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Further Cautionary Notes on Using MMS

27th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Many people, when they come to MMS have a long history of poor health, prescription medication use, repressed disease and even conditions that they do not even know that they have.

The detox could be extreme. Testimonials are showing us that a detox can come up unexpectedly no matter what level of dosage you are at, and no matter how long you have been at that dosage. It can be unpredictable.

You will want to look at all the things that you might do to prepare and assist your body in using MMS. Most MMS users have not participated in any detox protocols ever so they are very toxic inside. An unprepared body or a very serious disease my have extremely stong detox reactions ( called herx reactions) Most herx reactions are transient. But if disease is very severe toxins may have a difficult time getting eliminated from the body. You may need to support kidney, liver and lymphatic function with adequate water and possibly other detox herbs or protocols.

I do think that this concern will not be an issue for the vast majority of MMS users. But I do see a possibility for problems if one is not cautious and discerning in their detox path. You may want to work with the assistence of a Naturopathic doctor. Make sure your Naturopathic doctor understands MMS or is willing to learn about it with you.

I would like to recommend a book called. “21 Pounds in 21 Days. The Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet” by Roni Deluz RN ND

This book presents an excellent protocol for general detox. It will instruct you on how to eat and what nutrients will be advantageous for you to take. It is by far the best detox protocol that utilizes super nutrients, juices, and juice fasting that I have ever read. I have done it myself and I would suggest that it become part of your healing journey.

Added to this book’s instructions I recommend that you take mineral supplements such as magnesium and trace minerals. You can do a search on this forum on iodine and try to determine if Iodine supplementation is something that you may be needing. (Do not take iodine if you are allergic to it or to shellfish)

When you are not using MMS take a good protocol of supplements and if you decide to venture into MMS with a known heart condition make sure that your heart protocol is working well before you start. MMS may not lead to the elimination of cardiac medications and to change your medication protocol without your doctors advise may be dangerous for you. MMS may inactivate your cardiac medications. It is not known for sure how MMS will interact with a wide range of drugs. You may want to research herbs that are known to nourish the vascular system also. Jim Humble has said that MMS will remove plaque from the lining of the vessels. For those with severe arteriosclerosis you may want to approach MMS slowly and increase dosage gradually over weeks instead of days.

There is much yet unknown about MMS. If you take MMS you are doing so according to your best judgement and not someone else’s. You must be proactive for yourself and research things carefully according to the condition that you are dealing with.

Separate all drugs and supplements by at least 2 hours from your MMS doses.

Technical Updates on how to use MMS found on this page:

In time we hope to know a lot more. Please feel free to post your comments and experiences here on HealthSalon.

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15 Responses to “Further Cautionary Notes on Using MMS”

  1. PHE Says:

    Do you recommend undergoing a cleanse prior to using MMS?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I think it is important to go slowly if you suspect that you are very toxic, have a serious disease or have never done any cleansing. You want to keep your organs of elimination open, specifically the colon, the kidneys, the liver and lymphatics. If you have had previous problems in these areas a cleanse might be beneficial either prior to or during your MMS. If you develop problems during the use of MMS with elimination it would be good to know how to deal with it.

    For instance, a young man had developed issues with swollen lymphatics during his use of MMS. What to do?
    Possibly slow down or stop for a few days till it passes, possibly castor oil packs, possibly homeopathic drainage remedies, lymphatic drainage massage, hydrotherapy. There are lots of options.

    This is why it might be advisable and I do recommend that those who are seriously ill to work under the guidance of a Naturopath who understands elimination and issues that may come up. You should consider a diet change if you eat a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) This is why I have recommended the book in the above article. Even if you cannot find your way to do a juice fast for any length of time an elimination diet may be called for as you cleanse. There is no substitute for fresh organic living food and the removal of all processed and denatured junk.

    In some of the testimonials that are leading to success I am always glad to read that people are looking at their protocols wholistically, not just relying on MMS to fix everything. I do not think that MMS can and will fix everything. Diet and exercise and a good mental attitude are crucial to a long standing regenerative process. Getting rid of a microbe is one thing, regenerating your system to function optimally is another. If you do not work for the long term solution another microbe might come up and bite you again someday.

    You might want to ask yourself just why you are having microbe issues in the first place. Although not all microbe issues are totally avoidable many are when your immune system is optimal.

  3. PHE Says:

    Thank you for the detailed, thoughtful reply to my query.

  4. Taylore Vance Says:

    We are receiving tons of testimonials since we introduced MMS to our energy healing School at Chehalis, WA.

    One energy healer who is quite large and has MS can only take one drop of MMS at a time.

    I told him, “Don’t be in a hurry — just take it easy. One drop is better than getting sick by taking too much.” Dee gets really sick with two drops.

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am anxious to hear a testimonial on the use of mms with multiple sclerosis. I know several people here who have MS and none are doing mms at this time. Please, if your friend continues with therapy let us know how it goes. I do suggest that you also look into paradophilus, as Jim Humble recommends to help move therapy along.

    He should go slowly. One drop maybe 3 or 4 times a day. Moving up fast is not he goal.
    Good luck.

  6. best colon cleanser Says:

    Hi Rhett,
    Thanks for a very informative post.

    I like your approach in that if the body is giving a warning sign that the dosage of MMS (or anything else for that matter) is to great then PLEASE listen to it and decrease or abort treatment.

    I am curious to know if other readers of your blog community have had any real results with the “21 Pounds in 21 Days” detox recommendation in the book?


  7. Allison Sharp Says:

    I would be interested to know if someone else as used mms on a 2 year old and what results did they get. Also i have been taking mms for the last week 15 drops per day and my abdoman area is swollen is this normal.

  8. roslyn Logan Says:

    Hi I have recently started to take MMS and am up to 10 drops I feel marvelous, however I am also taking Avapro for high bloodpressure, Lipitor for collesterol and Thryoxine for an underactive thryoid should I stop? MMS? or the Drugs?

  9. Arrow Durfee Says:

    There is indication that MMS will clean out the arteries of plaque in which case you would not need the medications any longer.

    I strongly recommend that you get a carotid artery sonogram, Insurance should cover it. It will tell you exactly how much plaque you are dealing with. Then after a time on MMS and possibly other protocols you can repeat it to see if it has helped any.

    If it were me I would not stop the MMS. Those are pretty dangerous drugs you are on and if it were me I’d try to find a way to get off of them. May I suggest further that you read the articles on this blog in the Cardiovascular section, especially this series

    There are 7 parts, all found in the cardiovascular section.


  10. Anita Says:

    I would recommend downloading the latest free ebook release all about MMS. Let the discoverer of MMS tell you how to use it and what it has been beneficial for when others have used it. There are also lots of MMS related videos available with the eBook which once again is free from here:

    Lots of success using your MMS!

  11. Raul Says:

    I surprisingly started with one drop one night and it didnt do much. Then I increased to three drops of mms with lemon the next morning.. didnt bother me.. then in two hours I increased to five …. then to eight .. then to ten .. at ten i purchased citric acid and did that protocol… i wasnt feeling a thing !

    Funnily unlike other people who get diarrhoea, I am severely constipated… I want to shit but cannot… and i have never had bowel problems before.. i forced myself on the pot today andcleared up some.. after clearing up I did feel unwell in the stomach for a while…

    Quite possible my body was finding ways to keep the toxins and therefor the constipation… So when the chlorite quantities decrease, the toxins get absorbed back into the blood… So i made sure I shat…. let see how it goes..

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    you probably have a very congested liver and gall bladder to be that constipated. Look into doing gallbladder and liver flush by Hulda Clark or something similar.

    Add flax seed to your diet daily. And aloe vera juice from a health food store. Not too tasty but mix it with other juice. You need to break the constipation cycle.

  13. Raul Says:

    Just to let you know arrow.. I have never had constipation or bowel movements ever before as long as I can remember.. It started after the MMS.. And I have done liver flushes several times in the past.

    By the way I am on day three and on fifteen drops three times a day… I am shocked I have no nausea at all .. My body has tolerated this unbelievably well..

  14. Raul Says:

    I got on fifteen drops the very first day… within twenty hours.. and nothing!

  15. don, 40 Says:

    i used it for a week :
    1-2 day 5 drops x 4 times
    3 day 5 drops 3 times ( diarrhea )
    4 day 3 drops 8 times plus 5 drop extra before sleep
    5 day strong metal taste in my mouth from morning till evening ( 5 drops 3 times)
    6 day metal taste gone i am healthy and feel strong.
    no will continuo 3 x 8 time a day plus some 50-70 drops hot tube.
    Waking up at 6 am without alarm, with fresh head that never happened in my life.
    for those who cant shit or some problem, do for yourself stomach massage in the evening. Its like with your 4 fingers push slowly to your organs in the stomach area, look for some hidden pain. if you will find some pain push harder and keep till pain moves slowly away. Shit hard to explain when you dont speak english, but i tried. thank you
    here is some vdeo but in russian. But go to 5-6 video and you will see how is done.