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MMS Testimonial No. 16 – Improved General Health (updated 12/11/07)

1st December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Testimonial:  I sent a short version of this to Jim Humble and understand it’s posted somewhere.  Use all or part.  Thanks!

I’ve been experimenting with MMS for some time using myself as a guinea pig.  I changed nothing except to introduce and increase MMS in increments and monitor how I felt.   It was a strict test.

For a year I’ve been monitoring health and over-all fitness using a wonderful Russian machine.  It tests 13 levels of functioning of all the physiological systems.   It’s a 6 minute test;  3 minutes supine, 3 standing. It calculates chronotropic reaction,  compensation response and Ortho-test ratios.  A graph ranges from 1.1 (World class fitness) to 13.7 (Not-so-good).  Being involved in alternative health for 30+ years and knowing what I was doing (Diet, exercise, supplements), In 4 tests, spaced months apart and being a very good boy, I could not get out of the 12-13 range.

After less than a week on MMS (6 drops X 2) I thought I’d check and record my blood pressure.  BP was low, as usual, but I was stunned to see a resting heart rate of 60!  For years my pulse was at 80-85 and I’d have episodes of intermittent racing and irregular HR since I was in my teens*  I’m now 75..

A few days later I took the test again and it registered 9.4…well into the healthy range.  The operator of the machine fell off his chair claiming I’d gained 20 years of “Robustness.”  He’d never seen such improvement.  A few days later I had a holistic dentist friend check my mouth.  He was amazed to find my teeth  more  “firm” and the gums pink and healthy…even though I smoke cigars.  Both practitioners are now taking MMS,

I re-took the test 3 weeks later in another state.  I was now up to 15 drops at night.  The chart read 8.4 indicating further improvement.

I work out.  HR never used to go up much above 100 while exercising and I did not sweat a lot. Sometimes the HR would not not recover smoothly and tachycardia would set in. Now, HR goes to 120-125 and I sweat a lot.  HR recovery is smooth and steady.

The problem is, I can’t figure out what’s changed.  I’d been through heavy metal detox, years ago with no positive results.  I’ve  tried many holistic/alternative protocols.  Heart worm was suggested…but, I feel my 60+ year problem was electrical and can’t figure out how MMS corrected the problem..

Additional positive observations:  Heat tolerance much better.  Thyroid and adrenals test better using muscle resistance.  5 drop dose 20 minutes before exercise seems to increase exercise tolerance (To early to tell for sure).   All systems  seem to be better “Balanced.”
Negatives:  Threw up twice.  Diarrhea several times…then constipation for a week.

* When I was 11-12 I made 25 cents an hour working at a florist.  One of my jobs was to place and light fused pesticide bombs in the the middle of greenhouses and run like heck.  There were times they went off early…. 40′s pesticides were pretty potent.
Carl Lindert

Carl Just contacted HealthSalon again with this update.

I took the test I wrote about again. This time it
came down 3 points to 5.4 (Look it up on the link I
sent. So the scores for a year were:
13.5, 13.2, 12.9 Began MMS: 9.4, 3 weeks later 8.4.
3 weeks later 5.4.

For two weeks I’ve been experimenting taking
5-6 drops of MMS before a workout. On several
weight involved exercises I was “Stuck” for a year…
inability to increase repetitions. I am now able
to add 40-50% more Reps.. I’ve done this often
enough to determine this effect is “Real”…for me.
Carl Lindert

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8 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 16 – Improved General Health (updated 12/11/07)”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Since the antidotal inference about the use of MMS for MRSA was a little too sketchy I decided to remove it. Would really like to hear a good story about the use of MMS for MRSA and we will keep waiting.

    Carl sent some information on the testing machine that was used in his therapy.

    Testing machine:
    Great unit!!! Excellent for practitioners to test
    patient progress and share results with them. They used
    to sell for $2800…probably consderably more now.
    Based on Russian technology.
    Carl Lindert

    M4-07 Autonomic Nervous System & Heart Variability Test
- Alex Riftine, PhD

Dr. Riftine’s research, conducted in Russia and the U.S., includes computer analysis of the functional state of physiological systems and assessment of the autonomic nervous system based on Heart Rate Variability analysis. 
He developed the automated computer-based health monitoring systems Health-Express and Nerve-Express for in-office use by general practitioners and chiropractors.

  2. HeaNut Says:

    Thanks for your information and testing, it was very useful.

  3. Myopractic Says:

    While this is (in terms of the internet) quite an old post, I still found it to be very interesting. I wonder if the effects are real or phsychosematic?

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    most effects of mms are real.

  5. Raul Says:

    I used MMS 15 drops from day one itself. First four days nothing plus constipation. Day three suddenly I started getting the shits, and shat blood consistently. my hemorroids were growing as big as ping pong balls( never happened before). QUit for a while and restarted. Must say my head dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis has reduced but not gone totally, my tonsilloliths have dissappeared, my stinky gums have reduced and halitosis has gone.

    Good things have happened but I do feel the bacteria seems to become resistant with mms because my stinky gums do start stinking once in a while.

    Oh yes, I was scared two marks which arose suddenly and the main reason for having started mms, scabbed and came off. I suspected them to be melanoma considernig all the creams i use for my skin. so thats good as well.

    my hemorroids are very light and never come out the way they did the first few days of diarrhoea. Thank god for that.

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I would not think that the bacteria in your mouth is resistant to MMS. It just comes back if the terrain is not fully healed. Do a search on this blog for denatal care and you will find an article with lots of ideas to heal your mouth. I find that baking soda used for toothpaste is very effective. Only use mms in the mouth once a week and other good products on on other days.

    Hemorrhoids are a sign of congestion. You were probably dumping a lot of toxins while at the same time stressing your colon somewhat with the detox process. Witch Hazel applied topically can be helpful

    You would like tolerated the new mms protocols of using 3 to 6 drops every 2 hours though the day. Sounds like you were going too fast. Start low, and avoid diarrhea. Decrease dosage if diarrhea starts.

  7. Raul Says:

    i am on week three with fifteen drops.. and still the smell in my gums comes back at times.. even after an hour of having mms..and my pinworms do itch my butt even now… I just feel mms is good just not as effective as people say it is.

  8. Roger Bird Says:

    Carl Lindert’s original post, although almost 3 years old now, is really very impressive. It would make me run out and get some MMS and start taking it if I didn’t already have plenty and am already taking it. But his post is very encouraging.