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MRSA and Phage Therapy

1st November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

And another link on phages:

I just found this post on the MRSA forum and thought it quite informative.

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27/11/2004 01:32:56 »

Hello Phage Fans:

In recent weeks I have been talking to groups of scientists and journalists about phage therapy. This made it necessary to select a number of information sources to empower my audience to become familiar with phage therapy and check-out what I was telling them. Since nobody appeared to have responded to the above question for information sources I thought I will share with you what I came up with:

Did a French-Canadian Microbiologist Discover a Cure for Superbug Infections Almost 100 Years Ago?

How many people will have to die before we give phage therapy a try! I was rereading the recent German book; Gesund durch Viren – Ein Ausweg aus der Antibiotika-Krise/Healthy Through Viruses – a way out of the antibiotic-resistance crisis (for an English review see ) when I read news reports about yet another hospital outbreak of superbug infections. While only a few years ago, when Toronto musician Gertler went to Georgia in Eastern Europe, for phage therapy treatment for an antibiotic-resistant foot infection, it was a major adventure, today information and arrangements for such treatment is only a click away at

While working at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 1917, the French-Canadian microbiologist, Felix d’Herelle
( ), experienced one of those rare eureka moments when he saw his pathogenic bacteria cultures being lysed – d’Herelle had discovered parasitic viruses which tend to be highly specialized for specific bacteria strains and which can kill large populations of bacteria relatively quickly without harming humans and animals. He named them bacteriophages – “bacteria eaters” and immediately recognized their potential as cures for bacterial infections at a time when neither sulfonamides nor antibiotics were available. He became a major advocate and practitioner of phage therapy, which was subsequently practiced word-wide to control bacterial infections. However, phage therapy fell into disuse in the West after the introduction of penicillin in the 1940’s. Phage therapy remained a significant medical technology in the former USSR, led by research and production facilities in Georgia ( ), and in Poland
( ).

Recently hundreds of Canadians died of C. difficile infections and each day roughly ten Canadians die of antibiotic-resistant and superbug infections and a similar number of limb amputations are done for such infections. While hubris
( ) may make it possible for some to ignore the massive scientific and application evidence from early years and from Eastern Europe, it is more difficult to ignore more recent work from many countries. For example, in 2000 two researchers from the Texas Tech Department of Microbiology state: “By using bacteriophage we can totally prevent the disease (C. difficile infections) in an animal model. … C. difficile is a perfect disease to be treated with bacteriophage” ( ).

Comprehensive English language information on phage therapy can be found at the following websites: ( , ).

Since the multidrug-resistance superbug phenomenon is strictly a human abuse created problem and is threatening to become the mother of all regulatory-scientific misadventures, it is essential that the regulatory-scientific community assume responsibility for this issue as well as the development and importation of methodologies which might help mitigate this crisis – instead of ignoring phage therapy in the name of hubris, nih (not invented here) and russophobia ( ), it is a time to be humble and admit that we actively created the antibiotic-resistant superbug crisis. Letting patients die in the name of hubris, nih and russophobia is surely not good public health policy!

On December 3 and 4, 2004 the “Livesymposium Biotherapy” in Germany
( ) will be examining the role of phage therapy as a viable treatment methodology for bacterial diseases in the light of ever increasing failure of antibiotics and the emergence of drug-resistant superbugs. In memory of Felix d’Herelle and victims multi-drug-resistant superbug infections the media should be reporting live from this symposium.

P.S.: To appreciate the seriousness of the antibiotic-resistance superbug crisis the following report is recommended: Infectious Diseases Society of America, Bad Bugs, No Drugs As Antibiotic Discovery Stagnates … A Public Health Crisis Brews at


Virus or phage that kills bacteria. You have got to see this. Why are we not using this instead of antibiotics to which we are having more and more resistance.


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2 Responses to “MRSA and Phage Therapy”

  1. Aiping Wang Says:

    Thanks! This is something I’ve really missed and was very happy to find. :)

  2. cream acne Says:

    Nice share. I’ll be linking to this post on my blog for sure.