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MMS Testimonial No. 8 – Enlarged Thyroid Nodules (updated 12/02/07)

30th October 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This has turned out to be a very positive testimonial for MMS. If you have thryroid issues you sure want to think carefully about how you manage it. I also recommend that you plug in Iodine in this forum’s search bar and read about iodine supplementation.


10/5/07 Thank You, VonChillis, for this testimonial.

My wife has been diagnosed with enlarged thyroid nodules. From the little research I’ve done, a very common occurrence in middle aged women. Our family physician immediately recommended the four standard tests to determine what type of lump was in her throat. The thyroid hormone test revealed normal hormone levels in her blood. The radioactive iodine thyroid scan revealed a lump approximately 1 inch in size with tendencies of cancerous (as our doctor explained “A cold spot”). The next test was the ultra-sound. The pathologist explained that he observed three different types of tumor. A liquid filled, a benign lump, and a possible malignant lump. The pathologist immediately performed a needle aspiration to send samples for biopsy. After all that the tests came back “Inconclusive”. Our physician then referred her to a general surgeon.

It was at this time we came across Jim Humbles’ books and MMS. “What the heck” we thought. Ordered some solution, mixed it with some citric acid and water, and began treatment doses.

We both started them. She at two drops first and working her way to treatment dose of 15 drops then 15 more after two hours once per day. I immediately began at 10 drops first time. I plan to send an email to Mr Humble because of the results we are seeing. After two days of the small dosage my wife was taking, the lump reduced in size by half. It was no longer hard. She has been on the regime for a week now and the small soft lump is still slowly shrinking. She is now at 10 drops per dose, two doses per two hours, once per day. Can this stuff really work that fast? Coincidence? I don’t know.

We are planning to visit the General Surgeon in a couple weeks. We are both really excited and hopeful that these nodules are going away. Our physician has told us that it’s better to just remove the thyroid (even with inconclusive tests) than to chance the possible cancer spreading. I’ve read on medical web pages that this type of procedure has a very high success rate but still. If MMS works, why have the thyroid removed and put her on hormone medication for the rest of her life.

I did however look up some of FDA web sites on the sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide. It is mostly mumbo jumbo and chemical gobbledy goop but some of the text is actually understandable. For instance, all of what I read showed the tests done on rats and monkeys ingesting solutions showed no ill effects even at very high concentrations. Fumes and vapors were a different story at high concentration levels. I’m no expert and certainly do not want anyone to take my word on my technical interpretations.

I can without reservation, say that in the week we’ve been taking the MMS as explained by Mr Humble, we’ve suffered no ill effects except for my wife did feel some of the nausea and diarrhea but that is now subsiding. I on the other hand have noticed a subtle boost in energy and a moderate loss in appetite — this is good because I need to lose weight. If anyone is interested, I can post our progress. Thanks for listening.

OBTW… we tried the topical treatment first on some mosquito bites. Just like Mr humble said… they went away, disappeared! in ten minutes.


When I shared my wife’s diagnosis with coworkers, at least a half dozen of them explained to me that their wives or someone they knew had the operation done with “Inconclusive tests” only to find out after the thyroid was removed and biopsy performed that it was benign. That is most likely what we’d have done if not for the positive results we are seeing with MMS now. We decided to wait for a couple of weeks, our doctor (who does not know of our little experiment) said a couple weeks would not hurt anything unless the lump got larger. Then speed would be everything. So we’d have to monitor it carefully. Thank you too for the apple cider alternative, my wife certainly HATES the taste. We’ll try that. I guess, in our case, time will tell.


My wife unfortunately has not been as faithful as she should have been with the MMS. The taste is just too nasty for her to take day after day. She is on her forth week of 10 drop doses. Her thyroid gland is about the size of a big BB. I would have thought it would be gone by now but like I said, she’s not been faithful to the regime. At Farmgirl’s advise she’s started taking it with pure apple cider and the taste is a little better. I am almost certain the MMS has worked for her.

A side note:
I told a friend of our experience with MMS and after listening to our success he decided to try it on his cat which has been diagnosed with multiple cancerous tumors, very large ones he said. In addition, he added that the cat was not expected to live much longer. After a week of force feeding the cat a small daily dose of the MMS he informs me the tumors have reduced in size by about 30%. My friend is in the food science R&D world who’s medical opinions mean nothing, but I trust his observations simply because I know he’s thorough.
I hope everyone who trys this stuff with ailments has success like or better than what we’ve had.

Bottoms Up with this nasty tasting stuff and be well!



I hope to, in the future acquire the xrays and sonograms taken of her neck both before and after MMS treatment. If I can I will try to post them . We’ve had to postpone the follow up visit again. I’m hoping we can make the growth disappear in it’s entirety before we return to the general surgeon. The dramatic results my wife has obtained has sparked interest in most that I’ve told. I know one of my friends wants to try it on his enlarged prostrate. I can only report of his experience anonymously unless I can convince him to post. Thanks for your interest.



Well… the results are in, kinda. My wife and I visited our physician. He reviewed her thyroid scans and his notes. Puzzled, he probed and poked around her neck. He could not find any lumps or nodules in her thyroid. Unfortunately, his comment to us was the the lump must have just been an infection and consequently went away by itself. We did not tell the good doctor of her MMS regime. We felt it would fall on deaf ears. I was hoping he would recommend follow up scans but he did not. I cannot afford to have them taken without our insurance covering some of the cost. This was frustrating and I can only think of two possibilities. 1) Should people who are suffering from enlarged thyroid glands just wait and see if it is only an infection that will go away by itself? 2) Should people suffering from an enlarged thyroid gland listen to the doctors and just have it removed? Some of the more fortunate people have had success with medication but that option was not offered to us. They WERE concerned that it was cancerous. We were prepared for option #2. The pathologist and general surgeon both recommended her thyroid removal and she was scheduled to do just that. She’d then have a large scar on her throat and dependent on hormone medicine the rest of her life. Personally, I think we did the right thing. Smart? Probably not. We took a chance, prayed real hard and got lucky. But… There’s my friend with his cat, Dublin. The cat that had a very large cancerous tumor on its neck. It’s getting better! What are we to make of this? Another infection that is going away by itself? Who can we sick people turn to? Maybe we should just take the MMS and wait for the “Infections” to go away?



This is really GROSS! For at least ten years I’ve had a small visibly unnoticeable bump beneath my left eye. I could feel it when washing my face. I always thought it was just some sort of weird growth beneath the skin. It never got bigger and was not painful. Well, the other day I noticed it was starting to protrude to the surface of my skin. I just lightly scratched it and EEwwww! A large hard core came out. It left a small but deep hole in my skin. It has healed fine and now the bump is entirely gone. I didn’t think too much of it until today. On my wife’s back she has had a bump from her teenage years where she was bitten by a large wood spider. I noticed the same pattern of protrusion. So… I squeezed it (a gross habit I developed back in my teenage years) OMG! This had to be the biggest, nastiest hard core blackhead I’ve ever seen in my life! I remember reading somewhere that sometimes toxins that ones body cannot dispense sometimes just lodge in the skin and become hard bumps.

Could it be possible that the MMS is causing this? Could it be that the detox is working on our skin also? Sorry if I grossed anyone out but since we’re talking medical here I thought it worth mentioning.


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17 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 8 – Enlarged Thyroid Nodules (updated 12/02/07)”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:


    Thanks for asking. My wife is doing wonderfully with help of MMS. Her lump on her thyroid is almost completely gone. She has to practically hurt herself digging into her throat to even feel it now. We’re just about ready to visit our physician for follow up xrays. If the moderator of this thread will let me, I’ll try to post the results of her tests — both baseline and resulting. Oh! And my friend’s cat, Dublin, with the huge cancer tumors is gaining weight and moving about again. The tumors are slowly going away. I can’t say this enough, MMS is as it’s named, a miracle!


  2. libby perkins Says:


    loved your account of your wife’s thyroid healing due to mms. i too have nodules on my thyroid. i am 35 years old and was diagnosed in my late 20′s. i have tried many many supplements and herbs to cleanse my body and heal the thryroid … and was recently introduced to mms. i have been taking it for one week and was severly ill yesterday – with violent gastro and vomiting. today i have reduced my dose back to 3 drops x twice daily because i am still feeling quite unwell eventhough the digestive system seems calmer. i would really love to hear more detail about the doses your wife started on and progressed to and if she had any out of the blue very sick days too.
    also, did i understand correctly? is your wife completely healed now? if so. has she stopped taking the mms?

    really look forward to hearing from you.

    thanks heaps.

    libby x

  3. Vix Says:

    I would love to hear updates on this story too!

    I suspect Ive got various stomach/candida problems and perhaps thyroid as it runs in my family, and took MMS, got too sick/dioreahha as I upped the dosage so had to stop but after a couple of months break have started back on it instead if the 1:5 dosage gone straight onto 1:1, and am up to 5 drops twice a day and no nasea/dioreah as yet…unlike before!

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I would suggest that if thyroid is an issue that you really learn about your thyrroid gland and look into Iodine supplementation. You can search Iodine on this blog and
    find excellent information.

  5. vix Says:

    Thanks :) well I dont have any thyriod symptoms it just runs in the family…but perhaps if there is anything MMS will prevent probs without me knowing :D

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Most thyroid issues have to do with lack of iodine and if thyroid issues run in your family you better look into iodine supplementation.

  7. Maxim Vinokourov Says:

    Hi. I wonder why a doctor told my wife not to take MMS. She has all thyroid symptoms…?

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I suggest that you find a doctor that is knowledgeable in Iodine supplementation. I have a number of stored articles on the topic. I am fortunate enough to have a medical doctor that understands the use of Lugols.

    I suspect he told her not to use mms sheerly out of ignorance.

    In this day an age the consumer must be well educated and look at information from a number of ideological directions.

  9. Yamuna sztraka Says:

    Can we clarify – are you referring to iodine supplementation for an under active thyroid or over active because my mother has over active and she needs to avoid iodine rich foods when she is not on her medication. She has been on her medicine to control her thyroid now for a nearly a year and we have just started taking MMS so interested to hear any follow ups regarding over active thyroid.

    Thank you


  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have read that iodine can be helpful for an over active thyroid but it is way more complicated than for an underactive thyroid and you would need to see a doctor who knows a lot about iodine supplementation to guide you and to have all the right tests done. I don’t think it is an across the board type of thing. It may only help some cases. I do not recommend self treatment for this.

  11. s Says:

    VERY EVRY IMPORTANT REGARDING MMS!!! it is a wonder formula that i swear by, the only problem is that people around me make the same mistake over and over again. they mix it with apple juice or other drinks… DONT DO THIS. it cancels off the mms effect, thats why it becomes easier to stomach. not because the taste is better but because the nausea etc also gets better. my dr told me to mix it with motts apple juice and i was so happy because it all of a sudden became so simple to drink. then under my own suspicion i removed the apple juice and instantly had the mms die off effect which i was not feeling with the juice. the same thing happened to my friend, he used green tea. green tea also cancels it out because its an antioxidant and mms is an oxidant… its sad to try mms and have it not work because u r drinking it wrong. please learn from my mistakes and my friend’s.. DRINK IT PURE WITH ONLY WATER.
    thank you


  12. Ophiuchus Says:

    To “S”

    Don’t mean to sound dumb, but what do you mean by the “MMS die off effect” ?


  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The die off effect has to do with feeling the toxicity of all the dead pathogens moving out. It can make you feel pretty bad for a while.

    This is a controversal viewpoint, and nothing has been proven though study

  14. Jan Says:

    Hi S, I’ve just started taking MMS and mixed it with an apple which I had juiced.. I can’t use my own filtered watered as the filtered I use raises the Ph 8-9 to make it more alkaline and it also adds antioxidants via the filtration system. So I made up the mms activated it with lime (as it states can be used instead of the activator which requires pure water to mix it) and I used my own freshly juiced apple, I took this 2 hours before I ate or drank anything so as not to neutralize the effects. My question is why does the protocol state to mix the activated solution if as you say it neutralizes the activated mms and how can I purify my tap water any other way?

    Any responses greatly welcomed
    many thanks in advance

  15. Jan Says:

    To S… OOps! I missed out the words apple juice..”My question is why does the protocol state to mix the activated solution with apple juice if as you say it neutralizes the activated mms and how can I purify my tap water any other way?”

  16. George Says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, correct name is ‘Papillary carcinoma’ will MMS help me. The doctor want to operate. Is there a hope for me.
    Please help.

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I cannot say for sure. Usually with thyroid cancer they remove the thyroid and that is the end of it… it is a reasonable choice as it usually gets rid of it for good.

    MMS is known to cure some cancers. I would also be taking lugols iodine. Look into that. Ultimately you have to make the decision.