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MMS Testimonial No. 4 – Possible Morgellon’s or Other Parasitic Disease

23rd October 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This sounds like Morgellon’s Disease. I have seen this before on the net and someone found a simple cure for hers. As I recall, it was taking a bath in something and these things just crawled out of her. Interested to see what the MMS will do also. It’s got to be a dreadful problem.


ia_ontario wrote:

I met with a young lady, about 35, tonight who has been plagued with
parasites for many years. They actually grow under her skin in
circles and have a head. The sores open up and she pulls them out
and it takes awhile for the wounds to heal and they leave scars. I’m
sure the worms grow inside as well. She has had all kinds of
treatments from different practicioners. Doctors don’t know what to
do. Naturalpaths are stumped. The worms eat the herbal cures for
breakfast and ask for more. IN addition to this she has now been
diagnosed with cancer – I’m not sure what type.

SOOOOOooh she was glad to know that I might have something to help
her. I took her the e-books, a bottle of 10% citric acid and a
bottle of MMS. I showed her how to mix up one drop, wait, add and
drink. Within 10 minutes she felt something working like she had
taken appropriate drugs. She really feels encouraged. I asked her to
read the stories from Africa and then to keep a written diary of her
experience. [I hope to be able to share that with the group within
10 days to two weeks.] Then her stomach bloated. She felt
nauseated. We prayed and the nausea immediately went away. Her gut
started to do the rumble and within 20 minutes she was rushing to
the bathroom.

For those of you who might just think that ONE DROP won’t do much,
I’d like to point you to chapter 23 in the second e-book as well as
the above experience.

And my wife still can’t comfortably go above one drop a day because
of nausea.


Re: Parasites, acutally worms I think

Futher update:

My friend is through her second day into her third. The wounds have
almost healed. The fibers from her skin have almost stopped. Her
arthritic pain has gone. The diarrhea stopped yesterday and she now
has enough energy to talk at length on the phone and clean up her
kitchen. She is even talking about doing laundry. She is ecstatic
about what only 5 drops in total have done for her. One on the first
evening and 2 x 2 the following day.


— In, “iatario” wrote:
> Further Update
> Well, your comments have encouraged me to question the lady further.
> First of all, she is 50 not 35. Now that I have that mistake out of
> the way, lets go on. These parasites that she has came from caring



This is a quick recap of my friend who has Morgellon’s disease and
who has been taking MMS. She started with one drop one evening about
four weeks ago. Overnight the creepy crawly feeling in her skin
dissappeared and the swelling left from 20-30 skin lesions. She took
two drops the following morning and two in the afternoon. By day
three, the skin had returned to normal colour over the lesions.
Arthritic pain reduced to nearly none. A cyst behind her knee began
to shrink. She has been steadily increasing her intake, now at 10
drops twice a day. About two weeks ago she reported that a cancer
tumor in her vagina/groin had shrunk from the size of walnut to that
of an almond (shell on). I visited with her today and her tumors are
no longer detectable by palpation in that area. The swelling in her
knee has gone. The fibers, typical of the disease have stopped
growing from her skin. She has also been taking the periodic baths
with alfalfa capsules which she states also helps. I asked her to
write her story out on paper. I expect that there will be a delay
with this. When I first approached her with MMS, she was ready to
reliquish her life to her disability pension and cease all attempts
to work because of pain, lack of energy, depression and the like. She
now has more energy than she has had in many many months or perhaps
years and has returned to some of her work. I hope this is
encouraging to those of you who have cancer or Morgellon’s disease.
When I receive her story, I will post it here.


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One Response to “MMS Testimonial No. 4 – Possible Morgellon’s or Other Parasitic Disease”

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