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Jim Humble Answers questions on the use of MMS – Paradophillus – Indian Herb – Cancer

6th October 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized


1) I’ve wondered if the water is necessary. I can put 22 drops from a 3cc syringe in one ‘000’ capsule (larger end), then cap it. Maybe if the taste is objectionable, you could use the capsules and then drink the water. (this was from someone who didn’t like the taste and he wondered if it was necessary to mix water or juice in the MMS–or is the extra liquid just for taste? Or is it necessary to dilute the mixed solution?)

A1 1.) Sounds like it might work OK, but be sure to drink the water. The liquid is too strong otherwise and might burn the stomach.

Q2 2)a lot of the members seem to be experiencing heart palpitations after being on MMS for just a few days. Have you found that many people here in the US experience this? When they have this fluttering or palpitations they immediately stop the MMS. Should they consider taking high doses of C for a few weeks, as you recommended in your book, and then restarting the MMS? Or for these people would it be best to not take MMS at all?

A2 2). The palpitations has got to be the result of something being cleaned out. Never completely stop MMS, just take less until the problem passes. MMS never causes any reactions from a healthy person, thus the palpitations are a sign of something being fixed. Probably deposits being removed. Just take less MMS. If I were advising someone I say reduce the dose about 75% for a few days then slowly increase it. Of course this is not advice.
In ten years no one has ever been hurt with MMS and thousands have been helped. I’d say when such a thing happens that one has found something that needs to be fixed. It is probably a growth of bacteria or mold in the wrong place and MMS is killing it. This is not a usual problem, but in my opinion it should be fixed by smaller doses for a while

Q3 3) I get leg cramps whenever I take MMS (plus acid recipe). And pH paper tells me I am too acid 5.0 . He says in the book that he over-estimates the amount of acid to be sure it converts the sodium chlorite to chlorine dioxide. I am interested in the minimal amount of acid I could use if I measure carefully.

What would happen if I under measure the acid, will the extra unconverted sodium chlorite be any problem?

I am spending 2 weeks just trying to alkalize my body using green foods and baking soda and K bicarb and borax and calcium and magnesium. I still show acid if I stop pushing my alkaline supplementation. Vinegar causes me leg cramps, just after eating a salad with vinegar dressing. I will restart the MMS after the 2 weeks if I can keep my ph level up. Do you see a problem with not using enough of the acid–just so that it doesn’t interfere with my body’s ph, or will it make the MMS not as effective?

A3 3) pH paper on the saliva or urine don’t mean much. Many healthy people read pH 5 on saliva. No if you are testing your blood, I ‘d say that might be wrong. I’ve been in the health food movement for 50 years. Every few years someone comes up with a new theme. It is usually good and no harm comes, but it is seldom the end all and seldom creates absolute health. But the low pH reading and the leg cramps would indicate to me a need for calcium. Buy the liquid calcium magnesium citrate by LifeTime Inc. Most health food stores carry it. That is really the state of the art as far as assimilation of calcium is concerned. A couple days of a couple of table spoons a day should alleviate the leg cramps. If the leg cramps were really bad, use a little or a lot less MMS but don’t stop. (Coral calcium is made of calcium crystales and is the hardest calcium to dissolve and assimilate that you can buy. Think of how strong coral is.)

Q4 ) I would be very interested in knowing about using Sodium Ascorbate
With MMS, as that is how I get my daily Vitamin C (it’s buffered and
Less acidic to my system). I also mix in into my Gerolsteiner Mineral
Water, and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I just don’t
Want to kill myself by using my mineral water/C cocktail AND the MMS! (so is it ok to take this type of C and the MMS so long as it is separated by a given period of time? I had thought it best to wait the 12 hours it takes for the MMS to fully release before taking any type of C, but others think that just waiting a few hours is enough time. Which is the right amount of time to wait between taking MMS and C as daily supplements, because there are some members dedicated to taking daily C for health)

A4 ) It would be best to take the MMS first each day and then wait at least 4 hours before taking the C. There certainly isn’t going to be any “hurt” to you by taking with MMS and Vitamin C together. The C just preserves the MMS and prevents it from deteriorating into chlorine dioxide. C is a preservative and thus stops the MMS action, but it can’t hurt you.

Q5 5) If a person is taking MMS and has started out on a small dose of say, 5 drops, and has had nausea or diarrhea, and they finally build up to 15 drops a day (or is it twice a day?) without either of these effects, does that mean they are healthy and don’t need to continue to take it at that dose–they can just go to the maintenance dose of 6 drops a few times a week? How many days should they stay at 15 to be sure they are healthy before switching over to the 6?

A5) I’d say stay at a 15 drop dose for at lease a week before dropping back to the 6 drop maintenance dose, or even a 4 drops maintenance dose would be good.

Q7 (6 missing from document) 7) Wondering about possible liver stress from MMS ?
Wondering if the chlorine dioxide (at least eventually with continued use?)
Gets into all the sneaky places where the HCV has been found?
I know one can clear the blood of HCV but it’ll come back quickly. Killing
It in the blood and liver should do much better, but it’s a tiny virus
that’s been found throughout the body…something has to keep killing
(faster than it multiplies) through multiple replication cycles. This is
Also mostly true of HIV as well.

Q7 7) MMS doesn’t stress the liver, it repairs the liver. Killing a cancer to fast may stress the liver, but for the most part the MMS will handle it. Just keep yourself just under the nausea level one tiny notch. There are hundreds if not thousands of those little different viruses and bacteria and mold and yeast that steal your health but have no name. MMS kills them all so far as I know. That’s what the maintenance dose does, it keeps those guys cleaned out (in my opinion.)

Q8 8) Yesterday I did 2 drops and had no noticeable effects.
My plan for today: I just took 2 Benadryl.
Because…I learned awhile back that taking Benadryl about a half hour
Prior to ABX or whatever protocol can reduce the symptoms of a HERX as
Toxins are released during die off…and it has helped me in the
Past…so I am using it with this protocol also.
In 1/2 hour I am going to do
2 drops of MMS w/fresh lemon juice for activator + water
I plan to continue same dose every 2 hrs throughout the day. (is taking Benadryl interfering with MMS in any way?)

A8 8) I don’t think the benadryl interferes. Let me know how you do.

Q9 9) I would like to know why he thinks vinegar is not good with candida .I think I,m going to do a cleanse before I start back on the MMS

A9 9) Vinegar is a fermented product and has been known to feed candida for many years. I had hoped that the chlorine dioxide would kill the candida before it could eat the vinegar, but in a large clinic in Tijuana, many candida patients got better for a while, then they began to get worse and didn’t get better until the vinegar was discontinued. Since then the phenomena has been noticed several times. It’s enough evidence for me to stop taking it.

Q10 10) I recall reading that certain substances in the body such as glutathione were depleted while using chlorine dioxide. Whether it is interfering with these substances, or they are being used up somehow in the process of “cleansing” with the chlorine dioxide was not stated and may not be known at this point. Nevertheless, the depletion of these substances may coincide with the onset of the more negative reactions like vomiting and diarrhea and just feeling sick.
This may explain why one can take a certain amount of MMS for a while with no symptoms and then suddenly feel terrible on the next dose. (does this sound right?)

A1010) I’ll have to withhold my judgment on that for a while, however I kind of doubt that evaluation as many who finally get really nauseous usually feel really good after the vomiting and Diarrhea. Another point is that it only happens to a few people not everyone, and if that is true, then why do the feel better? How did they get the glutathione replaced so fast. The vomiting and diarrhea often precedes the ending of a bad disease. The body instigates vomiting when it has material produced in the stomach that would not be good for the body to go through the digestive system. It don’t just throw up for practice or because it feels bad, it throws up for a reason.

Q11 11) If MMS is an oxident, how does taking anti oxident supplements effect it? Should they be separated like MMS and C, or taken on different days–one day anti-oxidents, the next day MMS?

A11 11) Well, vitamin C is an antioxidant. It prevents chlorine dioxide for being as effective as it should be. I have to assume that other anti oxidants would do the same thing. However, there is absolutely no reason to believe that one would need anti oxidants with chlorine dioxide. It does not oxidize any beneficial things in the body. It does not touch healthy cells. It only oxidizes the bad guys. You would help them out if you take anti oxidants. So separate them out by three or four hours.

Q12 12) When I add the citric acid to the sodium chlorite solution I can soon
Smell the ClO2 in the whole room. Is there any benefit to breathing or
Sniffing this vapor on purpose, for instance so it can reach my sinuses
Or lungs, perhaps? Or is it too harsh on the mucous membranes to breath
In deliberately?

A12 12) Chlorine dioxide does very little damage to membranes, almost none at all. You must be very sensitive as that small amount of Chlorine dioxide generally will not kill many diseases germs. You can, however put it in the type of mist device that sprays a fine cloud and then breath that. It would be good for the sinuses and lungs.

Q13 13) I’ll still taking my regular rounds of lyme treatment: at least 10 antibiotics, herbal and syenthic supplements. And I take them at least 1 hour away from MMS. Is it OK? I know if MMS works, I may not need all these supplemnts. However, for now, I feel more comfortable to carry on my regular lyme treament until MMS takes over. Any thoughts

A13 13) I worry that the antibiotics destroy your health so badly that you do not have the energy to recovery, however, I do not think that the antibiotics and the MMS interfere with one another. Just separate them out as far as possible. I have worked with a couple of ladies who have lyme disease and are now feeling better. They really didn’t begin to feel better until they began taking a new product called paradophillus. They feel that it allows the MMS to penetrate much deeper into the body. You might talk to the inventor. His name is Jeff Maehr and phone is 970 731-9724.

Q14 14) I have some questions, this is an oxidizer how does this differ from
Oxygenating the system or are we talking about the same thing, if we are
What prevents this from making more free radicals and causing problems, I
Once talked with a nurse who worked with oxygen chambers for cancers and
Other problems and she said they had to give anti-oxidants to prevent the
Increase of free radicals, am I on track or out in left field with this Question?

A14 14) MMS does not damage the enamel on your teeth. To the bad stuff (remember low pH and nucleic acid) it is extremely strong, the strongest killer of disease known to mankind, but to the good stuff including teeth, it is a pussy cat.

Q15 15) I think I read somewhere that chlorine dioxide was reactive with sulfur? Would Mr Humble care to list what other supplements might react to MMS? E.g. Colloidal silver, potassium bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium as well as MSM

A15 15) I don’t know about the sulfur. The colloidal silver does not react with the MMS. All those other items should be separated out from the MMS by about a half hour just like food.



Telling if MMS will help the cancer

This is what I would tell someone in Mexico that asked me these questions. The answers, of course, would be for the person down here. You can get an idea if the MMS will handle the cancer problem by evaluating the nausea. That is, if you start out at say one drop or even 1/2 drop and it does not make you nauseous and then you begin to increase the drops twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. That is if 1/2 drop doesn’t make you nauseous in the morning, then in the evening or late afternoon try one full drop. Then the next morning take two drops and in the evening 3 drops. Sooner or later the number of drops is going to make you nauseous. You then take a drop or two less the next dose for a time or two and continue to increase the drops. You are always looking for the nauseous point, taking less for a time or two and attempting to take more.

You will be able to know if it is going to help you if you can continue to pass the nausea point and increase the drops. What is happening is that when nausea hits, some of the of cancer has been destroyed and it is now a poison that the body can clear out. Being able to clear out this poison is a part of it, but the body can clear this poison out but it might generate some nausea in the process. That’s not bad. The idea is that as the cancer is destroyed the body can tolerate more and more drops. That’s the indicator, is the body being able to tolerate more and more drops. If you find that you finally can increase the drops without getting nauseous it is an indicator that the body is doing it’s job.

What would indicate that you are not getting well is if the body got nauseous every time you take a dose no matter what amount of dose it is, and the body never seems to be able to increase the doses. Even if you can take say two drops at a time without nausea, but you can never increase to three drops, it shows that you are not gaining on the cancer. That can happen if the cancer is growing faster than the MMS is killing it. There is, however, always hope. Read below. There are other items that can help.

So if there is an indication that one is not improving, then I suggest the following direction. Purchase some Indian Herb from Kathleen in texas. It costs $60 a vial and that is plenty. Phone 806 647-1741 She has a thousand letters from people who have been helped. She and her father have been selling the Indian herb for over 60 years.

Then get some Paradophillus from Jeff Maehr at 970 731-9724 his stuff has cured hundreds of animals and many people of cancer and it is now helping people I know.

When I mention drops of MMS I always mean add 5 times that many drops of lemon, lime, or citric acid solution, wait three minutes and then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink.

Jim Humble

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99 Responses to “Jim Humble Answers questions on the use of MMS – Paradophillus – Indian Herb – Cancer”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    From Jim’s Website:

    When I mention drops of MMS I always mean add 5 times that many drops of lemon, lime, or citric acid solution, wait three minutes and then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. Never use MMS without the addition of lemon, lime, or citric acid or in an emergency if you have no citric acids, use vinegar. Use only apple, grape, or pineapple juice without added vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

    What is the Normal MMS Protocol

    Note: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.) Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

    1. All protocol for taking MMS in the Americas starts with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop. Activate the drops as given above.

    2. If you do OK and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous.

    Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

    3. Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.

    Note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won’t have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won’t feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS.

    Back to top

    Excerpts from the research paper “War Against Microbes” written by the Bradford Research Institute. “The following is a description of the characterization and mechanism of action of Dioxychlor(TM), researched and developed by American Biologies(TM), as relates to its antiviral, antibacterial, antimycoplasmal and antifungal activities. Dioxychlor(TM) has been in clinical use for over fifteen years with tens of thousands of infusions at the Amerian Biologies(TM) Intergrative Hospital and Medical Center as well as other clinics and hospitals throughout the world.

    To understand fully the action of Dioxychlor on target organisms, it is necessary to describe in detail the chemical structure of this oxidant as well as the biochemical structure of substances found in these target organisms with which Dioxychlor(TM) interacts. These targets include viruses (the nucleic acides, RNA, DNA), bacteria and fungi.”

    Dioxychlor(TM) is available on the Internet for sale and the entire scientific paper is available as well. The formula although somewhat weaker than MMS is the exact same chemical. (TM stands for Trade Mark). Go to Google and search Dioxychlor.

  2. makiah Says:

    I went to American Biologics, who makes Dioxychlor, and their website says it is formulated with Salt, not Sodium Chlorite, but Sodium Chloride that has added oxygen. That would make it a different thing, wouldn’t it?

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    After all my reading on MMS it is apparent that the oxidation process functions in a manner different than say ozone therapy, that is in directly supplying oxygen. I will be posting more on this later. I don’t know who you talked to at American Biologics but Dioxychlor is not made out sodium chloride. From the discription below it sounds like chlorine dioxide.

    This is a quote from a site that sells Cioxychlor:

    Dioxychlor, one of a class of inorganic oxidants, has been found useful against the three major classes of infective agents: virus, bacteria and fungi. They have tremendous potential use in such refractory conditions as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It is also extremely effective against an impressive array of viral, bacterial and fungal infections, including demonstrated inhibition of Candida albicans.
    The use of Dioxychlor as a substance dates back to World War I, when it was used by the Western powers to save the lives of soldiers with infections, particularly gangrene. It has since been found to have a multiplicity of uses which, at first glance, seems unrelated and with no apparent biochemical explanation.

    In terms of fungicide use, it is noted that one anti-fungal agent in common use (nystatin) – with prolonged usage – leads to the development of resistance to the drug and continued symptoms. The mechanism of action of Dioxychlor is related to biochemical processes within the fungus which are so basic to survival that resistance is important: as a result no new resistant strains develop from the use of Dioxychlor, unlike other fungicides.

    Dioxychlor is an inorganic compound composed of chlorine and two atoms of nascent oxygen covalently bonded. It is the chemical property of Dioxychlor which makes possible the release of nascent oxygen upon decomposition during its action as an oxidizing agent, leaving a non-toxic chloride residue.”

  4. Pat Dilliner Says:

    My daughter suffers with ovararian cancer. They can do nothing more for her but continue with once/wk low dosage chemo. She will be going home to her family soon. I would like to try the MMS even though she is unable to have a bowel movement and has stomach bloatiness sometimes plus she can only have liquids or oatmeal at this point. I would like to know how some with cancer have faired? Even those with advanced stages. Comments/advice please. Thanks.

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    There are some who have reported success with advanced cancer but I have not had the opportunity to see it first hand. I suggest that you read on MMS here, read the cancer thread about DCA which will come back on the market soon and read the oxidative therapies thread. You may find something that you are interested in.

  6. W Longacre Says:

    An emerging form of alternative health care is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). It is said to cause self or natural healing by causing biochemical reactions within cell tissue. This reaction has a positive effect on the immune system thereby prompting the body to heal itself. When it comes to natural healing all alternatives should be experimented, this in many cases is very complementary to a doctors care.

  7. Maravilla Delgadillo Says:

    Mi sister has lupus, she is currently in a dialisis, can she bebeneficial from MMS?????????

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I cannot answer your question. Possibly. Only trial could tell. She would have to go very low and slow in dosage due to detox that the kidneys may have a hard time with. I really can’t say as I have not discussed the use of MMS with anyone who has been on dialysis at the same time.

    I have read reports of kidney failure reversing after using MMS but I could not say that this is guaranteed and just how this would all play out with lupus.

  9. Osvaldo Delgadillo Says:

    My husband is 74 years has diabetes type II, was on pills for a 9 years and now is on insuline humalog twice a day, his sugar continuos high over 200, also he has tintinutus, what is your experience with regarding diabetes and tintinutus??

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t really have an opinion based on direct first hand experience but I have read several testimonials where people who had diabetes were able to leave their insulin behind after using MMS for a while. On the new DVD about MMS Jim Humble relates one story and then there is a man who gives his testimonial about leaving the insulin behind. I do think it is worth a try.

    I do not know about tinnitus and MMS. I had tinnitus and cured it with ozone therapy. I have also known people who have cured it with the homeoapthic kits you can sometimes find in healthfood stores. Here. Here it is:

  11. Osvaldo Delgadillo Says:

    THANK YOU!! for the information, but can you please tell me how you used the ozone therapy to cure your tinnitus?, I have a portable ozone machine too. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  12. chad Says:

    i strongly suggest that anyone
    that is interested in sodium
    chlorite (MMS) read this – i
    ran across it in my own
    research. chlorinated water
    is a #1 cause of alimentary
    tract cancers and heart/artery

  13. Carole Says:

    I am beginning to use MMS for my 6 year old son, he has been taking many supplements, and an antiviral protocol with Great results…But we still have many sensory issues…My question is how much time should elapse from the administration of the MMS to giving vitamins and supplemeents: 2 hours? 3 hours? the vitamins do contain some Vit C, he also gets Cod Liver Oil, and Water Oz and Mini Minerals brand liquid vitamins: Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Germanium…since he has made wonderful progress cognitively, but still retains the sensory issues (can not tip head back when rinsing out shampoo, hates fingernail/toenail clipping, has many food aversions-self limits foods eaten, ETC, we are “recovering” from autism) I am hoping the MMS will clear out the rest of the yeast/parasite/metals/toxins that still are there and give him relief, help to release some of the sensory issues…I hope to evenually eliminate his current antiviral protocol: using Enzymedica Candidase and Virastop twice daily 2 hours after a meal, very expensive, would help reduce our monthly supplement expenditure by $200 or more depending on how many he needs to help reduce GI bloating etc….Also I give him probiotics every morning, before he eats, and digestive enzynmes with all meals and snacks…would the digestive enzyes effect the MMS? and I am thinking I need to give the probiotics-to replenish the good bacteria, daily related to leaky gut issues, many allergies etc….This has been a journey for my family of more than 4 years-and we are so much healthier now! We have learned so much about diet, and eating good organic foods etc…we just want to give our son a happy, healthy life! We want him to be able to eventually be self sufficient etc…we hope that MMS can help with sensory issues and allow him to “fit in” actually use a stainless steel spoon-instead of demanding a yellow plastic baby spoon to eat with-to learn to use a fork-he is physically sick after trying to eat any food with a fork, the holes from the fork somehow cause a reaction in him…Please email me any assistance would be appreciated THANKYOU!!!!

  14. Eric Says:

    I’m a kidney pancreas transplant and am taking anti rejection medications should
    I take the MMS before or after my medications? How much time should pass
    before or after a meal before I consume
    the MMS ?
    Thank you very much

  15. Eric Says:

    To whom this may concern:
    I’ve started my MMS program and have
    found a way that works.

  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So, Eric, Pray tell! What is your way?

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Chad, Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, just as sodium chloride is not chlorine. Your presupposition that chlorine and chlorine dioxide will act the same in the body has no basis. In fact chlorine is an atom that plays part in many biological processes in combination with other compounds.

  18. Eric Says:

    Hey Rett
    The way that works for me up until
    now is taking 1 drop of MMS along
    with 5 drops of the Citric Acid
    solution early in the morning
    before I eat breakfast and before
    I take my anti rejection medications.

    1 hour before my medications and
    2 – 3 hours before I eat.

    I have found that when I first started and was doing the MMS twice a day I was detoxing very fast. To the point of feeling nausea no vomiting however , and symptoms of fever/flu.
    Headaches , chills , also some anxiety.

    I will continue to take the MMS once a day until I sense more balance and
    then will move up to twice a day etc, etc.

    Thanks for asking and I am open to any feed back that others may have.


  19. John Richardson Says:

    you have said that mms is effective against most cancers, have you heard of any successes with bowel cancer. I have just started using mms for this condition, I have to make some choices about treatments, so other peoples experiences would be helpful, Thank you, John

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Who said MMS was effective against most cancers? That didn’t come from me. I have yet to see sufficient testimony to state that is so.

    MMS has shown to be effective for some individual cancer cases. Much investigation is needed into this topic and I do think that it will be some time before anyone can honestly address the cancer issue.

    I have not heard of a bowel cancer cured with MMS. What I have heard is that many other chronic bowel conditions respond very well to MMS, including ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease and polyps. You will find testimonials regarding these conditions here in HealthSalon.

    Much bowel cancer is curable with surgery if caught early enough. If I chose surgery I would be thinking about a radical diet change that included a lot of fresh raw vegetables and using MMS after the surgery. I will say that most people who had success with these above listed bowel diseases had excellent results in 3 weeks to 2 months. I don’t know how much time you have before making a decision but I would start of MMS right away. If it can not cure it perhaps it can help the cancer from spreading. There is much we do not know yet about MMS and cancer.

    You may also want to look into DCA. You will find information on DCA in the Cancer Thread category.

  21. Jenny Says:

    I have been using MMS for about 2 weeks now. I am very excited that I feel so much more alive- the brain fog is lifted for the first time in years. I want to do a juice fast. I also have a colema board that I use with a 5 gallon bucket to cleanse the bowels. Can you tell me how to use MMS as an bowel implant? What strength? How much water should you add? Thanks!

  22. Isis Says:

    I took two weeks to build up to 15 drops x2 per day. First week on 15 drops a bit uncomfortable: some diahrrhea, nausea, cramps and stomach gas; second week: extreme of same symptoms plus developing extreme intolorance to smell of MMS! Along with the return of the parasites I thought I had previously gotten rid of and gas that would explode me if I was in an enclosed window with a match!! I am very tolerant to all natural cures with side effects if I know it is working for the best, however the parasites and gas have disheartened me a great deal. I live on a very healthy diet but was having what I believed to be negative microbes/bacteria as well as parasites just recently. Help!!! Isis.

  23. Helena Says:

    I need advice on giving MMS to an old lady who has gall bladder, liver and kidney cancer. She has undergone chemotherapy, frequently suffers from nausea and is taking medical drugs (Degan)to help prevent her vommiting. She is worried about vomminting after taking MMS as she already struggles with nausea after every meal. Would it be better for her to replace the drug with herbs e.g. meadow sweet? Eventhough I´m not sure she will take my advice on that.

  24. Juan Says:

    Greetings to All,
    I came across MMS and although I have not tried it yet, I am convinced that it will do the things Jim Humble said it would – kill all the pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeasts/fungi as well as oxidize the heavy metals, toxins and wastes inside the body. But you are not out of the woods yet. You still have to do something about the acidic environment of your body and revitalize your immune system. I suggest that before you take the MMS protocol, do a thorough detox and cleanse of your body – colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, skin and lymphatic system. This will prepare your body to better eliminate whatever wastes MMS will create.
    Do not also forget to improve your diet and nutrition – 80% raw vegetables, nuts, whole cereals, fruits and other foods to avoid. To really start healing, try to get “peace of mind” and negative emotions out of the way. There are tests to find out what minerals are you deficient at. You need to address that with proper supplementation and lastly, drink 1/2 of your body weight(lbs) in ounces every single day.
    You see, there is no “silver bullet” that can singlehandedly get you back to health. You need to take responsibility, change your unhealthy ways and just do all that it takes.
    To your health!

  25. Vesna Says:

    I was diagnosed hodgkin’s lymphome and have undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It’s been six months since then, but there are still the remains of lymph nodes in my neck and thorax. What mms treatment would you suggest for me?

  26. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Do the standard protocol to start. Increase dosage as tolerated. Best to get his book.

  27. deanna Says:

    I’ve now had 2 doses to combat Chronic HCV, one this morning and one tonight with no side effects. Should I continue this, increasing the dose twice daily or for HCV should I increase to 3 times per day working up to 15 drops each dose? Also, is intravenous administration more effective for HCV then oral? If so, can I receive MMS intravenously while taking it orally?

  28. Scot Says:

    Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocitic leukemia. Sore joint problems prevail. The citric acid I believe causes my system to go more acid and increases joint pain with only two to three drops of MMS. Would MMS still be effective if a little baking soda or other alkaline ingredient was added to the solution after it was activated for the three minutes?

  29. Jean Says:

    I asked a question and didn’t get a response so am resending it:
    I recently started MMS with one drop twice a day and upped to 2 drops twice a day, on that same day I developed diarrhea.
    I then stopped taking the drops for 3 days as I was on a weekend excursion. the following Tuesday morning I tried again, I took one drop then two drops at approximately 4pm. By 6pm dinner time I had no appetite, then developed stomach pains for a couple of hours then nausea, finally diarrhea and projectile vomitting and chills. Next day I had no appetite and no energy. I am now on day three(thursday)the diarrhea and low energy have continued in a lesser degree. I have NOT taken MMS since tuesday evening (3days now). I am basically healthy, have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Detoxing in not foreign to me however I have never experienced such intensity. My system is extremely sensitive to all things…internal as well as external.

    I am not sure what the next step would be.

    Has anyone else experienced such an extreme reaction?

  30. LEE Says:

    Mr. Jim Humble:

    I took 10 drops MMS and 50 drops of ACTIVATOR

    on November 7, 2008 and as of November 8, 2008

    I have had little to no effects from taking this

    amount. No diarrhea nor voimiting, only

    slight nausea. The only other effect was a

    softer bowl stool and this could possibly

    be from eating a “really large” amount of dried


    Any information you can provide that will be

    helpful for me to know and understand better

    how to admiister these products for wellness

    to my body is very much appreciated.

    Thank You !


  31. sarah Says:

    Doe’s MMS have any success with Multiple Sclerosis? Thanks, Sarah

  32. Scotty Logan Says:

    Anyone had any luck with Herpes ?

  33. Byron Says:

    I have been taking the MMS for 2 weeks @15 drops three times a day. I have HCV. On the 13 day I got a fever of 103 that lasted for 2 days then I broke out with the worst cold sore eruption Ive ever had. Lips,face inside nose. what do you think is going on. I thought all the herpes Virus would be dead and gone. any suggestions

  34. Cheryl Says:

    try applying it topically – i have cleared up a nasty case of acne that way. upon further research, a fellow cured highly severe psoriasis topically which is what gave me the idea. hth

  35. Scotty Logan Says:

    Juan, you sound like a bit of Don Tolman’s principles.
    Am i right ?
    Thanks for the tips.
    Sometimes it’s hard to get all that balance going with the lifestyle we lead. Not sure how to overcome it . . . .


  36. Scotty Logan Says:


    I am on the same boat with the Herpes. My guess is it will take a couple of months, but you will have to get your body clean with some fasting or something.

    Up in the air !!!

    Scott Logan

  37. Scotty Logan Says:

    Sarah, Multiple Sclerosis, Its funny how one day they cured the polio virus but then come up with diseases like Ms, lou gehrig disease, ALS and about 8 other auto immune diseases.
    Check out Don Tolmans website and look up things on net.

    Jim Humble reckons MMS will cure anything, Don Tolman reckons anything can be cured with fasting and whole foods Signum Natura . . . .

  38. ocho cinco Says:

    Uh anyone have an answer to the herpes thing? Youh know….any success stories?

  39. trudy craney Says:

    Dear Mr. Humble,

    Thankyou for the valuable information regarding mms therapy. My son has HHVa6- Type A and is 17 years old, 175lbs. He is in treatment with an MD/nutritionist and is about to embark on substantial prolongued intravenous vitamin C, then Alpha lipoic Acid, then glutathione drips for 5 weeks in an effort to kill the hespers virus. Would you recommend his using the mms in conjunction with these treatments, and if so, what strength and frequency per day would you recommend? Thank you very much. Trudy

  40. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t know anything about his disease. What I can say is that MMS has been shown through testimonial to be effective against virus of different kinds including hiv, epstein barr, herpes for some people.. You may want to join this forum that discusses mms.

  41. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Oh, and Mr. Humble is not on this site…..

  42. Anne Says:

    My Brother has been diagnosed with rectum cancer with 45 percent on his liver .
    He had been on MMS for 2 weeks now through a qualified naturopath . (has had the the diarrhea and nausea and has cut down his drops and increased them over this period) Now the Medical doctors are advising him that he needs liver surgery then radiation and chemo then surgery to the rectum. He is so confused he doesn’t know if the MMS is working in this short period . How long can he can put off the surgery ? etc..How can he check if the tumor is getting smaller. He needs to make a decision pretty quick..Time is not on his side lots of pressure.If they cut his liver his life span will be around 5 years.

    Hows any one had any success rate on this type of cancer and how long will the mms take to work.?
    Would appreciate any answers back or advise a.s.a.p..
    Many Thanks Anne
    Melbourne Australia

  43. Deborah Wiczek Says:

    Hormel University in Austin, Minnesota is doing extensive cancer research. My feeling is that they would be very interested in MMS. It is my understanding that their focus seems to be on nutrition and cancer causing substances in our environment. It may be beneficial for you to contact them.

    Thank you so much for getting this information out. I just received the MMS, citric acid and your book.


  44. bill gray Says:

    can anyone tell me the protocols in regards to mms and the indian herb being taken in concert or in fact wetheror not this is even advisable Bill

  45. Tony P Says:

    I am looking for some clear guidance on how to take the MMS. After a recent alteration to the fundamentals page ( it seems that one can increase the dosage every 2 hours until one is taking 15 drops 3x a day. On another site ( it states that 3-4 drops every 1-2 hours is sufficient and there is no need to increase at all (this would be preferable following the nausea/diarrhea that i experienced on the final day increasing to 15 drops and consequently did not finish the course). The MMSnews web page refers to the fundamentals page on but they are saying different things and neither is completely clear. If anyone could advise or tell me where to look for the latest and most correct method for taking the MMS as a ‘clean out’ this would be most appreciated.
    Thank you. TP

  46. Bev Vines-Haines Says:

    I am desperately looking for any advice, protocol, hope and/or comments regarding ALS and MMS.

  47. Summer Says:

    Hi, please advise me as to what exactly is a drop. Is all the liquid that is squeezed out of the dropper considered one drop?

  48. Arrow Durfee Says:

    A drop is just one drop, not a whole dropper full.

  49. Arrow Durfee Says:

    If ALS is caused by a microbe it may be helpful. You will not know unless you try. Many of the diseases that conventional medicine says is autoimmune is really a microbe problem.

  50. Jeff Says:

    Desperately need more Herpes testimonials/advice…..!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear friends,
    I’m quite confused! I have started mms 1 drop, up to 15 and felt horribly sick. stop for few days and started the every hour and a half up to 12 drops in one day, then the day after and the next, every hour and a half took 6 drops and was ok, until yesterday , loose motions started and being uncomfortable, but bereable, by the evening i reduced to 4 drops every 2 hours untill 11 pm when i started to feel really sick with fever, couldn’t stand and walk and rushed to bed shivering, feeling so cold and grabbing blankets one after the other, heart beat accelerated and feeling so bad, like what i heard of malaria, but never had any, my blood pressure very low and almost fainting, stomach burning. Fell asleep to wake up in a bath of sweat, dizzy, after one hour took an alka seltzer and felt ok with the burning stomach, now i feel a slight fever and stopped intake of mms! did i’ve done something wrong? what should i do? I was taking mms for reversing my hepatitis c.
    any tips? or suggestions? thank you

  52. drew Says:

    dear jim,
    i have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Lyme’s and received the standard treatments, being dopamine and antibiotics. This gave a marked improvement, but then my condition very slowly became worse again. Since two weeks I have been using MMS, I felt nausea at 3×8 drops a day, went back to 3×7 then increased to 3×15. Last week I continued at a rate of 1×15 a day.
    It is curious that my old compaints first come back in reverse order and then disappear altogether, leaving me much better. It works!
    I am very excited, and plan to continue for a full year or as long as necessary, then switch to maintenance.
    Just to be sure, I’ll also get some paradophillus and/or indian herb.
    Thanks for saving the quality of my life.
    PS I also use NES (PL) but cannot stand more than 1-3 drops of that.

  53. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This is great new for you. I am wondering if you feel that it has helped the parkinson’s disease also.

    I have suspected that some cases of parkinson’s is caused by a microbe.

  54. drew Says:

    dear rett,
    i forgot to mention: the MMS is mostly handling the complaints that are ‘typical Parkinson’ complaints, like shuffling walk, tendency to fall, etc.
    this indeed proves that “Parkinson” is simply a form of Lyme’s disease or some other pathogen, either virus, bacteria, parasyte or heavy metal or a combination of one or more of these. the beauty of MMS is that you don’t have to figure this out, simply use MMS.

  55. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank You Drew for your speedy reply and clarification. It could bring hope and positve resuts to many with parkinsons.

  56. Bob Malone Says:

    Wow what a list of ailments and variations on treatment with mms. From what I have read you should start very low 1 or 2 drops and slowly work up twice a day to 15 drops twice a day. IF you get ill cut back a few drops and work up slowly. If you can get up to 15 drops 3 times a day for 5 days or so seems to be the high goal suggested. I made it to 15 3 times a day for about 3 days and then got ill on the 4 day so I cut back and started a maintence program of 8 drops a day. Seems to work for me and I use 8 instead of 6 since I am almost 285.

    Some of the illnesses I have read about I know I would be temped to push the amount as well but one good experience of too much too quick seemed to me to be somewhat like the flu for about 4 hours made me a bit more of a slow and up is good sort of a person.

    It seems to work for me and I sleep well. I test for alkalinity because I believe almost all illnesses thrive in an acidic body and almost none can live in an alkaline body so I use ph test strips to see how my progress is going. I recommend the 1-15 range and hopefully you will read around a 7 or 8. If your reading around an 8 you are probably having a pretty good day. The mms seems to keep me in that range.

    I do commend you for taking some effort to find something that works for you. Pay attention to your body and I believe you can find the level that works for you. I suspect that one size does not necessarily fit all with nutrition, supplements or even mms.

  57. ron fancher Says:

    how do you compare mms with pool clorine?

  58. Sammy Peeku Says:

    Dear Jim,
    I have been using MMS during sickness only.

    I have essential tremmors and from what I have been able to find mercury in tooth fillings may have caused this.
    Will MMS help me? if so what does and for how long?
    God bless

  59. Bonita Poulin Says:

    I don’t tolerate taking MMS orally and want to try the transdermal route. Does each dose have to be made up individually, right before use, or could I mix up a larger batch and store it for several days/weeks?

  60. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I believe Jim has instructions for transdermal appliations at his website.

    It is beleived that MMS will detox mercury and this observation has been made via routine hair analysis before and after mms for heavy metal toxicity.

    Follow Jims instructions found on his website carefully.

    Lugol’s iodine also detoxes mercury. Do a search on lugol’s iodine on this blog and start learning why Lugol’s iodine is so important.

  61. sharon Says:

    If a person is to sick to be able to take the drops without vomiting it straight back up (breast cancer)at any dose, would it be possible to start introducing it into the body via an annama?? I believe this is a way to rehydrate and introduce nutrients back in in this situstion.

  62. Vanessa Says:

    I have taken MMS at a 3:15 ratio and I was nauseous and had diarrea. I was also almost comatose for a few hours. I did not have anything else. Could you please tell me why this would have occurred and how long I could stay on a lower dose before increasing again?

  63. Arrow Durfee Says:

    obvioulsy 3 drops is too much for you.

    people have to make the decision that mms is for them. They must learn all the rules of application and do it correctly. Jim always says start with one drop. Did you start with 3? If you decide that you want to continue this is what I would do since you are more sensitive than most people.

    Start with half a drop.. to do this mix for one drop,,, one drop mms and 5 of citric acid. add 60ml of water after the 3 minutes for activation, or juice but only drink 30 ml..

    Do not increase the dosage unless you are tolerating the dosage you are on for at least 3 or 4 doses to be sure you are ready to advance. If half a drop dosage is still too much take a quarter of the amount mixed. It is not a race. Do not advance in dosage unless you well tolerate the dose that you are on.

  64. Milly Says:

    Does anyone have any experience or information on heart valve replacement with an animal heart valve and MMS? I have a friend who had a heart valve replacement and was told the MMS would attack the new heart valve. Any info would be great.

    Thanks Milly

  65. Sharon Says:

    I am number 61 on the list. you sent a message to say you had answered my question but there is no answer there??????????

  66. Milly Says:

    Still waiting for a reply on whether it is safe to take mms after a heart valve replacement. I would appreciate any info.
    Thanks, Milly

  67. Joan De La Cruz Says:

    I’ve bveen diagnosed with HPV….the cancerous kind. Can MMS help me in any way?

  68. Des: Australia Says:

    This post should be #68: I appreciate #63
    Can people with renal failure (Having Dialyses three times a week) be helped with MMS? If so, what dose should they build up to?

  69. Ceci Says:

    Thank You……….

    I had severe reactions today to taking MMS. I got so excited watching the
    testimonies=2C I jumped in at 15 drops and put about 10 more in a sinus
    spray bottle.
    You know how women are they get emotional excited and do stupid thing
    s…….. we’ll that was me today!
    The next 2-7 hours were pure hell. I even passed out had severe cramps
    along with horrible diarrheal and vomiting. I actually wondered ifI had created my own demise.
    Any advise you can give me would be really helpful this is 13 hrs later
    and I am still having severe leg and hand cramps.
    Thank You

  70. Jannette Says:

    Can you please help me. I believe MMS works, but I hate to take it because it makes my skin very sensitive to my clothing (I wear organic clothing). I just can’t bear it, and this happens even with small one drop doses. It is no coincidence, it starts every time the day after the first dose of MMS, and I only took it once a day.

  71. Alice Says:

    Can MMS work on my dog who has cancer?

  72. stephanie brisebois Says:

    My dad, whos 50 yrs old, developed parkinqon 3 years ago. Ive read some comments saying that the mms helped a lot. I would like to try that for my dad. Can somebody tell me were i can get this product and how i should use it for this illness? And if anybody with this illness want to share his experience i would love that. thank you so much


  73. Connie Wilson Says:

    I’ve had a massive right hemisphere brain stroke in 1999. I’m still effected with stiffness, weakness and have develpoed nuropothy which is very painful, 24/7
    Can this miracle mineral have any effect on helping me? I’m disabled and cannot afford to waste any money.
    Thank you
    Connie Wilson

  74. ArrowDurfee Says:

    I do not know. Go to jim humbles website and look around..

    apha lipoic acid is suppose to help with neuropathy.

  75. Paul-André Allard Says:

    Hi Stéphanie,

    I have a friend in Montréal who has Parkinson and who is doing much better after taking MMS for about a month.


  76. patricio Says:

    I need help,i can not understand the says JIM 1 mms drop and 1 citric acid,to start.
    then slowly 2 mms and 2 acid solution and so on.
    why people adds 1 mms and 5 acid solution?
    that is not what JIm instructs in protocol 2000.
    please let me know if I am wrong.

  77. Moose Says:

    I started taking MMS to deal with an acute nasty bronchial illness which lasted several weeks – it has worked in reducing and eliminating my bronchial symptoms. Thinking I would continue for the duration for a full detox, I’ve been taking the 1000 protocol (Jim Humble’s website) for nearly 2 weeks now, with 3 drops approx every hour for 8 hours/day (occasionally delaying a dose for an hour or two due to life stuff) and just last night and this morning had some diarrhea (no other symptoms). Up until now, I haven’t had adverse effects. I also don’t have any diseases that I know of, other than a few symptoms here and there typical of aging. Has anyone else had some detox symptoms show up 2 weeks into the protocol? Just wondering what to expect for the remaining week or more of this protocol.

  78. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Moose, what you are experiencing is normal. If it were me I would reduce my dosage a little and continue on. Sometimes it takes a while to really start eliminating stuff.

  79. Arrow Durfee Says:

    To all who I did not reply to their comments I apologize: there has been technical difficulty here on the blog and for some reason your comments never came to my mailbox. I cannot go back and find your address if they never came to my mail box and I had no way of knowing a comment was made on this thread. I have over 190 articles on this blog and I rely on this system working. Unfortunately it is not always perfect.

    Please be advised that there are two ways to make your citric acid. One way is a 10% solution and with this you will see instructions to use 5 drops of citric acid to every one drop of mms.

    The other way is to make a 50% citric acid solution. With this strength of citric acid you will mix one dro of mms to one drop of citric acid. visit Jim Humble’s site for further instructions…

  80. Joan San Juan Says:

    I just purchased an MMS1 kit and have MMS2 as well. I’m worried that my amalgam tooth fillings might cause a negative reaction (poison me, perhaps?)once I start the Protocols (I intend to do Protocol 2000). Is it okay to continue?

  81. Luke Says:

    drugs from the pharma mafia is healthy,and i am mad ?

    stop the crimes against humanity !!!

  82. Steve Says:

    Can anyone tell me if MMS treatment can, or will interfere with homeopathic treatments?


  83. ron Says:

    i want to know if there is any track record about treating cystic fibrosis and if so, what protocal.

  84. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Homeopathy is always my prefered method of healing. I promote MMS because many people cannot afford homeoapthy or do not have it available. If you can afford to go to a homoepath I would not use MMS at the same time as it will alter the symptom picture upon which the Homeoapth makes his remedy selection. Homeopathy can provide a much deeper healing than MMS can, creating healing in many organs and a restabilization of many systems in the body. MMS is mostly just an antimicrobial. It does boost the immune system some but it cannot do what homoepathy can. Homeopathy is only as good as the prescirber is. The right remedy must be selected. I have a number of articles on homeopathy on this site. Do a search with key word “homeopathy” and you will find the artilces.

  85. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have heard reports of imporvement of this disease with ozone therapy, enzyme theapies and with MMS. But I really don’t know much about it. Look into each of those individually.

  86. rICH sCHRAMM Says:

    MMS for alsheimers ??? If possible please advise !my mother (88)has been ill a year thanks. Rich Schramm

  87. Rama Says:

    Three weeks ago I started taking MMS
    The first day I took eight doses of one drop
    On the second day eight doses of two drops
    On the third day I took two doses of three drops
    That day I started diarrhea and vomiting
    I realized that I must go down in drops
    Every day I wake up with diarrhea that marks me not to put more drops.
    Today I try to take eight doses of one drop, and still i have a diarrhea in the morning.
    I’m forty and I have from age 16 Herpes.
    My friend recommended that i take the MMS.
    Every day i trying to get all the eight doses of one drop and my body is not strong for more.
    I want very much to finish with this virus and i understand that MMS can do miracle with this virus.
    I know that i must to go to eight doses of three drops for three weeks and i cant go up for tow drops eight times a day.
    Is this normal???

  88. Arrowwind Says:


    Please reduce your number of drops. You many also need to reduce the number of doses each day also until the diarrhea stops. In order to get it to stop soon skip a day fully then resume at the lower dosage. You may have other things that you are detoxing aside from herpes.

  89. Ino Says:

    Dear Jim Humble,
    I have some questions to make.I had my mother to do the treatment with PROTOCOL 1000. From the second day she started having a very bad reaction(nautia etc).So we redused the dose according to the instructions.but every time she was getting used to the smaller dose and we finally returned to the regular dose(3 drops),after a while(some hours later,after one,two,or three doses) she was starting having the reactions again..So I wonder:
    if one person is following the protocol1000 and can’t get used to the 3-drop-doses until the end of the 2 or 3 weeks IS THE TREATMENT CONSIDERED TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE?(I mean what if her body takes more than 3 weeks to get use to the 3-drop-doses?Is the protocol 1000 working if she takes redused doses all the time?).Also:
    Can a person eat between the 8 hours?Is the MMS working this way?or one must be with an empty stomach?
    and finaly:Is there a telephone number that I can use to talk to you?
    Thank You very much for your time!
    Ino Lazarou Savvani

  90. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Ino,

    The first question you need to ask is what health condition is your mother trying to resolve? Treatment should continue until the issue is resolved. But I would say that if she experiences no improvement in 2 to 3 months then perhaps mms will not be a help. If there is improvement it may be worth continuing.

    Always use the dose that is tolerated the best. Stay at that dosage for a while before trying to raise the dose again and this may take many days or even weeks. Sometimes some people might do 2 drops for a dose several times a day and then for one dose do 3 drops, and repeat that daily. That is another way to increase the dose.. Then after a while perhaps 3 drops can be given 2 times a day while the other dosages continue at 2 drops.

    Now there is a new way to prepare MMS that does not have the problems that citric acid brings to the taste and smell so you will want to look at this page for instructions.
    There seems also to be less diarrhea and nausea with this process.

    Jim Humble is not available on this site. He’s a pretty busy guy but you can join this forum that have a number of especially trained MMS educators to assist you. Sometimes Jim is there but he generally leaves such consult to others. It may take a couple of days to get onto the forum as it requires you to tell them why you want to join.

  91. Nargess Says:

    Hi Arrow. It’s been a long time that I have been reading all the info and forums here and there about mms, cds etc. I have this disease ulcerative colitis and started the protocol 1000 2 weeks ago, then I found out that I should also take DMSO along with mms. I am taking cds right now and am going to take DMSO with it. But the problem is the DMSO that I have bought from ebay is %99.9 solution and is in plastic bottles. It says on the bottle that is pharmaceutical grade but it also has been labelled that is for industrial use only! Now I am confused about it being safe to take or not? Plz you or someone who has enough knowledge about DMSO reply me. I am new here and dont know even if I have submitted my question in the right section or not!

  92. Arrow Durfee Says:

    DMSO is always for industrial use unless you get it from a pharmacy that makes medical grade. They just put that warning on the lable to keep the FDA off of their backs. I know it can be confusing but if you think you have a pure product and purchased off a site that is not industrial then I would be inclined to use it.

  93. Kevin Smith Says:

    I have a freind who is taking mms for diabeties but has also had a heart valve replaced and is permanently on Warfarin and has had some trouble with 4drop mixtures and has had to reduce to lesser due to a burning “exhaust discharge” he has also found that since taking the mix ,he has had a higher blood fluidity reading.He has asked me to enquire if there is any efect been observed to the blood fluidity and or the pain of the toilet trip.Note that on his explaining he could also have hemmoroid problems.He has asked if you could comment in any way.Best regards for a soldier who is doing the job of our universities and our pharmacutical researchers and manufacturers together with our TGA and FDA in maintaining the corrupt monopoly

  94. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have no idea if taking MMS will change the PT/INR results on his tests.

    What I do know is that MMS will separate RBCs that are backed together in clumps, an unhealthy state, and will revitalize white blood cells. He will have better oxigenation of his blood and a stronger immune response.

    Because your friend has the diseases you mentioned I will say that he does have paraiste issues and these parasites will be microbial in size, affecting his cells on many levels, including his vascular system. MMS does remove plaque and will kill the microbes found in the plaque. He need not mention this to his doc because his doc will tell him that he is crazy

    He needs not to stop mms but to have his PT/INR checked frequently, probably at least once a week and have his warfarin dosage adjusted accordingly. His doc will probably freak but you have to remember that his doc is doing absolutley nothing to heal him, only patch him together for a while. MMS will detoxify the vascular system and this certainly cold affect his clotting ratios. If he were healthy his clotting ratios would not be a problem, nor would he have had a heart valve replacement due to deterioration of part of his vascular system in his body.

    Because he does have an artifical valve he will have to be on some kind of blood thinner likely forever. No doctor will agree to his stopping it. But there are other products that will thinn the blood also tha he could take. I cannot recommend to stop warfarin. It might be risky, but I certainly would take vitamin K2 daily and adjust my warfarin accordingly based on PT/INR. If his tests change from the K2 he will have to take that religiously also to keep his blood thin. He should not change products either as that may affect his PT/INR.

    He should also look at taking Nattokinase along with everything else. Natto does not affect PT/INR that I am aware of but it will help to prevent clots and eat up clots if one has already formed. I know of a naturopathic doctor who has afib and he takes the natto plus his warfarin.

    It would be best to do the least amount of warfarin as possible for this drug and terrible side effects and can cause significant trauma if he should fall or hit his head. But he must do any and all changes with the assist of his doc.

    Of course if he had a valve replacement we must assume that the rest of his vascular system is at risk and hence his total health. He should read on this blog the articles I have stored called The Ultimate Solution…. it has 6 or seven parts and here is a link to part one. You can connect to the other parts at the bottom of the article.

    I cannot say about the pain in the toilet for sure. The burning exhaust is probably a significant detox of acids and parasites and other foul stuff.. He should reduce the dosage and hold at a dosage that he is comfortable with for a while then increase gradually.

  95. Patti Says:

    I have two questions. Firstly, can you take MMS and Coral Calcium(Alka-Mine) at the same time? Secondly, and I am a bit confused here…I’ve read conflicting methods of taking the MMS. Do you mix equal amounts of MMS and citric solution or do you use more citric? I started with more, but my husband read where you use equal. I would love to know which is correct. Our MMS is from MMS International, distributed by and is shipped from Australia. The bottles are 4 oz each, so it seems that you would have to use equal amounts or you would empty the citric much sooner.



  96. Arrow Durfee Says:

    All MMS is the same no matter where you purchase it… at least it should be. What has change in the last couple of years is the citric acid. We use to use a 10% solution but the protocol changed and the 50% solution is now recommended for ease of use. It doesnt really matter which one you use as the outcome will be the same. People got tired of counting the drops on the 10% solution.

    So which solution do you have? If you have the 50% solution you use one drop for every one drop of mms. If you have the 10% solution you use 5 drops for every one drop of mms.

    I dont see a problem with the calcium. What you dont want to do is to take antioxidants with the mms, for mms is an oxidant and they could nutralize each other. Calcium should be taken with meals anyway, best about 20 minutes to half hour after a meal. MMS should be at least one hour after a meal.

  97. Patti Says:

    Thanks for your quick response! We have the 50% so we’ve been doing it right.

    The coral calcium we have is put into a quart of water and consumed throughout the day, so I’ll just wait until I eat to drink it. We’ve been doing the MMS before our meals, first thing in the morning and then in the evening. Thanks for clearing this up for us.


  98. Says:

    That people can stand irritable bowel syndrome as long as it takes to find
    out the suitable diet or medication appears to be a common consensus.
    Triphala is considered to be the most powerful formula as natural bowel cleanser.

    In the meantime, doctors will have the Cancer Drugs Fund in the

  99. Cole Says:

    Eggs will lie dormant from a fortnight up to three months
    waiting for environmental conditions to be just right before developing further.
    For examples, too much pesticidal fog in a home at one time could cause such a
    buildup of flammable vapors that refrigerators turning on or off
    could cause sparks and explosions. It’s called Diatomaceous earth, which is a type of fossilized algae that looks like chalk dust.