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Flu Season? Here’s what you can do!

28th November 2006 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

People at my work have been asking me for recommendations for the flu. This is what I have come up with for them.

When the flu comes:
I recommend that you prepare well in advance for if you wait till the last minute these products will be gone. ( ha! this is paranoia for the bird flu that didn’t happen and may never happen!) Many people know about these alternative treatments and the stores will be rushed upon. The same protocols for bird flu or any flu. If the bird flu were really coming I would be sure to have ozone and the herbal preparation listed below.

Vitamin c
1 to 5000 mg every hour until diarrhea occurs then back off some
This is called reaching bowel tolerance. When the body has all the vit c it can use diarrhea occurs. After diarrhea happens wait a few hours and gradually increase again.

Grapefruit seed extract.
purchased at any healthfood store. Nutribiotic brand.
Gargle with it. 4 gtts in about 4 ounces of water 3 to 4 times a day
Drink it. 1 drop per 10lbs body weight. 4xday
You may also purchase this in pills. Take at least 3 pills 4x day.
With pills increase or decrease dosage according to size of person.
GSE is nontoxic in even the largest dosages

olive leaf extract
standardized to at least 15 percent but use any you can fined if you can’t find this.
Average adults 3 caps 3 x day
Increase or decrease dosage according to size of person.
This is a nontoxic product

Beta Glucon from NOW products
Start taking this as soon as you hear about the first case or better yet start in October and keep at it till flu season is past.


Colloidal silver
purchase at healthfood store
1 ounce every hour if condition is severe
otherwise 1 ounce 3 x day. We have used up to one ounce per hour.
gargle with it and hold it in your mouth up to one minute before drinking it
This is a nontoxic product.
If you make your own with the silverpuppy it is very inexpensive. Do a search on silver puppy.

Hydrogen peroxide
Purchase at any drug store or supermarket
several drops in the ear 3 x day
do one ear then the other

Herbal Formula
Will probably treat 5 or 6 people. I purchased 1/4 ounce each of these, except the mushroom blend where I purchased 1/2 lb. Mix all ingredients and soak in glass jar covered with vodka for 6 weeks. Strain. put into dropper bottles. Start using as soon as flu hits the state, I mean the very first minute. Carry it with you. Will build immunity and attack virus, anti inflammatory properities.

Product Name Product # Price X Qty = Total
Astragalus Root Powder 11-035P1 $4.50 1 $4.50
Echinacea Ang. Root Pwd 11-187P1 $21.95 1 $21.95
Ginger Ground 11-260P1 $3.42 1 $3.42
Licorice Root Powder 11-395P1 $4.56 1 $4.56
Mushroom Blend of 4 Powder 11-6105X2 $31.56 1 $31.56
Olive Leaf – Powder 11-4905P1 $3.86 1 $3.86
Cat’s Claw Bark Powder 11-100P1 $4.89 1 $4.89

Total about $74 dollars with about $5 for shipping.

may help with pain and inflammation associated with flu
1 or 2 caps 2 to 3 times a day
Use instead of tylenol.


Ozone Protocol
If you have ozone equipement follow the ozone protocol.
but vitamin c will inactivate ozone so do not use together.
At the end of the day after all ozone treatments give Vit c 10gms.
Separate ozone treatments by several hours from vitamin or other drug therapies.
It is unknown if ozone affects drugs.
Stop all unnecessary drugs you may be taking while combating the flu. You will have to determine the risk of stopping drugs for a few days.
It you decide to take a drug just for the flu I can not say the effects that ozone may have on it.

In Germany they give ozone intrmuscular injections to fight flu.

Disinfecting your environment
Grapeseed extract, 50 drops to a quart spray bottle.
spray all surfaces a contaminated person is in contact with
keep a bottle each bathroom, kitchen and near front door
after washing your hands spray your hands or put about 10 drops of GSE in your liquid hand soap or dish soap
Add 10 drops to your dishwasher
50 drops to your laundry

I recommed that you purchase ozonators. They are about $40 each from this site. Medical grade ozonators can be very expensive. I am unsure of the Enlay medical grade ozonator and its ability to create medical grade ozone. All medical grade ozonators require direct oxygen to the machine.

you will need 1 medical grade and 2 room air ozonators.
Use one ozonator for the room of an infected person
Use the other ozonator near the entry door and use it to make ozonated water also.
The medical grade is for respiratory treatments and insuffalation. You will need medical grade equipment for this. All inhaled ozone must be bubbled through olive oil to create ozonides. Direct ozone at such a concentration can be dangerous!

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