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Radio Interview this Friday – Jim Humble Speaks on MMS and Cancer

1st November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized,com_search/Itemid,5/

Search Jim Humble in the Search Bar.
Several radio programs on the MMS topic will appear.
(It may take a day or two for the new radio program on cancer to appear, not sure, so check back)

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4 Responses to “Radio Interview this Friday – Jim Humble Speaks on MMS and Cancer”

  1. Pamela tatham Says:

    Can you give me information on how to start treating severe cases of cancer with MMS I know about the other therapies for Ca in complementary medicine

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Pam

    To my knowledge no absolute protocol has been developed in the sense that I think you are inquiring about.

    Follow the general protocol. Start with one drop. If tolerated well take another drop in 2 hours. Increase as tolerated. You don’t want to be vomiting from it as your nutrition is important. go to this link to see how someone else did it:

    Aside from an excellent organic diet, and mostly raw food, that I would recommend, Jim also recommends Indian Herb

    And it would be good to do a liver flush to make sure that the liver is up to detoxing what needs to come out and I would start with this and you may do the mms at the same time:

    And this article specifically addresses cancer issues towards the end of it:

    There are a number of good articles with different ideas for cancer here so look around.

  3. Lookey Here Says:

    I would like to know the next interview or show having jim humble
    as their guest?


    I would like to know if one can use mms one day switch to something
    another day and then 3rd day use mms again?

    is it possible?

  4. Mayan Calendar Prophecy Says:

    This has been a weird week for UFO’s and weather.

    There was a report of a green glowing object the size of a whale falling from the sky in Litchfield connecticut and crashing into Bantam lake – reported by two separate people 10 miles apart, one was a police officer!

    Then there were multiple UFO sightings – as a matter of fact more UFO sightings this year then I have ever remembered.

    As for weather there was 4 FEET of hail in one texas town this week – 4 FEET of hail? Crazy!

    And the record setting heat in the USA…

    And then the ENORMOUS magnitude 8.6 earthquake that struck North Sumatra, Indonesia….and we are just getting started into 2012!!!

    Mayan doomsday or not this is a wild year!