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MMS Testimonials

21st September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

MMS has only been available to the public for a couple of weeks as of Sept. 6, 2007. As time goes by I will search out testimonials on its use and place them here as an independent record. This site does not sell any products. It has been developed to provide information to the public only and reserves all the rights of free speach as provided for under the Constitution of the US Government.

Be sure to go to the MMS thread found in the column to the left under Categories for more detailed information.

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7 Responses to “MMS Testimonials”

  1. texzred Says:

    I started MMS a few days ago & came up with a hacking cough and sneezing, my eyes hurt. I started on one drop twice a day and today I did 3 drops hoping it would knock this out. I NEVER get sick, even in FLU season. Anyone else have this reaction?? Help!

  2. Randall Says:

    We have tested many doses well over four month’s with maintenance dosages and never heard of this type of reaction. 6 drops. Did you follow all protocol from Jim Humble and did you read Jim Humble’s book. click physical healing

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    It sounds like seasonal pollen allergies to me, that MMS likely will not affect. Did you consider that?

    Testimonials seem to show that mms works best on flu and colds when given in higher dosage for several days or symptoms tend to return for many people.

  4. Arrgy Says:

    You mean, you got the flu and started the MMS? Right?
    I think I have novel N1H1 flu. Same symtoms as you. It’s june and OR has 189 cases of it. I did the 6 & 6 drop protocol and 7 more this a.m. What a difference. I’m on my way!

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    My mate is just getting over the swine flu. We didn’t get tested but it is going around and many people here are testing positive for it.
    Loaded up on vitamin c and the homeopathic remedy oscillococcinum. My case only last a few hours and my mate, 2 day, with a lingering cough. All is well. This stuff hates vitamin c and osc. and has no power against it.

    Those others who have had it are ill for about a week then they are over it, also saying it is a fairly mild flu, except for the cough.

    to learn how to mega dose vitamin c to bowel tolerance go to

  6. Arrgy Says:

    I am entering week 3 now. My symptoms just flared up again. People here, at this time in its mutation, are sick for 3 to 4 weeks. I got to 15 drops of MMS in a 24 hour time and backed off to 10 drops twice a day. What a bugger of a man made virus. It’s like having 3 different illnesses at once.

  7. Des: Australia Says:

    Is there anyone out there who has tried MMS for kidney desease? It would be good if you can speak literate English! There does not seem to be any up to date information, it is now 5th May 2011. If there is information (on MMS)to help people having dialises it would be good, please help.