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Dr. William Koch – The Koch Treatment

23rd September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Dr.Koch’s main research area seems to have been in the oxidization
process of the body.He hypothezied that the poor oxidization in the
body was the cause of illness.He developped a way to increase this
And here we are today.A re discovery ,in mind , of what he did.
He was of course prosecuted heavily,by the PTB ,and his discovery was
buried,just like many others that dared to introduce healing methods
that could jeopardize the money greased wheels of BigPharma.

The Koch Treatment

Congressional Record
Proceedings and debates of the 80th Congress, second session.

Monday, June 7, 1948

Mr. Langer. Mr. President. I hold in my hand an article
which appears in the current issue of a Lutheran magazine
called the Eleventh Hour, published by the Lutheran Research
Society of Detroit, Michigan. This article bears the title
“The Koch Treatment.”

It describes the science developed by Dr. William
Frederick Koch, of Detroit, Mich., for the treatment of
prevailing diseases to which our twentieth-century civilization
is heir.

I have personally watched the progress of this system of
treatment over a period of years. I feel that it is deserving
of the attention of everyone who is interested in the health of
the American people.

I therefore ask unanimous consent to have this
illuminating document printed in the Record at this point as a
part of my remarks.

There being no objection, the article was ordered to be
printed in the Record, as follows:


Fortunately for Canadian farmers in the Province of
British Columbia, the Minister of the Department of Agriculture
possessed an open mind.

This fact is saving cattle raisers into the millions of
dollars annually. It is assuring them of better cows, steers,
and beef than previously known.

Such ailments as Bang’s disease, Johne’s disease, and
other fatal diseases that customarily make devastating demands
upon dairy herds are no longer fatal in British Columbia.
Thanks to the integrity and foresight of Canadian physicians,
veterinarians, and Government experts who recently completed a
series of successful experiments with the Koch system for
treating virulent diseases. More about these investigations a
little later.

But, be it known as a further warning against trying to
suppress truth, that farmers in various parts of the United
States are rising up in indignation, demanding the right to
enjoy the same advantages as their Canadian brethren. Cattle
raisers in South American countries, notably Brazil, have for
years demonstrated the validity of the Koch treatment.

As an index to the stir now being created by American men
of the soil, your editor has before him a document which may
well become one of historical importance. It is a petition,
drawn up by a group of Michigan farmers and submitted for
signature to members of State legislature for their respective
districts. It is dated April 1948, and says:

“We the undersigned members of the Michigan State
legislature respectfully petition the Congress of the United
States, through an appropriate committee to investigate the
injunction imposed by a Federal court on William Frederick
Koch, Ph. D. M.D., a pioneer in the field of research and
treatment of cancer, inasmuch as recently discovered methods of
treatment confirm the research of Dr. Koch, with the end in
view of requesting the Attorney General of the United States to
have said injunction dismissed, so that Dr. Koch can continue
further research and practice in his field without

The document bears the signature of 25 legislators.

More about Dr. Koch’s persecution a little later. * * *

Suffice to say that Michigan farmers are not letting their
herds die while waiting for bureaucrats to lift an injunction
that should never have been imposed. They are using Koch
therapy anyway, thereby saving themselves and the public
substantial sums of money in terms of cattle, beef, and dairy

Injustice temporarily denies the learned physician the
right of recommending his treatment. But men living close to
nature, who know values when they see them, are using the
discovery just the same.

This reminds us of the man of old who insisted the world
was round and that it moved on its axis. In stocks, suffering
excruciating pain, he cried out that his tormentors were right
the earth was flat and stationary. But when given this
freedom, he confided to a friend that the earth had been moving
all the time.

Denial of the earth’s rotundity did not cause the solar
system’s wheels to stop.

Dr. Albert L. Wahl, a New York physician of enviable
attainments says in his book. A Least Common Denominator in
Antibiotics: “In the philosophy of medicine, the last word has
not been said. Nor of course, is it presumed that the present
writing; encompasses the final dictum. But in the words of
the Old Testament, `God has worked a new thing, and this new
thing ( the Koch treatment ) is substantiated by extensive
clinical observation. And the facts press hard upon our
present concepts, not only of clinical pathology, but of the
chemistry of immunity, and clamour for a revision of our
philosophy of medicine.”

Dr. William J. Hale of the Dow Chemical Co. says: “Dr.
William Frederick Koch is the modern Pasteur.”

Prof. Joseph Maisin of Louvain University, Beigium, stated
to the Canadian Cancer Commission in 1940: “The Koch formula
should not be called MERELY a cancer cure. It is a very
important step in medicine and is apt to change the whole
picture of medicine and pathology. Dr. Koch is doing wonderful

It is an interesting story how Koch therapy began to be
applied in animals:

Dr. D. H. Arnott, of London, Ontario, first applied the
system in the cure of human diseases in 1926. Other physicians
and scientists became deeply interested in the cures effected.
While convinced that Dr. Koch had discovered new and useful
therapeutic chemicals, the kind of data customarily accumulated
by animal experiments was lacking. This led to the amazing
results that farmers are now enjoying.

The Honorable K. C. MacDonald, Minister of Agriculture of
British Columbia, called a group of experts together at
Vancouver on October 4, 1944. It was agreed that the Koch
method of treating diseases which were then ravaging fine dairy
herds, should be carefully studied.

Two divergent views were expressed at this meeting:
(1). Educational, scientific, and administrative
authorities present, took the position that reports
of cures were fantastic and too good to be true.

(2). Practical men, farmers who had seen the
demonstrations with their own eyes, testified that
results were being realized exactly as claimed.

On page 16 of his 1944 report, the Minister stated: “There
were many dairymen present who made astounding claims for the
Koch treatment. In practically all cases the dairy claimed
that their cows responded almost immediately. These cattle
owners were emphatic in their request that no action be taken
which would prevent their obtaining Koch treatments when

One leading breeder told how the Koch treatment had saved
an especially good cow given up to die. He explained that it
developed mastitus during lactation. A veterinary surgeon
advised him to have the animal removed from the herd and
slaughtered. There was danger of the infection spreading.

Instead, the Koch treatment was applied. The action
consisted of one dose of the therapeutic reagent being
administered by hypodermic syringe under the skin of the neck.
Recovery was instantaneous and within a week the cow’s milk was
being sold to the creamery.

Other breeders relate similar experiences. Thereupon it
was unanimously agreed that the Department of Agriculture
should investigate the merits of the system. The official
declaration appears on page 16 of the agricultural department’s
1944 report: “The Minister stated that it was his desire to
form an opinion based upon accurate investigations and he named
a committee to under take this investigation.”

Mr. MacDonald’s words of instruction were: “I am Minister,
and gentleman, I am determined to get at the truth.”

Two veterinarians were appointed by members of the
committee to work together. Animals were to be examined and
their diseases classified. It was agreed that no clinical
problem would be rejected because of the severity of the
disease. The joint opinion of the owner and the two
veterinarians was to be accepted as final. Field work was
begun in November 1944 and completed in September 1945. A
Government laboratory and a private laboratory duplicated each
other’s work and checked up on the bacteriology and other
analyses required for the test.

The results were nothing short of astounding to members of
the committee. Everything that the Koch Laboratories, located
at 8181 East Jefferson Avenue, in Detroit, anticipated, came to
pass. It was fitting that the final report published by the
Government of British Columbia should have contained a
statement by Dr. Arnott. He summed up the Koch theory of
treatment as follows:

“Life is promoted, sustained, and reproduced by the use of
food. For good health the supply must be adequate in
amount and in variety. For the best normal results it is
necessary that the food be well digested and also that
the potential energy contained therein be transferred
into living energy throughout the body at a vigorous
rate, burning the food properly in each individual cell
where it unites with oxygen for this purpose.

“This living chemical reaction is spoken of by medical
science as internal respiration, and it must take place
continuously because nature has not provided any
reservoir wherein oxygen may be stored, to be drawn upon
at will or in time of need. It is upon the degree
approaching perfection with which food is thus turned
into living energy consistently that conditions requisite
for good health are best maintained, that diseases are
best resisted, that life is best reproduced.”

“It is Dr. Koch’s belief that a normal supply of these
essential carbon compounds often can be renewed by the
hypodermic administration of the reagents which he

The committee adopted a closing resolution which contained
the following commendatory clause:

“That the observations justify a recognition of the
working hypothesis of biological oxidation of the Koch
treatment, meriting its further use in veterinary

And so, our Canadian friends are profiting from the
wonderful achievements of the Koch science.

Dr. Koch began the treatment of cancer in 1918 and other
diseases later.

He soon discovered interests existing in the United States
that did not welcome recoveries from these deadly enemies of
society to reach the public. Since that time he has had to
constantly beat down the opposition in order to continue his
work for the relief of suffering humanity.

The fundamentals of the Koch science may be succinctly
stated as follows:

1. That the chemistry of natural immunity in the body is
able to destroy the toxicity of germs.

2. When the body is invaded by toxic bacteria so full of
poison that they spill over into the system, the
oxidation mechanism must burn off these poisons or
the person becomes ill.

3. The less able the system is to burn, or oxidize, the
poisons, the weaker the person becomes. When the
oxidation mechanism fails to burn off any poison, the
victim dies.

4. The Koch Laboratories have developed synthetic
antitoxins which act as a catalyst in helping the
body build up its oxidation mechanism equal to the
task of destroying these toxins. When natural
immunity is restored the person recovers.

5. Cancer behavior is a protective response to a toxic
product generated within the body. Dr. Koch
summarized the matter many years ago in a scientific
paper form which the following sentences are

“Clinical observation discloses the persistence of toxemia
over a period even as long as 20 years previous to the
advent of the growth. After the growth has come these
toxic manifestations disappear, or nearly so. After
surgical removal of the growth they return and with
recurrence of the growth again disappear. We designate
these symptoms as the pro growth symptoms, for they
differ from those consequent to the activity of the
growth itself.”

“The strongest and the sufficient proof that cancer is a
response of protection against a definite toxin, however,
rests with the fact that removal of the toxin and
destruction of the toxin source is followed by complete
involution of all cancer tissue, complete healing of the
regions involved, return to health with absence of growth
and pro growth symptoms, and the absence of recurrence.”

6. Diet occupies a prominent place in the practical
application of the system.

Testimonials like the following by Dr. Wahl could be
multiplied to fill several large volumes:

“Over a year ago, my sister was dying of lymphosarcoma, a
disease which the profession regards as invariably fatal.
The diagnosis was made by Dr. H. H. Permar, of Mercy
Hospital Pittsburgh, Pa. on the basis of biopsy study No.
1171, May 1, 1946. The medical staff of Mercy Hospital
had perviously made a diagnosis of lymphosarcoma or
Hodgkin’s disease.

“The case was far advanced at the time, my sister having
been practically bedridden for 6 months because of
weakness and recurrent infections. The masses of lymphoid
tissue did not have to be palpated; they stood out on the
sides of her neck and in her axillae and groins like
bunches of grapes mixed with walnuts.

“When the diagnosis of lymphosarcoma had been made, and I
had received written commiseration from a top-ranking
staff member of Mercy Hospital, it never occurred to me
to do other than offer my sister the straw hope of deep
X-ray therapy. Everyone who examined her thought she
would be dead within a few weeks.

“I refused to listen to my father’s recommendations that
my sister be treated with a substance built up from the
conjugated systems of carbonyl and ethylene linkages.
Because of American Medical Association propaganda, I
believed that the results previously reported with this
therapy approached the acme of quackery.”

“However, my father did have my sister treated, since he
personally knew of cases of cancer which were cured and
remained cured after its use. This type of cancer is
fatal in 3 to 6 months, as a rule.

“My sister was in the last stages and was said to have
only a few weeks to live, according to the best knowledge
on the subject. She recovered after one dose in
characteristic fashion.”

“Then and there, I decided to undertake an independent
investigation of the treatment. I have been irrevocably
convinced of the great value of this treatment.”

“The American Medical Association is not yet convinced
after 25 years. But that is an old story.”

William Frederick Koch was graduated bachelor of arts at
the University of Michigan in 1909 and later received the
degrees of master of arts (1910), and doctor of philosophy
(1917). He received his medical degree at the Detroit College
of Medicine.

During 1910-13 he was instructor in histology and
embryology at the University of Michigan, and for 5 years,
1914-19, professor of physiology in the Detroit Medical

Comparisons are odious, but Dr. Koch has been described by
authorities as “the world’s greatest living chemist”; “the
discoverer of a new science which charts the future course of
the medical profession”; “one who cannot be bought, coerced, or
intimidated”; “a Christian gentleman of courage and distinctive
attainments”; and “a man of amazing capacities.”

No one who knows him well and understands the humanitarian
spirit that animates his every deed will deny that the
foregoing descriptions apply.

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6 Responses to “Dr. William Koch – The Koch Treatment”

  1. thomas hesselink, md Says:

    Dear Health Salon:
    I appreciate your interest in this nearly lost science
    thanks to government persecution, that being W.F.Koch’s
    discoveries. I would like to refer you to my website and click on “Oxidative
    Catalytic Therapy”. From there I extensively review
    and explain Koch Therapy. A redox cycling catalyst is
    administered parenterally to a patient who has been
    suitably prepared by nutrition and detoxification.
    The catalyst physiologically triggers oxidant sensors
    in immune cells to release cytokines. These activate
    the rest of the immune system to an attack mode,
    which when successful destroys the pathogen.
    Doc Tom Hesselink

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Dr. Hesselink,

    How nice of you to stop by. Koch’s work has remained a mystery to most. Thank you for directing use to your information on Koch at your website. I see patents listed, Do you think these patents are still available for view?

    I am not a scientist and most of what you write is above my head but I am hoping that someday just the right person will stop by here and get inspired. You don’t have to be a scientist to see the beauty and potential.

    The most essential question remains unanswered. Is there enough information available to replicate Koch’s work? Is there anyone anywhere replicating Koch’s work?

    Perhaps if you could find a few moments you might stop by and post some opinions on the effectiveness and safety of MMS also.

    Also, I am confounded by certain experiences related to me by those who work with or use ozone gas. I have had direct reports from numerous concerned physicians that ozone gas when inhaled is very dangerous and can cause all kinds of cellular damage. Yet I know a couple of people who breathe in this gas relentlessly, either in their work or in their cancer treatment. Now this behavior has been going on for years, not a few days, weeks or months. This contradicts all the quote “science” out there. These lungs should be functioning like mince meat by now but instead these people reside in perfect health or so it would seem by their activity level and a consequential cure of cancer. If you have any comment on this please make it.

    Best in Health,

  3. Luana Dumitru Says:

    Dear Dr. Hesselink,

    I have just found your site and I’m really impressed, thank you for everything you wrote there! I will try to “dig” more into it as soon as I find the time.

    It was wonderful to read about your interest in Dr. Koch’s work. I’m only a medical student, but it meant so much for me to discover his articles (at, a couple of years ago. I was amazed by his genius, by his gift of turning “devastating tragedies of human illness into triumph”, as you say, and also by the clarity and simplicity of his writings, in spite of the lack of scientific knowledge of his time.

    I too silently prayed to The Lord that his work may not be lost to our contemporary world… Finding your articles, today, brings new hope that this miracle could be made possible!

    Please, if there is any way I could contact you by e-mail, leave a sign here.

    I have not been able to find any reference of an e-mail address on your web page.

    With great appreciation and kind regards,

    Luana Dumitru

    medical student

    Bucharest, Romania

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Luana,

    Yes, Dr Koch’s work was reported to be remarkable. Unfortuantely I personally am not very familiar with it but I saw enough significance in what remains to try to preserve its history and make it available to others. I do not know of anyone actually doing his work today. If anyone knows of someone who holds and utilizes these secrets please contact me through this forum.

    My blog offers many topics of interest in the alternative realms for a young physician. I warn you that conventional medicine does not approve of most of what I post. I do not know what it is like in your country but physicians in the USA are brain washed and their experience is very controlled to fit into a specific drug oriented paradigm, that can not cure disease but only create further disease.

    I am not saying that everything they do is a waste for it is not. But physicians learn drug application, not how to heal the body, not how to nurture the body, not how to nourish the body, when it comes to disease issues. Most diseases, if not of an infectious origin, originate from toxins and environmental exposures as well as malnutrition.

    I strongly recommend that any physician studying today should study also clinical nutrition and theories of detoxification. This could save you from total and utter brain wash. Since you have an interest in Koch then we know already that you are preserving your open attitude and explorative nature that will do you well in years to come and could potentially heal and save many lives.

    Please be sure to read all the articles posted about Lugol’s iodine and MMS as well as the causal relationship of fungal infection to cancer. If you come to understand some of these concepts you will be light years ahead of your conventional contemporaries. Until you graduate and are on your own you would do well to keep quiet about what you are learning for it will not be appreciated by most and we would not want anyone trying to get in your way before you are fully licensed.

    I have emailed you.

    Rett Anderson

  5. Dr A Lovewisdom Says:

    Contrary to popular belief, there are many Koch Therapy patients alive and well to talk about their treatment and the many successes since the death of Dr Koch. A short blurb follows on the history:

    The most important pioneer of all oxygen/oxidation therapies was a research scientist, professor, medical doctor and homoeopath from Detroit College of Medicine named William Frederick Koch (rhymes with smoke). His discoveries of a higher level metabolic cycle called the FCG (Functional Carbonyl Group) cycle showed the importance of oxygen and the role it plays in natural immunity and overall health. Dr. Koch’s research concurred with the findings of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg (“The Prime Cause and Prevention Of Cancer”). Substantiating natural health care tenets by his very work, Dr. Koch found that truly ALL cancer and degenerative disease was reversible and the restoration of health attainable, providing the cellular reserve energy was there to complete the healing processes. Briefly described, the Koch Oxidation Catalyst Treatment is a homoeopathic dilution of a “partially oxidized solution of inositol” chemically and scientifically optimized for redox enhancement. The Christian Medical Research League was founded to promote Dr. Koch’s work internationally and provide for the distribution of the catalysts.
    Their last designated trustee, Lawrence Thatcher, maintained the provision of the catalysts up until the mid-1990s. The mantle was passed from Dr. Koch with all rights and continuity to the CMRL and Mr. Thatcher. He then helped to appoint the next rightful agencies to continue on this production and provision. Though there are numerous agencies proclaiming the rights of manufacture and distribution of these compounds, there are at present only a few actual sources of supply for the TRUE Koch therapy. One of these sources, a missionary group, was hand-picked by Mr. Lawrence Thatcher. In cooperation with the oldest international oxygen therapies association, IAOT, an integrative, redox (oxidation-reduction cycle) Koch therapy treatment protocol was developed and tested to best support the catalyst treatment. This protocol, scheduled for internet publication will be released soon and should not be overlooked by any healthcare practitioner truly interested in seeing a patient’s health restored. After twenty-plus years of further research and development, combining the accumulated knowledge of several of the “oxidative/oxygenation originators and developers”, the protocol was readied for public review. This same missionary group chosen by the CMRL and Mr Thatcher have produced the catalyst and were trained by the CMRL chemists that were trained by Dr Koch himself and possess the rights to the texts that Dr Koch published. This is all a matter of public record kept in the archives and available soon publicly on the net. If you are interested in the up to date protocol, therapy availability and overall good health info, it can be accessed by dropping an email to A list of trusted organizations, websites and sources known for their reputability, antiquity and demonstrated concern regarding the health and welfare of humanity will also be sent if requested. Thank you and all is well with the continuity of Dr Koch’s work and legacy, an excellent site to access for his publications is, a site organized and ipublished by the Koch Family. Although they say that the formulae of Dr Koch is unavailable, that is not true and has been available, though sometimes intermittently since Dr Koch’s death. Provisions have been made for the continuation of the catalyst and his writings. An internet free available school and course in oxidation/oxygen therapies and natural health care will be announced soon. Thank you and we hope that this assists all in accessing one of the greatest therapies and modalities known to mankind. Testimonials up to date can also be provided on a need to know basis, but soon to be internet accessible as well. TY and greetings to Dr Hesselink.

  6. Joanne Wray Says:

    please send me any any updated ptotocol and available therapy info you can?