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A Note From Jim Humble

18th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Answer to Dr. Paul Pressman’s claims about MMS. His first statement is mistaken, chlorine dioxide does not turn to chlorite. It is exactly opposite. Chlorite turns into chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide only lasts 2 hours before it turns to chloride which is table salt and is completely non dangerous. That’s the chemistry of it.

The formula that I use was tested throughout the world for over 20 years. Tests and clinical trials have been conducted in tens of thousands of hospitals and clinics in over 100,000 actual tests. No other chemical has ever been so thoroughly tested. The commercial name of one product of the same chemical formula that I use is Dioxychlor. This is just one of several products that has received such testing.

I have listed on the site in the last FAQ some excerpts from a scientific paper giving data about many of these tests and giving actual results of the tests. If you want the data you will need to look up the full paper on the Internet.

My product, which is not my product, as I do not sell the MMS nor receive money from it’s sale except as donations from a few people, but definitely not as a single dime of profit, has receive much testing as well. MMS has been given to over 100,000 people the biggest portion who were babies and children. There was never any report of damage or problems. In addition I conducted clinical trials in prisons in the Central African country of Malawi and the government their verified my results with parallel tests, which was 100% of all prisoners treated were cured.

Much damage is done by people like Dr. Paul Pressman who begin talking when they know nothing of what they speak. There are people who trust them and are thus denied the therapy that might otherwise have saved their lives. I have to refrain from commenting on his purpose for speaking without knowledge, and it might have been ego or any one of a hundred other good reasons, but the end result of such behavior is always evil. If someone who could have been cured of a disease is not cured because they trusted Pressman, then that result is evil.

There is no valid argument against MMS by anyone, even the best of scientists, because the proof is there in thousands of tests and clinical trials. There is no argument against chemistry, which dictates such result and then the actual results in thousands of trials. Many hundreds of Scientific papers are available and the book, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, lists 160 of them. Dr. Pressman, please read the book, as the papers are listed in the book and available to be read on the Internet. You can help many of your clients simply by reading the book. Jim Humble

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2 Responses to “A Note From Jim Humble”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Jim Humble’s new webpage:

  2. bill downs Says:

    I am a nutritional biochemist and am working with an Amish girl (Katie Fisher) in PA. She has a baby boy with Nephrotic Syndrome, who WAS in need of a kidney transplant. His condition is improving, but I have suggested that she add the MMS to his protocol. However, no stores in her vicinity carry the product and she does not have a car. Is it possible to send her a package of MMS and the book? If so, please send it to:
    David King
    281 Sinclair Road
    Delta, PA 17134

    Please contact me if you need additional information. Sincerely, Bill Downs