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Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD writes on MMS and Sodium Chlorite – the best science pages on MMS and Oxidative Science

30th September 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

You science buffs out there – please read and report what you think.

At the very end of the first link it is stated that toxic levels are unknown and that at the time of the writing the author was aware of people taking 2 to 3 doses a week. For some years now people have been taking it in daily doses, some for extended periods of time without symtomatic side effects.

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5 Responses to “Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD writes on MMS and Sodium Chlorite – the best science pages on MMS and Oxidative Science”

  1. Neil C. Fine Says:

    I understand that chlorine dioxide can knock out glutathione in parasites. Would it not do the same thing in the human body?
    The use of six drops for daily maintenance dose might not be good for immunity?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So much is still not understood about MMS. I do not recommend a daily maintenance dose. Maybe only if an active epidemic was occurring.

  3. JT Says:

    Hesselink’s information and research is sound enough on the surface, but the lack of any long term studies or any kind of collateral impact studies is disturbing. I’m not a scientist but I’m wondering of the Chlorine Dioxide impacts the thyroid the same way the Chlorine ion displaces the much needed Iodine ion which leads to chronic Hypothyroidism? I’d love to see the users of MMS take their Broda Barnes Axillary (underarm) Temperature Test to check for low functioning thyroid.

  4. Stephan Wilmas Says:

    The thing that disturbs me about the whole situation is that no one has done any research to prove that the MMS claims are false. The fact that Chlorine Dioxide is used in many other areas would suggest to me that it is at least worthy of some research.

    Why won’t someone in an accredited institution do some research on this. It would take a very short time to prove or disprove this.


  5. Dr. Byron Cragun Says:

    Dear People,

    I am a Chiropractic Doctor/Naturopath and can safely say anything anyone has heard about the BAD of MMS has over played the nausea and diarrhea to the max. You want proof of its effectiveness do the proof and not wait for the fictitious money backers to run the tests, they are ALL controlled by the Bank/Oil/Drug/Medical cartel.

    Let me tell you of one of the many uses through this factual story and you can see clearly why the Drug/Medical cartel is simply scared to death that there money drug factories will be rightfully crippled.

    I live in Fiji and a friend and farmer was trying to get a little extra income for his family by raising chickens. He had about 250. He called me and told me that they were foaming at both ends and dying.
    Obviously it was some type of deadly chicken virus or bacteria and they would all be dead by the end of the day. I told him to put one drop of activated MMS/liter of water for the chickens. Within one hour the were becoming well and by the end of the day they were all well and not one more had died.

    Now put yourself in this families position. They would have been at a total loss.

    You want to wait for our Drug Masters to approve something that you, me and anyone else can do for the life on the planet, keep waiting.
    I could fill pages with what I have expereinced with MMS and treating ill health from Diabetes to cancer and infectious diseases.

    If you want to be little apprentice Psychopaths by being complicit with the Druggies simply doubt what I say. Experience is the truth.


    Dr. Byron Cragun