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MMS Testimonial No. 5 Diverticulitis

23rd October 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

MMS is an oxidative therapy. Go to the MMS Testimonials thread for further information.


I think one of the reasons, testimonies are not rapidly forthcoming
is that it is taking several weeks or more to increase MMS dosing
to effective levels without having disabling nausea and diarrhea.
My wife is a case in point.

Over a year ago, my wife’s bowels blocked with Diverticulitis. She
developed pain and fever and had to be hospitalized. There was
enough of an obstruction that they could not get the scope past the
blockage. She was fortunate enough to have a doctor that preferred
medical treatment instead of surgery. She was treated with
antibiotics and scoped a second time about a week later. Although
the blockage opened up it was not enough to allow the scope to pass.
Thus we still do not know what exactly exists proximal to the
blockage. Since that time she has had to be exceedingly careful of
her diet.

About the time we got the MMS three weeks ago, she was having pain
and nausea again in her abdomen but there has been no obstruction.
She started with 1 drop and has steadily been increasing her
dosage. She can now tolerate 5 drops, once a day at night. She has
had much diarrhea with the MMS, not a nice thing considering she
must travel to her bookeeping clients by car. The thing that is
interesting about her stools is the release of blacked pieces of
stool in the diarrhea that look as though they may have come from
the diverticulae. This happened about 1 1/2 weeks into MMS dosing.
At any rate, while not even up to a theraputic dose yet, she is now
able to eat without nausea and pain and she feels that her
intestinal problem has been abated and she feels relieved. She
actually had a piece of pizza the other day and enjoyed it, even


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8 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 5 Diverticulitis”

  1. Taylore Vance Says:

    I am wondering what people are doing for acid reflux?

    Dr. Hulda Clarke said use Lugol’s Iodine.. Has anyone tried that in combination with MMS?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    i use lugols iodine almost every day. I take it about hours before my eveing dose of mms. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that reflux disease, if not caused by stress, is caused by a pathogen invading the sphincter and stomach. So iodine may help reflux for it antimicrobial effect, but since starting MMS the occasional reflux that I have had is now history and I have heard such reports from others. I have also noticed that h-pylori is most frequently accompanied by reflux disease.

    Of course microbial invasion might be due to too low levels of HCL and other enzymes so that should be addressed also.

    I have been seeing more diagnois coming out of conventional medicine now that read like this: fungal infection of stomach, fungal infection of esophagus, sinus fungal infection. This was not heard of just a few years ago.

  3. jim hicks Says:

    local old lady had fungal infection in her chest.
    weak and tired and fed up with doctors’ medicines
    that didn’t work. she said she did not want to
    live in a wheel chair any longer.

    nearby city had MD that did ‘alternative’ wellness
    stuf. on her first visit, he said she had ‘acidic’ blood. she was to take a bit of baking soda in
    water once or twice a day.

    within 2 weeks she called my friend and told her
    she was cured.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, there are those who think that baking soda can alleviate and even cure fungal infection.
    Tell your friend that she also needs to change her diet to be more alkaline. It takes time to realign the acid balance and it is best done with food over the long haul. Get the book “The ph Miracle” by Dr Robert Young
    at , you can get a used copy.

  5. Lisa Racca Says:

    I was in the hospital last October and diagnosed with Diverticulitis. I would be interested in hearing more about your wife’s experience with MMS and if it has helped her be able to come off of the Diverticulosis diet (no seeds, popcorn, etc.). I have recently started taking MMS, but have had a slow start as I have to keep lowering my number of drops due to severe diarrhea. Any information would be appreciated. For anyone else reading, besides the diverticulitis, I had been suffering from migraines the last 3 1/2 months and was put on a medication that was supposed to help with them (Topamax). The side effects were horrible and did not do much to help overall. Since I have been on the MMS, I have not been suffering from these migraines (other than when I had to stop for a few days because of the big D – even so, I waited too long to take pills to help, but they worked within an hour anyway…normally if I had waited that long to take anything to help, I would have had the migraine all day). I more than likely also have quite a build-up of candida since I had so many antibiotics as a child from numerous ear infections. I will eventually put a post up as I get further along and continue to see such positive results.

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Lisa, thank you for your story.

    Don’t get discouraged because you can only take a few drops. It way take a while to undue damages done. Please keep us informed of your progress. I know that many people with bowel problems come here trying to find an answer. All results are important to share.


  7. Kelly Turk Says:

    Hello Rett Anderson,

    I am writing because of your entry from October 23rd/07 about MMS and your wife’s diverticulitis.
    You wrote about the positive effects after three weeks of her taking it. Can you give me any more information on her progress?

    My Dad and my best friend both suffer from diver and both have had inflammation over the holidays, needing medical care.
    My Dad just finished his antibiotics which was 3/day.

    They both have MMS and my Dad started taking it and made it up to 7 drops only once a day but experienced diarrhea about an hour after drinking it. He has now gone back down to 6 drops and has no effects.
    He described his movement the same way you described your wife’s…black pieces that seem like diverticula.
    My Dad thinks it’s food particles tho he’s not sure.
    He still has inflammation and once his guests leave he will start back up to 7 drops and work his way to 15/day, if he can.
    My best friend is afraid to take it.

    I would love to know about your wife’s experience. Did she continue taking the MMS and how does she feel now?

    I keep telling my Dad that he’s going to feel worse before he feels better and that the diarrhea is normal and he should suffer through it for now but I want to make sure this information is correct. Will it eventually stop and what does that mean?
    Since you have first hand experience, who better to ask!

    Any and all information would be extremely helpful as my Dad is also considering a liver/gallbladder flush in February, once he feels he is no longer having a bout of diverticulitis.

    Thanks so much for reading.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Kelly,

    It was not me who wrote the post on diverticuli, It was I, name cut short for privacy.

    I have communicated with this poster back during the time it was put up.

    I recommend that you go to and read about the new methods of dosing. 4 or 5 drops activated every 1 to 2 hours is working better for some people than 2 larger doses a day.

    Of course diverticulois is caused by a microbe invading the colon wall. I think MMS will help. I would also add serrapeptase 80,000 iu two times a day, not with food for about a month or so.

    Add folate, 4mg divided through the day along with tumeric, a multi B vitamin and quercetin 500mg 2 x d. This is all designed to curb the inflammatory process. This is known to help prevent polyps and cancer