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60 Minutes CBS News MRSA Report

12th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

One of the better news reports on MRSA


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15 Responses to “60 Minutes CBS News MRSA Report”

  1. Marie Says:

    I saw that same report on 60 minutes. I have been hearing studies on the following product that is being verified by many sources as THE ANSWER FOR MRSA. See PATENT #9135195. It is a SilverSol solution called SILVER SHIELD (a type of nontoxic colloidal silver solution, but not the same as typical colloidal silver-it is much more powerful). The
    EPA says that one would have to drink 1/2 of a 4 fl oz bottle daily for 72 years and urinate zero out for it to become toxic. Senator Orin Hatch has already presented it before Congress. The Surgeon General of the Airforce
    is all for it for many epidemics. There are over 80 published studies now on this. The inventor is a Dr. Gorden Pedersen. After seeing his presentation, this should be in every medicine cabinet in America. I found that you can
    get this product at wholesale from

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am waiting for a documented or antidotal story on the effectiveness of colloidal silver products for MRSA. Because of other diseases they cure I have no reason to believe that they won’t work.

    I currently suggest which is way more potent than any other thing I have seen on the market. But this is not to say that other colloidal silver products will not work, I think many probably can. It is a small investment for someone with MRSA to try. It could potentially save them from many years of misery or death.

    NutraSilver is the only silver product to my knowledge that has made a dent in Morgellon’s disease which is far more incurable than MRSA.
    I will post before long on Morgellon’s and the use of Nutrisilver.

  3. Spencer Jones Says:

    Man claims colloidal silver cured his MRSA infection

    This article was published in the Evening Telegraph, a British newspaper. For a FREE report on safe, daily colloidal silver dosage levels, please visit

    Mans claims colloidal silver cured his MRSA infection…

    An elderly man who lived with a potentially lethal infection for two years claims he has cleared himself of the illness with colloidal silver.

    David Sharman, 82, was infected with superbug MRSA in June, 2001, but believes determination and a regular dose of colloidal silver has helped him beat the infection.

    He said: “There are so many terrible stories about MRSA in the news, but people seem to just talk about it and are not doing anything.

    “I started to use colloidal silver and, after almost two years living with the infection and having regular check-ups, I was told I was clear.”

    Mr Sharman, of Exmouth Avenue, Corby, claims he contracted MRSA after a series of hip operations at Kettering General Hospital during 2001.

    He said: “The wound on my hip became infected and the hospital informed me that I had MRSA before I was discharged for rehabilitation.

    “I was determined to help myself and began using colloidal silver directly on my wound daily.”

    Colloidal silver is a liquid commonly used before the 1930s as an antibiotic treatment and is available at health food shops.
    It works by attaching itself to a vital enzyme found in bacteria and disabling the offending pathogen, preventing it from reproducing.

    Mr Sharman, who has three children Richard, 22, William, 20, and Sarah, 18, with wife Denise, said: “I could feel myself slowly getting better and the day I got the all-clear, just before Christmas 2003, was an extremely happy day for the whole family.

    “Getting MRSA doesn’t have to mean it is the end of the road and I really believe colloidal silver helped me.”

    Dr Richard Slack is a microbiologist based in Nottingham who works in infection control.

    He said: “The silver is quite a good antibiotic used in burns units because it does kill MRSA and other bacteria that cause wound infections.

    “There is absolutely a possibility that this has been beneficial to Mr Sharman.”

  4. Dee Says:

    I couldn’t get the herbal health center site to load but I found Silver Shield at wholesale prices at The Herbs Place:

    I’ve also seen a lot of info on this product for so many other diseases. The information on the patent site has been absolutely incredible!

  5. Spencer Jones Says:

    Fortunately, four recent medical studies have demonstrated that an inexpensive and completely natural substance called colloidal silver literally decimates MRSA infections. You can read a very interesting report that summarizes all four studies at

  6. autumn Says:

    hopefully colloidal silver does cure MRSA because im still hearing from doctors family and friends that its not proven. =[ i have mrsa and i work in a skilled nursing facility i thought it was a spider bite until it started getting bigger and speading on my legs soon my lymph nodes were swollen and i no longer felt like myself. every new lesion i got was a sharp pain and then along came the pruritis
    i want to know why there isnt some sort of alert for this superbug
    MY brothers girlfriend saw my bandages on my legs and asked me what was wrong I looked up at her and told her the whole story she looked at me and said come with me i want to show you something so she takes me into the bathroom and pulls up her pant leg and shows me the almost same lesions i had on the back of her thigh just like me and i hadnt seen her in a month so i didnt give it to her because mine showed up 7 days before
    hers was worse though it had already started to crater she said she went to the doctor and he said it was a spider bite and gave her an antibiotic WHY DONT DOCTORS or SOME doctors know about MRSA or even try to do cultures
    I went to the urgent care because i noticed something was wrong over the weekend so i go the doctor looks at it and says its probably staph or msra and i said ok she said i will give you an antibiotic and that was pretty much it welll since im in nursing school i knew better than to just be like oh ok well thanx doc ill leave now i looked at her and said well are you going to take a culture or what and she looked at me and said oh that would be a great idea! WHAT THE F*** ahhhhhh!
    What is the US doing about this its spreading and becoming more resistant!?
    people are thinking its just a spider bite just like a couple years ago i would get spider bites and they infame and go away but this is different and how do you differenciate a spider bite from mrsa if you have no insurance have a large family or live in a poverish area or are in a health care facility that doesnt accurately assess their patients and they have mrsa and are putting mrsa patients in the same room as a non infected patient that soon will get mrsa its ridiculous im telling you something needs to be done!!!!!!!!!

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please look at
    for a possible treatment
    as well as MMS. MMS costs much less. There is also allimed, an advanced garlic preparation.

    I know what you are talking about. I work around MRSA every day and see the stupid things doctors and nurses do.

    you may want to join this forum to discuss further

    Most doctors are jerks.

  8. Danser Says:

    MRSA Super-Bug Destroyed in 60 Seconds in FDA-certified Lab Test

    The age of antibiotics is nearly over. Bacteria are no longer affected the way they were 50 years ago. Most bacteria have mutated so that they are unaffected by antibiotics. More people are killed each year by MRSA than AIDS!

    So, medical science is frantically searching for antibiotics replacement.

    Beneficial Solutions, LLC, the owner of NutraSilver, a natural mineral, retained Dr. Anthony Japour, MD from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to develop the lab-test criterion and to ensure that the test results would accurately reflect the outcome of the test.

    In April, 2009, NutraSilver was submitted to BioScience Labs in Montana to be tested against MRSA 300, a strain that is most common and most difficult to eliminate. A “time-kill” study was conducted with the following results released in July, 2009:

    1.339 BILLION MRSA cells (CFU) were killed at the rate of 99.9999% (the limit of the test) in 60 seconds. Antibiotics could never match these results.

    The reader must recognize that these dramatic test results demand further in-vivo (inside the human body) testing and should propel NutraSilver into the scientific limelight for legitimate consideration as a safe and effective replacement for antibiotics. Previous FDA-certified lab tests conducted at Nelson Labs in Salt lake City, Utah, demonstrated that NutraSilver has no toxicity. The lab animals used in the tests actually thrived on NutraSilver.

    Scientifically engineered by a Physicist nearly 15 years ago, NutraSilver labs tests also showed high kill-rates for many other harmful bacteria including eColi, Salmonella, Cholera and several other harmful pathogens. NutraSilver also kills fungus and yeast, as demonstrated by previous FDA-certified Lab tests. Used as a water treatment to kill water-borne pathogens, NutraSilver’s manufacturer is on the World Health Organization’s Water Treatment and Safe Storage Committee.
    All published FDA-certified lab reports can be seen here:

  9. Colloidal Silver Man UPDATE! Says:

    Sorry for being late on this answer, but this news came out early this year and no one is commenting or talking about it. I am new to the forum and know quite a bit about different methods of manufacturing or colloidal gold and silver products. So for those that are still interested in this topic, I would like to impart my point of view on this subject:

    The University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico has researched silver nano particles and has come to the conclusion that silver is anti viral and anti bacterial, and KILLs HIV. This University is extremely well respected by Europeans and Latin America and is known for its unbiased and meticulous research.

    For those of you that have been waiting for proof that silver works, there it is, and NO one is saying anything to deny it since it came out early this year, I wonder why?

    There are basically two options for those that want to consume colloidal products: That is Chemically made products or NON Chemically made.

    NOW thanks to modern science there is a new method of making colloidal gold or silver, but before we talk about this I will first explain the OLD Methods:

    The old method which is about 50 years old, used gold or silver wire in distilled water, it takes two wires, one positive and one negative. They are placed about ¼” apart from each other and hooked up to a power source, which is supposed to create a spark under the water. Because no spark is made, the do it your “selfers” add Salt, hydrogen peroxide, cyanides, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or other types of catalysts to help jump start the spark. THIS method produces 59 atom sized particle clusters.

    The Catalysts that they use, changes the composition of the solution, it goes from non chemical to chemical. The chemicals ARE the real danger and are the reason some people contract unwanted side effects.

    The chemical solution (depending on which catalyst is used) can cause: Gray Hair, Argyria, Nerve damage and even hair loss, depending on which product you choose to ingest.

    NOW is there is a 100% Chemical Free Method!!! It does NOT use any catalysts, and is practically 100% organic!
    I am not at liberty to discuss the production process, but this method is based on modern process’s and ACTULLY produces particles that are the size of an ATOM! The smaller the particle the more bio-available it is and is easy on the body, its acts like a typical mineral and the body can actually put it to use where its more need. Because the particles are the size of an atom, they can also get expelled when the body does not need them anymore, since there are NO heavy metals.

    Colloidal Silver Nano Particles vs Colloidal Silver Atoms

    The fact is that the smaller the particle the more effective it will be in killing unwanted germs, viruses and bacteria’s. Yes Silver does kill viruses and bacteria’s. The problems with Nano Particle colloids is that the particles are just too big, composed of 59 atoms, they bounce off of bacteria’s and viruses.

    It’s as if you are trying to kill someone with a basket ball!

    With colloidal silver atoms, the atom size particles are like a bullet that penetrates and actually causes internal and external damage.

    Again the problem with Colloidal Silver Nano Particles also is the Chemicals, these chemical are the leading cause of argyria and other health complications.

    Colloidal GOLD Nano Particles vs Colloidal Gold Atoms

    While there is NO doubt that Gold is an antioxidant, and has been used to treat Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, memory improvement, the “Spiritual Whirlies” that some claim to experience may be due to the consumption of chemicals.

    To make colloidal gold nano particles, usually salt is used, when done, it make a type of a Gold Chloride, Gold Chloride kills skin cells and turns them black, gold chlorides causes NERVE Damage, and who knows what it does to your brain.

    Chemical FREE colloidal gold atoms.
    Modern production methods of colloidal gold render Colloidal Gold Atom sized particles that actually benefit the body, and since there is NO Gold Chloride, there is NO tissue damage, No nerve damage and NO “False Spiritual Whirlies”.

    I am a firm believer in the benefits NOBLE Metals, scientists in Japan have demonstrated that NOBLE Metals are in FACT what is behind the Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

    The trick is making supplements without the use of chemicals, obtaining a high PPM content to get the maximum amount of health benefits, and making them cost effective so that everyone can enjoy good health.

  10. spencerjonesy Says:

    Now there’s MRSA contamination in the U.S. food supply. See article:

  11. Perfectmus Says:

    Clinical Trials Using Colloidal Silver
    As of today in the USA, there are apparently no clinical trials using colloidal silver that are backed and officially recognized by the FDA.
    The University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico has researched silver nano particles and has come to the conclusion that silver is anti viral and anti bacterial, and KILLs HIV. This University is extremely well respected by Europeans and Latin America and is known for its unbiased and meticulous research.
    In spite of excellent undisputed clinical trials done at the “Harvard of Mexico” the FDA and American institutions choose to ignore the findings of this well respected institution.
    That means colloidal silver is relatively proven, despite overwhelming success stories that tout colloidal silver is a wonder drug that can cure diseases. If you are considering to supplement your health regimen with colloidal silver, it is best to consult any health practitioner first to make sure that you are not allergic to silver.
    Why is a tentative approach for colloidal silver being recommended? Everything explains. Here are the facts about Colloidal Silver.
    Colloidal silver has seen extensive use over the years, as early as the middle ages. It was found that silver prohibits the propagation of simple cell organisms, mainly by ceasing its oxygen metabolism function. However, due to the advent of penicillin and the discovery that silver causes Argyria, colloidal silver ceased being used extensively in medicine. All these support colloidal silver’s property as a microbe killer.
    What must be noted also is that silver has been documented to have been used in Medical Text books as early as 1914. With almost one hundred years of Colloidal Silver Use, and less than a handful of cases that have no explanation as to why or how those 50 year old pictures of people with argyria contracted that disease, the case against colloidal silver is completely unmerited.
    The case FOR colloidal silver has been re-established by the University of Neuvo Leon Mexico., an reinforces what the “Pro Silver” movement has been saying all along: Colloidal Silver is good for the human body to help establish a balanced immune system.
    While the traditional colloidal silver industry produces Chemically Made Colloidal Silver, which contain “Nano Particles” (nano particles are about 200 atoms in size), there is a new method of producing colloidal silver that involves NO chemicals, No Catalysts, and No Salts or proteins.
    That method produces Colloidal Silver Monatomic Atoms, much to small to detect by conventional method, and can only be verified by doing chemical tests that involve adding salt to “bond” the monatomic particles into the salt particles, which can then be burned and tested for silver or gold.
    Colloidal Silver Atoms aka Colloidal Silver 3000 to 15000 PPM is the safest and most concentrated colloidal silver product that has no chemicals added to produce the monatomic particles.

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you. Brigham Young University has done a number of studies with positive results for colloidal silver also.. but of course that does not necessarily mean that they were FDA approved studies… The FDA will never approve a colloidal silver study unless it is biased towards the negative..

  13. TrAo Says:

    A bit of information that seems to be overlooked time and time again is that the term ‘colloidal silver’ is an umbrella term for many different silver solutions.

    Silver ion solution, the silver atom minus one of its electrons, is an excellent solution for the skin, eyes, nose and most especially nebulized into the lungs. Nebulized into the lungs, the silver ions go directly into the blood stream unchanged, where they will do the most good. Safeguarding against airborne viral threats in the lung and bloodstream is your 1st line of defense.

    Silver particle solution, or multiple silver atoms stuck together, is the ONLY silver solution that can withstand the harsh acids and salts in the stomach. Silver ion solution, the single silver atoms are compounded within the stomach and lose 90% of their use as the harsh environment renders them useless.

    If you are looking for a silver solution generator, look for one that can make both. And NEVER add anything to your distilled water to ‘speed up’ the process.

    Good health!

  14. TrAo Says:

    A comment about Argyria.

    Argyria is developed in the human body because the pure silver ions have come in contact with salts or other elements while making the silver solution, or in the environment of the gut, and become silver chloride. Never add anything to the distilled water you use to make your solutions from and make sure your distilled water has a PPM of 2 or less before you begin.

    Silver chloride is a silver compound and is NOT the same as a pure silver ionic or particle solution. When combining silver chloride solution along with a high PPM [250ppm or more in 1oz solution] the very large silver chloride particles collect and become snagged in the skin tissue of the body, rendering it a blueish color. Argyria is not hazardous, just a socially awkward development.

    Even when ingesting a low ppm silver ion solution, it will compound into silver chloride, but there simply isn’t enough there to cause argyria at low ppm and low doses.

    It is for this very reason that the best way to send silver into the digestive system is to consume a silver particle solution. Remember, silver particle solution is NOT a silver ionic solution, but rather a silver ionic solution that is allowed to bind together to form pure silver particles. Silver particles are MUCH larger than ions and more robust in the gut.

    There is no single colloidal solution that a person can use topically [skin and eyes] and internally [lungs, blood and gut]. We have been trained to expect 1 pill to do it all but adding silver to the human body is much more complicated.

    Remember, silver ions when salts and acids are NOT present, silver particles when they are.

    Be well.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I use a silver maker called the Silver Puppy. The machine is highly recommended by experts.