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Melanoma Cured by Mother – Mother and Son Go to Jail – Child Protective Services Injustice – Corrupt courts – Corrupt Judges – Concentration Camps in America

3rd November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma October 3, 2007
Posted by angryscientist in Bad Science, Whistleblower Corner.

(And here’s another story of FDA injustice. If you don’t think we are entering into a time of police state mentality you better think again: )

And: Hear Gary Null on the subject.–91307.aspx

click on the play arrow and fast forward to 11:45
Very interesting comments about Laurie Jessop and son.

(please note comment #13 in the comments section below by Ingred Naimen, our great teacher on Black Salve Cancer Treatment)

An unholy alliance of California Child Protective Services (CPS) with a hostile doctor and judge is attempting to railroad Laurie Jessop, framed as a threat to her son and the establishment for finding a way to cure him of malignant melanoma. She is now on trial, under a gag order, since she had gone to the press. When she was arrested, she was put in maximum security, solitary confinement, in the Orange County, CA jail. They claim that everything about. her says anti-Establishment, so she was told, as she was considered a threat in starting a riot.

On the morning of Sept. 12, Gary Null read on KPFK, a Pacifica station in Los Angeles, an e-mail from Ron Miller, who had met Ms. Jessop at the Cancer Control Society annual convention during the Labor Day weekend. They had discussed this persecution by Big Brother in the guise of saving her son from this evil mother who has failed to protect him! She disobeyed doctor’s orders and found a natural way to cure her son. These forces arrayed against her and insisted he must have the cancer removed surgically and attacked with the standard chemical fare. The cancer is gone, but nobody in authority will accept that because her doctor doesn’t believe that’s possible.

The initial biopsy of the mole was done in February. Their regular doctor was on leave when test results came in. A nurse informed them of the bad news. On May 8, Chad Jessop had a follow up appointment with a medical group doctor, by the name of Dr. Masciana, who insisted he needed surgery to excise the site within a week, or he could die any day now! This doctor is a general practitioner, not an oncologist or qualified to do cancer diagnosis or surgery. Chad and his mom decided to pursue holistic treatment for him. Incensed, the doctor reported her to Child Protective Services on the grounds of gross negligent child endangerment. She yelled at Laurie “all of you Jehovah’s Witnesses are all the same,” never mind Laurie and Chad are not Jehovah’s witnesses. Dr. Masciana also told Laurie, with her son present, that his death was imminent. At the close of the appointment, Dr. Masciana informed Laurie that she was referring the case to Social Services. In further investigation, Child Protective Social Services is a misnamed government agency whose employees get paid bonuses every time they take children away from their parents.

That evening Laurie called an attorney who advised her that she had 48 hours or less before Social Services showed up. If she could not prove she was following doctor’s orders, they’d take her son. Since Dr. Masciana had created such a traumatic experience for Chad, he feared the doctors and threatened to run away. In honoring Chad’s wishes for continued holistic care, Laurie took her son to San Diego to continue holistic care using a number of various alternative treatments such as: ozone, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, hydrogen peroxide, energy work, Rife, nutritional supplements, and deep emotional work. Laurie also used “black salve” that she purchased from Canada to remove the mole tissue. Black salve was developed by Native American Indians more than 200 years ago, and used in the treatment of skin lesions, cancers, warts, and moles. Figures our FDA banned it, because it works.

When Chad insisted on hitting the road to continue alternative therapies and getting further diagnostics, that left a question as to where Laurie’s daughter Crystal would go. A close friend of the family and Crystal’s best friend agreed, and this felt like a perfect fit under the circumstances, so Laurie legally signed Crystal over to the family and gave them all the necessary medical insurance information. On May 22, the local sheriff and CPS had taken her daughter out of class, interrogating her mercilessly, telling her lies about her mother, trying to force her to reveal where Laurie and Chad had gone, and then forced her to go on a police joy ride and show them where they reside. All of this was done against her will and carried on for six hours!

They applied “Black Salve” directly to the area in question, thus giving Chad a holistic version of a large border excision. It took about two and a half weeks for the wound to heal. When it was healed Laurie took Chad to a Del Mar dermatologist for a biopsy. The test results were negative of any signs of melanoma! The next two weeks were concentrated on once again healing the tissue to get another biopsy. Upon the wound site being healed, a melanoma specialist did a punch biopsy and a complete lab analysis on Friday, June 15. Again, no sign of cancer could be found in the biopsy and the blood work was in healthy ranges with no distinguishing markers that would otherwise be present in a patient that would have advanced stage four melanoma, as had been previously reported! Was it a miracle, or an activated immune system in a healthy young man, with some useful help, that healed the melanoma?

The following Monday, June 18th, Laurie and Chad turned themselves in to the San Diego Social Services office, with all of their documentation. They were detained for 4 hours, then told that arrest warrants for Laurie and Chad were issued from Orange County. Chad was locked up at the Palenskie Center in San Diego for one night. He had 2 guards watching him around the clock, since he was considered a flight risk. When Laurie went to visit Chad they could not have any privacy, as both guards listened to every word that was said. Laurie spent over nine thousand bucks in San Diego for the treatments done over the five week period of time, and has all the receipts as proof. A new social worker, David Harper, was put on the case. He picked Chad up in San Diego transporting him to Orangewood Children’s Home in Orange County for the next two weeks, where he got fed spaghetti and meat balls, food not fitting one healing from cancer. One aspect of Chad’s treatment was a healthy diet of living foods, but Ms. Jessop’s requests of this social worker that Chad get proper food fell on deaf ears. He did tell her she was allowed to see her daughter graduate from Junior High School. She told him nobody could keep her away without a court order, and that she would be there! The social worker informed Laurie that he completed the paper work to lift the warrant order on her.

After her daughter’s graduation, on June 21st Laurie went to make academic arrangements for her son, having missed five weeks of school. Laurie showed the documentation to the principal and vice principal. The Vice Principal knew Chad well, as Chad did his Eagle Scout project for him at the high school. Chad is now an advanced Eagle Scout. No matter, the VP called police to arrest Laurie at the school and haul her off to the county jail. The arresting deputy harassed her. When Laurie protested, the officer told her she didn’t have to like her or be nice to her. After arriving at the county jail, her first telephone call had been to the social worker, David Harper, although he did nothing to get her out of jail, nor was he willing to help correct the record. Laurie was physically abused, they spread her legs twisting her knee, when she complained they called out “Resisting…Resisting” then they pushed her violently to a cell wall (behind the cameras) causing her to twist her neck, shoulder and arm. After being worked over, they took away her jacket, shoes, socks, and toilet paper, and locked her up. Her holding cell was extremely cold and she was deliberately denied toilet paper. She asked for toilet paper, only to be answered it must have been taken for good reason and she was not getting any. She was denied toilet paper from approximately 3:30pm until 11:00pm. One has to wonder, what was she going to do with the toilet paper, hang herself? By 11:00 pm Laurie got taken to be assessed. She asked “is this a madhouse run by animals, who is running this place?” Laurie told this officer her story for half an hour. He let her talk, then said he sees all kinds of characters, his job is to ascertain threats. He told her she has the fire, the spirit and the power to overturn the system and create a riot. He informed her she’d be put in solitary confinement, but she might get a roommate, probably a drug offender. She was forced to take a chest X-ray against her will, without any explanation and ridicule from the officers. Laurie and her two children have never been in any type of trouble with the law, but were treated like hardened criminals. She was shocked to learn women taking showers have no privacy, that male guards are watching. The next night she got a 58-year old roommate charged with kidnapping her children from her husband 20 years ago, after being extradited from Tennessee on outdated bogus charges tagged with 200 thousand bail. It would appear that Orange County is desperately trying to maintain job security at the expense of the innocent!

Laurie was released on the streets of Santa Ana after midnight, in an unsafe area of Southern California for a woman, after five days of incarceration. Upon Laurie’s arrest, officers impounded her van and turned it upside down looking for drugs. She had to pay over 300 dollars in impound fees to get the van back.

Social Services approved the foster families that Laurie had arranged for Chad and Crystal. Now Laurie is on trial, forbidden to speak under a gag order, by the very judge that had issued the bench warrant for her arrest, because she refused to go along with orthodox medicine. The dermatologist, appointed by Social Services, testified in court that the melanoma is playing hide and go seek, that they’d have to subject Chad to unnecessary and dangerous further biopsies and medical procedures to find where it migrated to. The dermatologist further stated that the melanoma had become even more deadly, claiming it has now traveled to different organs. The prescription for surgery is a large border excision to the skullbone. Chad says he is old enough to defend this country’s freedoms, but he is denied that same freedom of choice when it comes to his own health and he is also under gag order. Ms. Jessop intends to sue anyone who touches her son against their wishes. All Chad’s blood tests are consistent with a healthy 17 year old 6′2″ young man. They refuse to tolerate anyone trying to clear their conscience at his expense. Laurie says her record stands, she will not back down, and she wants parents to know they do not have to be intimidated by this system! The judge has stated twice that she doesn’t want Chad to die while she is on the bench; which sounds like she has bias in the case! Surgery and chemotherapy had been intended for the following week. The doctor is still of the mind Chad could die any day now. When giving testimony, the dermatologist was asked if he could perform surgery on Chad, knowing that Chad would not cooperate with any Western medical butchery. His answer was emphatic No, he could not perform an operation on anyone against their will.

What Big Brother has been doing to Ms. Jessop and her children is unconscionable, beyond outrageous, a gross miscarriage of justice and an abuse of authority. Many families have been torn apart by lesser abuses of CPS and modern medicine. The Jessop family is very united and strong in their convictions, very aware of their constitutional rights, and will not give up to our corrupt system. Being a single parent for the last 11 years, Laurie has done herself proud raising her children and is extremely close to both of them. Laurie and her children have stood the test and this hellish ordeal has brought them closer together as a family. She said at the press conference, “I am a mama bear and no one is messing with my cubs!”

Laurie’s deadbeat ex-husband, Marcus, has never voluntarily paid for child support or any of the children’s medical bills, even though he is legally bound to pay for half according to their divorce agreement. She has had to drag him into court to get a judgment and garnish his wages in order to collect on past due medical bills. It so happens Marcus is in agreement with the state, he wants his son, (having had no contact for the last 10 years) to be butchered and drugged to eliminate this incredible cancer, that refuses to carry out its death sentence and is too clever to show up on tests. Marcus is in court with his own public defender, pushing for this even though he has no legal or physical custody, not even any visitation rights. If he was in agreement with Laurie’s medical beliefs, this court probably wouldn’t allow him in the courtroom. Our tax dollars, hard at work!

In the state of Virginia, a brilliant 17 year old young man went through a very similar ordeal, but won his battle with CPS. Once his case was over, he was instrumental in passing a new law in the state of Virginia. Abraham’s Law, that gives a minor the right to make their own medical decisions when they are bright and understand their choices. Laurie wants to get her story out and push through a similar bill in California, called “Chad’s Law,” so that other families do not have to go through the abusive nature of a department that is supposed to be protecting our children. As “Roy of Hollywood” stated on KPFK recently, who is protecting us from the Child Protective Social Services Department? Pushing through a bill like this may be very expensive, but once Laurie makes up her mind that she is doing something, she is all steel, determined, and will persevere to find a way to make this happen. If you can help her in any way, please contact me via e-mail.

Orthodox medicine is unwilling to admit it does not know everything, and it hates competition. Its methods of treating cancer are not the only ways that can work. Ms. Jessop believed she could find another way, and her son, given a diagnosis of imminent death, is now free of cancer. Never mind, the doctor is sure it’s still there, so Big Brother intends to make an example of her as an unfit mother for disobeying her doctor, putting her son in mortal danger. That’s not happening, but truth often doesn’t matter to Big Brother, as is apparent in most government policy. If Chad were actually endangered by not getting conventional treatment, the authorities might have a leg to stand on, but in this case, it’s not his mother putting him in jeopardy, it’s the system! The doctor has egg on her face, because she was sure Chad would die quickly without aggressive conventional treatment, and she has been proven wrong! Instead of learning from her error, she wants to make Ms. Jessop and her son pay for showing her up!

I’m helping her get her story out. One newspaper did a story, but in general, very little has been reported so far. I tried to find the story online, but no luck. A press conference was held on Sept. 6th, just before court. Two of the major TV news stations and one of the largest AM radio all news stations showed up. KFWB radio ran the story immediately that day. As soon as court started the judge announced that there was a gag order on this case and threatened jail time and contempt of court to anyone (including the minor in question), that spoke to the press or anyone else for that matter. One of the TV news stations didn’t want to run the story without interviewing Chad and getting his viewpoints. The judge denied a continuance six different times, ignoring all six times valid reasons for the requests. The judge also denied Laurie the right to hire her own attorney! She retained a law firm with her own money, but the judge insisted she has to keep her Public Defender, presumably as a public servant easier to control than a private attorney not so dependent on the system.

If anyone reading this wants to help get the story out, feel free to blog away. I could give out phone numbers for Ms. Jessop or Mr. Miller if you send me a note at This blog is Laurie can’t risk violating the gag order, but she’d appreciate your prayers and support in her very difficult time of fighting our corrupt system in order to keep her family together. Thanks for taking the time to read this long story. Now that you know what sort of injustice masquerades as protecting children, you can do something to help wake up sleepwalking friends and neighbors, trusting “The System” to know what’s best for the children, and adults too.

This sentence of misspelled names is to assist searchers to have a better chance to find this information: Lori Jessop; Lori Jessup; Laurie Jessup; Chad Jessup; L. Jessop; L. Jessup; Lauri Jessup; Lauri Jessop; Laura Jessup; Laura Jessop.

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9 Responses to “Melanoma Cured by Mother – Mother and Son Go to Jail – Child Protective Services Injustice – Corrupt courts – Corrupt Judges – Concentration Camps in America”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    1. Nicolette Amoroso – October 4, 2007
    I am one of the people who did energy work on Chad and Laurie at the time they were in San Diego. It makes my stomach turn to hear what they have been experiencing, but I do trust that it is happening for a divine reason and that many people will have their eyes spread wide open as a result and we can start taking back our power as people!

    I spent my time ’serving’ this country so I have a LOT OF FIRE within me because I know first hand that what we do to ‘protect’ our country is a bunch of B…S…

    2. I Am Health » Blog Archive » Mother Jailed, Put On Trial for Curing Her Son of Melanoma – October 4, 2007
    […] This is about a client we originally worked on and as a result helped achieve a clean biopsy. This case is ultra important and we cannot afford to allow it to get by us. Do what ever you can to assist this or the next time it might be you or one of your family members. This article was posted by “angryscientist” in Bad Science, Whistleblower Corner. trackback […]

    3. Michael Bedar – October 4, 2007
    I would like to contact you to help.
    This may be an important piece of humanity’s work for health freedom rights.
    Best regards,

    4. Rose Cherrix – October 26, 2007
    I am Rose Cherrix. Abraham Cherrix is my son. I know what it is like to go through this. Even though returning calls and answering emails is hard, it is important to send your support to this family. Even though the case cannot be discussed by the family and people involved as they told us due to a gag order, the public issues that have already happened and is knowledge can’t be stopped. The public has a right to know. Yes it is hard to deal with but I too believe that it is for a greater purpose that we have had to endure what we have. I welcome anyone to email me. I will talk to anyone. This family has the support of Abraham and myself. They need more.

    5. Abraham Cherrix – October 26, 2007
    Luckily I woke up this morning to find my mother had still left this web page open in my browser.

    This is very similar to the experience I went through with CPS a while back, although I tend to think my experience was nothing near as horrifying as what Laurie and Chad went through. One must wonder, is this really the medical community that we we all knew, or “thought” we knew? Apparently the government is against alternative medicine, but is that because they think is won’t work or they know IT WILL?? I think the latter.

    I used to tell people when I was being pushed through this case, that if you don’t have any rights over your own health care or what you do with your own body, what rights do you have? If the system is going to railroad you into their methods and call themselves docters (The word doctor came from dek, meaning something proper and acceptable, useful. HAHA.), then those are the kinds of people who need to get cancer, find out chemo failed, and see if they don’t try something else!

    If you are in contact with these folks, and they are able to, please have them contact me. Maybe someday America can really be free.

    6. Catherine Clark – October 31, 2007
    This is a travesty! Our medical system is broken and needs to be overhauled and injected with compassion and objectivity, rather than staying in a box! They have proven, and many have proven that there are better methods of dealing with cancer then poisonous drugs. What a horrible thing for this family to go through! My compassion is all for her, and I hope that these “doctors” who are not true physicians, will learn to “First, do no harm,” which used to be the creed of the medical profession. But I guess that doesn’t make any money, and that is what today’s medical profession boils down to now – making money hand over fist for doctors and the pharmceutical industry, which has way too much influence. Every time I see a commercial on television for a drug I gag and then mute it. They throw drugs at everything, rather than using their brains and finding causes. They will get their just reward in the next life, and it is one I don’t think they will like!

    Catherine F. Clark
    Chicago, IL

    7. Panda – October 31, 2007
    I know what lengths the pharmaceutical industry will go to, to get their dreadfully poisonous drugs into as many of us as possible… we must ALL fight this until we finally win our right to have the natural health we all deserve!

    8. northern – November 1, 2007
    I am Gobsmacked at the disgusting underhand tactics of big pharma to keep us all sick and dying!! I have posted this story EVERYWHERE!!

    9. Daptain Shays – November 1, 2007
    Warning to all those who support government funded health care. You will lose more freedom over your choices if it ever comes about.
    This is the real difference between an administration run by Ron Paul and one that is run by Hillary Clinton or John Edwards.
    Do you want freedom? Or, do you want government goons to make all your choices for you?

    Choose now and get involved today or you may be next.

    10. secured party – November 1, 2007
    this lady needs to free herself, her “all capital” letters means she is a product.She needs to become what we all were born as, a Sovereign American national. Through the UCC (uniform commercial code) redemption process, this action can be stopped.
    You are all on the wrong track. UCC 1-207, 1-103, & 1-308.,look them up and start freeing yourselves. 25 million Sovereigns have done so.
    Bar association (british accredited registry)all lawyers are foreigners, agents of the British crown. (bench (as in bench warrant) is the latin term for BANK. Educate yourselves and be free. Public defender, private att’y are one and the same. Look up Corpus Juris Secumdum. They are first and foremost, officers of the court, second, loyal to the public, THIRD, to the client. Wake up. Att’y is not the answer.
    one can help.
    don’t play their game, end it.
    good luck.
    this is more than we had when we went thru our own situation, so appreciate this as a gift from our creator. Become a secured party, a creditor, and own your strawman, (all capital letters) who is a debtor.
    educate, educate, educate yourselves. god bless!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    11. Narendra – November 1, 2007
    We need to collect support signares and fight the big brother before he bacomes too big !

    12. Marjean – November 1, 2007
    My heart goes out to both the families and I so appreciate their stand for those of us that don’t ‘buy in’ to everything the medical establishment wants. I fail to see the ‘Health’ in the Health-Care System.
    Obviously you aren’t some of our ‘dumbed-down’ citizenry caused by mercury in vaccines. I don’t believe in advertizing drugs that need to be prescribed, either.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing for the rest of us that want the right to make alternative choices. Bless you.

    13. Cheryl Rounds – November 1, 2007
    This country is no longer about freedom and human rights. It is controlled by corporations who put profit above everything else, including human life There is an excellent website that discusses the politics of cancer as well as alternate treatments and other information. On this site they make the point that if the government really wanted to find a cure for cancer, you would see alternative treatments tested against Western medical treatments, which is currently considered the only viable treatment, However, because they know that the cut, burn and poison methods they use would stand up poorly against alternative methods, this testing is not done. And when alternative treatments show promise they are quickly made illegal in this country (Hoxley, laetrile, black salve, etc.)

    Because the medical mafia is always on the look out for people who are cutting into their business – the wisest course of action is to always seek treatment from people other than MDs. In my state it is currently legal to chose a Naturopathic Doctor as a primary care physician, so I have gone this route form my daughter. If you are a parent and live in a state that this also applies, I strongly urge you to go this route even if your medical insurance will not cover the cost. Your health freedom may depend on it. And lets get this story out to everyone we know – if it happened to this family it could happen to any one of us

    14. Kent B – November 1, 2007
    If you get a chance, Watch “Big Bucks Big Pharma” * Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs. A multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry exposed of the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated and created, for capital gain.

    a short clip of it is below: also watch

    I want to extend help. I have connections that can help combat the system.

    15. Ingrid Naiman – November 1, 2007
    I am the author of the book Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment. One of the most disturbing aspects of the research that I put into the book was the 350-year battle over patents for cancer cures. Perhaps the struggle is more ancient, but it became totally clear to me that the interests of “professionals” might often violate the interests of patients.

    Without taking a lot of space in this blog, I would like to make a few brief comments.

    First, Jane Heimlich, wife of Henry Heimlich, and author of the book “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You” advised me to write as much as possible on the history of this particular cancer treatment. I owe her a great deal of credit because my life was irrevocably changed by what I discovered.

    Second, a former student who has gone on to achieve great tasks, Kenny Ausubel, produced a film called “When Healing Becomes a Crime,” also about this method of treatment. It was nominated for an Oscar but did not win as best documentary. Still, it was a contender for this recognition. The film later came out as a book and DVD.

    Third, a British film producer is in the process of making a similar film that focuses more on the medical implications of the treatment than the political.

    Four, this method of treatment is probably the safest and best strategy for addressing melanomas so the Jessops appear to have done their homework well.

    My book took an enormously long time to write. Friends and advisors urged me not to publish the formulae, but once I understood the suffering that has ensued as a result of greed and misplaced egos, I defied their well-intentioned advice and put everything in reach of all who need the information.

    The fact that the Jessops are facing the problems they are having in a state that recently granted citizens freedom is deeply disappointing, I hope not discouraging. Our health care system is in a profound state of disrepair, but no family should have to go through the double or triple agony of cancer, legal hassles, and financial stress. This is frankly shameful. Our Nation must awaken to its responsibility to its citizens and become an ally rather than an adversary of the People.

    16. S-J Walsh – November 1, 2007
    That poor family. OMG. I am disgusted that Laurie even got arrested and lost her children in the first place. I was a single Mom once and even though I’m in Canada, I feel her pain and her children’s pain. That Chad was cured by holistic medicine scares the heck out of the medical society because it doesn’t line their pockets. It’s the same in Canada. They don’t like the fact that perhaps they are not needed for certain treatments. If Chad was healed by holistic means, then so be it. What can I do to help???? S-J

    17. Patick Judge – November 1, 2007
    These people tore a family apart

    time for to show our support so it dont happen again

    horrible thing to happen

    these people who did this have to be exposed

    let them see the pressure maybe lsoe their jobs

    what goes round comes round

    18. billy m – November 1, 2007
    the longer a doctor keeps you sick the more money he drugs does not cure only masked the problem.
    now about the lady and her son. a plan of attack (turn the tables)
    lets put the doctor on the hot seat! the lady should claim her son never had cancer! claim the doctor is a quack.if the doctor is claiming the son had cancer and the lady didn’t cure the son.but the cancer is gone..the doctor lied to the lady, for scam other words two can play the game.

    19. billy m – November 1, 2007
    next a malpratice suit is in order.the suit must be in place before the trial starts.but the lady has to drop that she cured her son.she needs to demand trial by jury. in court when asked if she cured her son ?she has to say NO! that will force the doctor to prove she son had can’t prove something thats not there.also she has to tell she didn’t trust his judgement.malpratice suit helps in two ways,
    1# shows the jury she stands behind her charge of malpratice .
    2# beating him in court will make the malpratice suit a cinch to win.

    20. Ronny – November 1, 2007
    I think it’s disgusting that the Big Pharma and the so called Children’s Services are allowed to use the tactics they use. I, for one, had dealings with the Children’s Social Services many years ago…My children were taken from me because my one child needed help. I was told that I had to do this or else!!!.. At the time I had no one to go to for help.. My children to this day suffer from that experience.

    As for Big Pharma, I cured my Lung Cancer with alternative methods.
    I am cancer free 3 years. Lung Cancer… cancer free???? Isn’t that amazing!!! Everyone in the entertainment industry (news media included) who suffer from cancer can be cured. They are afraid to go out of the box.. Afraid of the Big Pharma…afraid of not listening to their doctors who are looked at as GOD… who don’t know the meaning of Cured….. they only know Perks and Money…
    And we all know that Big Pharma gives all kinds of Perks to so called doctors to push their “DRUGS” . Drugs that make people sick and not cure..Drugs that kill….

    So to the 2 families …. Thank you for curing your children.. I really feel terrible that you have to endure the terror you and your family are experiencing.. My blessings go to all of you.. I will pass your story and these blogs to everyone I know.. We have to stop this kind of brutal terrorizing methods. We have to be free to choose – after all, isn’t that what America is supposed to be??? Free!!!

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    21. Ray – November 2, 2007
    We should ask, where do these people get their authority to interfer in our lives. When did we give them the authority to treat us as their own. Who is ‘the State’, who is ‘cps’? will they please step forward?
    Where and when did we give up our authority? Was it the birth certificate, drivers license, school papers, social security cards?
    Show us where we give them our permission!
    The State has no Authority.CPS has no Authority. The Police have no authority. It’s time we show them, “we are the master, they are the servant”. It’s time we make clear, they do not have the authority they espouse! Do we or do we not have constitutional protections?

    22. levi philos – November 2, 2007
    Post #10 is the most important so far. Chad must revoke the bondage and regain sovereignty. He was sold into bondage by his parents signature on the so-called “birth certificate.”

    A trust has been created in his name through commercial processes and associated through the SS#. He must de-fund the trust by actions.

    Search “redemption of the strawman.”

    23. Christina – November 2, 2007
    Hi, I am a mother of 3 and i want to share my story with you. I delivered my 1st child 6 weeks premature. After getting out of the hospital 3 days later my sons face would turn blue. I took him to the hospital and later they transferred him to a childrens hospital to have test for acid reflux done. Yes he did have acid reflux. My 2nd child was also born 6 weeks premature. She wouldn’t hold anything down, i took her to the Dr’s and there i was told she was allergic to breast milk. They put her on formula and she continued throwing up. I had been through this with my 1st child so i knew what was wrong with her, but the Dr wouldn’t listen to me. While in the childrens hospital with my son, they showed me videos and trained me and told me what to watch for. Still the Dr’s didn’t listen to me. I had taken her to the hospital in hopes of having her tested for acid reflux like as my son was. I was told that if i wanted her to get tested for that, that i would have to drive her in my car to the childrens hospital and that they would not transfer her there. I did just that i signed her out and took her right then to the childrens hospital. She was tested by a camera down her throat, the same way my son was. She was also diagnosed with acid reflex. After getting out and back home i received a letter in the mail from Child Protective Services. That Dr. turned me in to CPS because i DEMANDED that my baby go to another hospital to be tested for acid reflux which in turn took her out of his hands and into another Dr.’s. Still today after going through all that and having the PROOF that i was right, i still have a record with CPS. It is inhuman not to listen to out mother instincts.
    For this family, i pray for you. Don’t back down from what you believe in. You MUST face our county with a steel backbone. I pray that you overpower these people who call themselves humans. May love be with you and your babys. Your a HERO.

    24. Christina – November 2, 2007

    I was once told, “everything you will ever need is right here on my earth”,
    “When man alters anything natural, it turns to poison!”

    25. Jen – November 2, 2007
    Doesn’t Child Protective Services have anything better to do??? Oh, I don’t know, how about going after people that have an actually abused their children? This is absolutely ridiculous-I have no faith whatsoever in “big pharma” or “orthodox medicine”-I applaud all of you that have taken it on and done what was best for your children. Bravo!

    26. Olive M. Pipe Balabanov – November 2, 2007
    Amazing! I am writing a book on the history…
    This case reminds me of one in my book in the 1970s about laetrile.
    Its hard to believe they can still do these awful things.

    The Case of Joey Hofbauer
    “In 1978, young Joey Hofbauer had Hodgkins disease. Joey’s parents took him to a medical clinic for natural therapy in Jamaica. Their doctors in the USA claimed that the only treatment for him was chemotherapy. They filed a child abuse claim against his father, John Hofbauer. After the parents had returned home to Albany, New York with Joey, the sheriff and deputies were there to take Joey away to receive chemotherapy treatment against his parent’s wishes.
    The parents could not find an attorney to represent them so they contacted radio and television stations. The story became news on every station in Albany, and by that night they had an attorney.
    They found out that the Saratoga Department of Social Services were secretly planning to move Joey to another hospital, so Joey’s friends set up a twenty-four hour watch in the hospital. Dr. Binzell examined Joey in order to prepare for testimony in court.

    Keep fighting.
    Olive Pipe Balabanov

    27. Peter O’Leary – November 2, 2007
    Support Ron Paul for President. He introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act H.B. 2117
    He is the only candidate who will stop this madness.

    28. Tera Vicario-Sturgeon – November 2, 2007
    Something like this happened to me as well. I am a single Mom, (whose husband left us for another woman), and I was studying microbiology, and got a job over 10 years ago working with a neurologist, who was also a brilliant scientist, and I learned alot, enough to cure myself and my son of various diseases, including cancer in me. I was branded as a “witch”, more or less, and some of the most derogatory opinions came from my “Christian” family! So, I can really sympathize with Laurie, and all I can say, is to run, not walk away from this situation, and start a new life if that’s what it takes, because people like these are on a type of “witch hunt.” I have encountered this attitude also before, and they will do nothing but tear apart your loving family, and you will never be the same if you allow them to do this to you. God Bless You & Your Children Laurie, and Good Luck to You All, and Stay Healthy! You are a Great Mom!

    29. Cos Mikel – November 2, 2007
    I hope you succeed against these bastards – The America we see in stories like this is just evil, and it is being exported to the rest of the world.

    We Europeans have been gradually (rapidly if you lived in Bliars Britain) losing our free health services and rights of choice these past years and the reason we are being given is “to empower the individual by giving them choice” Ha! Now there is political rhetoric for you.

    But once they have managed to change it from the present inclusive system to an American style exclusive one, it will only be for the wealthy and those who have been frightened/intimidated into signing up to an American style insurance system. Thereby giving ‘Big Pharma’ even more control of our health options.

    Unfortunately our media is becoming more and more like the US, a mouthpiece for the powerful. People are too afraid to speak up for fear of affecting their careers or any number of reasons; the lies are not being challenged and people are being gagged one way or another (though not as obviously as that corrupt judge).

    They would never have got away with that here though; there would have been a public outcry. Abuse of power is a way of life it seems in US, judging by what we read in the papers here and see of your reality tv police programs. People just seem to accept it as a fact of life that you can’t do anything about it.

    Just look at the Bush election such obvious corruption and they got away with it, damn you must feel like you are one of Guantanamo prisoners sometimes – No rights (unless you fight tooth and nail for them).

    We wonder how you can stay sane living in a society that has a manufactured state of anxiety all the time, no wonder you have one of the worst health ratios and some of the biggest problems in the whole world, that’s their design; the power elite, keeping you too stressed and busy trying to survive; to be able to follow the trail of their evil and corruption. My heart goes out to you.

    Corporate controlled politics is the force behind all that is wrong with your system. Democracy? such a misnomer when used in the context of the USA.

    What we need is a French style revolution, and to put the power of the people and real democracy (not media-ocracy) to work.

    Though there are times that using such an emotional solution plays into the hands of your torturers. Though I feel its just a question of time before it happens and it will be in the US. As to free the world must start with those who are the main oppressors and looking at it from the outside it IS the USA that is the problem with what is wrong with the world all that BS about the greatest country in the world. The greatest country in the world would care for and empower its people not use all their power to control them.

    Sorry for the rant, I was outraged at the injustice, the corruption and abuse of power that has put you in this situation.

    Hang in there.

    May you Blessed!

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    30. JOE – November 2, 2007






    31. ishpa – November 2, 2007
    I knew a boy who was taken from his Mother by California Child Protection Services when he was six and by the time he became old enough to leave them he had been forced to be drugged by rittalin for years and sexually assaulted many times. He now has AIDS, which he got in thier care. She loves him and fought in court for him to keep his vegetarian diet and stay drug free but lost due to the greater force of thier corruption. It destroyed thier happiness. California is a police state. And it is a tragedy that children are used for it’s profit and to maintain the McMansion lifestyles of the perverted money grubbers. I understand what these folks are going through and they are not the first, just one of the first we get to hear about. Being right does not make it stop hurting. May the power of thier love and honor keep them strong. May they always have the faith to trust in thier love of each other and the greater force that drives them.

    32. EJ – November 2, 2007
    Once the police get involved in anything people are abused and the financial impact on them is extreme. but what do you expect in a runaway police state ? I’ve been through it myself and there isn’t anything an average person can do about it.

    33. james w. – November 2, 2007
    This Judge has no honor or common sence, and should be removed from the bench.

    34. Jay Morran – November 2, 2007
    When we discussed a similar scenario a few days ago, your disbelief was politely dismissing this idea. Take a look

    35. michelle – November 2, 2007
    I was thinking like the person that wrote for the docs to PROVE he had the cancer in the first place. When I read this, not saying that if he did have cancer, he wasn’t cured. I don’t doubt that is possible with alternative methods.
    But, what if….
    And isn’t it possible…
    That HIS biopsy and someone else’s got mixed up somewhere along the line??
    Possibly check DNA on the “cancer” sample, with the kids.
    What if it isn’t even HIS???
    There you go,… an even BIGGER malpractice suit!!
    I’ve had doctors myself (transplant: kidney) that have yelled at me to my face that I am stupid for using herbs and vitamins instead of their drugs. Asked my why I would take something that is NOT FDA approved over something that is.
    My comeback… herbs have been tested over thousands of years, just because they aren’t FDA approved mean nothing! The FDA is all about making the dollar!!
    And one other thing…
    I think it’s time for them to contact Montell Williams and/or Oprah.
    Even if they have a gag order (I mean, seriously… what’s going to happen if they talk? Go to jail??) I’m sure there would be enough of a public outcry that something would be done, in their favor.
    As a matter of fact. Montell did a show about something VERY similar years ago. A boy (teenager) going to Canada for cancer treatment and getting cured, but social services trying to MAKE him do conventional treatments. Him and his mother were on the run for along time. He had these people ON the show to tell the story.
    Can’t hurt….
    Good luck to both of them and anyone else in this position.

    36. Thomast – November 2, 2007
    I guess that what happens when you u good people live where you are controlled by big pharma, BP, which in turn is majority owned by your govt. Now that is why the cops are always there to enforce BPs barbarism.. BP is so terrified their trillion dollar fraud will be exposed, that they have to gag and and put into solitary. Lucky the internet is still alive and well. I use that black salve, imported very carefully into Europe, on my tens of kerotoses and and small cancers I got from 40 years of high altitude sun exposure. Works fine, and as I keep away from the quacks, they say nothing. Maybe one of you locals could send a copy of this to Arnie, he is a health man and will get him thinking, dont know if he wants his reputatiion tarnished any more after his mistakes re the fire prevention in CA.

    37. lilibit – November 2, 2007
    there are groups that are active in fighting just this kind of thing by CPS , please join us in the fight , , , I also have some media contacts that wont care about gag orders . please contact me

    38. lilibit – November 2, 2007
    it is a well known fact that CPS can charge you with neglect for not getting vaccinations for your kids , once they take your children you are guilty until proven innocent , and then they get all kinds of meds from the drug companys to treat their PTSD , they are used by big pharma for mengela like tests . and if you have kids under 5 there is a very good chance that they will give you a case plan that they set you up to fail then they adopt them out , there is big money in this its called an adoption bonus , the states have quotas that they need to keep to get government funds from social security funds. our sites can supply you with this info , you will be outraged . it happens all the time.

    39. lilibit – November 2, 2007
    yikes i need to correct links sorry these are groups

    40. Steve – November 2, 2007
    Its time for people to take back their power and stop cooperating with the system in every way. Don’t shop unless you must and buy only what you need. Don’t vote at any elections, this will delegitimize the crooked system. Educate yourselves, don’t go to doctors, unless you must otherwise avoid them like the devil. Eat vegetarian and do juicing. plant your own garden if you can and become as self sufficient as you can. Avoid so called law enforcement, they are no servants to the public, they are goons all of them and enemies of the public, cops, lawyers, judges, the entire system is rigged. They are all enemies of the people. Stay away from every kink of religion, it turly is the opium of the people. Regilion is in cahoots with the establishment criminals. People need to develop a paralel society, it starts by people refusing in everyway they can to participate in their criminal enterprise, and it is everywhere. Just shun it all to the greatest extent one can, and organise and start to push back, it is time to start pushing back everyway you know how. They are already using force against us.

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    41. Southern Victims of CPS – November 2, 2007
    The link between CPS and the medical community is very tight. CPS has its own doctors that swear they are not part of the system but further investigation shows many if not all the funding ties between the two..
    Since the beginning of America we have done nothing but destroy a land that had no disease and the disease free people in it. It’s a long road but I think there is a lot to be learned from alternative medicine.
    This family has been through hell and we can not change the world for anyone in a flash of light. Things have to be torn down as they were built up. Bit by bit, piece by piece. Why can’t we start with the reform of CPS? Sever that link between the medical commuity and CPS. If we didn’t have CPS doctors, paid by CPS, and a doctor wasn’t required to report things he/she knows is not abuse, CPS would be forced into reforming itself into a branch of the government that did the job it was supposed to do and the children that are truly abused would have the input they need to overcome the situation and the majority of CPS “investigations” that are now invalid would become valid.
    CPS strives to divide and conquor. That is how they win, while the family loses. Does it matter to them? No, only dollar signs matter.
    For the family that endured this torture, please know even strangers wish you well. Be as strong as you have been and know there are people out there telling your story, even if you can’t. They can’t put a gag order on an entire nation of people. Thank you for everything you have done as a mother, a son and a daughter.

    42. Archie1954 – November 2, 2007
    It is important to the judicial system that judges who are misfeasant in office as this one is be reported to the judicial council for censure. Judges know that justice must not only be done it must be shown to be done. This judge is going out of her way to prevent both those things happening and she shouldn’t get away with it.

    43. angryscientist – November 2, 2007
    Thanks for all the comments, everyone! However, I must say I won’t publish any incitements to violence, or stupid remarks like one that stated Ms. Jessop deserves to be in jail for obeying the gag order. I do have standards for this blog. Some of you seem to be pushing your own political agendas. That isn’t the point of this post. You can do that on the outside forums all you like. By the way, Ron Paul isn’t the only candidate who’d stop this kind of crap.

    The point I’m making is, the Constitution should prevent this kind of thing from happening. It didn’t, for a whole variety of reasons I’m not going to get into here. Government has way too much power, and I doubt any mainstream candidate for President has any plan to change that. Ron Paul might have such plans, but I can’t imagine he’s going to win the Republican primary. Ralph Nader might have such plans too, but if you readers really want to see major change in this country, I don’t think a male politician is going to bring it about. Women rising up from the grassroots, like Laurie Jessop and Heart, the feminist revolutionary blogger running for President, might have a better chance of bringing about major change. Just my two cents.

    44. the dave – November 2, 2007
    Somebody should get Michael Moore involved. I’ll email him the link, but I dont know if that’ll be enough.

    45. Is Socialized Medicine the Cure? – November 2, 2007
    […] losing our freedoms folks. “De-nile” is more than just a river in Egypt. ASAn unholy alliance of California Child Protective Services (CPS) with a hostile doctor and judge is […]

    46. Clayton Jones – November 2, 2007
    Dear Angryscientist:

    This matter is political in the highest degree. Healthcare has become political. I don’t mind people injecting their politcal agendas into this discussion; its healthy.

    Ms Jessop and her son chad are victums of nazism. Our inaction over the last forty years has cost us our freedoms. The chickens have come home to roost.

    Europe is ahead of America when it comes to the “Police State” but America is making up for lost time. England is a total mess right now. Germany is close to a Fourth Reich. As the countries of the world embrace communism/federalism/fuedelism or tyranny by any other name we are going to suffer endless Ms Jessop tragedys.

    People from around the world don’t count the American People out. Their best is yet to come and when it does each any everyone of you will benefit. There is a great boiling among the people here in the states and when it blows god help those who have betrayed us.

    Angryscientist, you’re wrong about Ron Paul. He can win the nomination. Congressman Paul is not the cure all, but the Doc is a good beginning.

    Lastly, Ms Jessop I am going to extend my help to you and your family.

    47. Helen – November 2, 2007
    This is unbelievable how this mother was treated here in the USA. Why on earth does it happen??? She needs to go to her Congressman and also the Governor. So let’s talk out loud and clear.
    This son is being denied so much due to the FDA who is owned by the Pharmaceutical companies, they pay up sooooo much for their drugs to go on the market, oh yes I too read the Internet.
    Yes, some would think she was denying her son treatment but look what chemo does and look how long this disaster goes on and on harming the body and killing the good cells as well as the bad.
    I have two nieces in New Zealand who have Kerotoses or Cancer due to moles, we are a moly family. These two girls, 40 >50 have been cut up all over their body to rid them of the semi cancerous moles.
    I will for sure send them this link about the Black Salve.
    Puleeez do not mention the name Michael Moore, go to your Congress, shout it out, go to Arnold, he’s the main man and as he’s a genuine person of main stream, he’ll reach out to you. Best of all no don’t laugh, go to the Enquirer, they put the truth out there and help so many. This is asinine and my blessings go out to all of the family.

    48. a living being upon the land – November 2, 2007
    The reason that the CPS and medical establishment and legal system prohibit real cures is because the people have no rights since they are 14th amendment citizens or US citizens (aka, slaves). The people who had rights were ‘We the People’ of the original republic that died at Appomattox in 1865. The constitution gives no one rights!!!! The constitution is a contract between the states and the federal government. The states originally held the power (confederation) and only give the federal government certain enumerated rights in the contract known as the Constitution for the united States of America. The problem arose between two factions popularly known as the federalists (actually the Nationalists) and the anti-federalists (actually the Federalists). The federalists, aka. Nationalists (Alexander Hamilton et al) had plans of a strong central government controlling the states, the exact opposite of the founding fathers who established the Republic. It took a war (Civil War, sometimes called Lincoln’s War) to reverse the government from a Republic confederation to a National government (empire). At this point the central government held most of the power and the power of the people diminished. However, it took the passage of the 14th amendment (sometimes called the Red Amendment) to diminish the people’s power even further. A new class of citizen was created called the US citizen who was distinctly not ‘We the People’. The central government about this time was also corporatized and the US citizen was under the corporation, not over the government like ‘We the People’ were the creators of the Republic and thereby over that government (the Republic ruled with the consent of ‘We the People’).
    One of the provisions of the Constitution is that we have the unlimited right to contract. We can form good contracts or destructive contracts, it’s our choice. We can also contract all our rights away (unalienable rights by government but not immune from contracts contracting them away). The US citizen has essentially contracted away his rights by signing certain documents (and not reading them). These documents are birth certificates (parents signed that one) which place the child’s output into commerce and also social security and driver’s licenses, bank accounts, using courts, using Federal Reserve notes which pass as ‘money’, etc, in short, taking any privilege from the central government. At this point the US citizen does not own his own body (or much of anything else as he has not paid for anything since he is not using real money) and enter the courts, medical establishment dictating health care etc to the US citizen (but not to ‘We the People’). It is possible to give up the US citizen contracted status and return to the ‘We the People’ status.
    At the same time the judges and public servants take oaths to the Constitution to be able to be a public servant. The curious thing is many haven’t even read the Constitution and know little about it. If one goes into court they have to place a judge’s oath of office into the evidence file and hold the judge to the oath to even approach anything that resembles justice, although regrettably most people don’t know how the courts of today work. The courts work under contract and presumption that you are an US citizen (rebuttable); it must establish a contract with you to proceed (i.e., establish you are a US citizen or get you to argue with them); if you do not contract with the court you can walk out. Courts only work when there is a conflict; if you can settle a case beforehand the case does not proceed further. Since the people have no education in law (this was taken out of schools after the Civil War) it’s no wonder that they don’t understand the workings of law (it bears no resemblance to the popular conception).
    Any reform of the medical system will require a large scale reform effort and a knowledge of who ‘We the People’ are and a knowledge of the legal system and contracts. The system is expert at picking off individual effort.

    49. David Currie – November 2, 2007
    To say that this story is outrageous is puttting it too mildly. Medical fascism in this country is out of control. It seems like the AMA and ADA are trying to destroy our countries health. I got my mercury fillings removed recently and feel like I can think clearly for the first time in my life (I’m 51). Mercury was intentionally put into vaccines to destroy our immune and neurological systems, just as the “elite” (international banksters) told us they planned to do over a hundred years ago. When I visit my family in Los Angeles the fluoride in the water makes me ill if I take a hot shower which produces fluoride gas in the steam. Now they are TRIPLING the amount of flouride in the water in LA, supposedly to help the poor children who might not “benefit” from it otherwise – like they really care about poor children! They have been trying to flouridate the water in this city (Portland) since I moved here 15 years ago, but it keeps getting voted down. Flouride is important to the elite, because it makes people docile and easy to control, which is why the Nazi and Communist regimes put it in the water they gave prisoners. Vaccines are another scourge that destroy immune systems – we are forced to pay for the destruction of our own bodies (and childrens and pets) even though they don’t work for their supposed uses. Cannabis is NOT allowed even though it’s the most useful plant on the planet and totally non-toxic. It was the MOST used medicine before it was banned, but now our government and AMA say it has no medical use? This story makes me so-o angry! I wish we could prosecute that doctor and the social agency workers who kidnap and injure innocent children. The legal system in this country is rigged, just like the politics. Pharisee and scribes just like always. If we can get Dr. Ron Paul elected in 2008, maybe he will do something to fix this mess our country is in. With Ron Paul their IS hope!

    50. Glenn Boyle – November 2, 2007
    Medicine is alleged to be a science, inferring that it should be practiced in a scientific way. In this case that means not making guesses and claims about a patient’s condition that can not be supported by the evidence of tests results, biopsies and lab work.
    It is obvious from the start of this fiasco that the doctor who originally diagnosed Chad with Melanoma has some problems and is too quick to jump to assumptions (very unprofessional & unscientific). This doctor is not God. She can not possibly have known with 100% certainty the course that Chad’s Melanoma would take. There are cases of spontaneous remission in the medical annals so her statement in front of Chad that he would be dead soon are completely inappropriate, unprofessional and tactless. These kinds of statements can actually be quite harmful to the mental health of a patient increasing the risk of a negative out come. Doctors should NEVER make a statement like this in front of a patient Just her having made this overreaching statement alone in the presence of Chad is reason for professional censure.

    That she insists that Chad still has Melanoma after his alternative treatments, even though there is not one whit of supportive scientific evidence that her claim is true should result in a stiff and speedy reprimand from the state medical board if not the outright removal of her license to practice medicine.

    She is making a diagnosis based purely on her opinionated guess work as there is absolutely no lab work or tests to support that she is even remotely correct. In fact entirely the opposite. Chad’s testing after alternative therapy indicates that he has recovered and is completely healthy. So this doctor’s claims are groundless, unprofessional and just plain wrong. Perhaps this doctor would be better suited to a career as a fortune teller! Then she can make all the proclamations she wants without having to back them up with evidence!

    My guess is that if Chad had followed the doctors treatment plan and had received the same great test results the doctor would be claiming victory against Chan’s Melanoma and proclaiming that she had cured him!

    If there is a reacurrence at some point in the future then that bridge should be crossed when they actually come to it, that is it should be dealt with only if the Melanoma has been proven to actually have reaccurred.

    Even if the Melanoma were to return at some future point the medical establishment should not misinterpret the situation and claim they were right all along. Melanoma frequently progresses or returns despite the most drastic and invasive treatments that medicine has to offer. Treatments that ruin the quality of life and other health aspects of the treated patent.
    Chad and his mother are to be congratulated for making a wise decision regarding his treatment options and sticking to their guns.

    A similar situation occurred in Australia, except in that case the state succeeded in forcing their chosen invasive treatments on the child and now that poor child is dead.

    Chad’s original diagnosing doctor should not be allowed to continue practicing medicine. imo she is just the kind of doctor who will end up harming many patients, hurting them instead of helping them. This doctor does not have her head on straight if she thinks it is acceptable to claim that a patient still has melanoma without of shred of scientific evidence to back that statement up.

  6. C Cotton Says:

    They ARE such liars, all of them, and that’s why they will never take my weapons away from me! If enough of them were killed or better yet tortured who pushed this crap onto innocent people there would be a lot less hurt and illness caused by their so called “health care” hands! I say cut their hands off! This really makes me angry…can ya tell?? They have been pushing their “Americans are so stupid” agenda for so long that I think they actually believe it and are trying to convince us of it too! I say, let the sleeping giant awake and begin the sorting! I’m tired of injustices such as this being “overlooked” by mainstream media as if it would not concern us, the American people, while all the other stupid sh*t is aired on prime time as the BIG NEWS OF THE DAY! Yep, keeping us in the dark! Let’s wake up America. Boy, I personally can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when all this wave of DEBT comes crashing down and spreading across the land!! Wonder what lies we’re gonna hear then, huh!? tee hee

  7. michael sterling Says:

    This article made me sick! The American people have no freedoms. This stupid war based on lies, and this! When I was reading this i could not beleive i was reading this. My heart goes out to this woman and family. they want your kids on drugs so these big drug corps can profit, then pass the kick back to the doctors that push it and or stupid government! we are in irag for our freedom? Bullshit!!!!! then we should fight against our on government! do not sign up in the military no matter how bad the economy gets, hell maybe thats why the economy is the way it is, so more victims can sign up! some times i wish to go to mexico and live in the mountains just to get away from this political lies and unjustice they lay on american citizens. this woman should sue everybody that came in contact with her and son in a negitive way!!!! But of course the courts are in the big pocket as well! I don’t know anymore. I do know one thing, even if you don’t believe in God or not the day is coming and coming soon just look and listen, open your eyes. And he’ll have his day amd all the Bush’s and cheney’s and all those rich corps will be judged!! And if you don’t believe me, just give it time you’ll see.

  8. michael sterling Says:

    sorry for the spelling in a rush

  9. bodydetoxlady Says:

    i think we should be more vigilant against Child Labor. child labor have an increasing trend these days specially in third world countries.