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MMS Testimonials No. 13 – Lyme Disease (updated 11/15/09)

24th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Technical Updates on how to use MMS found on this page:

My wife is up to 9 drops and her reactions are now very slight to the treatment.

In the beginning she stopped taking it for a while at three drops because almost all her joints hurt so badly. She described her spinal pain as feeling as if her back was breaking.

Now she only has slight pain in her thumb joints. I am speculating that the MMS has done its job in the main part of the body either eliminating or greatly reducing the Lyme bacteria. Now it is getting to the peripheral areas.

She has not yet had the Diarrhea that almost always happens at some point. If she has it at the same point I did, it should be coming at about ten to eleven drops.

I can only hope that it is killing the cyst form and not driving the Lyme into dormancy. It will be a period of months before I will know the answer to that. But, so far so good. She has more energy than I do and feels well at this time.

I am no longer taking MMS myself as I am now on Low Dose Naltrexone for my Crohn’s Disease.

That is all for now.



I have been using MMS and Rife Treatment on a friend of mine with
Lyme disease. On her first lyme test she scored the second highest
levels that the lab had ever seen. Her last test shows her levels to
be normal with only the co infections showing up. Those were at a low
level also.

MMS and Rife treatments seem to be getting her lyme to die off! The
results so far a promising!

The rife machine we are using it the Truerife with the foot bath or effectrolysis unit.



Another Lyme Case:


If you’d like, you can let A know that there’s no need for anyone to “pass on the relevant information” to me because I can still see the thread. In any case, I do appreciate A’s concern but I can’t think of anything that anybody could say really at this point that would get me to stop taking it. I don’t want to go back to the way I felt before, even if the way I feel now is representative of a clinically unhealthier state – which I don’t see how it could be.

At this point I’ve been on the MMS 12 days and I just can’t think of anything I could see in writing that would rival what I am feeling. I am just feeling so much better in nearly every category; more than 50% improved in my more annoying categories – like my feet and my anxiety/paranoia, and I haven’t really run into any downswings in my “cycles” as I call them – the rollercoaster up and down that I was having before with my symptoms.

I definitely still have symptoms but they are all being lessened and except for one day when I didn’t really take care of myself and didn’t get much sleep I haven’t lost any significant ground since I’ve been on the MMS. And I still have a lot of ramping up to do to get to the 2 or 3 15 drop doses a day that are recommended all over the place.

Currently I’m still taking 12 drops once a day. I should probably be breaking those up into at least 2 doses, but it just tastes so gross that it takes a lot of convincing myself to take even just one dose…then afterwards I always think “oh that wasn’t so bad,” but the smell has become familiar and has started to make me queasy before I drink it. Interesting since I’ve still never felt nauseas or queasy after taking the dose.

I still lose a little more hair in the shower than usual, but the drain is not clogged after one shower anymore. Last night I did wake up sweating mildly a few times, and I’m not sure if that is a result of Babs or Bart or perhaps I was just too hot – I did remove my heavier down comforter at one point and woke up a few hours later to put it back on again because I was chilly.

My feet are still somewhat red/discolored (as they have been since mid-August), but I was getting like these ulcers on the bottom of my feet and the bottoms of my toes felt like the entire part that touched the ground was a giant blister for a few weeks previous to my starting the MMS.

The ulcers are completely gone, but there is still a mark from one, a sore that my doctor called a sign of endocarditis a few weeks ago – but that sore does not hurt anymore, and I had another one in my mouth on my gumline which is totally gone now. A few spots on my feet are still occasionally sensitive but it is no thing compared to what felt like total rope-burn over the entirety of the bottom of my foot before.

I must say also that I am still taking 200mg of Doxy twice a day and have been for about a month and a half and I have about a month left of that treatment. I’m also on Malarone, one 250/100 pill a day that I’ve been on for as long as I’ve been on the Doxy and I have never thought that it has ever done much but I will keep taking it since I spent 400 bucks on a two months supply.

I am also taking herbs, right now primarily Hawthorn, Spirulina and Chlorella, as well as occasional Cat’s Claw and the occasional whatever else. I’m becoming somewhat of an amateur herbalist, but what I mentioned by name are the only things I’m taking regularly.

Anyway, the Hawthorn could be at least partially responsible for the disappearance/ lessoning of my endocarditis symptoms, as it is supposed to be the best cardiac herb there is because it is (according to Stephen Buhner) the only herb or drug which slows the heart and makes the beats more powerful – in other words it makes the heart more efficient. All other cardiac herbs and drugs make the heart beat faster, more often; they’re stimulants and therefore can wear your heart out over time. Apparently Hawthorn makes your heart stronger and stronger for the longer you take it and so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is what’s getting rid of my endocarditis symptoms.

The Spirulina and Chlorella are basically for immune fortification and the binding of endotoxins, as well as for keeping my system cleared out – they’re great at taking out all the trash before anything can get clogged up – and even after stuff already has been clogged, like we saw with my lymph node problem about a week ago, which is now totally resolved as if it never happened.

Anyway, yes I am taking plenty of other stuff besides the MMS and I am trying to make sure that I eat right and get enough sleep. I’m a writer so I pretty much work from home on my computer and that’s a great plus for me because it means I don’t have to stress myself out over a 9-5 job; which would probably have killed me a long time ago…..

…..anyway, I just want to make sure everybody knows that it could be entirely a coincidence that all of this improvement has just happened to coincide with the last 12 days since taking the MMS since I am trying to do everything else right, and I am taking other things – but I would also point out that at this point it would be nearly impossible for anyone to convince me to stop taking the MMS for any reason. I plan to take it until I have been symptom free for two months, like many do with antibiotics. Then I’ll keep a bottle around just in case.

Sorry this has been so long, I didn’t realize I was going to be doing an update until I was halfway done haha. Oh well, I guess I get excited talking and thinking about my condition. Feel free to post any of this for those on LN if you’d like.

Take Care, Send all the LN’ers my best!


I am doing really well, actually! I stopped antibiotics almost 2 weeks ago and have just been doing MMS, acidophilus, hawthorn, spirulina and chlorella. I am doing really, really well.

I am really excited though, I am making a lot of progress, pretty rapidly. I did have a minor setback at first when I stopped the antibiotics but I was able to get that under control pretty quickly. My feet are in the best shape they’ve been in for a month or two!

I really have a lot of hope surrounding this MMS; it is the most effective thing I’ve taken. My endocarditis symptoms are still nonexistent. My feet are doing really well and I just feel better in general. I still do have symptoms but it seems like they are becoming more manageable and less incapacitating.

I am up to a 15-drop dose twice a day, which apparently most Lymies can’t handle. I find that I do get nausea when I take a 15-drop dose on an empty stomach.



I have been unignorably ill since mid-August when I found myself in the Emergency Room with disseminated rashes all over my body; a few of them bullseyes – and a left foot that looked so crazy my PCP thought I had renal failure or diabetes, and she refused to treat me because she wanted my foot looked at in the ER.

I had been on antibiotics from mid-August until about 2 weeks ago. I do remember getting a rash before then and I was sick though I didn’t put the pieces together since before mid-August. I would say I was actually bitten anywhere from May to late July.

I did have a little set-back about a week after I stopped taking the antibiotics in which it looked like I was losing ground, but I didn’t lose ground to where I had been before I started taking the MMS, and I think that I was more frightened than anything else. I have been taking the MMS all the way through and I am continuing to improve.

It is slow but finally my range of symptoms has stopped expanding – whenever I thought I was improving with the antibiotics (except during the initial 3 weeks) it always seemed like my individual symptoms were getting milder but that there were getting to be more of them. Now it seems like the symptoms I do have are getting milder or slowly disappearing one by one and I have not noticed any new symptoms.

I do not think that my improvement is totally separated from the pharmaceuticals I took; I think just the opposite. For several months I would have been unable to cope with life in the absence of antibiotics, and I think the antibiotics I was on did significantly reduce the rate at which I was degenerating. I am not saying they didn’t help; they definitely did. I have no intention of saying that the MMS has done what it has done for me on its own. I can’t even definitively say it was the MMS, of course, but to me the coincidences just seem unignorable.

I won’t be writing anything in any peer-reviewed scientific journals (for among other reasons, I’m not a Dr. or a Scientist). The evidence I have that MMS has been beneficial to me is almost certainly not enough to convince anyone in the mainstream or any official sources; but the evidence is good enough for me, and good enough that I will tell people that MMS is PROBABLY beneficial for Lymies – at least in the short term.

I have seen somebody say “well, I would hate to see a post from you someday that said ‘mms gave me permanent brain damage,’ or ‘mms liquefied my internal organs’ or something like that. Well, I’d hate to see a post like that too. I don’t know much about Cl02, but I do know that it’s not natural and probably not the best thing to be consuming for long periods of time (or maybe at all).

But I would point out that 1) neither are antibiotics and 2) when I was making the decision to try this it was the LYME that was in the process of giving me permanent brain damage, and liquefying my internal organs. At least with MMS, if I see adverse effects I can stop taking it at any time and therefore stop it from doing more damage – with the Lyme I don’t have that option; as long as the Lyme lives it will increasingly do more damage.

If I knew that MMS DID give people permanent brain damage and that it DID liquefy people’s internal organs but that it would kill the Lyme for good – I would take it anyway until the Lyme was dead so that my real problem would be solved.

The problem with Lyme – as I see it – is not that the assaults my body endures on any given day are particularly devastating; my body has overcome some remarkable injuries that it has sustained from the Lyme. The problem for me is that the Lyme is alive and it keeps assaulting my body over and over again, and since that’s the case and I can’t seem to kill it with any of the conventional methods that I’ve tried, I have no problem trying something else that’s cheap (free actually for a sample bottle – a several month supply – if you go to the source Humble recommends in book 1) and reportedly effective.

When coincidentally or not I start healing like I haven’t healed since the first 3 weeks on antibiotics, I am excited to tell others who are still suffering about my experiences.

I will end this now but I am really excited, and hope everything is going really well for you!



I’m not doing that well at the moment actually. Not because of the MMS, but because I haven’t been very good about taking it for probably the past 2 or 3 weeks and I think the Lyme is reminding me now that it isn’t gone yet.

I know I was going to wait until I had been symptomless for 2 months before I stopped taking it but that didn’t happen as it just tastes so gross and I felt so good that I made the dumb mistake of pretending I never had Lyme; I stopped taking the MMS strictly and had a few nights of drinking and so forth to ring in the new year.

I’m still doing a thousand times better than I had been before taking the MMS, but I am a little down that some of my milder symptoms which had all virtually disappeared are coming back to me now. I have been getting back into the MMS recently and I hope to begin adhering strictly to two doses of MMS a day again starting tomorrow. I have also restarted doxycycline in the past few days and I think that is contributing to my overall sense of less well-being.

I’ve also heard that the full moon has an exacerbating effect on Lyme (I’m not sure if I believe that or not) and I have noticed the past few nights that the moon has been pretty close to full. Again, I’m not really sold on that being a factor but I thought I would mention it so others can make up their own minds.

I don’t know if the MMS actually kills the Lyme or just drives it into cyst form (probably a little of both I suspect, just like anything else, right?) But the one comforting thing is that as much as I have stopped and restarted the MMS, it has not lost its effectiveness; which is unlike any of the other medications I have used.

I’m so used to having to add things to the regimen when whatever I’m using begins losing its effectiveness. So far, nothing of the sort has happened with the MMS. It seems I follow patterns of wellness that match exactly (delayed one or two days) the patterns of how much MMS I have been taking, and it does seem that the MMS takes away symptoms faster than they return.

Hope you and everyone on Lymenet are healing well.




Sherrie Says:
December 8th, 2007 at 11:09 am e

I have been on it for almost 3 months now being careful to follow the directions exactly as told in the protocol. I have Lyme Disease, and I was infected in April 06 and have been virtually bed ridden since. I was treated early when the rash was first found and I never recovered, which they now suspect I got more than one tick infection. I now have been diagnosed with Neurological Late Stage Lyme Disease with nerve and muscle damage in all of my extremities. Within 2 days of taking MMS I had some energy, the first I have had since I was infected. I have continued with the protocol and am up to 15 drops per day. I did experience some nausea and diarrhea at about 6 drops and no it isn’t pleasant but the feeling after the toxins passed was like a cleansing. I almost felt like my old self once the toxins left me. I also took the MMS while on mega doses of antibiotics for a while and also experienced 3 terrible herx reactions, and honestly I felt like I was going to die, my husband was wanting to take me to the hospital. But after a couple of days, it finally passed, and I could tell I was better after each herx reaction. It sounds like the poster above is experiencing a herx reaction, and you have to get through them and continue, your body has to expel the toxins and it’s painful and that’s really an understatement on how bad the toxins leaving your body feel. But for the first time since I was infected I have energy, and I’ll take whatever energy I can get and I’ll put up with the herx’s from the toxins leaving to get that little bit of energy each day!

My mom has diabetes, and I got her to try it. Day one was 2 drops, day two was 3 drops, when she awoke the third day she said she hadn’t felt that good in years. Needless to say she had us online ordering her a bottle of her own. I’m anxious to see what it does by the way of healing her pancreas and improving her diabetes that she has been dealing with for 15 years. We also activated a small amount of the MMS and I applied it to her scraps on her head that haven’t healed in months, and within 3 days they were almost healed completely.

MMS works, and you will get sicker before you get better, but that’s true of any prescription or protocol that clears toxins from your body. Just bear through it, it’s worth the reward of some of your health back.

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37 Responses to “MMS Testimonials No. 13 – Lyme Disease (updated 11/15/09)”

  1. Brigitte Says:

    Thank you all for your encouraging testimonies
    I have “late ” chronic Lyme and co infections. I have always wondered what they really mean by late… late for what?
    I have taken MMS in carrot juice, the taste is fine, though the smell is bad, of course, since a lot of us are chemically sensitive and it smells like bleach!
    In over a week we went from 2 drops to 14 drops divided in 2 doses AM empty stomach and PM before bed
    I had night sweat and insomnia too, but it seems to have past for now, so it may have been a gentle Herx
    at 14 drops I am nauseous and cannot digest and have diahrea, but I feel there is a good cleansing
    the pain in the joints due to Lyme inflammation has hurt more than ever in the last few days, but I continue to use the Far Infra Red sauna at high doses to detox, it maybe why it took 14 drops to have a Herx
    thank you all for sharing your experiences
    Sky to Clear

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This was posted by texzred in the wrong place and hence moved here…Rett

    MMS symptoms coughing and throat soreness

    16th April 2008 by texzred Posted in Disease Edit

    I just started to take MMS a few days ago, started w/ one drop twice a day, the next day began a tickle in my lungs coughing, the day after that I took 2 drops and I was exhausted and laid around coughing, sneezing, my eyes hurt. On the 4th day I still feel bad took 3 drops hoping it would knock this stuff out. I do NOT get sick….even in FLU season. Has anyone out there had these reactions to MMS?

    No nausea, no diarhea, just a full blown cough cold thing, lungs are phlegmy…help thanks

  3. Lynne - Sauna therapy Says:

    Brigitte talks about the use of a far infrared sauna as a treatment and I was wondering if there are any others with good or bad experiences about this.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I do not know but I would think that far infrared saunas could bring some relief to muscle pain associated with lyme. Not a curative treatment by any means though.

  5. Corey Says:

    Well, today started MMS/Citric Acid for Lyme Disease. Also bought some liquid Kelp, as someone had mentioned this to be helpful for Lyme. Made a one drop dosage batch, poured half out, to get half drop dosage. Do not want a debilitating Herx. If tomorrow, I seem that I can handle more, will increase dosage. Will keep all posted on my progress. I find that sugar of any kind, agave, honey, birch bark sugar and such, including fruit, only exacerbate the Lyme symtoms. :)

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, please do keep us posted. I recently met someone who has had lyme for about 25 years, a very advanced case, who had been very ill who is using MMS with good results. He also does some other alternative therapies that I will post about when I become more familiar with them.

    It is important that people who use mms for Lyme report their experiences.

  7. Karl Says:

    Chlorine Dioxides’ biocidal action isn’t actually caused by oxidation, it’s in actuality a result of protein denaturing. This mechanism is a dangerous one, and isn’t something you want happening inside of the body. Tryptophan, which is used in your brain for memory, reacts with ClO2 to create Tryptophan precursors. Over the long term this can cause memory problems.

  8. to Rett Anderson Says:

    retired field service eng. for R&D/CONDOR, Winfield Medical lives in Fairmont WV 26554
    today Winfield is called, Medical Action, Clarksburg, WV where I work.
    his email is He drives a street rod, 40 Ford p/u

  9. Sherlene Says:

    Please tell me what herx symptoms you experienced when you took MMS?

    Has anyone had trouble breathing with lymes and co-infectants?

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate you sharing as this is a very scary disease.

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I just want to add a note that Dr West, of Pocatello, Idaho has had good success in treating lyme. From what my friend says about his treatment there they trick the cysts to opening then they attack the spirochetes. Several administrations of this protocol is necessary. He is doing quite well. I don’t think Dr West knows about MMS… can’t really say but he does treat quite a bit of Lyme and he saved my friends life, who has now taken to being a world traveler, for a few weeks anyway.

  11. Sue in AZ Says:

    I hate Lyme!
    I am 53 yrs. and been sick all my life – probably congenital Lyme.
    I have been doing alt-treatments using a testing method developed by Dr Y Omura – founder of the Am. Acupuncture Soc., the test is called the BDORT – Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing method.

    MMS tests well using this method, so I am trying it. First time, one drop, sick sick sick, this is after FIVE YEARS of various antibiotics and supplements as required, testing all the way with BDORT method.

    The first drops were awful herx herx sick sick sick. I finally got ‘sick’ of that and went straight to 5 and 6 drops – miracle, no effects (or minimal effects) at that level so I worked my way up to 15 drops a day.

    Then something happened – can’t remember what, maybe I just got so I couldn’t handle the taste and smell of MMS, but I stopped for a few weeks, and was back to SERIOUS nught sweats… feeling as if my spine would fry out of my body – waking every two hours burning up pain in my joints so bad, opiates didn’t touch it, and I thought had better try it again. In three days at 5 drops once a day for first one day, skip a day then 5 drops after 24 hours and 5 drops in another 24 hours and the pain is all but gone.

    I am still housebound. Thank goodness for online shopping.

    In desperation from the hot flashes and seriously needing restorative sleep, I got a friend to get me some flagyl in mexico and I started that the other day. I am sleeping up to 5 hours now at a time.

    The thing with me and MMS is that I cannot seem to tolerate it every day. I can go one or two days, then have to stop for a day or two then go another one or two days.

    I sure hope to figure this out.

    I dunno if it melts brains or organs, I don’t really care. I don’t have a life now so why not take a chance on something that at least appears to help.

    I am hoping to get on some sort of routine, just in the process of figuring out what will work. That for me, seems to take a lot of figuring out.

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am sorry you are having a hard time, Sue. MMS does help lyme but I have not heard of absolute cures with it. The casts that form are difficult even for mms.

    I know someone with lyme who had received good help from a Dr West, N.M.D., in Pocatello Idaho. You could call him and see if there is anyone in Arizona who does the therapies that he does. There are many excellent naturopaths in Arizona. He specifically does an IV therapy that breaks open the cast then followed by another IV that kills what the cast releases.

    Please check at Jim Humbles website for updates on the applications of mms.

    another option is to look into They have a couple of lyme testimonials on their site

  13. Sue in AZ Says:

    thx, Something I have avoided for a few years has popped up again, Morgellons.

    The possibility is strong that I am confusing what was previously CDC lab-positive Bb Lyme is gone now thanks to EnLin’n, and Morgellons is up.

    I have always had skin problems, i have always had the little tags that would pop up on my abdomen when exposed to heat and hot water. I have always had a rash on my scalp and hair loss. I am thinking the Lyme remedy worked and Morgellons was hiding behind it, now showing it’s ugly head.

    New symptom, black dots on my nose. Feeling as if cat hair is covering my face, difficulty breathing, one box of tissues every 3-4 weeks – excessive nose blowing.
    Dunno, but gonna keep trying to use MMS.

    This seems so scarey, so mind blowing. I am at a total loss.

  14. Sue in AZ Says:

    oops, typo Enliv’n, not EnLin’n

  15. Sue in AZ Says:

    Me again, still trying to figure things out.
    I have been able to hold four drops MMS once, occasionally twice per day for a few weeks now since my post above. What I experience is NOT nausea, it is clearly what I know to be herxheimer reaction. My kidneys ache.

    Since I am mostly homebound from extreme pain and fatigue of Late Stage Lyme and who knows what else, if I have to go somewhere or do something I will stop the MMS for a day in advance.

    I know it sounds crazy, but the fact is that when all is said and done, I am better for a day or two when I stop. It’s sort of like the old story about the guy asking another guy why he keeps banging his head on the wall, and the 1st guy answers ‘because it feels so good when I stop’.

    I have found a tea blend that cleanses the liver and detoxifies the blood that I will take on when I can handle it’s effects and I am hoping this will help ease the problem of herx. The first time I took it tho I was really sick and my urine was really think and dark so I knew I was on the right track. Looks like the answer is kill em and clear em out and help your kidneys and liver do their jobs.

    I took antibiotics in a pulsed fashion for five years. I was miserable most of the time, but each and every time I stopped, I was one level or more, better than when I had started. I guess it’s true that sometimes you have to get worse before you get better.

    I have heard that for every 5 years of illness, it can take one year to clean up. That for me would be 10 years of cleaning up and I guess I am on schedule.

    Another observation is that for some of us, we may be so far gone in terms of infection that taking MMS and the resultant herx reaction forcing us to back off, means we just can’t keep up with pathogen production. I fear this is what I may be facing.

    I am thinking I might be doing 4 drops MMS as I can every day for the rest of my life just to keep the pathogens at a level where I can still walk and talk a few times a month.

    The good thing is that at this point while I still wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep feeling hot or very warm, I am no longer burning up and dripping wet ready to run outside naked and screaming. I have been known to jump into an icy shower for relief from this particular symptom. Not waking up feeling as if I am burning from the inside to the out alone is a huge huge huge relief. So I shall continue, 4 drops, once maybe twice a day. Stop a day when I need to go somewhere or do something which is about 2 or 3 times a month. Maybe I will be able to do more drops in time.

    Not much of a life, but better than years and years in bed curled up in a sweaty fetal ball. Maybe there’s hope. Maybe I will figure it out, or maybe over time will find the balance.

    I still have bumps along my nerves in my arms and on my small joints – cysts and I still get black dots and tags when hot. I still get stabbing shoulder pain. I don’t know what to do but just keep going. Experience has shown that persistence is fundamental.

    Suggestions welcome. I Like the Clay idea for helping rid the trash, or maybe charcoal or what about chlorophyll?

  16. Tom Faulkner Says:

    I would suggest that you continue. I respectfully disagree with the person who said that this can’t knock out late stage lyme. I personally spoke with a lady in S America who was wheelchair bound and she is basically cured. I have heard of others. More important, Dr Humble wrote me and was confident that if I took both MMS1 & MMS2 together that it would knock out all my symptoms. I will probably try that.

    Diet is critical… As well, there is another path.. I have heard that Dr Klinghardt is fairly brilliant. At the very least, examine his eating protocol. Just type in “Klinghardt” and “lyme” and you’ll find him.

    Prayers are with you…

  17. Tom Faulkner Says:

    One other thing… Humble told me to take this at one drop per hour instead of ramping up to 15 twice a day. Quite inconvenient if you have a job, but his point is well taken… that the bugs never get a “rest” from the protocol. You could essentially go up to 2 drops every hour over time. SUre makes more sense to me.

  18. Alex Says:

    Hey Tom,

    I just started MMS 3 days ago and am up to 2 drops 4 times a day. You mentioned that Jim Humble said to take 6 doses per day an hour apart? And how many drops per dose max.?


  19. mike Says:

    Here is a great solution for all of you that detest the taste of mms. For about six bucks you can go to and order a bottle of liquid stevia. It is undiluted.I usually add purified water once it is about 1/3 to 1/2 gone. It just makes it much easier to use because otherwise it is really thick. Save your first bottle so you can make 2 bottles from your second one you order. Anyway add 2-3 droppers of stevia after the 3 minute mixing and add 12-16 ounces of cold water. You will be suprised how enjoyable it is. Try it.

  20. Cephas Says:

    Has anyone heard of MMS causing a skin rash/boils? A friend of mine did one run through to 16 drops then stopped shortly. After getting on it again with a few drops, she developed a nasty skin rash and some boils. I would imagine this is a cleansing reaction, but have not heard about it anywhere with anyone using this product. Anyone else?

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have not seen this. It might not be related, or it might be a pushing out of some toxins.

  22. Bernie Says:

    I just found a very tiny tick on my leg and was able to remove it by first burning it’s body and then removing the head from my skin with a razor knife and a sewing needle. I covered the area in hydrogen peroxide and also alcohol to help cleanse it. I had a bottle of MMS in my cabinets that I had ordered a few months ago from After reading everyone’s experience here, I am hoping that taking a “maintenance dose” will help to prevent any possible infection of lyme or co-infectants. Thank you all for sharing your experiences here. This is a great resource for anyone worried about getting lyme disease.

  23. Hopeful Says:

    IMPORTANT ALERT for Bernie & anyone who finds a tick on them:-
    Please go to a medic or experienced tick remover as soon as possible. Incorrect removal such as Bernie’s causes infected ticks to regurgitate infections into you, thereby increasing the risk & level of infection/s.
    Bernie, I suggest you have a blood test. If you have either the typical bull’s eye rash or flu like symptoms within a few weeks or longer, even mild ones, it’s almost certain you will develop Lyme Disease.
    I speak as a non medic with a very thorough knowledge of Lyme & it’s causes, gleaned from a micro biologist with worldwide Lyme specialist contacts.

  24. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The greatest hope for getting rid of lyme is at the time of the bite and shortly after. This is before it is in a chronic stage and the pathogens are only circulating in the blood.

    If you get a significant bite as described above I would do the new mms protocol for about 1 week. I would also put MMS on the bite topically right away. I have done this and I have had a couple of tick bites this summer, but none severely imbedded. Applying mms topically will make it red and sometimes dry the skin out. I only do it twice, once a day for two days, then take it orally to.

    Where to find someone who is an expert at tick removal? Good luck!… the most important thing is to not panic and cautiously remove the tick. If it is severely imbedded I would take mms orally, then 30 minutes later topically apply mms and and remove the tick.

  25. Hopeful Says:

    TICKS,BITING INSECTS, LYME DISEASE. for a tick remover; “A small hooked device that works by gently lifting & twisting the tick out of the skin without pressure.”
    Until a few days ago I was under the misapprehension that all GPs recognised & knew how to remove a tick, but got a nasty shock to find out the level of ignorance of the head of the only practice in a Suffolk upmarket seaside town. He called a live tick in a glass jar “a creepy crawly” & offered to send it to a microbiologist for identification. He point blank refused to take the patient seriously because she has what they call CFS; but private blood tests have shown Lyme Borrelia, Babesia, Crypyostrongilus Pulmonia [microfilarial worms].
    If anyone has prolongued fatigue with many other symptoms there’s a strong likelihood of Lyme Disease. There are a very few private practitioners who specialise in all causes of fatigue.
    I was incorrectly diagnosed with ME nearly 16 years ago. After 5 years of gradual, intermittent treatments I am beginning to overcome Lyme Disease & several co-infections. It might have been a faster recovery if I had been looked, after so I could have endured an intensive treatment. As it is, I live alone & can’t risk being too ill due to toxic overload & a Herxheimer reaction from dead bacteria.
    The only thing that kept me going was a belief that somehow I would find a treatment that worked, so one day I would get back a semblance of a normal life.

  26. Hopeful Says:

    Re BITING INSECTS, I forgot to mention that several researchers have shown that many biting insects are infected with Lyme Disease, it’s not only ticks.
    Because Lyme has been around for at least 6 decades the disease has had time to infect many other blood suckers.
    As far as I know I caught Lyme from several really bad mosquito bites while in my back garden in Felixstowe, Suffolk UK. There might have been tick nymphs on my scalp, which had fallen from trees while I was out walking, which I hadn’t noticed due to having very thick hair.
    If anyone reading this would like to support a Lyme Petition for NHS training & early treatment, to end people having to go through the hell of Chronic Lyme Disease which is currently denied by the establishment, please go to:-

  27. Arrow Durfee Says:

    There is now some pretty helpful treatments for chronic lyme and MMS is part of the picture for that. Many lyme doctors feel that this spirochete forms a cyst in chronic lyme that in not being penetrated by the antibiotics. When the cyst breaks then more spirochetes spill out. It you have no antibiotics in your system that are effective towards the pathogen at this time then the disease continues on. Since these cysts are often located in deep tissue, as well as circulating in the blood it is very difficult for antimicrobals to get to them

    Now there is a potential answer. Combining your antibioitc or antimicrobial such as samento or MMS with the use of an high powered enzyme seems to be the answer for many. The enzyme distroys the cyst. Whent he microbes spill out you are prepared with your antimicrobial to attack. This takes very specific timing.

    These cysts are now idenitifed by dark field microscopy.
    The enzymes must be taken at specific times related to eating as you do not want the enzymes working on your meal but entering the blood stream instead. The samento or mms or antibioitc is taken exactly one hour after the enzymes. Herx reaction is enevitable but because the cysts are destroyed and the bacteria immediately killed and not given chance to replicate or form new cysts a short duration of significant herx is anticipated. Long term antibioitic treatments often are not long enough to cover the time period it takes for a cyst to eventually rupture on its own. This is why infection never goes away. Enzymes will go after the cyst where ever they are and create the opportunity to erradicate the disease.

    In another direction with the disease, for those who are using Rife machines to treat with there are now frequencies that are known to rupture the well as kill the bacteria so things are moving ahead in several directions.
    for further info join this forum

  28. Angie Adams Says:

    When I read about illnesses like lyme disease it really makes me feel sad that people have to endure something so horrible. Try taking MMS; that should work well. I think I heard once that an infrared sauna may help? I have no idea.

    All who have lyme disease, stick in there, keep your chin up; things CAN get better.

  29. Tara Says:

    My daughter who is 11 was bitten by a mosquito and got the tipical rash associated with Lymes. We didn’t take any chances. We started her on a 6 week course of Minicin (antibiotic with an anti-fungal since we live in Florida and didn’t want a fungal overgrowth from antibiotic killing off the good flora too). We then started her on MMS. we started with on drop at night then over 4 days added on more drop at 4 different times of the day and then proceeded to up her dosage one drop alternating at the 4 times.

    We ran into some serious difficulties for her around the 10 drop level(she was taking 10 drops 4 times per day for a total of 40 drops) and had a great doctor help us through about 2 weeks of vomiting. We used detox baths (full bath size), worked with L-arginine, Taurine and R + SR Lipoic acid to help detox the liver. We also used LareaRX and made sure she was well hydrated and that her electrolites were good. Rare beef and Vit D3 were also helpful as well as a good propiotic. We think she may have had h-pilori and developed a biofilm that, once it broke down allowed the MMS to attack the h-pilori directly at too high a dosage causing a massive bout of die off and congesting her liver. We also dropped the dose to 3 drops 4 times a day and even spread out the total drops per day over 6 administrations.

    She is now back up to drops at 6, 5, 5, and 6 during the day. we are taking the increase slowly and are working her up to 12 drops 4 times a day. Once she reaches this “maintenance” dosage she will be at that for 2 1/2 years (the longest expected time of a cyst formation). We have also used pulse magnetic field therapy to help with the nausea associated with the die-off and to keep the liver chelated.

    She does hate the smell but we have found that using a tupperwear cup with a sealing lid and a straw helps to keep the fumes at bay. She also uses Danimals (yogurt drink) to chase the taste away. ASEA also helps.

    If anyone would like more information about the pulse magnetic field therapy, I can be reached through my website.

    Here’s hoping all of you are improving. Sorry to hear of so many with complications from this. I am so thankful that my daughter is getting this therapy to prevent the long term complications. I do, however, get lots of people who think we are NUTS. Good job we homeschool as no school would administer her day time doses I bet without call child services!

  30. Tara Says:

    Guess the website didn’t publish aboe, so leave a message for me here if you want information on the pulse magnetic field therapy. Thanks

  31. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Good for you Tara for exerting your own thinking intelligence and not conforming to conventional medicial standards.. this will serve your daughter well in the long run.

    A few words of caution though.

    I see and understand your concerns about a secondary infection with fungus. First I will tell you that if you choose fully alterntaive therapies to conventional antibiotics fungus will not be an issue.. Second, fungus is fully capable of becoming a resistant disease just like other microbes like staph. Fungus can end up fully resisitant to antifungals… just something to consider… the conventional health system is not talking about this yet but eventually they will, when someone sufficiently slams their back up against the wall it will come out in the media… that being said, I do think that MMS can take care of a lot of fungal issues but it is not showing to be effective across the board. Why it is not effective across the board is not known… it could be the protocol used, poor compliance with protocol, poor reporting… a lot is still not known.

    I have recently become acquainted with two doctors who are experts in lyme treatment and they have cured some very difficult chronic lyme cases, and like you one from Florida also. It actually made the TV news around here.

    Antibiotics, any antibiotic, according to them will push the spirochete into the cysts phase.. antifungals may do the same as any drug that poses an imposition on the organism will push it to change.

    That being said you are not delivering a therapy that will kill all the spirochetes but push many into the cyst form.

    MMS may have the capacity to break down the biofilm of the cyst, but there is no proof as of yet. I have not yet heard of a case of lyme cured by mms, it may be out there somewhere but I have not heard it yet.. but MMS is proving to be helpful to Lyme victims. It does likely kill the spirchete in its moble form and L-form, but it is inconclusve about the cyst form at this time according to the information I have.

    What you need to add to your protocol is enzymes. A very hefty dose of disgestive enzyems,,, much more than commonly prescribed. These will bread down the cyst within an hour and then you come in with your antimicrobial to kill the pathogen. The doctors I referred to us TAO free samento tincute and colloidal silver.

    They have a number of effective protocols incluidng some IV work with natual substances but thier home protocol is samento, colloidal silver and the enzymes.. I have posted here before and I will post it again now. This is the protocol as I understand it and as it was given to a frind of mine. It may still need some work and clarification… he relayed it to me the best he could….

    The tick can also carry other bacterial or viral infections and often people find themselves battling several different things.

    I cannot stress too much that a Lyme literate physician is required and no one else. Many of them are familiar with alternative types of treatment and do prescribe them but of course, not all.

    To keep Lyme bearing ticks out of your yard get a couple of guinea hens. They will clear the ticks out pretty quick and a dog will keep deer and other small animals that may be carrying the ticks off your property too.

    Advice on Lyme

    This may be important information for those with Chronic Lyme or who have no insurance and no way to pay for conventional Lyme treatment. Always, if you can, see a Lyme literate physician.

    I have a close friend who has had chronic Lyme for over 20 years. He sees a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who is Lyme literate. He has been treated extensively with IV therapy yet the disease persists even though his last IV treatments did him well for just over 2 years. In general he does well for long periods of time.

    I am posting this to let you know about the treatment that he has used recently. His doctor, who is Lyme literate and spends much time attending seminars and treating Lyme patients has started to use a new protocol to dissolve the Lyme cyst that is the cause of chronic Lyme. Destroying the cyst has always been the main issue with treating chronic lyme, as it is believed that the cysts is buried deep in tendons and other dense tissues and literally hides from treatments. As far as they know no antibiotic has been able to penetrate the cyst so long antibiotic therapies have been required to keep killing the spirochete until all the cysts deteriorate on their own. This has proven to be years for some and for others no cure has been possible.
    The new protocol to dissolve the cysts follow and must be done in a very specific way and can be used in conjunction with other Lyme treatments, including conventional antibiotics.

    My neighbor’s recent flair of Lyme was not nearly as severe as his previous episode so they decided to treat at home with out IVs. They used Samento Tincture, Lyme Nosode, (a homeopathic preparation), and Colloidal Silver. The new part of the protocol that breaks open the cyst is high powered digestive enzymes. It is essential to destroy the cyst then hit it hard with your antbioitic or what ever antimicrobial treatment you are using to kill the bacteria as soon as they pour out of the cyst before they can form new cysts. If cysts remain in the body eventually they will break open and your infection starts to surge again as the microbes spill out and start replicating.

    This treatment has been effective for him this time around. I have not been able, nor his physician to get him to continue with this for long term. He gets sick of doing treatments. After about a week the herx reactions abated. I would think that doing the enzymes on a routine basis with an antimicrobial will eventually get all the cysts and prevent new ones from forming. I think it would take quite a while and it would be difficult to know exactly when to stop. The doctor that prescribed this treatment for him uses a dark field live blood analysis microscope to diagnose the cysts and I have seen the photos of them. He is now two months post his last treatment protocol and he is doing well.

    When MMS was discussed instead of using Samento he called his physician to ask about the possibility. His physician looked into MMS and found it to be the same chemical that he uses to treat Lyme via IV application, except in that application it remains sodium chlorite and is not activated. He had not yet heard of the oral applications of sodium chlorite and he decided after reading information on it that it probably would work just as well as the samento in conjunction with the enzyme therapy. He told my friend to go ahead and try it. By the time this recommendation was made my friend had been on the samento/colloidal silver for about one week. He did the last few days of treatment with MMS and enzymes, although the herx phase of his treatment had already passed so it was difficult ot assess what happened with the MMS.

    The Enzyme product is called Marcozyme from Marco Pharma Int.
    Roseburg, Oregon 97470

    I do not know the cost of this product.

    They are very high powered enzymes and one dose, 5 capsules/tablets equals:
    Amalayse 27,500 usp
    Protease 26,500 usp
    Lipase 5,700 usp

    These are very high dosages of enzymes and I think you may need physican assistance or someone licensed such as a nurse to help you purchase this product and I am making application at this time with the company to be able to purchase directly from them. But there is nothing to stop you from finding another similar product with a good reputation and taking enough to match the dosage. A product called called Nutriteck Poly Enzyme Plus should be able to do the work. Make sure the dosage you take at least covers the dosage I listed above for each dose you take. The Marcozyme product has been doctor recommended and if I could I would stick with that because it has been tested in this application.

    Do not take these enzyme products if you have gastritis or ulcers. Heal that condition first.

    These enzymes are for dissolving the cyst and it is essential to come in exactly one hour after taking the enzymes with your antimicrobial or antibiotic to clean up all the pathogens that have been released from the digested cyst.

    The protocol is to take no food for 2 hours.
    take 5 enzyme pills (of Marcozyme) which delivers the above stated amount of enzymes.
    wait one hour – set a timer.
    take samento or mms
    Do this twice a day.
    Do not eat for two hours after the enzymes. Set a timer again.
    You want these enzymes to be circulating in your blood not digesting your last meal.

    Use the samento tincture with the colloidal silver or use the MMS for killing the bacteria that the cyst will release when it is broken.

    For samento tincture: start with two drops in a little water. If your microbe load is large you may feel sick after taking it. This is a detox. Take 2 drops for your next dose if you tolerated the first OK.. As you become able to tolerate your dosage increase by one drop with each dose. If you can’t tolerate a dosage increase do not do it. Take the last dosage that you could reasonably tolerate. Work up to 15 drops two times a day one hour after the enzymes. If you are using samento this is also the time to take the colloidal silver. Take at least one ounce.

    ASAP and Mesosilver are two products that naturopaths tend to carry. Nutrasilver is another good choice and it is the product of choice by those MDs who treat Morgellon’s disease due to its powerful action.

    To learn about the new protocol applications for MMS go to
    Three doses a day are no longer recommended. Smaller more frequent dosages are tolerated better and seem to work well. For Lyme I would increase as described for the Samento, as tolerated, up to 15 drops for your two dosages a day preceded by enzymes. You should take more MMS though the day as it is pretty clear that MMS is only active in the body for no more than two hours. I would want MMS in the body continually even if it was a smaller dose like 4 or 6 drops every two hours, but continue to work up in dosage for those doses that are preceded by enzymes. No definitive protocol with MMS for Lyme has yet been developed. Many people are currently working on it. Many people who use MMS herx pretty strongly with just a couple of drops. Others work up to 15 drops rather quickly. It is unclear if it is just the Lyme creating the herx or if there are other variable toxic issues the MMS is also clearing that any individual may have that is coinciding with their Lyme.

    Copywrite 2010 Arrow Durfee

  32. kim Says:

    thanks for all the information here to everybody!!
    i hve just found this site….i was diagnosed with Lyme in june 2010 although looking back im had it for sevral months. I took 25 day course of doxycyline..the `herx`s were did nothing much.
    i came back to london and had a blood test which the doctor told me was negative and since then have got a copy which i tested positive and equivocal in 2 areas!!! I went to a private clinic here and told i need a ELISa test. I have been treating the disease with Radionics theapy, its distant healing which its effectiveness relies on accurate up to dte reporting on condition and changes…by phone/email. i look amazing, i still am fatigued and joints are stiff etc…I am tons better than easter last year. i am not cured which problem is when doctors see me they don1t think im can possibly have Lyme even tho` i have all the symptoms or have had.- thats the drawback but it has`nt effected a `cure` but i believe after the docs examination yesterday has prevented me from getting much sicker..she found my heart, lungs, reactions etc… all seemed fine. However i am hoping the results of the test will again confirm i am not well. i intend to try and take the antibiotics which i have been resisting for SO long and use along with alternative methods as well.

  33. kim Says:

    thanks for all the information here to everybody!!
    i hve just found this site….i was diagnosed with Lyme in june 2010 although looking back im had it for sevral months. I took 25 day course of doxycyline..the `herx`s were did nothing much.
    i came back to london and had a blood test which the doctor told me was negative and since then have got a copy which i tested positive and equivocal in 2 areas!!! I went to a private clinic here and told i need a ELISa test. I have been treating the disease with Radionics theapy, its distant healing which its effectiveness relies on accurate up to dte reporting on condition and changes…by phone/email. i look amazing, i still am fatigued and joints are stiff etc…I am tons better than easter last year. i am not cured which problem is when doctors see me they don1t think im can possibly have Lyme even tho` i have all the symptoms or have had.- thats the drawback but it has`nt effected a `cure` but i believe after the docs examination yesterday has prevented me from getting much sicker..she found my heart, lungs, reactions etc… all seemed fine. However i am hoping the results of the test will again confirm i am not well. i intend to try and take the antibiotics which i have been resisting for SO long and use along with alternative methods as well.

  34. ArrowDurfee Says:

    Hi Kim,

    for the best effect with mms with Lyme disease please read this article

  35. kim Says:

    thanks andrew. I now have the MMS and citric acid solutions…i shall be reading up on these. i have since got results of 2 blood tests from germany- ELISA and WESTERN BLOT..nothing much shows and i have clinic appointment next week on 21st at a private hospital. [I have had medication for worms few days ago..hopefully they have gone.] i am still not sure what to do…Fortunatly i have recently begun seeing a KINESIOLOGIST and she is using a rife machine next week on me and we are dooing all sorts of stuff…she also practises THETA healing…i shall see what the doctor at the Breakspear clinic says re. tests although from what i can understand its not a major breakthrough- guess the disease is hiding in these cysts. Considering i have Radionic therapy i guess it might possibly be dormant although there is a fair amount of stiffness body aches and arthritic symptoms, sore elbows…fatigue- my worse symptoms so not exactly unaffected by it…i saw a homopathic doctor for a short while and he gave me a remedy that cleared the aartritis/triedness and i remembered what i used to feel like before all this-was amazing for 2 weeks and then it all returned….was really depressed and i do go in and out of despair about this disease and feel like nobody can help as there isnt enough information yet….also discovered…or something like it..It cant be true that this originates from germ warfare experiments can it?????

  36. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Kim, I urgently suggest that you read this article regarding Lyme:

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