A pathetic lot…

  15. Stephen Says:

    I am not a medic, and I know nothing about chemicals. But I know about honesty and integrity.
    I am a police officer in the UK and speak to lots of people about many things on a daily basis.
    As such I had occasion to speak to a GP from South Africa. She told me about treating patients with hydrogen-peroxide. They put it in the drip and it goes into your body with the water. She said it cured people of aid and cancers? But not to tell the big drug companies as they hate it, due to the fact they can’t patent it? She said that is all they have to treat people in Africa as the chemical companies only want dependency, something that can be evidenced there awful behaviour as seen in the USA, denying the yanks from affordable medication. I was unaware of this until reading about Obama.
    So if you are a phd in chemistry or a doctor then I would love to hear about test conducted on it?
    As I am still alive and I had hydrogen-peroxide it whilst in Cuba and that was just with a flu. 3 days afterwards I felt great, so perhaps if you looked into it instead of being paid off by the chemical giants you could benefit the human race? Just a thought?
    Maybe its time to be honest and show some human integrity? And I will keep searching for evidence and the truth, which is obscured by lies and more lies, mixed with comtaminated sources due to political agendas. Surely people lifes come over making money?

  16. sceince matters - man made global warming a hoax too Says:

    The science people probably grew tired of the illogical ‘rebuttals’.

    “It worked for me”

    is not proof. Websearch:

    MSDS “sodium chlorite”

    “Harmful by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant. May cause cyanosis.”

    Ingestion: this includes drinking your ‘magic’ healing potion

    Additing (citric) acid to a solution of Sodium Chlorite and water outgases Chlorine Dioxide. Take a look at the MSDS for Chlorine Dioxide:

    “Avoid contact with liquid and vapour. Provide self-contained breathing apparent or on air-line supply mask,side covered safety goggles, face shield, hand gloves, body over clothing and shapes.”

    Chlorine dioxide (CASRN 10049-04-4)

  17. biochemist Says:

    I do not know if the MMS idea is good and sufficiently effective. Worth looking into.
    Negative responders may be pharma plant, sincere laymen etc., but certainly not scientists. Their quotations of toxic effects of high concentration of this or that molecule is not relevant to the discussion. The observable effect depends on the concentration.
    Drinking concentrated bleach is lethal, yet trace amount left after say diluted bleach bath of veggies and fruits (at some place mandated for public consumption) is not considered to be harmful at all.

  18. Healthy Says:

    The warnings above about putting on skin and/or other harm is poppycock. These people have now idea what MMS is about, They have not investigated nor tried it out themselves.

    I have now used MMS as directed for several months, and the only effects I notice are more energy, less tired, much sharper mind! In short – I feel more healthy.

  19. Barry Says:

    We had a nasty virus that would not go away. My wife coughed for 5 months and me for 2+1/2. Within 2 weeks it was gone. I’m a believer! Barry

  20. Ron Says:

    The cancer society makes billions of dollars a year. So does the pharmaceutical companies that push toxic drugs.

    My point: Watch out for the paid trolls that say MMS does not work. It does work and just this fact has the cancer and pharmaceutical companies biting there fingernails.

    The truth about health is outlawed in the “land of the free” Big Phar owns FDA

    As America ages, the GREED factor related to Health Care grows exponentially. Services provided are watered down and cost is inflated to squeeze every penny out of the US Taxpayer. Health Care is no longer the realm of humanitarian motives.

    Check this out video out:

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Pretty scary video and accusation. Boycott Bayer. Write them nasty letters!

  22. Ron Says:

    I already Boycott Bayer.

    The thing is they did this right under the FDA’a nose and the FDA did nothing about it.
    Why? Because there’s to many corporate pharmaceutical companies influencing and running the FDA.

  23. Nathalie Says:

    People who talk about the safety of chlorine dioxide here should take the time to research Pubmed and should at least not confuse coming in contact with chlorine dioxide gas and chlorine dioxide gas diluted in water.

    MMS has puzzled me. I am not totally convinced so I am doing a lot of research on the matter now.

    It took me about 4 hours to review the material at Pubmed but let me tell you that the only adverse effect found from DRINKING chlorine dioxide in water at THERAPEUTIC dosage was a temporary decrease in T-helper cell activity.

    Chloride dioxide can be harmful if overdosed or breathed of course.

    Actually I think that Mr. Humble’s book lacks scientific research and that he could have least made the effort to review the few paper available that discuss Chloride dioxide safety.

    He says in book 2 that not all cases of herpes are cured by taking MMS orally and in that case, people should use MMS intravenously. He says however that most cases are cured after 2 weeks.

    His claims are based on the observation of symptoms which has little value when it comes to herpes. MMS needs to be researched further before jumping to conclusion but it cannot be confused with chlorine either….

  24. milton Says:

    sodium chlorite is not used full strength for health care purposes.. it is a heavily diluted solution, it should be rinsed from the skin but will only irritate it..

    it is mixed with an activator, like vinegar, citric acid, or lemon juice..

    that chemical reaction makes it safe for ingestion and activates it.. please

    don’t let idiots who do not do their research defame this great solution which has cured me of blood parasites in a matter of days..

    the swelling in my legs is totally gone after only 3 days use, and the skin on my scalp is clearing up as well..

  25. milton Says:

    also.. yes chlorine and sodium chlorite are really not very similar at all..

  26. Gar Says:

    I’d like to see the results of a double-blind clinical trial. I’ve yet to be convinced by any argument. I don’t like the trotting out of “the corporations control the world”, nor (as a scientist) do I like the idea of poo-pooing an idea just because it seems highly unfeasible.

    Are there any plans for a medium-to-large scale double-blind clinical trial?

  27. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Soon as we can find someone to pay for it! we will get right on it? Have any big bucks pharmaceutical company in mind?

  28. ron link Says:

    Jim Humble says to use citric acid to activate the sodium chlorite, but absorbic acid will inactivate it. I have looked up the chemical compositions of both and they are almost identical. Does anyone know why such a small difference between citric acid and absorbic acid would make such a big difference in the effectiveness of sodium chlorite? I have used sodium chlorite for flu and it has been very effective. I have felt fine the next day after taking it. With a possible pandemic on the horizon, everyone should have enough for themselves and everyone they care about.

  29. Danny Says:

    I’m wondering if skeptical arguments against MMS have hidden intentions.
    I’ve tried myself.
    I’m not an chem engineer, but nearly I could be one.
    I love chemistry and it’s magical effect in a chemical (100% chemical) environment. Our body.
    What Humble says it’s pure logic.
    Hard to explain? No.
    Perhaps long to explain in deep, but easy to understand.
    Of course, do not expect clinical trials, or big pharmaceuticals behind.
    I think they know MMS, but it’s so cheap, easy to-do-it-yourself, that is better not to be public.
    Give a try.
    It’s harmless(absolutely) and the only thing I can say as far as I know, that citric acid only makes it faster to act.
    MMS without activating will take longer but just 6 drops a day during 6 months will change your life, even if you’re not sick (or you think that).
    There are many toxins in our body.
    Let this ph selective oxidizer act to clean them.
    D. Vaughan

  30. Alex Says:

    I believe that all of you guys who are on here attesting to the fact that MMS is harmful and bogus should take that ignorance and negativity elsewhere. Wake up and realize that this world is about, specifically in th USA. I know MMS works because I personally have been diagnosed with HIV, my viral was first time checked was 35,000. I just had a check up on 08/05/09 and my viral load is now 21,000. I have no taken any prescribed meds. Im in holistic medicine and natural foods as well. The MMS does work.

  31. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old, in excellent robust health) died two weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting an initial prescribed dose (two drops) of MMS mixed in lime juice according to Jim Humbles protocol. She suffered tortuous effects of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea (thinking those symptoms were expectable at first use and consistent with Humbles written claims); she went into a coma and CPR plus other conventional medical procedures failed to revive her. She tried MMS because she succumbed to the claims of its proponents that it could protect us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance as an ingested medical remedy.

  32. alex Says:

    It’s extremely difficult to believe that someone with “Robust Health” could go into a comatose state from merely taking 2 drops of MMS. It is with regret that you have lost a loved one, however some perspective should come into play. I’m sure you must have informed the doctor of what she had taken and im sure he simultaneously informed you that it is bad., If not, whatt evidence do you have to support the fact that MMS cause her demise?

  33. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Mr Nash,

    I am very sorry for your loss. There are no words that can ease your mind and soul for what you have gone through.

    Any medicine can have unexpected and rare results. Have you ever seen anyone die from one dose of prescribed antibiotics? I have.

    Unless you had an autopsy one will never know how your wife died. The human body is a mysterious machine and sometimes malfunctions lie hidden only exerting their force when under sufficient stress. I would be inclined to think that perhaps there was aneurysm or stroke or some other life threatening disease process involved that would be coincidental and causative.

    Since many many people use MMS on a daily basis and have used its predecessor product, stabilized oxygen, for over 30 years, with even some physicians administering it via IV infusion, I doubt MMS was the direct cause of your wife’s death.

Rett Anderson

  34. John Says:

    Read this:

    Controlled clinical evaluations of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate in man.
    J R Lubbers, S Chauan, and J R Bianchine

  35. G WUNDER Says:


  36. M Says:

    I suspect an overdoes of BS from people with dead relatives and so-called chemical engineers. MMS is safe if you drink it in prescribed amounts, even over-doses have reportedly not harmed permanently. I’ve taken it and never had a cold or flu since, anyone saying otherwise is talking right out of their ass.

  37. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So here we are 2 months since Mr. Nash’s wife passed and he has not returned to report on the autopsy. So is he gonna leave us hanging in suspense forever?

  38. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I’m going to give this Mr Nash and his friends who have come and assaulted this blog with their story of death from MMS to come forward with autopsy reports only a few more weeks.
    If they do not report, and honestly, by October 31 I will delete their comments.

  39. M Says:

    Have you noticed that “chemist PhD” calls it chlor-”IDE” dioxide. What kind of PhD is that stupid? Total liars. And Chem Engineer sounds knowledgeable but then goes crazy with his bleach theory. Whenever I drink Chlorine Dioxide I don’t notice any stomach cramps or pains such as bleach would give you. But I do notice colds and flu’s barely touch me.

    Why not just delete them now?

  40. D. Nash Says:

    Mr. Anderson and other critics seem to be adopting a well-known strategy: if you don’t like the message, attack the messenger. And if that fails, delete the message.

    I am still waiting for the autopsy results from a notable forensic medicine institute in Melbourne, Australia. Readers should understand that when the wife of a person from one country (USA) dies on a vessel at a small island in a second country (Vanuatu) under very unusual circumstances, and a third country (Australia) provides the pathologist support, there are major complications in the matter, and one is at the mercy of their system as to when and how autopsy results are made available. We are still awaiting those results, and I will report them when I know them. Meanwhile there is one simple fact that is irrefutable (i.e., the message): My wife ingested a recommended dose of MMS. She almost immediately became nauseated, soon was vomiting and having diarrhea. Twelve hours later, after suffering greatly and eventually going into a coma, and despite attempts to revive her, she died. MMS was the trigger that set off the sequence of events that took place in her body and led to her death. We hope the pathologist’s report will help us understand just what took place there.

  41. Linda Says:

    Here’s an end to all this controversy.imho…

    If indeed Mr. Nash’s wife died as stated, I’m sure we all offer our sincere sympathies for his loss. Truly. However, I personally find it very difficult to believe that the minute amount of MMS supposedly ingested would be the sole culprit of her demise.

    But it is a moot point….a person can die from an ASPIRIN overdose, it doesn’t negate the benefits of aspirin if it’s taken correctly, nor it’s widespread administration.

    Even if Mrs.Nash’s tragic death is shown to be legitimate, it proves that in one instance, “something” caused it, but how are we to believe it was solely due to the mms, when thousands of people have taken mms and I don’t see evidence of thousands of people dying from it. You’d expect us to be dropping off the map left and right, we’re drinking bleach, after all. I do however, know of the copious amounts of annual deaths that occur due to protocol drugs/treatments.

    What is the fear here of these supposed well-versed naysayers? Are they afraid that we will all die immediately en masse??? Which I find a bit unlikely to have occurred unnoticed since the usage of mms has gone on for some time now, btw. Or is it something else that causes such a response from people who have absolutely no valid evidence nor direct use of personally (albeit Mrs. Nash)

    If you disagree with mms, DON’T TAKE IT…But do not deny a person the right to prove something for themselves, if it is highly unlikely that it will cause serious harm,if any, and can be discontinued at any point one chooses.

    If you can’t prove that it’s fatal or even adverse, allow people the freedom to research for themselves and make an informed decision. Why must WE do the proving, how bout YOU proving the negative. I’m sure we’d all pay attention to VALID proof, not here-say and conjecture and erroneous theories/rantings from this army of PHD’s, engineers and biochemists, who can’t spell.

    The only way to know for sure is to either try it for yourself cautiously and as directed, or come up with the 100 mill needed to prove it’s ineffective and /or lethal. I personally have begun this, and have had no problems whatsoever.

    I personally am proceeding after doing research and weighing the pros and cons, using a modicem of common sense and caution and monitoring my body closely. The proof is in the pudding. Perhaps if some of these people lived with chronic and debilitating illness for a couple of decades as I have, and gotten even more ill from drug treatments(which are of course covered, but don’t try to purchase anything non-pharmaceutical on health insurance in the good ole USA) they’d understand why people are willing to give it a cautious trial FOR THEMSELVES.

    And to the ‘gentleman’ who referred to Mr. Rett Anderson’s experience as bs, perhaps you should not voice your opinion on his friend’s positive results if you have no personal argument of it’s effectiveness or lack therof. You only display your ignorance.

    I wish all those struggling with illness an answer to their suffering.

  42. Ron Says:

    There are many unanswered questions in the Nash case. Did she make it herself? Did she use Chlorite or Chloride? Were there impurities in the water used to make it? If it was purchased from someone else, it should be analyzed to be sure whoever did make it did it right. Two drops of Chlorite solution properly mixed won’t hurt anyone. If those two drops are indeed what killed her, I would strongly suspect an error in production of that lot. Humble points out repeatedly that you must be very careful to follow his protocol exactly.

  43. Belle Says:

    My dad has severe malaria and has been in the ICU for the past 2 days due to organ failure. he’s currently being given artesunate which is supposed to be the strongest anti malarial treatment out there. he’s on a continuous dialysis to help his kidneys function again. At last count he had 350,000 of the vivax parasites (although there could also be a combination of other parasites). I know time is crucial here and I was approached by a doctor today who swears by MMS and says I need to give it to him to save his life. But I’m reading such conflicting posts about it, I’m so completely torn. The last thing I want to do is harm my father with something that could be potentially risky yet I’m also willing to give him a better chance if MMS can really kill his parasites. I haven’t read of anyone taking this who was in ICU and under sedation (he’s being fed intravenously). pls help, appreciate any advise, thanks alot


  44. hnb Says:

    Are you fake debunkers stupid???? What degree did you have in school in the chemistry lesson? F- ?
    MMS and chloride dioxide are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT chemical compounds you idiots!
    MMS is basically a mild natural acid mixed with natural metals.
    You can get 80% of the MMS properties with simple lemon juices + water + salt!
    What’s the next stupid think you’d say? That lemon juice with salt will kill you? GROW A BRAIN YOU MONKEYS! MMS DOES WORK!
    And its super cheap to produce, thats why there’s a war against it.

  45. rettanderson Says:

    Belle, I’m sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Absolutely. If you have a doctor that is willing to assist you I would try if it were me. MMS has cured many thousands of malaria according to Jim Humble, who is in Africa right now educating and treating those with this deadly disease. What other choice do you have? It sounds like it is his last hope.


  46. rettanderson Says:

    To Hbn,

    You are in such a frenzy that you are making errors. There are no natural metals in mms. You get people thinking the wrong thing.

  47. Olivia Says:

    I am in Malawi and have just taken Coartem for Malaria.I finished the course last night. I have been (and still am) on Malarone but still got malaria about 5 days ago. It was not the severest case I have had (three times in the last 10 months) but it has knocked me out. Do you recommend that I take the MMS immediately or wait to see if the Coartem is working? Should I stop taking Malarone in order to take the MMS? And the only directions I can find for Malaria and MMS is to start with 15 drops… but I have trouble with detoxing and am nervous to take this much as I become violently ill from detoxing too fast. Does starting with one or two drops do anything for Malaria or is it too little to be ineffective?
    One more thing… when ever someone replies to an angry post with anything other than understanding it really sounds like the person does not know what they are talking about. I really admire the people on this site that are able to explain their experience without attack or anger. Thanks

  48. Olivia Says:

    I have just posted yesterday about currently having malaria… I took the Coartem (LA), the course ended on Sunday PM, and it did not work. I just got back from the hospital and I have Malaria 1+. So now they want me to start on Quinine pills. I am fine with that but I could still try the MMS. I just need the answer to above questions (in previous post). Also can I take MMS with Quinine to make sure I knick this bugger?
    Please let me know ASAP as I am feeling pretty badly and would like to start the protocol ASAP.
    Graciously, Olivia

  49. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Olivia,

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I do recommend that you go to this site and read what Jim Humble has to say about treating malaria with MMS. He says most cases can be cured in 4 hours. Those that do not require a second dose.

    Why dink around. Just get to it.

    Then come back and let us know how it goes.

  50. Olivia Says:

    Hi Rett, THanks for responding…. I went to Jim’s website at first and there was nothing about combining it with other Malaria drugs . There was also nothing about taking smaller doses due to issues with detoxing. Do you know of someone else I could consult about these questions?
    Thanks, Olivia

  51. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t understand why you would want to. You could consider this.

    Just get up one morning. Don’t take your drugs and take the dosage Jim recommends for malaria.

    In four hours you should be better. If you don’t want to chance anything repeat that dosage again at that time.
    Most people are cured after 4 hours.

    That should be it. It should be over.

  52. David Says:

    I am giving MMS one more try. I have HIV and took the recommended Humble protocol for HIV over a year and a half ago. My viral load count actually rose when I was later tested. Not good. However, I am now on the new protocol for HIV. Which is three weeks of three drops a day every hour for eight hours. It has been very difficult for the past two weeks to maintain this protocol, but if it works….great. I have one week left to go and then I get tested for my viral load and t cell on Feb 4. My last test was 45 days ago, so I’ll have a good guage of if it worked this time. I thought I would be feeling better by now, or at least tolerating the protocol better. But I am not. It has been an extreme challenge to maintain these frequent doses. But I’m doing this to prove to myself if this works or not. It seems nobody wants to document anything on these boards? Makes me skeptical. Well, I will know for sure after my tests next week.

  53. Denyse Says:

    Olivia, I am curious if you did end up taking the MMS for your Malaria, and if you did, how were you with detoxing? As I also have issues with detoxing.

  54. Denyse Says:

    I know the comment from D. Nashe was back in August of last year, but I just have to comment on it. I thought if you had nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea that you could take a number of different things to stop the action of the MMS? Such as apples, baking soda, or activated charcoal.

  55. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The treatment for a bad reaction to MMS is to take one gram of vitamin c which nutralizes it.

  56. struth Says:

    I am wondering if D. Nash has heard more about the autopsy and how Olivia is getting on?

    Many people with chronic health problems can relate to bad reactions with detoxing. It makes it quite scary to chart unknown waters. Because indeed just one drop could cause a major reaction.

    I wonder if for people like that perhaps the ‘spray on approach’ could be beneficial to start off with. Or swirling around in the mouth or as per Walter Last, start off with iodine and or baking soda to lighten the ‘viral/bacterial?’ load.

    Don’t underestimate allergic reactions, they’ve seen me very near the exit way too many times.
    Keeping in mind that allergic reactions often are nothing other than a response to unknown underlying health problems.

  57. James Says:

    Any news on your test results David?

  58. christo Says:

    hi my girlfriend contracted the hiv virus by helping someone ho had infected blood … im about to put her on the mms protocol as well as colloidal silver is the anybody that can tell me if this treatment will really work because im afraid of losing her to drugs like arv’s and other treatments ….we really love each other and we are still together can somebody please help me by answering my question i believe hat the treatment will work as of what i have read about it i just need some guidance here i will give feedback on her results a.s.a.p as soon as she is on the protocol thank u kind regards christo

  59. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I at this time am not convinced that HIV can be cured with MMS but I have seen some promising blood work results after therapy.

    I am uncertain that the HIV that Jim Humble reports cured in Africa is the HIV as we know it. He admits that they do not have any testing facilities and the testimonials are not supstancial in my opinion. I have not come across one American who claims cure of HIV with MMS. Have you?

    At this point in time I feel more confident about the use of Ozone therapy. I suggest that you do a search on Peter Jovan and Ozone University. You can do a search on this blog as I am certain we have stored info on ozone therapy. He would be the most likely one to assit you with ozone.

  60. christo Says:

    hi im back guys … and guess what :) i got the mms !!! ,oh my goodness ive used it for two days now starting at three drops per hour so has my fiancé my cramps are gone….im feeling great ,thinking straight oh and my girlfriend used to have this head constant head ache that never went away ….well its gone on the first day… thank u jim humble u are really a great man

  61. christo Says:

    i will keep u posted

  62. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The few people I know of who use mms with HIV keep up with the treatment for a long time and follow their blood work carefully. And once it appears that all blood work is normal I would not just assume that the virus is gone. A very low level of undetectable virus may be present and rise up again.

    I suggest that you go to this forum for MMS support as this is not really the be best platform for detailed discussions.

  63. Vernon Says:

    I have got feedback from a person who had prostate cancer… of which the prostate has been removed. He started using MMS and decided to discontinue using the chemo pills as it was / is making him even more sicker. His feedback to me is that he is feeling better and less pain than before.
    I had a lday who worked for me who had colon cancer, she also was on chemo medication, and started using MMS, and now refuses to use chemo medication as she discribes it as “it is killing me”.
    One question to the scientists / doctors and everybody, why put it in our drinking water if it is so bad for our health ? I also introduced the said product to a Pastor who has been having a terrible cough for three weeks, within 24hrs he could talk , walk and even marry a couple last weekend.
    I have introduced the product to a friend of mine , who has a gardener who is HIV positive, and the gardeners feedback is that it is helping him alot, to what extent i do not know. But what i realise is that the users / manufacturers and suppliers of this mms are definately onto something, why all the racket about something which apparently does not work, for heavens sake you guys are killing more people who use some of the current medication than what i have seen or heard of that mms could possible do. Read your inserts on HIV drugs, constipated and diahrea at the same time, vommiting , nasua and the list goes on and on. Here we have found a inexpensive alternative to the crap which has been stuffed down peoples mouths, and now the big who ha. I have seen some medical proof of what MMS has done for people here in South Africa and it works….. this is like someone saying there is no God. People , just use the product as prescribed , be carefull, but i know Jim Humble has stumbled onto something. And like Jim has said, you scientist guys just take the product and improve it. I once gave 3 drops of each container as prescribed to a person with flu, waited 3 minutes added water and she had a runny nose and all other symptoms as we know it, ten minutes later her nose was dry and that was the end of her flu.Once again seeing is believing. I know the product works for the things which i mentioned above, and am also sceptical about all the ailments mentioned in Jim Humble’s website, but i will get some more of this product and give it to more people at my expence and somewhere along the way shall get medical proof and will then forward it to who ever wants it. I just hope that i will find this site again.

  64. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Vernon,

    Keep up the good work in promoting MMS. We must let the people around the world know the alternatives that can save their lives.
    Bookmark this site or put it in favorites and come and visit us agian.

  65. carlos Says:

    Hola a todos, los felicito por su compañerismo y su compromiso con la verdad, estamos tan acostumbrados a creer en las medicinas de grandes laboratorios que nunca dudamos de ellos, pero si investigamos nos vamos a encontrar con un sinnumero de muertes atriubuidas alos medicamentos administrados con receta y supervisión medica, en los ultimos años se han estado comercializando una cantidad extraordinaria de productos naturistas y alternativos con cualidades excepcionales segun sus fabricantes y comercializadores, me extraña que la gente sea tan desconfiada en algunos remedios herbolarios o quimicos (los farmacos su ingrediente activo proviene de los mismo) creo que el caso de mms la evidencia es irrefutable, en Africa hay 300 millones de enfermos por año y mueren un millon y desgraciadamente la mayoria son niños, si este suplemento a demostrado curar a los enfermos esto significa que ha evitado muertes, todos estamos en riesgo de morir por ingerir un medicamento, por que sencillamente nuestro cuerpo no lo asimilo, puede ser un alimento que no sabiamos que eramos alergicos y desancadenar un serie de reacciones que pueden llevarnos a un desenlace fatal, es parte de un riesgo, lo que comenta el sr. HUMBLE esta basado en la observacion sin encontrar efectos negativos, y no los hizo con 10 o 100 personas sino en miles de miles y no se reportado incidentes mayores, solo lo que se comenta en este blog son un caso aislado y sin la certeza que el MMS lo provoco, vamos a darle el tiempo necesario para sacar conclusiones, sin atacar ni expulsar, son foros abiertos para fomentar el conocimiento, no lo creen.

    saludos para todos

    Carlos Cornejo

  66. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hola y gracias por tu comentario. Yo estoy siempre la esperanza de que las personas que hablan español venido a este foro y aprender lo que estarán liberados de la tiranía de la industria farmacéutica.

    Viajo con frecuencia en México y espero tener MMS a gente de allí este invierno.

    Los mejores deseos


    PS I hope my Spanish is good enough!

  67. LS Says:

    Did the wife follow strict protocol? Like anything we take there is always specific instructions. Do you know if she just took it straight without reading the specific steps to take beginning with 1 or 2 drops mixing it with an appropriate activator then waiting, and adding filtered water?

    I have just today had a call from a friend who is vomiting etc. BECAUSE SHE SQUIRTED IT STRAIGHT INTO A GLASS AND DRANK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She said she thought it was a supplement and she did NOT READ THE STRICT INSTRUCTIONS.

    When you give someone drugs, do you just tip them out into their hand and they swallow them? NO!! You read the very specific instructions.

  68. Melvyn Says:

    Folks please come and watch this video that teaches everyone how to produce MMS for them self in their own kitchen. Please , you do not need to spend so much money on buying a product that you can make. For only about $30.00 USD you can make almost $200.00 worth of MMS.
    Please take the time to watch how easy this is.

  69. fofura Says:

    I would like to hear experiences of treating malaria with MMS. I spend most of the year In Nigeria and unless I want to be on prophylaxis for the rest of my life, the other alternative is be sick with malaria year round. I just had malaria for 6 months straight along with typhoid. It is very very common here. Almost everyone gets malaria at least twice a year, usually along with typhoid. I’m out on vacation right now, was on the plane out taking Lonart DS (artemisia alone won’t cure malaria, finished up treatment with a second course and am crossing my fingers no parasites are maturing as I speak. Have now had loose stools for one week. I take worm medicine every 3 months, as do most people there, so have no idea what the issue is now. I’m ordering my first bottle of MMS and will report back here. The toxic load on kidneys and liver is just too much for us who live on the African continent. Mosquito nets, repellent and drinking bottled water can only do so much to protect yourself. I’m hoping MMS will cure these common ailments.

  70. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The developer of MMS is Jim Humble. His first case was an MMS cure of Malaria. The whole work of MMS has revolved around the treatment of malaria. It cures all cases of malaria. visit and see what you can find. I do not get malaria testimonials here or on the other forums because we really have so little of it in the USA. But I assure you… upon my life and breath, that MMS is what you want to do. Learn it well. Carry it with you always. If you search this site further you should be able to find more info about marlaria and mms. It got posted a long time ago. Use the search feature.

  71. Jonathan Campbell Says:

    This is all not good. If you read Bill Thornton’s book Pandora’s Poison, you find out that when sodium chlorite is transformed to chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution, that elemental chlorine is in fact formed, along with hypochlorous acid. Enough so that wood pulp and paper plants that use chlorine dioxide instead of chlorine still create huge amounts of chlorinated hydrocarbons in their waste water. Jim Humble’s belief that no free chlorine is produced in the MMS activation process is incorrect. This is the bulwark of his argument of safety of the product.

    And that means that people are consuming a product that contains elemental chlorine, which is, by itself, very dangerous for tissues and organs, and will create carcinogenic chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons in their bodies, that are fat-soluble and bio-accumulative.

    PS Bill Thornton is probably the world’s environmental expert on chlorine and its many toxic chemical compounds.


  72. ped .u.k. Says:

    Hi all, just like to say that i probably like quite a few others am struggling to make up my mind about MMS.I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and matastes to the liver in October 2009 and since then have undergone 3 lots of chemo therapy and 1 lot of radio therapy it did take its toll on me but got through the treatments without to much bother, however i put this down to the fact that for all I’m 50 years old and an ex smoker now for 11 years i have always kept myself fit being a regular gym user and a good half marathon runner. A while back i started looking into alternative remedies for my cancer firstly finding B17(apricot kernels) witch i think is a great help in fighting the cancer as well as other ailments and i still take this every day, then a couple of months back i found out about MMS. My chemo treatment ended about 4 months ago so I’m strong and fit again back to the gym and running well as another one of my beliefs is to exercise as much as you can to oxygenate the blood but without wearing your self out, any way found the MMS and followed jim humbles protocol of 1 drop three times a day right up to 15 drops three times a day for 5 days witch i managed no problem. The trouble starts here as i did not know what to do next so as per the instructions i dropped down to a maintenance dose of 4-6 drops twice a day for a couple of weeks but then read in Jim humbles protocol that i should be taking it more regular ! HELP is there any one who can tell me just what i should be doing, at the moment I’m back to 15 drops 3 times a day for the last three days and was intending to continue for five days again but then what ! i can manage the 15 drops without to much trouble i feel it in my gut but don’t really feel nauseous from it and it goes after a half hour or so.I have a MRI scan coming up in 5 days time so this could tell if the MMS has had any effect on my liver. I really want to believe in MMS as i have been following peoples comments on forums and have done a lot of studying it myself I’m also a big believer in most of the “big pharmacy” conspiracies and all the other crap that’s being done to us 9/11 inside job, new world order to mention a couple, so these PhD and other chemists who come on these forums should just give people a chance to find out for themselves i honestly think they are a bit jealous as they did not stumble across MMS with all there worldly knowledge. Would appreciate any bodys help on best protocol to follow. Take care all, best wishes.

  73. Glen Says:

    Hi Ped uk.
    You are doing well.
    If your cancer ppm readings are fine, and you are feeling well, I would not take more than the maintenance dose.
    MMS is an excellent product, actually like a miracle to my Father.
    He is 90 years old, took cancer on his ear last Oct. He would not let the surgeon cut off his ear as advised.
    He started taking MMS for three months, the cancer actually slowly disappeared until it was gone.
    It came back 6 weeks later, then we did the protocol again, this using maintenance doses for several months after. Once again the cancer disappeared, this time it has not come back.
    All this being said, MMS must be used with exteme respect.
    Jim has changed the Cancer protocol from 15 drops to 3 drops, but on the hour,each hour, for 13 days
    (check out… “Jim Humble 2010″ ) also
    for complete protocol for various ailments.
    Best luck to you !

  74. ped .u.k. Says:

    Hi Glen, thank you for your reply and the information, without trying to sound dumb or anything i,m not quite sure what cancer ppm means, to be honest as i mentioned it has been a few months now since i came off the chemo treatment and I’ve not seen the oncologist or any other doctors since my last scan a couple of months back. As i mentioned in my previous post i have an appointment for an MRI scan in a few days time then i should get to see the liver specialist and find out whats happening, other than that right through my previous treatments i was told my bloods were perfect and that my cancer count had came down from 1 to a half what ever that means !I feel great in myself but must admit that i have struggled a little to understand the procedures for using MMS as far as things like not being able to use vitamin c supplements as i know vit c is a very important combatant in fighting cancer but now i have stopped taking it all together is this right ! also i read that you should not take selenium witch is another that i normaly take i just can’t seem to get to grips with that side of things if you know what i mean, any advice would be appreciated. Any way glen thanks again, will check out the links you sent i have got jim humbles E: book but will look to see what his updates are. thanks mate, best wishes, Paul.

  75. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I wish I had gotten back to the blog sooner before your test. At this point I would take more than the maintenance dose until you are absolutley sure the cancer is gone. Your scan will reveal much but are you not following some cancer antigens also through blood work? Ask your doctor if that is possible.

    I recommend that you use the new protocol for mms if you can. It is more difficult if you have to go to work… If you are up to 15 drops with not ill effect do 6 or 7 drops every two hours 5 or 6 times a day… You can raise this dosage also but only if you tolerate it well.
    If you go to Jim will explain why, but it has to do with covering the life cycle of the pathogen… and yes, cancer is caused by a pathogen that takes hold in a terrain that for somereason permits it to be there.

    Exercise is great and keep it up. You should have your vitamin D3 levels checked and keep the levels between 70 and 90. I strongly recommend the product called biotec D3 from I have tested this product numerous times and it gets your D3 level up well. I have cured my psoriasis with it, which some doctors consider as a type of cancer… Megadose with the 50,000 IU 2 or 3 times a day for 5 days, decrease to 10,000 iu for a couple of weeks then level off at 5,000 iu daily. Get your level checked every 6 months for a while till you are sure you maintain a level of at least 70. To do this I take 50,000 iu once a month then 5,000 daily.

    If you can’t do the protocol every two hours do the 15 drops as you were 3 x day. what they think is that the chlorine dioxide is only active for about 2 hours so frequency is an issue, but people have cured some pretty bad disease on the 3 x day protocol too.

    You can also switch back and forth, doing the frequent protocol when you can. Please come back and let us know how you are doing. I know someone who is doing very well on her own self treatment of breast cancer with MMS and herbs and diet alone.

    After you see that things are well you can stop the mms for a while,, find a naturopath and take some IV nutrients including vitamin c, glutatione etc… It will be well worth it as you need to rebuild what the chemo has damaged. Then resume mms at a maintence dose.. You can take your vitamins at the opposite end of the day.

    Get familiar on how to keep track of the cancer antigens levels done with blood work.. Ask your doctor to help you with this… keep a file at home. Get the blood work done frequently… any rise may indicate new developements that need to be dealt with.


  76. Dan Says:

    Jim Humble gave the formula for anyone to make their own MMS and I did just that. For anyone who wants to do the same, I recommend Lisa at to get tech grade 80% U.S. manufactured sodium chlorite flakes. There’s lots of China made stuff out there that I don’t trust. She still sells it for the same price I had bought 2 years ago and it was the best pricing I’ve seen anywhere: Prices are $30/1 lb., $100/5 lbs., $180/10 lbs. She ships quickly and is very professional. Super easy. You must put “sodium chlorite” into the subject line or she won’t open the email. It took me 3 tries before I figured out why I wasn’t getting through.

  77. ped .u.k. Says:

    Hi Arrow, just like to say thank you for your help and the information you supplied, i don’t know about antigen levels but will try and get some readings also for my d3 levels. I have taken your advice and changed my protocol to 6 drops 6x every two hours how long should i keep that for ! i was also wondering if like jim humble says should be taking MMS2 as well ! I have been taking MMS for about 6=8 weeks now using different protocols. Do you know of a supplier for MMS & MMS2 as the supply i have now came from a company called “healthy living” and it came from australia so i don’t know if it’s the best or not.Sorry about all the questions arrow but just want to get it right as it’s pretty hard to find people to get advice from. Any way thanks again, take care for now, best wishes. Paul.

  78. JOE ROSADO Says:

    Hello, my name is joe and has always been facinated with cures..but this article that i’ve have read blow all of them away…i would like to download part 1, but don’t know where to go…i would like more info on how to do it…any help will be greatly appreciated…thank you

  79. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have no idea on how you would download anything… I can’t even figure out my own computer!

  80. paul egan Says:

    Hi Joe, if you are refering to articles on MMS go to or you tube have a lot of info and interviews refering to MMS, regards, Paul.

  81. Lisa Guide Says:

    My father in law has psoriasis all over his body. It drives him crazy what with the itiching and sleepless nights because of it. He was on some medication, on such a high dose, his skin literally sagged and looked like elephant skin!
    He is 72, and very set in his ways but I will tell him about MMS. I don’t want to ‘shove it down his throat’ – I would never be able to live with my self if something happened to him after taking it!
    However, (and it’s the reason I’m on this site today) friends told me about it yesterday so I thought I’d do a bit of research into MMS. The lady has had a problem with severe pain in her arm, and she has also suffered for years with psoriasis, and she was telling me how much better her symptoms have been since taking MMS.
    I am going to print out these blogs and let him read all the comments here – then he can make up his own mind. IF he chooses to try MMS, I sincerely hope it helps him as he suffers very badly with his condition, and if he does, I will update you on his progress.

    This site has really helped – thanks!

  82. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS did not cure my case of psoriasis but mega dosages of vitamin D3 did. I have seen photo testimonials of mms curing some cases of it though.

  83. Looking 4 help Says:

    Hello everyone, I just have a question. Has anyboby heard of any testimonials from people that have been cured from HIV with MMS?

  84. Looking 4 help Says:

    I came across this blog and began reading your posts. Some of which were not so constructive. At any rate. I would like to briefly share my situation. Currently I am HIV positive, viral load is undetectable and T cell count in the upper 600s. I’ve been taking Atripla for the past 5 years since I was diagnosed with the virus. My health has been just fine for now. In reference to my previojs post, has anybody been across someone that was cured from HIV with MMS or anything else? I appreciate your responses in advance.

  85. Faye Vick Says:

    Hello, I have recently come accross MMS and began the detox over a 1-2 week period drinking a solution of 24 drops MMS and citric acid daily. With more research I found Jim Humbles own info on what a cure it could be for skin disorders he recommended 20 drops of the MMS and citric acid in a 2 ounce spray container (ten drops per ounce) applied to troubled areas of skin, I have been suffering from terrible sun burn on my face for the past three yrs, this usually comes out in red blotches were its worse, provoked if I drink alcohol or get over heated.

    It is something I have been struggling to cure for years.I applied my spray solution a few times. The burn got much worse it now appears after I shower and in the mornings, I wonder whether I should continue using the spray, it could be it is bringing the burn out (so to speak). Or as it seems to be provoking it considerably should I leave it alone and just continue my oral detox? A cure for this burn would be a godsent, but I am very wary of making it any worse then it already is. If anybody has some good advice it would be very much appreciated.


  86. Zandeo Says:

    Hi All

    I have taken MMS many times for viral and flu symptoms with great success. We have horses and used to lose horses like crazy due to The african horse Sickness orbivirus. Until a neighbour suggested we try MMS on the horses. hundreds of horse owners now swear by it when treating horse sickness for which no scientifically proven cure is available. The Vets treat the symptoms, which in mot cases has no real and lasting effect on the pathogen causing the symptoms. We mix 5 ml of 28% Sodium chlorite with 25ml of citric acid solution 10%. You can actually see the CLo2 gas being formed in the syringe. we wait 3 minutes then dilute with water and administer orally. we repeat this tratment hourly in very severe cases and every three hours in milder cases. Diagnosis of AHS is very problematic due to many factors, so we trat any fever and swellings as well as loss of apetite and depressed habitus with the above protocol in case it may be the deadly virus. The virus has many strains that have a variety of combined symptoms to varying degrees. Vaccines do exist but vaccinated horses can still die of African Horse sickness. Im wondering where the clinical studies on mlaria cases that hace been cured ca be found. Or are they being shredded. You will not believe the outrage that this cure for Horse sickness has caused in the scientific community here. I wonder why so few of the learned people are choosing to be part of the solution. There are however also many doctors and Vets that are posiitve about the potentioal of mms and I salute them.

  87. scott Says:

    There is a cure on the horizon. A small pharma Co. is onto the cure. All the big Mucky-mucks (Gates, Buffet, etc, have put nearly 100 billion into this company. The big Pharma’s will eventually buy it out when it gets FDA Approval (being quietly used in many other parts of the wold…). Hang in there sufferers, it’s on the way!

  88. Valdez Says:

    All I can say after reading all of this is WOW!! This stuff really sounds amazing. I have a cousin in a wheelchair who is paralyzed from the waste down. We are very close and we both see the same holistic doctor. anyway, about a month ago my cousin called and told me he was starting to go crazy and he thought he was dying. He went to our doctor and was told that he had a parasite in his brain.

    Anyway, long story short, he has been taking MMS as well as something called virexol. He said the he 1st started to see what looked like rice in the toilet, which i assume were larvae. He said the next day he saw parasites the size of silver dollars. And finally, the next day he started to regurgitate them. He seems to believe he had one or more of them living in his throat. Just the thought of that is beyond horrifying to me. What’s more horrifying is these things living in me comfortably forever until they finally kill me either directly or indirectly.

    I don’t have HIV, malaria or cancer (to my knowledge), but I am extremely skinny. I have always been skinny, but I just don’t see many men my age (31) that are my size (6’1″ 155 lbs.). I have a habit of eating extremely late then going to sleep, but I never gain any weight. I thought I just had an abnormally high metabolism, but I’m not so sure actually.

    One thing I noticed is that at certain times there will be welp-like marks that form on/under my skin. When this happens, I always know because my skin tingles when it happens. It looks like I have just been whipped with a switch or something. Has anyone else had this issue??

    Also, I was told that for someone like me who is relatively healthy with no major health concerns of note, the protocol would be 6 drops every 6 hours for 2 weeks straight, then 7 drops per day for the rest of my life. Could anyone in a similar situation possibly shed any light.

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate u all (well, the ones who aren’t so-called chemists and have PhDs). SMH!!

  89. Etienne Says:


    A friend of mine has been making MMS for the community, and initially I listened to his (increasing) testimonials with loads of skepticism. I am by nature very weary of wonder cures, and always quick to send that spam hoax email right back to the sender with an antidote from one of the hoax-slammer websites.

    So what does this have to do with MMS…
    Well, my good friend gave me a box some weeks ago as I was helping him with a small part of his product, and it’s been lying on the shelve since then. Now I have a cold, and it’s not going away as quickly as expected, so I am going to try MMS. A close buddy last night said he’ll try it too. Today is Thursday 24/3/2011.

    Maybe we should document this, produce a daily blog, and finally we’ll have a 24, 48, 72hour progress report OR has someone else done this and can one read up on it, or even better, view it.

    By the way I think its easy for one to say negative things about the product and NOT put your face or email to it… Here’s mine: (South Africa)

    Posts on this blog that I like:
    hnb Says:
    December 27th, 2009 at 3:11 pm
    You can get 80% of the MMS properties with simple lemon juices + water + salt! READ MORE 44

    Linda Says:
    December 8th, 2009 at 6:25 am
    Perhaps if some of these people lived with chronic and debilitating illness for a couple of decades as I have,… READ MORE 41

    By the way, my friend who is producing the MMS, says patients whom he is treating only has had positive effects – ‘he says’ – and once again the skeptic inside me comes along and asks if this is not just sales-talk – but he’s offered to go out and interview them … now that could be interesting!

  90. emma Says:

    I have used MMS for about two years now, and am fine, feeling energized. I have given it to about 20 other people and they are fine too. Just try it in very small dose first and I bet you, you will be convinced.