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Claims of killing MRSA……

29th December 2007 by jason Posted in Uncategorized

I have recently stumbled up a Kansas State University test that clams that they have found a device that is being sold to the public that will destroy 99.99% of MRSA.  I have had MRSA recently in the past and I am terrified of ever having it again – so I purchased a unit for my home for $349.  obviously there is no way to know if this thing is working, but it does make my house smell and feel fresh.

It is my understanding that a Virus is not living and therefore cannot be killed.  Can anyone please provide insight in the the validity of these devices.  I want to be sure they are not pulling my leg. is where I got it.  Thoughts?

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One Response to “Claims of killing MRSA……”

  1. catherine Says:

    Dear Jason,

    They are pulling our leg. MRSA is not a virus–it is Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus (bacteria). I have had MRSA infections, treated by doctors, and I’ve read all the information at the state dept. of health and Centers for Disease Control (USA CDC)websites. No information I’ve seen suggests that this air cleaner could possibly be of any use to prevent or cure infection by
    MRSA bacteria. Also, the bacteria speads more by hand and skin contact, not airborne. The Infectious Disease doctors and websites recommend simply washing your hands often, for 20 seconds, especially when in contact with public restrooms or door handles, etc.