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MMS Testimonial No. 15 – a cure with 5% Sodium Chlorite

27th November 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I have posted in the past about my own story/recovery, so if it’s ok I will just repeat them
here in this email for now…

A friend first brought up drinking sodium chlorite in liters of water, mixed with
“greens” (grass powder/veggie powder) about 4 years ago. (Sodium chlorite is the active
ingredient in MMS). She kept mentioning it over and over to me, telling me how much it
had helped her, and many, many others she knew.

I was pretty conservative, ate a SAD diet, and had very little experience with any holistic
therapies. But, she was so enthusiastic, and she was a good friend, so I tried a liter with
the drops and greens in it. (this was 5% sodium chlorite, so about 1/5 the strength of

Within the first hour of sipping this, I felt “high” … I was at work at the firehouse, so this
was not the best place to feel this way, lol … I called up Darlene (my friend) and at first she
couldnt believe it, but I described the way I felt and she agreed, yup, I was probably

We figured out, after thinking things over, that I had taken some anti-depressants and
some anxiety meds about 8 to 12 mos before, and what had probably happened was a
release/detox of stored meds from that prior time period … so I had a REALLY nice,
euphoric first two hours drinking NaClO2.

After that, I began to feel incredibly more energetic, and I started to drop weight. I became
so convinced so early about this combination that I continued to drink liters of water with
these 5% NaClO2 drops, mixed with about a teaspoon of dry grass powder/veggie powder,
about 4 -5 of these per day. The more I drank, the more weight I lost, and the more my
appetite/desires shifted to eat the healthy food that was being recommended to me
(“alkaline diet”). It is almost as though the more pure my body became, the more I wanted
to eat whole foods, green foods, etc….

In the first 4 months I noticed the following benefits:

- I lost 40lbs (although I had NOT been trying to lose weight)
- I began to look a LOT younger … I was 39 then … most people
would guess I was 28 – 29
- My eyes brightened a TON … they went from tired and dull, to bright green … for the
first time in my life, people would comment about my eyes…lol
- Little skin problems cleared up … itchiness, skin health, etc…
- My dandruff disappeared and my scalp stopped itching.
- I finally slept soundly; I had always awoken tired, and would have trouble waking up
even by 7 or 8 in the morning; now, I could go to bed at 11pm, and I would ALWAYS pop
awake at 4:30 or 5am, ready to go, and not be tired again until the next night.
- My snoring/sleep apnea just WENT away … I had been tested in a hospital sleep study
center, and I would stop breathing about 30 times per hour.
- My allergies (seasonal, food, environmental) just WENT away … after years of suffering,
and trying every OTC med known to man.
- My STRONG desires for sweets/carbs just WENT away (and when I say desires here, I
mean pure LUST)
- My mind cleared up … for the first time really since high school I felt like I had my brain
back … it was wonderful; I started writing again, poetry and stories, I started studying new
subjects, etc…
- My energy level and my stamina continued to skyrocket … I would take my soccer ball
down to the park, in the 98 degree heat of July, and play with the 16 year old soccer
players until they wore out. Then I would go for a run.
- My patience, tolerance and love for others increased.

It was INCREDIBLE. I remember telling friends after about 4 mos. (in all humility, lol) that I
felt like I could bend steel with my bare hands. And the energy, the strength, the
endurance, and clarity of thought and expression all felt holistic, natural and good.

I’m sure there were many more things … it is difficult to recall it all…but I remember that it
basically gave me my life back.

I hope this helps; maybe I will post it again.

Please take care,



Yes, this is mine.  And, you have my permission to re-post it at .  I just wrote it the other day, 11/25/07, but I have written it several times in the past.

In the past two years I have had several large doses of family tragedy, which has taken their toll on my health.  I am working hard to regain the benefits which I enjoyed for almost three years using this program.

That’s why I was very excited to learn about Jim Humble’s work, and MMS … the increased potency of the pre-activated and higher concentration NaClO2, combined with the greater understanding I gained from Jim’s books, have helped me a great deal in my efforts to cleanse my body again and return to a fully balanced inner terrain.

But, having said that, I do believe that there are many who will do better on a gentler and more steady program, such as this one I describe here.  It really all depends upon how challenged the health/environment is, and how aggressive the challenge is developing.


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36 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 15 – a cure with 5% Sodium Chlorite”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    After inquiriry Scott offered further information on how he sees the use of Sodium chlorite.:

    No, I was not stirring in sodium chlorite flakes. That would be very dangerous.

    For the first 2 years, I was using a 5% sodium chlorite solution, unbuffered, that I purchased from Dr. Robert Young. He has been using chlorine dioxide for at least 7 years in his protocols.

    Then I purchased a quantity of sodium chlorite flakes, and mixed my own solution, with a concentration of 25% .

    It is all exactly the same active ingredient, sodium chlorite, which when activated yields chlorine dioxide….except that the MMS method uses an acid to activate it for 3 mins BEFORE ingestion. (although my lemon wedge often served the same purpose)

    (the only caveat I would give is that some of the Stabilized Oxygen products on the market are buffered … I am not really sure how this would effect the oxidation potential of the NaClO2 … it seems to me that is like pre-activating it, except long before)

    I think that one important point that I think is illustrated by my story, and the similar stories of many others, is that it does not take much NaClO2 to make a huge difference, and that it can be done on a lower dosage basis … sort of the “slow and steady” method. For people who are not facing an aggressive health challenge, this in fact may be the best way.

    When you start feeling nausea or detox symptoms, drop back on the dosage a drop or two, and stay there at that comfortable level for a week or even two, letting it clean out the body. Since the dosage I was originally taking was about the equivalent of 3 drops of MMS (in a liter of greens), 4 times per day, that equals about 12 drops of MMS per day … this same dosage worked for many, many others to regain health.

    And our side effects were limited, as long as we did not binge on junk.

    Try to drink at least a liter of water per day for every 40 lbs of body weight, and gradually shift the diet over to green/alkaline eating as you feel better/stronger.

    The other thing that I consistently noticed was that detox symptoms would almost always increase when I ate a junk meal, or for example when I attended a family wedding. So again, the healthier you can eat and drink, the easier it will be.


  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I took a quick glance for Dr Robert Young.
    Another doctor who defected to Mexico, likely so he could practice what he thought works best.

  3. patt Says:


    When reading this:
    (” For the first 2 years, I was using a 5% sodium chlorite solution, unbuffered, that I purchased from Dr. Robert Young. He has been using chlorine dioxide for at least 7 years in his protocols.)”

    I wondered where I can find something on NaClo2 on the WEBSITE of Dr Young ?

    thank you,
    Kind regards

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t know where you can purchase Dr Young’s products but you could purchase MMS, one bottle, and dilute it with distilled water. Take the one bottle of 5.5 ounces of MMS and add 11 ounces of water and you would end with with close to a 7% solution. MMS is a 28% solution. I would think that 7% would be still gentle enough if you are looking for a gentler cleanse. The three bottles of 5.5 ounces will last you many years. Global Light sells plain empty bottles.

  5. patt Says:

    Hi Rett,

    Thank you for answering.
    I read a lot of articles on “alkalising” of the PH Miracle-site (Dr Young) and also during a few months the MMS phenomenon.

    I asked this question because I wondered where/how you bought a “Dr Young bottle Sod Chlor.” ,because I didn’t find anything on his site on this subject” (maybe I have to look twice ;-) . ?

    What did you meant by “unbuffered ” ?

    Kind regards,

  6. patt Says:

    “For the first 2 years, I was using a 5% sodium chlorite solution, unbuffered, that I purchased from Dr. Robert Young. He has been using chlorine dioxide for at least 7 years in his protocols”.

    Can one find something on Sodium Chlorite in the BOOK(s)of Dr Young ?

    What did you meant by “unbuffered” ?

    Thank you.

  7. Scott Says:

    Dr. Young’s former company, Innerlight, sells his products… they still sell their sodium chlorite product, called “Prime Ph”. It is very expensive, and I would highly recommend you folks do what was suggested: just buy a bottle of MMS for $20, and either use fewer drops, or simply dilute it, to give a gentler, slower cleanse.

    Unbuffered: sometimes companies add an acidic buffer to their sodium chlorite products to bring down the ph to a more neutral reading. This is NEVER the case with MMS, and also NOT the case with the “Prime Ph” I mentioned above. I personally think that you want the sodium chlorite to retain its high (alkaline) ph reading until it is activated and/or ingested.

  8. patt Says:

    Thank You Scott.


  9. Louis Says:

    My wife is a Diabetic and also has Cancer (Ovarian) and has been taking MMS for about 2 weeks now. She is up to 15 drops a day and has the big D. several times a day. She Kaopeptate to control it so she can sleep without getting up all night long. Her shots were up to 35 Units in the morning and 25 at night. She is now taking only 25 units in the morning and none at night. I will let you know about her Cancer after she gets her next Blood test in 13 January, 2008. Her last test (CA-125) was up from 290 to 430. “We are holding our breath on this test but have our fingers crossed. She has had 2 operations 1 series of Radiation treatments, 4 different Chemo series treatments before we found out about MMS.

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please do come back and tell us how the next test goes even if it is not positive. We need to know about MMS and cancer.

    It is great that she is down on her insulin and I have heard similar reports with diabetics. But I am concerned about her having so much diarrhea and repressing it with kaopectate. The diarrhea is caused by toxins you want to get out.

    You should consider reducing the dosage until she is more comfortable and having more regular bowel movements. Nutrition is also important. If there is a lot of diarrhea it can compromise nutrition. I do hope she is at least eating well.

  11. Tabizsa Says:

    To Loius,
    I have been ‘dealing’ with ovarian cancer, (now stage 4) since last Christmas ’06. Had one round of chemo from July to November ’07.
    I am now using DCA. If you would like to contact me please do so. Not sure how to do that on this forum. Anyway, I have also been using MMS off and on. Seems to help, especially keeping the blood clean. But best to go for lower doses when major reactions such as the big D. you mention.

  12. Yves Vincent Says:

    Louis, what is happening is not diarrhea. It is a cleansing that is occuring. With diarrhea she would be dehydrating. Not so with this reaction. I understand the night problem and a dosage reduction is necessary.

    I’m sure your wife has encountered unusual “smells” at different times, smells she had never smelled before. That’s the cleansing.

    I would stop the keopectate immediately! Best to reduce the dosage for the time being until she gets back to normal. My wife and I take 15 to 30 drops of MMS a day. For a while she had the liquified stuff too, much more than I have experienced. But then again, I have been doing internal cleansings for years now and have been eating organic veggies and fruits for a long time and little meat.

    It is also recommended to take smaller doses more often in the day than a large dose all at once. Make sure that her diet if filled with organics, drop meat consumption almost totally, use lots of Omega3 oils and a good multi vitamins product.

    May I also recommend CellFood multi-vitamins spray. It’s available at for $28.35. It is the best multivitamins I’ve ever taken. You feel the rush within 10 minutes from taking it and it stays with you. It’s a spray so the body assimilates it totally compared to capsules…a 300% increase in assimilation.

    Looking forward to read about her test.

    My wife and I wish your wife total and vibrant health. Yves

  13. Yves Vincent Says:


    In what form did you purchase the sodium chloride? What is being used to activate the chlorite? It is best to use citric acid which needs to be dilute down at a ratio of 1 tablespoon of citric acid to 9 tablespoon of water. Have you purchased the chlorite in crystal form and prepared it yourself? Or did you buy it all prepared?

    Has your wife ever experienced nausea taking the mms?

    Check the following website. It’s Jim Humble’s website. He is the man who has been using it successfully in Africa on over 75,000 patients. It has tremendous information about cancer and MMS. Read the whole website and download the pdf documents. The second one costs $9.95 and the money is used to help him expand the MMS miracle in the world. I have it and will be happy to email it to you.

  14. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Arrow posted this at

    Just a quick note. I have been helping someone with HIV using MMS. Today he reports that his viral load is only 125. Last lab was 700. He doctor says his blood work looks almost normal. They are astounded! Asked him what he has been doing and he has not told them as of yet.

    He has been doing 6 drops 2 and sometimes 3 times a day over the past 7 weeks. He feels great and has gained weight. We are all very excited here!

    Will post more when I have further information.

  15. Cindy Says:

    I am thinking about using sodium chlorite flakes for my horses but I really don’t know anything about the flakes. I have been using mms for a few months now and I think the flakes would be a better solution for stock animals. Any input on this would be helpful such as how much to use and maybe a good source to order from. I am going at this blind so would appreciate some lite!

  16. Yves Vincent Says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I would contact Jim Humble. His website is

    He will write you back. He is the person who has done so much work in Africa with MMS and has an almost perfect result in healing sick people from malaria and cancer.

    A good place to order it is You may want to call and talk to David. He sold me a bag like they sell in the full $50 package for $15. Best luck. Yves

  17. Hans, Holland Says:

    For people suffering cancer: please check out this great website of Bill Henderson. He discovered, uses and recommends MMS too but has a lot of other things to offer as help. His website is:
    He has written an extremely good book about treating cancer. It’s all about what you put in your mouth.
    He did all the research for all of us.

  18. gypsie Says:


    Can you email me the books? My add: Thanks.

  19. Kam Says:

    How do you make your own sodium cholorite solution? It seems like it’d be a whole lot cheaper to do that. Any suggestions on where to get the flakes?



  20. batarang Says:

    “It is all exactly the same active ingredient, sodium chlorite, which when activated yields chlorine dioxide….except that the MMS method uses an acid to activate it for 3 mins BEFORE ingestion. (although my lemon wedge often served the same purpose)”

    So, do you think it’s better to just ingest sodium chlorite instead of activated ClO2? If so, how and when does the sodium chlorite turn into ClO2 in your body?

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I think stomach acid will activate it.

    Here is an interesting site that promotes the use of unactivated sodium chlorite. Look around. They have people stories also.

  22. Donna Says:

    I purchased sodium chlorite flakes from and mixed my own. Good way to save and good people to work with.

  23. G.KEATON Says:

    I have been using MMS for almost 3wks now for cancer. The first week or so I used it I never felt better. I have gotten up to 9drops 2x a day. I attempted 10 yesterday but had to take a vitamin C long in the evening due to too much nausea. The 2nd dose I went back to 9 drops with no problem. Can anyone tell me, if you have used the drops for cancer and did it make you feel just tired and “yucky” most all the time, no energy…as you kept going with it? Im just wondering if this is normal? Is it just because of the cancer and the drops are fighting it? Will this ever subside? Once I get through this cancer thing and I get to do my Maint. doses daily–how much is a good maint. dose? I’m thinking 5 drops 2x a day, but could be wrong. I felt good at 5drops but I know more drops are needed to fight this. If anyone has experienced this, please comment. Thanks and God bless.

  24. Keavy Says:

    I found a place that sells 5 and 22.4% (MMS) solutions, as well as 80% tech grade sodium chlorite.
    They have way lower prices than the MMS places, and have free us shipping.
    I bought a pound of powder for 25 dollars.

  25. Keavy Says:

    To answer a couple questions,… if you take straight sodium chlorite solution, the HCI in your stomach will convert it all to ClO2 very quickly, and it will revert to salt.

    There is a school of thought that perhaps it is the chlorus acid in your system releasing ClO2 ions into the bloodstream that’s effective. By taking straight NaClO2 solution, very little if any ClO2 gets to the bloodstream.

    When ypou use a citric acid activator, particularly following humbles protocols, you create chlorus acid in addition to ClO2.

    Optimum ClO2 is produced by adding 2 drops of MMS to one drop of 50% citric acid solution.
    Humbles protocols leave an abundance of unconverted chlorus acid. Now I’m not saying that this isn’t perhaps why it is effective.

  26. Arrow Durfee Says:

    G. Keaton,

    Because you are treating cancer please go to Jim Humble’s website and read about MMS 2, a new and inexpensive product that Jim says will facilitate cures with the use of MMS 1. MMS 1 is the original MMS. He will discuss maintenance dosea in his MMS2 article. Generally for MMS1 maintenance is 6 drops a day.

    I would also do a search on this blog for information on treating with sodium bicard. Dr Mark Sircus has written a remarkable book on the subject available at Amazon or at his website at Often, also, some cancers respond well to the addition of lugol’s iodine in the protocol.

    Keavey -

    Jim Humble is now promoting an addition to his MMS protocol with what he calls MMS2, which is hydrochlorus acid. This will address some of what you have commented. You can read about it at his website

    Sodium chlorite products have been on the market for over 30 years and the unactivated products do work, and in general they are much weaker that the 28% solution of Jim’s. They are called stabilized oxygen and you can find it here:

    Look for the product called oxy-e-zymes. There are a number of human and animal testimonials on this site also.

  27. Keavy Says:

    The site I was talking about is

    They have 5% and 22.4% humble formula. I was talking with Steve, the guy who owns the site. He seems knowledgeable on his product, and does a lot of agricultural, travel, and survival sales in addition to MMS. He says he can ship up to 60 lbs in US, and his prices are 25 bucks for a pound of powder, and I think 100 a gallon of MMS. Free US shipping.

    This MMS sis really amazing stuff, and I am hearing a lot of good things, far outweighing the bad.
    I’m not so sold on Jim Humble per se, but I do believe there is a lot of benefit in this.

  28. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Not sold on Jim Humble? hmmm…. but you think MMS is of value?

  29. Linda Says:

    Just started today for chronic fatigue. It may be psychosomatic, but after taking doses, 2drops, felt a slight sleepiness, but a mental lift…. will keep posted.
    Best of luck to you all, and if this works, God bless Mr. Humble.

  30. ViVi Says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 i have candida in the 1000s?!! Been pretty sick since AUG ’09…the MMS is wayy too strong. I only muscle test for bathing and topical use. When I tried 2 3drops/day and 2 baths, I got bad detox for like the next 5 days. SO am interested in this 5%…how can you mix it w/greens? It would waste the CLO2?

    Also Jim Humble said he tried to activate it w/stomach acid and it will NOT activate. In his first free ebook.

  31. ViVi Says:

    Sorry didn’t clarify my question. HOw do you drink 1 liter of 5% solution?

    So Scott can you give more detailed instructions? you said:
    I was pretty conservative, ate a SAD diet, and had very little experience with any holistic
    therapies. But, she was so enthusiastic, and she was a good friend, so I tried a liter with
    the drops and greens in it. (this was 5% sodium chlorite, so about 1/5 the strength of

    HOW MANY DROPS of the 5% and how many times a day???


  32. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t think Scott is around the blog these days. I would recommend that you start with a low dosage and only move up if you do not feel sick from it. I would try two times a day and see how it goes if you are successful with one time a day. Perhaps in time you can do it 4 or more times a day. Increase frequency and dosage only as tolerated. You should avoid nausea and diarrhea.

  33. ViVi Says:

    THanks, Arrow. Yeah not too many people visit blogs after a few yrs?! But Thanks for your post. I never get nausea or the runs from even normal dosage (3 drops normal strength) 2x day! i have been taking H2)2/8ppm Colloidal silver for 6 weeks and I’ve taken 35% yrs ago. And just sodium chlorite before. Never knew to activate it! My symptom is SEVERE Eczema so extreme itching and therefore have to live in the bathtub…can’t live life in the tub all day!! :( I’d rather have nausea and the runs actually!!

    But I visited Dr Robert Young’s site and didn’t see any 5% solution. And wouldn’t the greens waste the CLO2?? I have a hard time taking it on empty stomach because I have other things I’m taking. I even talked to one of the ‘experts’ there and he didn’t even know what he had…he was even pretty arrogant if you ask me!!! Their big thing is alkalinity…

    Do you think a whole food VITC (HEALTHFORCE) is ok? I can’t wait 5 hrs for that! I’m taking a lot…it helps my insomnia issue and ph. I read somewhere in Jim Humble’s stuff that the VIT C in lemon juice is ok but now I can’t find it anywhere…if anyone finds that please post a link!! i also wrote him…

  34. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This site sells a 5% solution of sodium chlorite.

    Other things you might try for your skin afflicition is ruling out allergy to dairy, glueten, etc. Sometimes allergies cause eczema.

    You might try topical lugols iodine. Just try a small part of your skin for starters. I have seen it cure amazing skin disorders when nothing else worked…. ditto for mms too, but is drys the skin quite a bit for a little while

    Ph is important and I don’t know how far you have gone with that apporach. go to

    Also people who put structured water devices on their bath have had healing of bad skin conditions. If it were me I would try that and drink it also.

  35. Ron Says:

    “Other things you might try for your skin afflicition is ruling out allergy to dairy, glueten, etc. Sometimes allergies cause eczema.”


    The Great Health Heist (an introduction to Nutritional Response Testing) by Paul Rosen


    News Clip


  36. BarneyFive Says:

    Humble’s newest book has modified the protocol a bit. Now he recommends to start with 1 drop of activated MMS1 (one drop sodium chlorite plus the activating citric acid: one drop 50% OR 5 drops 10% solution) in half a glass of water per hour for 8 hours a day. (If one drop is too much, start with less by pouring out half of the liquid before drinking.) Increase by one drop each day up to 3 drops per hour for 8 hours, but remember to back off a drop if you start having nausea, diarrhea or vomiting, which indicates you have caught up with your body’s ability to expel the wastes. Ramp back up as soon as you can tolerate it. Continue at this rate until well, usually not more than 3 weeks and sometimes only a few days, depending on the malady. Later stages of cancer will probably take longer and should include MMS2. Since the body only retains MMS1 for about an hour and a half, taking small doses through the day maintains affective levels in the blood all day and keeps the pressure on the pathogens. As mentioned above, MMS2 can be added for more serious illnesses. MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite powder in #0 capsules taken every TWO hours for 8 hours per day, and it can be taken along with MMS1. See for more detailed instructions.