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MMS Testimonial No. 6 – Crohn’s Disease and Parasites and Lyme Disease (updated 04/29/09)

22nd October 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Thank you DB for your detailed reporting on the use of MMS. Many are hoping for your full recovery! We are very glad to hear that your wife is having such remarkable results with MMS for her Lyme disease. The report dated 12/30 has good news……Rett


I would urge everyone except the most adventurous of experimenters to hold back on the MMS for now. There is simply very little information at this time to either confirm safety or effectiveness.

Having said that, I am going to try it myself. But I will not be giving it to my wife for her Lyme. Even though there is a couple of reports showing some good initial results. But too few to believe.

If you try this you are taking a leap into the unknown. I am just worried people may be hurt by either a giant herx or some unknown side effect.

Here is a link that explains it in a nutshell. Take it with a grain of salt because who knows who the author is.


I will post any observations I have regarding the MMS product. I do not have Lyme, but do have Crohn’s disease. If it does anything negative or positive to my intestinal tract, I should be able to tell easily enough.

I am not bothered by opinions on this or any other unknown treatment. Opinions and facts are two different animals. In a void of facts, opinions can easily be formed on any point of view.

I look for the motivations behind the product. I just do not see any anyone getting rich off of this product. On that basis alone, I think it is worth a look.

I also have my doubts about the product, but will give it a shot. I will be out $15.00 and I need to know for myself what if anything it does.

I am kind of used to puking anyway. Another exciting benefit of Crohn’s.


I should get the MMS next week sometime. I will use it very slowly and carefully, as I do not care to puke, if I can avoid it.

The very first thing I came across when I heard of Rife frequency therapy was Quack Watch. Now according to them, the self appointed watchdog group, this was a scam also. I consider it a good thing that I did not quite believe that a highly intelligent man spent a better part of his life developing a scam device. And in addition to that that, he developed a light microscope in the 30′s that has only been rivaled recently. Especially since money was no worry to him.

By not writing it off, I found a very effective Lyme treatment. Not to mention other conditions I have used it for. Also many conditions in which it did not work.

Now we have MMS. It certainly does not have a brilliant man behind it. But, if one is going to invent a story, even I could come up with a better one than is presented. Now maybe it is a complete waste of time and the scam story is just that. But, if I would have tried to scam someone, I would have asked for much more money up front and would not have given sources so you could make it yourself. So, if it is a scam, it has to be one of the most poorly orchestrated scam I have seen.

None of that means it works, but it does not prove it does not either. The only way I will know is to try it for myself. Hopefully it will lead to some more solid evidence one way or another.


I have just started my experiment with MMS. I will report back when I am done with the experiment.
I have no ill effects so far but I am at a very low dose.

Here is the best info I have found on the possible mechanisms of action of MMS.


I really do not have any particular symptoms to gauge effectiveness other than my Crohn’s symptoms.

Crohn’s could be caused by one or more bacteria types in the intestine, but that is just the leading theory. If it is a bacteria, and MMS works, then possibly it could eliminate my symptoms. I am not putting too much confidence in that since there are so many unknowns about both the disease, and the treatment.

I will watch to see if I have any resolution to some other minor issues, such as a patch of Psoriasis, skin tags. Twice I have resolved health problems by accident, so I have learned to watch for the unexpected.

I started out at 1 drop and am increasing by two drops a day until I get some reaction. I took three drops this morning, had no noticable effect.

I had a slight pain in a particular place in my stomach before I took the one drop dose. About five minutes after the dose, the pain increased a little for about ten minutes and then was gone altogether. Does not really mean anything, but it was what occurred. No other reactions of note.

I will continue to take it until I reach 15 drops. Then I will call it quits and go off of my supplements I use to keep my inflammation under control. If I can do that without any issues for a few weeks, then I may start to consider that it did something beneficial.

My wife, who does have Lyme will not be using it in the near future. I want more evidence of safety before I would consider that.

I would not want anyone to think I am recommending this method. It is not proven safe or effective. I am just curious if it has any ill or positive effects on a relatively healthy person. I will post more as I go on.

Best Regards


I have nothing much to report on MMS. I took five drops today and had the slight pain sensation in my surgical area where I had three inches of small bowel removed. Since I have this sensation every so often it is not unusual in itself, but being I have had this slight pain somewhere after every dose for ten minutes or so I think I can safely attribute it to the MMS.

I also started taking 4 ounces of water instead of two so the MMS would be more likely to travel farther down my gut before being absorbed. This could be why I felt it further down than before.

What does it mean? I have no idea. The surgical area often forms a new stricture after the original is removed so it is not unexpected that it would be sensitive. Whether the MMS is just irritating the area or disinfecting it is unknown.

Other than that I have no side effects or unusual reactions or sensations. No nausea which kind of surprises me. Maybe because I have been taking large doses of Turmeric, Ginger, and regular doses of Krill oil for quite a while, I may not have much in the way of bad bacteria in my gut.

I have read a couple of reports of temporary heart problems which should be of concern to Lyme patients. It is speculated that the MMS cleans out arterial plaque so quickly that it can cause this problem. Whether this is what causes it or not, this problem has been reported more than one time so I think it should be noted. The problem so far has been temporary, but that does not mean it should be disregarded.

It will be some time before I can say whether it has improved my condition in any way. So far it has not made it worse. When I am done and can quit my supplements for a while I will be able to draw some conclusions.

I have the opportunity to have some blood work done soon free from my employer. One test will check liver enzymes. It will be interesting to see if they are elevated.

Thats all for now.


I would say that it is likely that it kills other bacteria besides just bad bacteria. It may be a good idea to use a probiotic also. It certainly would not hurt anything.

I suppose a bacteriologist would know if the characteristics of bad bacteria are always different in some way. That would be the only way it could discriminate between the two.

Thanks for bringing it up. I think I will start taking the probiotics when I am done. Although, I have not noticed any difference in my digestive functions yet, it could come with time.

Took seven drops today, nothing to note other than the slight intestinal pain for a few minutes.


It sounds like the author is trying to make a distinction between increasing the oxygen in the body (oxygenation) vs the chemical reaction of taking an electron from a molecule(oxidation).

My understanding is that MMS works by the process of oxidation.

The following link seems to explain it as an oxidizer also. But, I am not a chemical engineer and chemistry class was a long time ago.


It sounds like the author is trying to make a distinction between increasing the oxygen in the body (oxygenation) vs the chemical reaction of taking an electron from a molecule(oxidation).

My understanding is that MMS works by the process of oxidation.

The following link seems to explain it as an oxidizer also. But, I am not a chemical engineer and chemistry class was a long time ago.


The more I think about it, the more I believe you are correct that the MMS likely kills both good and bad bacteria in the gut. Nothing is there to control its action since it is just poured in.

I have noticed that my stomach is more acidic for some reason since yesterday. I get the hiccups when it is more acidic. Maybe that is the result of wholesale bacterial kill off.

Once the MMS is in the bloodstream it is a different ballgame and I am not sure how exactly the immune system uses it selectively. I think the immune system is still a mystery for the most part. It is to me anyway.

I must have missed that part about the Allicin and Artemisinin Truthfinder. I was not aware that Allicin and Artemisinin worked by a similar method. That is good to know. I have considered trying out Allicin but have not heard many reports on effectiveness.

Thanks for the testimonial healthyperson. I am glad you suffered no apparent harm from your experiment. Makes me feel a little less worried.

I would rather drink a glass of battery acid before I would give up meat. You have more will power than me. But, personally I think meat is good for a person. It is easy for me to believe that since I like it so much.

Good Night


I had the first interesting and disgusting effect since I started this experiment.

At eleven drops I felt fine other than the big D which started around seven drops. Later in the evening I had some more D and had what looked like a large grub used for Crappie fishing in the toilet. About 3/8″ of an inch long and wider in the middle about 3/16″ of an inch wide at the widest point and tapered to points on both ends. I did not eat anything that could have resulted in such a unique item.

I took thirteen drops just before the first episode but there was not enough time for that to have been the cause. The eleven drops seemed to create this result, whatever it was.

Later at work I dumped some rice looking stuff. about 12 to fifteen objects. Some broken in pieces and some intact and the length of Rice but had the tapered ends. Appeared to be somewhat digested. Similar to the bigger one earlier but of a smaller size. I have seen these on rare occasions in the past, the last time after I took some Turmeric tincture because i was out of my capsules. I just kind of figured it was something I ate since only one appeared and was hard to see in the stool.

Later on I had nothing of interest and have not since.

I do not know if they are parasites or some other unexplained objects.

It is a very disgusting thought if they are parasites.

I am both testing for side effects and hoping for a long shot of resolving Crohn’s by eliminating a possible bacteria that triggers the reaction.

If it appears to be safe, we will use it as a possible Lyme treatment later on. Which is my main reason for testing it.

My 23 year old son wanted to take a full fifteen drop dose but I talked him down to seven. He had the big D and burning when he urinated that went away after a while. He is likely loaded with bacteria from his skin disease. He is curious like myself and is trying to find something to help his disease.


I took a few days off since the big D was pretty constant and I was not sure if it was Crohn’s or the MMS. I thought the MMS could cause a Crohn’s flare since my guts are messed up to begin with. I did not want to get dehydrated either.

The D quit when I quit taking the MMS. After a few days I went back on at 15 drops a day since that is where I left off. Three doses so far and no D. My intestinal function is completely normal as far as I can tell. The MMS now has no effect that I can tell. I am not taking any suppliments and do not seem to need them as before. I have completley normal bowel fuction so far. I will need more time to determine if it is a fluke or not.

I am assuming the D was caused by the bad bacteria, parasites I had since I no longer have it. This is exactly how it is described to work so it gives me some confidence that it does mostly as advertised as far as intestinal pathogens go.

I am still leery about taking it every day as a preventative. I just am not sure that it is that safe. I think for most people just using it once a year would take care of anything in the intestinal tract. I have no way of knowing if it did anything for the rest of the body. My psoriasis is still there although slightly better than before. It often fluctuates so that really does not mean anything.

I have no other improvements or negative effects that I can determine.

I am hoping to get a liver fuction test later this month, and I am going to take it before just for that test. It will be interesting to see what it shows.

That is all I have for now.


I am using apple cider vinegar and water. It does not taste too bad, mostly like vinegar.

I quit for a few days to see what would happen. Nothing at all, no bowel problems. I still can feel some slight pain in my surgical area if I eat something that I know does not sit well with me.
On average it seems to have improved my intestinal problems somewhat, but I am not cured of Crohn’s, nor did I expect to be.

It could be a good treatment since it did seem to clear out a lot of bacteria as judged by my reaction after six drops or so. I have not been able to induce Diarrhea no matter what nasty thing I eat, which is unusual if you have Crohn’s.

I am unable to judge any other effect since I am generally healthy otherwise. The parasite thing was gross, but I am going back on it today for a longer term to make sure I have all of those eliminated. They were most likely pin worms, since we have pets and I that would be a likely source.

I never would have thought I had parasites, but life is full of surprises, not always good ones.


I am sure most parasites are not even visible. I did a little searching, after I ate my dinner.

I think the ones I had a lot of were these tapeworm things found in pets. Not for the squeamish.,107,999&q=192&i=173

I do not know what the larger single critter was but that very well could have been a pin worm.
Here is a nasty video of them in action. Do not look at the video if you have a weak stomach.

The ironic part is that one treatment for Crohn’s is to infect yourself with hook worms or whip worms and for some reason that lessens the symptoms. It is called Helminth therapy.
I actually could be making my symptoms worse by getting rid of the parasites.

I think I will take my chances. The MMS is so far not producing any new visible surprises. I hope I killed every last one of them.


11/11/07 more from D B

Sodium Chlorite is an industrial chemical. We have used it at my work place in the past. It certainly is not a natural substance so I suppose you could say it is not meant to be used internally. What is actually being used is Chlorine Dioxide. This is not normally taken internally either. I guess none of us would take it internally without a good reason. Just as I would not expose myself to any other unnatural substance without some hope of a benefit.

I am not sure what scam you are referring to, so I really do not know how to respond to that comment. There are several sources for Sodium Chlorite and as long as that is what you are receiving when you order it, I do not see how it can be characterized as a scam.

I believe the reproduction time for a Lyme spirochete is 12 to 24 hours if I remember correctly. Very slow for a bacteria.

MMS is supposed to be mixed with fruit juice with no added vitamin C. Remember that Ascorbic acid is vitamin C.

It can also be mixed with vinegar, which is how I use it, or Citric Acid. It is supposed to be mixed and then sit for three minutes before use.

I think it is important to mix it correctly since it is not converted into Chlorine Dioxide otherwise. Although the stomach acid may do the conversion anyway. No point in risking it.

My wife had to give it a rest. The MMS is just too powerful for her to take continuously. This seems to indicate that the Rife machine is only getting a portion of the Lyme. I suspect that the MMS may be killing more than just the spirochete form since she never quit herxing. The Rife machine would only have worked for one session and then loses effectiveness. MMS seems to just keep killing day after day. This is only speculation at this point.

She may go back on it in a day or two. I would like to know more about the warning below before proceeding. She feels much better today after she stopped.

There have been a couple of warnings surfacing about possible Thyroid damage from using MMS. I have not heard any people reporting of actual damage so I am assuming this is a theoretical risk. Since no one knows what side effects could surface I feel I should mention this. If you can comprehend this study, I cannot, maybe they shed some light on this. Marnie may be able to summarize.

I am not using MMS now since my Crohn’s symptoms are still non existent. I fully expect this is temporary, as the bacteria will surely re-establish itself given enough time. I simply have to use it again to get back to where I am today. I hope it is that easy. No way to know for sure. Just more speculation. More people would have to use it for my disease before I would assume it is a good treatment. But it does seem to work for me so far.

I hope everyone uses no more of this than needed to get the job done. I personally do not like taking it because it is so powerful. I am especially leery about giving it to my wife. If I had a more proven and safer method at my disposal I certainly would use it. I think we all need to be real careful with something so new and untested.

Thanks to everyone for all of the good information. This thread is a good learning experience for me. I am glad it has been so productive.

126 reponses, WoW! dmc started a good one.

Best Regards



I really am not interested in selling anything. My interest is in what treatment really works, and what is a fraud concerning several diseases that affect my family. I just report the experience here for those who are interested. I used to just keep my experiences to myself, but that does not help anyone else.

I am not offended by the question. I have asked the same question of other people who are offering testimonials. I think it is important to know if a financial interest could be influencing someones opinion.

I do, on rare occasions try to set the record strait if a treatment method I am familiar with is being misrepresented. I am more interested in truthful discussion. Not so much about uninformed opinions.

I would be very interested in the Chemistry persons opinion on the method of action of MMS.
If they would be so inclined to look into it a little further I think it could be helpful to all of us.

He could chew on this site for a while and see if it is a legit explanation or not.

Thank you mt for asking the hard questions. We need the whole truth out there. If you are thinking something fishy is going on, many others are likely thinking the same thing. Better to get it out into the open for he record.


I have started using MMS for four days. Ten drops as a maintenance dose. It also seems to have shortened a nasty strain of cold I caught.

I started getting a sore throat Saturday night after my first dose. Gone completely by Tuesday night with very slight symptoms in between. It appears to work on viruses as well.

My father and mother have had a cold for over a month. My mother caught pneumonia during the cold and is taking antibiotics. My coworkers have also had this, and it lasts for a couple of weeks at least.

I also used Citric Acid for the first time as an activator. I thought the vinegar mix tasted bad. This mix is barely tolerable. I may have to start mixing it with juice instead of water.

My wife has also started back up. She started at two drops and has increased back to three and is also using the Citric Acid activator.

Her herxes have lessened since the last time. She had to stop last time because it was so bad. I think she may be able to take four drops tonight.

I just hope this is not just making the Lyme dormant like the Samento and Cumanda did. I am trying to figure out if it is killing Cyst form or just Spirochete. Hard to know for sure.

The herx is different than any other she has had. It is almost all Joint and nerve based and worst in the spine. I hope it is because that is where the Cysts are.

I am going under the following Hypothesis to try to figure this out.

If she can ramp up to fifteen drops and stay there without any reaction for a three weeks, we will discontinue treatment and assume the Lyme is eliminated. If it does not come back after several months, I think we can say it killed the Cyst form. She has never gone longer than about a month without symptoms. Usually joint pain.

Even if it comes back after several months, I think we can assume it killed most of the Cysts, but not all of them. Then it is a matter of treating long enough, I hope.

If it comes back within a couple of months, I will have to believe it is because it is not killing the Cyst form.

We will find out more as we go.

Best Regards



The Chlorine Dioxide is becoming tolerable to my wife after a rough start.(she has lyme disease) Her spine pain and other joint pain is receding even though she has increased to five drops. She will increase to six tonight.

I mixed some with Citric Acid and tap water. This does not appear to work as well for some reason. I am going to try it with distilled water. Possibly our city water is too alkaline and is neutralizing the Citric Acid. From all the info I have read, the Citric Acid should work better as an activator. We cannot confirm that at this time as our experience is the opposite.

I am not sure if the reduction in symptoms is because of Lyme dormancy, or reduction in all forms of Lyme. It will take a longer time to know the answer to this question.

I look forward to the report from NatureLover.

Thank you.


My wife is up to 9 drops and her reactions are now very slight to the treatment.

In the beginning she stopped taking it for a while at three drops because almost all her joints hurt so badly. She described her spinal pain as feeling as if her back was breaking.

Now she only has slight pain in her thumb joints. I am speculating that the MMS has done its job in the main part of the body either eliminating or greatly reducing the Lyme bacteria. Now it is getting to the peripheral areas.

She has not yet had the Diarrhea that almost always happens at some point. If she has it at the same point I did, it should be coming at about ten to eleven drops.

I can only hope that it is killing the cyst form and not driving the Lyme into dormancy. It will be a period of months before I will know the answer to that. But, so far so good. She has more energy than I do and feels well at this time.

I am no longer taking MMS myself as I am now on Low Dose Naltrexone for my Crohn’s Disease.

That is all for now.



I was the person with the Crohn’s testimonial on the Health Salon Site. I was symptom free for about six weeks after taking MMS. Then I started getting some slight indications that the symptoms might be coming back. I took two doses of 10 drops and quit. Two days later I started getting cold symptoms. it turned out that it was the flu.

Then I started taking MMS to kill off the flu. I quit taking it after my symptoms went away. Then my flu symptoms came back with diarrhea.
I did not take any more MMS because of the diarrhea, but the symptoms were gone within a few days. No more problems after that.

I am not sure if my beginning slight Crohn’s symptoms were due to the flu, or Crohn’s due to the timing of it all.

I am now on a prescription for Low Dose Naltrexone for Crohn’s so my experiment is likely over, unless the LDN does not work and my symptoms come back.

My wife was taking MMS for Lyme disease but her stomach has been bothering her from taking it. She has quit taking it, and I do not know if she will be able to resume treatments. It is a shame because it was really kicking butt on the Lyme. She is symptom free for now, but I expect it to come back since she has not taken it long enough to kill it all, if past experience with natural antibiotics applies to MMS.

We will see what happens. If this has not killed it completely, and I doubt it has that quickly, I may have to find yet another treatment for this persistent disease.


I purposely did not take probiotics when I used MMS just so I could see if it would cause stomach/intestinal problems. It did not in my case. The claim is that it is very selective in what it kills, and that pathogenic bacteria is more acidic than normal bacteria native to the body. This acidic bacteria is what is targeted.

I have trouble believing that bad bacteria is so easily identified, but by my results I cannot say it is not true. At least if it did kill other normal bacteria, I have no indication that it did by symptoms.

My son has an incurable skin disease called Hidradentis Suppurativa. This condition is related to Crohn’s, which I have, and Celiac, which my daughter has. Since it cleared some minor Crohn’s symptoms for me, I reasoned it may also work for his disease.

He has only taken MMS sporadically, mainly because he is maddeningly forgetful, and undisciplined. It drives me nuts that he does not take his disease seriously. Anyway, he has several of these big infected boils for lack of a better term. They can get as big as a tennis ball at times. They mainly occur on his butt, which is very uncomfortable. Lately he has had one on his forehead, which worries me because it is so close to his brain.
Now when he is taking some MMS on occasion, it is reducing size along with the other ones on his butt. It is too early to say if it is due to the MMS or just spontaneous. If he can take it regularly and they go away completely, I would say it resolved the problem. He has never been without some of these forming at any time.

So, I would say we have to wait and see if it clears it up altogether.

My wife has Lyme disease. We are very familiar with the herxheimer reaction that occurs with an effective treatment. Here reaction to three drops of MMS was quite intense. She said it felt as if her back was breaking and virtually all her joints hurt. We had to stop for a while until she cleared her system of toxins. When we started again it was much easier on her. She ramped up to eleven drops until her stomach started giving her trouble and she had to stop. Her eating habits were not helping the problem. She would drink orange juice and drink so much coffee that all that acid was killing her stomach. Now she is not drinking all of that stuff and her stomach issues are gone.

She has not been taking the MMS for over a couple of weeks and as of yet she has not had any symptoms of Lyme. I fully expect them back because she likely was not on the MMS long enough to kill all of the Lyme bacteria. But the fact they have not come back for two weeks is an indication that the bacteria is much reduced.

If and when her symptoms come back we will start up again and shoot for total elimination. Chronic Lyme is one of the hardest things to get rid of completely. It is almost impossible to totally remove the bacteria from the body. If MMS can do this, it would be the most valuable treatment for Lyme.

Time will tell for both of these diseases. But, I am really impressed with the results so far.


Each dose of MMS only has so much potential. It has a defined amount of electrons it can take from pathogens and then for the most part, it is done.

I guess going deeper would mean each dose will remove x amount of pathogens. As you take more it just keeps knocking them out until there is no more left. How long that takes is totally dependent on how many pathogenic bacteria, viruses etc that exist in the individual.

In my case, it worked directly in the intestinal tract, with no other noticeable effect. It worked rather fast and then it did not produce any more benefits that I could discern.

In my wifes case it causes the pain throughout the body and especially the joints. She is loaded with Lyme if the reactions are accurate and will need it for quite some time to remove the years of reproduction of the bacteria. Even with our previous treatments, it seems that we have not touched the dormant cyst form.

The part that I am optimistic about is it appears to work in areas that the natural antibiotics and the Rife machine did not. Hopefully it will work on the dormant cyst form of Lyme also. Nobody knows the answer to that question yet.



MMS does not normally bother me, even though I have Crohn’s disease. But the one time I took it in the morning on an empty stomach, I suffered all day long. I do not recommend doing this. I also take it a couple hours after eating. I can’t even tell I took it afterwards.

Between the MMS and the LDN prescription, I no longer have any symptoms of my disease.




My wife had to quit using MMS due to stomach problems from using it. I think it is possible that it does kill some needed bacteria, or maybe it can strip some of the mucous barrier from the digestive tract.

It is too bad she can no longer use it, as it was killing Lyme steadily. Back to the Rife machine.

It has never bothered me, and I am the one with an intestinal problem.



She is doing well, thanks to the effectiveness of the Rife machine and the MMS we used for a while. She fuctions just as well as any normal person with regular treatment. It is just trying to totally eliminate the bacteria that is presenting a problem.

The cyst form is very resistant to destruction. Probably more so than any other known bacteria. We will beat it in the end. I just do not have “impossible” in my vocabulary.
There is always a way. It is just a matter of finding it.

The MMS gut goes away after a few weeks if she stops taking it. But, it comes right back when she starts again. I do not know why it happens, but it does.

Than you for the information. I will look into it.



Update April 29, 2009

MS is like Crohn’s in the respect that the immune system has an ineffective defense for certain bacteria or other pathogens. That is why Low Dose Naltrexone helps both diseases. Its only action is to trick the immune system into working more normal or possibly boosting it somewhat.

The likely pathogens behind Crohn’s disease are Mycobacterium avian subspecies paratuberculosis. This is found in milk and dairy products. It is not killed by pasteurization.

Additional suspect pathogens, and likely co-infections are certain strains of E-Coli, H-Pylori and yeast.

The immune system dysfunction behind both of these diseases is likely complex and certainly not fully understood. Just because the cause is complex, does not mean the solution has to be equally complex. Many people give up because they get caught up in complex discussions, studies, etc using big technical words and think they do not have a chance of getting better.

Just because there are a thousand complex factors that can cause the road in front of my house to become icy, all I have to do is not drive my car and I am OK. I do not have to know everything about the condition and what its numerous causes are. I just need one good solution.

LDN will usually help with the immune system dysfunction for a long term solution. MMS will kill or greatly reduce the offending pathogens even if we do not know specifically which ones are responsible.

I am still symptom free of Crohn’s using these two cheap and effective products.


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23 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 6 – Crohn’s Disease and Parasites and Lyme Disease (updated 04/29/09)”

  1. Liatris Says:

    Hello – I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the detailed report and unusually objective “interpretation” that you have provided regarding your progress with the MMS – and it does appear to be progress.

    I hope that you will continue to post here re yours and posssibly your wife’s and son’s response to it if they do try it as you are.

    I have several infections and am thinking I may get off the fence and try it myself. I know of someone who had success with it for Lyme.

    Thanks, again,


  2. Linda Says:

    Have been taking MMS for week, am up to 15 drops this morning, got nauseated and diarrhea hit this afternoon, not sure if I should take anymore today,if anyone knows if I should or not – please let me know. am hoping this is a good sign, am taking it for breast cancer.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Linda,

    Not much is yet known about using MMS with cancer. Jim Humble has talked about a few cases, one a prostate cancer case that was cured. The man took MMS for at least 3 months if If recall correctly. I think the story was in part two of his book. Adam Abraham also has a new radio program available over the net. It’s an interview with Jim Humble on the use of MMS with cancer. You should look for that report. I think we have the link here somewhere.

    Always take the amount that keeps you just under nausea and vomiting and diarrhea according to Jim. But from many of the testimonials I’ve read it seems that a good purge has been required for some people, especially those with a lot of parasites as it the above crohn’s case.

    If it were me I would cut back on my dose and wait till the next day or whenever things have settled down a little. I think it may be more important to keep a steady pace in the treatment rather than pushing yourself over the edge, having to stop a while then resuming when you feel able to carry on. Slow and steady may win the race.

    Still, much is not understood on administration and results. That is why I am working on getting testimonials here, so people can read for themselves what others have done. So far I have not found a testimonial from a serious user of MMS that indicates that MMS is dangerous. If I find one it will be posted, guaranteed.


  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Going deeper into the body….this idea has been discussed in several forums and of course no one knows the exact answer.

    I would suggest this. Chlorine dioxide has potential to kill pathogens. It will kill the first pathogens that it comes into contact with, thus utilizing and expending itself.

    If the first pathogens are found in the stomach then less chlorine dioxide is available to be picked up by the bloodstream and circulated.

    When chlorine dioxide makes its way into the bloodstream it will become expended on the pathogens that it comes into contact with there first. When most of the pathogens are killed in the larger vascular system the chlorine dioxide will be free to move into more refined or smaller vascular areas in greater quantities which are located in the tissues outside of major vessels. This could be considered moving deeper into the body. When sufficient chlorine dioxide is available to reach into deep tissues in tiniest vessels then the pathogens that reside at such sites will come into contact with the chlorine dioxide.

    It is likely that some chlorine dioxide will make it into the smallest of vessels but only after some time of treatment will sufficient chlorine dioxide make it into these deeper tissues where cysts of various pathogens may reside, such as in lyme.

    This is why I will be so interested to see how MMS can manage MRSA, which for many people manefests in skin lesions.

    Of course, this is all conjecture.

  5. GM Says:


    Thanks for the informative updates. I have chronic lyme and 7 children to raise. I plan on trying MMS. I know it is a strong chemical. How do you discern between toxicity from the chemical and building a tolerance to the chemical as you ramp up versus a herx? Any concern for the thyroid and MMS?I would very much like to talk to your wife about her experience. My e-mail is

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I don’t know if DB responded to you. What I can tell you is that a very healthy person can take 15 drops right off the bat and not get diarrhea or nausea. My son did this.

    You do not build up a tolerance to MMS as usually thought of. You will be able to take larger dosages as things clean out.

    I have not heard of any concern for the thyroid with the use of MMS. I’ve been using quite a while now and my thyroid checks out just fine.

    I am not saying that toxicity is impossible. It is reported that the MMS stays in the body only up to 12 hours with the first 2 hours being its most effective time. Toxicity, I would think, could occur if you took more than recommended in one dosage but I would think it would be upward of 30 drops. I have testimonials on here of people who did much more but I cannot say how they have done in the long run.

    With lyme people tend to do better at a lower dosage. Do not increase too fast. Take your time. Let a 2 or 3 drop dosage work on you for a week or so. Go up gradually. Lyme people tend to detox quite hard. Jim says it may take up to a year to cure lyme with MMS.

  7. D Bergy Says:

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you.

    MMS is not toxic to healthy people. I another words, if you have no bacteria or
    viruses to kill, it simply does nothing, as it has no target.

    The reaction to MMS is caused by the destruction of these pathogens. Once they
    are all or mostly gone, there is no reaction to it. I take 15 drops once a
    week, and I can’t tell any difference between taking it or not. But I have
    used it for several weeks in which I have taken care of most pathogens in my
    body. I do not have Lyme, but I do have Crohn’s disease. Most of my bad
    bacteria and parasites were in my intestinal tract.

    My wife, on the other hand had a very pronounced reaction since she has Lyme
    disease. Her spine hurt terrible at first. When it got unbearable, she would
    stop taking it for a while. Now after much of it is cleared out, she really
    has very slight sensations if any at all. Her ankles are still sore at times,
    so she still has bacteria left, but it appears to be much reduced. I have been
    giving her 15 drops once a day.

    D Bergy

  8. Jack Ashton Says:

    A fascinating and informative diary and an example to those suffering from Crohn’s disease to never give up and keep looking for a remedy which works for them.

    title=”Crohns Disease Answers”>

  9. Corey Says:

    This is a very iinformative and interesting sharing here. Thank you. It is so appreciated. I do have a question. I am ready to try the MMS in ver low dosage for Lyme disease and whatever else is hiding in my body. Is there a place where I can order Jim Humble’s product, calling by phone and usign a credit card. I never use such information over the Internet. I am willing to send a check, but I really would like to talk with a human, in case I have a question or two…which I do. Will continue reading your updates. How very kind of you to share in this way. :)

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Corey,

    You can purchase mms from with a credit card.. Don’t think they will answer many questions through. Liability and laws get in the way.

  11. Forest Sprague Says:

    I have been reading these postings with much interest. Since I was able to make a lesion (possibly pre-cancerous) disappear from my chest in four days taking mms internally and topically. For example: A crusty lesion that I had on my chest that I had burned off by my doctor who did not even bother to find out one way or another if it was cancerous. He was simply treating the symptom. It was there for two years. After three weeks of taking mms and finally getting up to fifteen drops I also noticed one day the fungus under my toe nails had cleared up. I have had that problem for over ten years. Also, an infected tooth under a crown subsided and has not given my any problems. This is partly why I started distributing mms locally where I live. It has been six months now and have had many success stories including curing animals from different ailments. Horses, dogs and chickens. When our dogs breath starts to smell three to five drops of mms in a chicken broth takes care of that over night. These are big dogs, smaller doses for smaller dogs recommended. We use the mms to clean common areas that people touch like toilet handles and light switches. I have had mix results with the flu. Sometimes it knocks the flu out in a matter of hours but then other times it seems to not do anything. The point is mms has a very broad range of uses that seems to work. My email is if someone wants to ask me about our experiences.

  12. Simeon Damevski Says:

    Thank you for sharing your invaluable experience with all of us who may benefit from it. May you remain healthy and well, Simeon

  13. David Says:

    I have been taking MMS for about two months now and have not seen any change to any of my problems. I have CLL leukemia and Hep C. I am up to 8 drops two times a day. I get the big D about every other day. I am haveing a difficult time getting past 8 drops two times a day. I started coughing up blood for about a week. I was drinking coffee all day long and not enough water. I read on a website that there could be a issue with getting blood clotts if not drinking enough water.

    I read that if I would start drinking more water and a glass of pepsi a day the blood clotts would desolve. I start doing that and with in two days the coughing of blood stopped and have not returned. Another problem I and my mother both are haveing is our stomach is very acidic. Does anyone have any suggestions? Acid in the somach and coming up through the mouth when trying to sleep is really bad.

  14. Deb Says:

    I just wanted to share my experience with MMS here, thinking that it might be helpful to some. I read about it online at, when researching natural methods for healing cancers for friends. I came across a statement that said that MMS could help to cure HIV/AIDS. I have a family member so infected, and immediately downloaded and read Jim Humble’s first book. I immediately ordered two bottles, one for my family member and one for myself. This was December 07.

    I had had a cough following a bad ‘cold’ since September. I could not talk for 60 seconds without a cough. I am a naturalist, and had for 4 months tried many of my natural remedies, without success. I am also an RN. When I received the MMS, I took a 5 drop dose. The next day, I was able to cough up green, thick mucus. For the 4 months prior, I could not clear any mucus! It scared me. I did not take MMS for 2 more days, wondering if I had harmed myself. After 2 days of being able to expel this mucus, and no further changes, I took 10 drops and then 15 drops the following day. By the next day, my cough was totally gone. I was amazed. I had no other symptoms with the MMS, no vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.

    With this amazing recovery, I believed that it could do what Jim Humble said. I have since, in the last year 1/2 used it on all my family, pets and friends. I have seen amazing results. Way too many to ennumerate here.

    My children range in age of 7 – 15, and they all take it and mix it on their own. My son had an abcessed tooth, took MMS daily, max dose of 15 drops, and also swished as mouthwash, and abcess went away. Husband had sinus infections, during entire life span had always treated with antibiotics, and now can cure them with MMS. Children get annual GI virus, once symptoms start ( nausea, vomiting) we give MMS right away. The usual is to be up and around, symptom free in 4 hours. They almost always throw up within 30 minutes after the dose is given. We give it every 2 hours until symptoms are gone.

    The dog and cat have had eye infections, we dilute down a dose, and pour this purified water over their eyes and within 36 hours, treating every 12 hours, the infections are gone. When the dog looks a little ‘peaky’, we put some in her water, first thing in the morning, she drinks it no problem and by the next day, she looks better. We put it in bath water and have seen itchy areas disappear.

    We have used diluted MMS on skin scratches, all scrapes and burns and other skin ailments with amazing results.

    We have shared with many friends with very good results over the last 18 months, and I have seen nothing of untoward reactions.

    I often take MMS now (maybe once a week) as a maintenance dose. I usually take 5 drops. If we have been around someone sick (strep throat, colds, flu, etc) we all take 5 drops. We take it with us on vacations, knowing that we will be exposed to new bacteria. I went to Hawaii for a once in a lifetime trip, and probably got food poisoning. I had taken with me just enough MMS for a 2 drop dose every day, and used it all up in the one day, but within 12 hours was well, and grateful for MMS.

    If I start to have any symptoms or any of my family, of any illness, we take the maximum dose right away. For me, that’s 15 drops, for my 60 lb child, that’s 6 drops.

    We have had less illness this year than ever before. We have stayed well, when most around us were getting sick.

    I hope this helps some of you know how one family has used this most amazing substance to help maintain our health, and be a blessing to others. May you also find health for your soul and spirit.

  15. Danny Says:

    I ordered a bottle of MMS some time ago with the activator. Tried it a couple but do not like the taste at all!!! But it does work…

    I had never had food poisoning in my life…I went to dinner one evening and awoke in the night and seriously thought I was dying…said my prayers and was ready to go!! I almost went to the hospital which I NEVER do. So I thought…Hmmm…I wonder if this is food poisoning…I descided to try some MMS, 15 drops…AMAZING…within 20 minutes it was GONE…I am impressed…I keep wanting to go through th whole treatment thing but the taste is so terrible I have not been able to do it…I need to try it in juice as suggested…the stuff works..plain and simple.

  16. Karla Says:

    I have late stage lyme’s with brain lesions, muscle/joint pain, etc. Just started taking MMS last week. Very gradual with now up to 5 drops 3 times a day for a total of 15 drops per day. Is this enough? How long do you stay on it? I’ve only had vague nausea and slight diarrhea. Still have all the symptoms of lymes so far. Everyone is after me to take antibiotics again-which really make me sick, but I want to see what MMS does. Anyone know more about this and lyme’s. Thank you!

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Karla,

    MMS has been known to help some people…
    Meanwhile I have a friend who has had lyme for almost 25 years. It has nearly killed him. He finally found real help from a Dr West in Pocatello, Idaho. They treat a lot of lyme up there. He’s doing so well that he manages his farm Ok and is now traveling, a well deserved vacation. I would call them if it were me and I bet if you traveled there you could do the treament in about 2 week and follow up later. I’m not real clear on the protocol but it would not hurt to ask and maybe they know someone closer to you who can do it. These doctors really sound like masters of their profession to me.


  18. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Oh, and Karla,

    I would add that it may be best to stay on mms for a while as the cysts continue to open and repopulate. Dr West has a protocol that tricks the cysts to burst open then he attacks the new critters. It takes a series of treatments.

    People with lyme do best to use low dosages of MMS that they can tolerate well over a longer period of time. You have to keep ahead of the cycle of cyst activity and always have the mms present in your system when a cyst decides to break open.

  19. Darleen Says:

    My himalayan cat that is about 16 years old has had what appears to be a horrible tooth infection for quite sometime. I did not know exactly when it started but I would say it’s been on going for about two months. She has been on antibotics and lost a couple of teeth. I have been giving her soaking baths, keeping her mouth clean by alturnatively using things like peroxide and salt and /or baking soda with water on a cotten placing it in and outside of her mouth where the infection is. I also brush her teeth every few days with a small amount of tooth paste and/or mouth wash. Inspite of the antibotics and all my intervention the infection has been persistant and very fowl smelling. She also has had a bad eye infection which I have been treating with a topical antibiotic. She been looking so bad that she could win a prize for the worlds ugliest cat. For the last 3 or four days besides keeping her areas of infection clean and sanitized I have been using one to three activated drops of MMS on her. I add approximately 1/8 cup of water to the mixture. I then take a cotton ball and soak it with MMS placing it in her mouth were the teeth came out and the infection set in. I hold it there for about 3 to 5 minutes. She also developed a nasty hole on her jaw where puss and blood from the infection drains out. I then take another cotten ball and soak it once again with MMS. I squeeze the liquid in the hole or opening where the infection is on the outside of her jaw. So far I am finally seeing notible improvement. The swelling is going down finally. This is a real break through. I came close to having her put down before I started using MMS on a daily basis. Maybe she’ll have nine lifes after all.

  20. Dee Says:

    I have recently started MMS. I have quite a few health issues the ones in the fore front at the moment is my AS (ankylosing spondylitis an auto immune disease) and renal tubular acidosis. My hope is to get to a point to get off of all of my meds. I am currently on like a dozen medications and several OTC things to try and keep things liveable. I am currently up to four drops, today was a rough day am flared for some reason not sure if it is the MMS or just a bad day with the diseases. Will try to continue posting as i build up my dose. As to my findings. From the sounds of it on the other postings others have had some pretty amazing results. I hope to have the same!

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Dee, thanks for posting. Be sure to check out Jims website for the new gentler and powerful mms protocol. Almost all these testimonials are done with the old protocol that can be a little harsh. Go to and take a look.

  22. Royce Hamer Says:

    I am on MMS and I have had bouts of diarrhea and throwing up at only 6 drops so I back off just as Jim Humble tells us to. What I saw in the toilet was rather disgusting. I am sure I saw worms and ???. This material has no chance of hurting you since all you are getting is oxygen to kill pathogens. When the MMS life is over in about two hours it reverts to sodium (table salt) about one grain per drop. Please google MMS Jim Humble and read over some of the sites and follow instructions for effective use with out the problems of big D and vomit. Even then it creeps up on you then back off. I have also used Hydrogen Peroxide same way with no ill effects and good results but Hydrogen Peroxide has two extra oxygen atoms and is and can oxidize healthy tissue. Both are amazing products if used correctly but you will not hear this from the drug companies or their buddies in medicine. Also check your diet and change to a healthy one and check your body PH and keep it alkaline, acid will assist the bad things to flourish. Hope this helps.

  23. Linda Says:

    My kids both had the horrible stomach flu last week… I started my mms and used it three days, small amounts, as a preventative measure. It worked !! It doe NOT kill bad bacteria. The only thing this does is add a molecule of oxygen which kills ALL bad bacteria. Good bacteria in the body cannot be oxygenated :)

    I have used it through three rounds of their illnesses including colds. It can make you feel a little nauseated, remember , it is causing bad bacterial cells to explode literally, so you have to get that out of your body. Once expelled, you are good as new !
    I also love how it eliminates halitosis and makes your teeth and gums healthier and white !!