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MMS -Miscellaneous – Testimonials No. 1 includes Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, warts, Hepatitis C, Parasites (updated 12/25/07)

19th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Technical Updates on how to use MMS found on this page:

Here’s a message from Keith, a reader of my newsletter, which I guess I would classify as a “testimonial.” See what you think:

“Bill, you should have Mr. Humble of the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) explain to those using it that they should watch their poop. Sunday i passed a parasite about four inches long and big around as my little finger. That is not the first one, either. About four weeks ago, I had four smaller ones. They float up to the top of the water in the commode. I am sure it is from the MMS. So, watch your poop.



Unknown Date
I have been made aware by doctors that I need a new liver due to having Hepatitis C 30 years ago. I have been through ten years of treatments with specialists. I have been taking MMS for a month now. Last week, I went to the clinic. They took their usual tests, but this time, the doctor told me that my liver is now in a stable condition and that he did not have to see me for a year.
Separate from that, my energy level is through the roof and I have noticed that the “spider nevai” or red spots that used to be sprinkled across my chest are gone. A seeming chronic skin infection on my leg which I have suffered with for 7 years is almost completely cleared up. I can’t believe it.
Richard Mariscott, Vancouver Island, BC



Hi folks-

Just a quick update. I’ve been on MMS for about a month…still not past 13 drops once or twice a day. The large stubborn plantar wart between my toes is completely gone! My husband also realized that the small hard cyst he had on his hip has disappeared. Another friend has been on the MMS for only 8 days and she also had 5 warts near her ankle disappear.
Also, I was able to clear up a bladder infection using only the MMS. I can tell that I am having a large die-off of Candida…yet my craving for sweets is nearly gone. I feel quite sick if I eat sweets and I am very happy about that.
Blessings of vibrant health to all of you! ….Shalamee



thought this might interest some of you folks. i have a friend that
bought a stud dog several months ago ( paid 7k for him ). he said that
he’s had him on antibiotics practically the whole time. he had to have
an operation for kidney stones, has had prostate problems and can’t
make puppies. he had lost alot of his hair and would barely get out of
his house. he said he was getting ready to have him put down and i
talked him in to trying the mms. this was about 6 wks ago. he lives in
ok. & i’m in tx so we really don’t talk alot. he called this afternoon
very excited! he says the dog is up running around acting like he
should :-) he’s grown back most of his hair already. the guy was so
happy he was slobbering all over the phone… he’s going to keep it up
for awhile before having his semen checked… i feel this is pretty
substantial as he’s been to umpteen vets and spend boocoodles of $$$
trying to get this dog well.



Hi xxx,

I don’t have cancer that I know of.But I have been devastated by
something that is killing me. Extreme fatigue, Brain fog, Locked up
lower back,Recently thinning hair and blurry vision,and many more
symptoms.I have been told I have mercury poisoning from the pretty
silver fillings in my teeth which I intend to remove when I can afford
it. I have been taking MMS for about 6 or 7 weeks, And it is slowly
cleaning this junk out of me. It has not been over night, And There
has been a few times I had to slow down a little, Because of high
pressure bathroom visits. There is definitely something in my body MMS
doe’s not seem to care for. It is “unlocking” my lower back, And I am
sleeping great compared to the virtual insomnia I used to have. I have
a better sense of well being. I am sure it is just a matter of time
that it will get me where I want to be, As well as using other things
that are specific to my needs.

I also gave some MMS to my cousin who
was recently told that she has fibromyalgia. She was almost to the
point I was, She even needed help bathing and getting undressed, She
had what you could say was an overnight sucess with MMs. A few days,
She’s back to work. I was amazed to see it work that fast on a person.
She is still having smaller problems, Such as her bowels are still
cleansing. (She has an extended tummy), Causing me to suspect a
plugged bowel. This seems to work well on plugged bowels. I am sure
every ones needs are different,

But here is a list of my suggestions
to you.I have had swollen lymph glands for years. Sota’s magnetic
pulser worked great for this condition, As well as MMS. My next step
is Enzymes, There is a great post here in this forum about them.Also I
intend to get a stirwand to oxygenate water. These are available from . Please make sure you have no metals in
your mouth. Do a heavy metal detox. Globallight has free cd’s and
dvd’s explaining many of these. You might want to look at
Hope this helps. You can beat this, Yes you can, Hang in there!! I’ll
say a prayer for you.

Thanks Bob for allowing us to post your story.


Skin Tags are falling off.Noticed this yesterday.After I started on MMS,some of
them started itching somewhat and I can only attribute this to the
chlorine dioxide.
I am up to nine drops twice a day now and I have started to include
our family farm dog,Jazz,in on the MMS protocol.She doesn’t seem to
mind it at all.

Follow Up:
Re: Skin tags

Hello , I am at 9 drops in the morning and 9 in the evening.
So far no adverse reactions other than what I encountered at the
beginning,but that was about taking too much too quickly.I originally
had pains on both sides , around the colon area,for a few years
now,and those are gone.I still get the odd ping,so to speak,but it
does not last and not from the same location.
It feels more like a clean up is being done where it should,that
is the best way that I could describe it.
— In, “A” wrote:
> Hi g,
> Skin tags falling off sounds like a good advancement for you. Can
>you now report any further
> developments? What dosages are you doing and any adverse reactions
> Thanks,
> xxx


Iggy: sept 16th 8:57PM
I mentioned yesterday that I took 16 drops, activated with 1/2 tsp of ReaLime, and mixed with distilled water. I experienced slight nausea, no vomiting, and then 3 or 4 hours later I developed mild diarrhea. I didn’t really feel too bad, just a little weak. Today I feel super…quite invigorated.

I may not be the best testimonial because I don’t have any serious health issue, but I think I may repeat the 16 drops on a regular basis, maybe once a month.

Iggys still at it…


“I went to the dental hygienist today. Today was the first time she found no microbial critters in my tooth swab. She examines the swab under a microscope and shows it on a computer monitor. I had brushed and swished with MMS for the past week”…..per Iggy. thanks Iggy.

Hello all:

Yesterday, I sent a post saying that my reluctant decision is to take a leave of absence from all lists…..however, I have received this message and a few others subsequent to that. My sense of this is that I should respond.

I did reply to this question, but it may have been a private reply. No, I have no idea what MMS could have done to that cardia muscle. Most of the suggestions made on this list are wonderful, but I have been using almost all of them for some years.

The only possibility that I can see is the suggestion made by Bob that maybe the MMS reduces the CO Q 10 in one’s body. I do take this , but will up the amounts and see what happens. My situation was so bad last night that I thought for awhile I was really in serious trouble….it is better this early am. This discomfort has made it nearly impossible for me to function.

Wes, it was me who wrote about the toe nail fungus. Your suggestion for the lady with the parasitic infection was a good one, and I do not want to be taking away from it.

The however is, and I was hesitant to post this earlier, in my case I did try topical application for toe nail fungus. It was a study by itself….and raised questions in my mind. At first I applied a diluted solution …..then a alternative medical person suggested I try it full strength. I did this, and seemed for the first week to be seeing results…..the toes were looking cleaner, especially around the cuticles.

Then, suddenly, the whole foot became fevered and started to swell…..I could barely walk. Next, the flesh area on the big toe (I had really cut the nail back) looked very strange….hard to describe….red, blue, some almost black areas…..a sort of scabbing in places. The foot is still recovering from that experience, so I cannot say what it will look like in a few days. The fungus is still very evident on the big toe….but three small toes which were also infected appear to be a bit better.

Now, I left the solution on longer than 30 seconds….yes, I know the book says to wipe it off quickly. Therefore, your suggestion to Ian to wipe it off after 30 seconds is valid. I was left to wonder, though, since I could see what was going on topically, if taking too much MMS, or for too long a period could have the same blistering effect on one’s insides….a little bit of a scary thought to me.

On the positive side, to go back to your suggestion to wipe it off after 30 seconds, parallel to that I did , I think , have success with the sole of the foot which was also bothered by some “varmint”….with the skin cracking and occasional stinging bite like effects. I used the diluted MMS on the sole, I did leave it on overnight several times…..seems to have cured the problem.

I will miss the input of the members of these lists and look forward to my work load being lessened so that I can resume following them.

All the best.



I met with a young lady about 35 tonight who has been plagued with
parasites for many years. They actually grow under her skin in
circles and have a head. The sores open up and she pulls them out
and it takes awhile for the wounds to heal and they leave scars. I’m
sure the worms grow inside as well. She has had all kinds of
treatments from different practicioners. Doctors don’t know what to
do. Naturalpaths are stumped. The worms eat the herbal cures for
breakfast and ask for more. IN addition to this she has now been
diagnosed with cancer – I’m not sure what type.

SOOOOOooh she was glad to know that I might have something to help
her. I took her the e-books, a bottle of 10% citric acid and a
bottle of MMS. I showed her how to mix up one drop, wait, add and
drink. Within 10 minutes she felt something working like she had
taken appropriate drugs. She really feels encouraged. I asked her to
read the stories from Africa and then to keep a written diary of her
experience. [I hope to be able to share that with the group within
10 days to two weeks.] Then her stomach bloated. She felt
nauseated. We prayed and the nausea immediately went away. Her gut
started to do the rumble and within 20 minutes she was rushing to
the bathroom.

For those of you who might just think that ONE DROP won’t do much,
I’d like to point you to chapter 23 in the second e-book as well as
the above experience.

And my wife still can’t comfortably go above one drop a day because
of nausea.



Re: The Rest Of The Story.

This lady was not addicted to anything. She was put on short term
drug therapy to treat PTSD and the treatment was working. When she
took MMS, it was like the drugs just stopped working or were
destroyed and she was depending upon them to function well day to
day and to maintain her professional practice. Identical symptoms to
those prior to drug therapy were experienced within 24 hours of
taking MMS.

— In yahoogroups, “xxx” wrote:

I was wondering if this is indeed the case there may be a benefit
toward quickly releasing drugs associated with addictions. However I also
wonder if the chemicals are released too quickly if they would have
traumatic effects on the body sort of like going through a “cold
turkey” detox.

> Just a thought
> Y

I think this was a reasonable assumption on her part and mine.
Doesn’t the body treat drugs as toxins? Doesn’t MMS seek out and
oxidize toxins? I don’t think this is a concern in Africa where
people don’t have the luxury of being on prescription dugs but
here it really could be a concern.

So I throw in another caution here. As nasty as prescription
drugs are and I know that they are the 3rd leading cause of death in
America, they do have some benefits at times and at times some
people really depend upon those benefits. It appears to me that
MMS could remove some or all of the benefit of a prescription drug if
one takes ‘enough’ drops, whatever ‘enough’ is.



In the past, several things have relieved me of prostate problems and I
thought I had no issue there. Lakhovsky loops around the waist had already
helped a lot in the past year.

When I took MMS I was unaware of any action to the prostate or any part of
the urinary tract.

Yesterday I took my first long trip since having taken MMS. I normally
suffer from TB on a trip: Tiny Bladder ;>)

Not to be indelicate, but I was pretty amazed at myself, what I could hold
and how much came out when I did go, more than I can remember since I was at
least 20 years younger. The most amazing thing was the absence of my usual I
GOTTA GO feeling. I just felt full, that was all. No huge emergency feeling,
felt like I could have gone a little longer, then a flood when I did go.


No virus found in this outgoing message.

Re: MMS effects

I took two drops last night and had no symptoms. So I took 5 drops this morning.
Hardly got off the toilet almost all day. Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but
not much. And diarrhea is a sign that something was not right in your body is
it? Or could it just be an individual reaction to this product? I wasn’t taking
it for any particular problem since I did not know I had one. Go figure. It’s my
day off tomorrow. That’s for sure. Anybody else with any reaction?


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9 Responses to “MMS -Miscellaneous – Testimonials No. 1 includes Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, warts, Hepatitis C, Parasites (updated 12/25/07)”

  1. Jim Says:

    I have a friend who has taken a “holiday” due to financial conditions from his HIV cocktail and is doing the MMS once a day – twice a day produced serious diarrhea which he couldn’t tolerate. We will not know for a couple of months when he is retested how his viral load looks and his t-cells are responding. Is anyone else familiar with MMS and HIV? We need to have encouragement!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I can not say for HIV and MMS. What I can say is that in the use of ozone therapy, a known curative therapy for HIV, during the detox process the ozone will take out the T cells that are damaged. When an HIV person gets a T cell count after some ozone therapy the T cell count is sometimes lower instead of the hoped for rise in count. After more ozone therapy the T cell count eventually rises as the body builds new and healthy T cells. This is a process that may take some time.

    I cannot say for sure but one could theorize that the same situation may occur with MMS.

    If one dose a day is tolerated ok he may want to try another dose at just one or two drops. There is no rule that all doses need to be the same amount. But according to Jim Humble it is best to stay at a dose that does not cause nausea and vomiting. Nutrition I would think is very important with HIV. Lots of veggies and whole foods. Nothing processed.

  3. Kathy Freeman Says:

    Yes, MMS gives you “the runs”. MMS should be started at only 1 drop and increased one drop at a time only when a prior dose has no severe reaction. Going from 2 drops to 5 drops on the 2nd dose was a big hike since diahhrea is usual for most taking it from 3-5 drops (it is for me for sure). I went from 1 drop to 2, and then to 3 drops with no trouble but from 4 to 5 still produces diahhrea, so I am cut back and am taking only 4 drops now (after 10 days). I had no severe illness I know of when starting MMS either, just want good health. It is improving my sleep, happiness, athlete’s foot, and energy levels so far. I intend to keep using it.

  4. Lumar Says:

    I’ve been on MMS for three weeks and never got nauseous. I’m up to 15 drops, once or twice a day. This seems unusual to me. I have gotten tired and a bit dizzy, though and it’s handling Candida. Anyone have this response?

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Your response is pretty common for some folks.

  6. Paul Vaughan Says:

    I have just ordered MMS through a recomendation from a friend who is taking it. From what I have read above and from what he has told me, the runs are quite common. Not looking forward to it but I am more than happy to give MMS a try to help me with M.E (Chronic Fatigue). Hopefully the supplement will have the desired effect and aleviate some of the symptoms. I am not looking for a miracle cure but anything that helps in the slightest will be a bonus. Will keep you posted on any results positive or negative.


  7. Will Ressler Says:

    What do you drink the MMS with? Do you put the drops of MMS, and the activator, in a cup of water? And if so how much water would you use?

  8. thomas atkinson Says:

    I am a paraplegic and have been having long time battle with urinary tract infections (UTI) problems as well as non healing open sores on my right leg. I started taking MMS at two drops twice a day and had no ill effects. After the second day the horrible night sweats from the UTI totally subsided and after four days my urine was 80% more clear. I Gradually upped the dosage by 2 drops per day up to 8 drops twice a day with no problems. By two weeks the oldest wound which was 5 years old and in a stable but not healing state for two of those years was 90% healed. By three weeks it was completely healed. The other wound is moving along quite nicely. Since it had gotten rather deep it will take some time to heal, But I expect it to be done in a month or so. I have bought extra bottles to give to a friend who has fibromyalgia and hepatitis C to contend with. Will post on it helps her. Telling anyone who will listen about MMS.

  9. Arrow Says:

    Congradulations on your healing. As a nurse I have literally seen paraplegics die from pressure ulcers that would not heal, and with untold suffering at that.

    At there are several people who are using mms for hep c and doing well. They may want to join for support. Somewhere here on healthsalon there is a comment just recently about someone who was in line for a liver transplant for hep c as they were dying. After mms the liver transplant is no longer needed. Of course doctors are astounded.. Now the FDA is putting warnings out on MMS. Buyer beware. The FDA lies.